What I am doing is a personal search for spiritual truth. Therefore, I should clearly define my terms, as I use them, in order to avoid semantic confusion insofar as possible. The subtitle of this collection is "an exploratory, experimental approach" Although I know this search is open-ended, because I designed it that way, the results to date have exceeded my expectations. There are many kinds of spirituality. Some of them are good for us and some are not, and there is an area in which they overlap, run together, share common properties, in what amounts to a sea of confusion. That area is communication between human beings and disembodied spirits. It includes prayer, mediumship, and sorcery.

Communication with spirits is a matter of record throughout the history of the human race. Either personal experience or open-minded research in this area can provide answers to some of our most fundamental questions: Are spirits real? Is there life after death? Is there anything substantive in religion?

My personal background in communication with spirits is as follows:

Do I expect anyone to believe all this? No. I was told by a spirit, "Most people will not accept your testimony; only their own experience will convince them." That message has proved to be true (reliably predictive). And that's Okay with me. I am also cautious about accepting anyone else's testimony--whether they happen to be in a physical body or not.

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