Ben H Swett
Temple Hills, MD
January 2000

This drawing is my concept of the spiritual universe. It is the background diagram for most of what I have seen and said. I see it as the area of Light radiating from the Source of Light. Like any other kind of light, the law of inverse squares describes how the amount of Light at any point in this area is inversely related to distance from the Source. (From any circle centered on a source of light, the circle halfway closer to the source is four times brighter, and the circle twice as far from the source is four times dimmer.)

This drawing illustrates my understanding that the astral levels are not flat; they are these circles centered on the Source of Light. We think of them as flat because, as seers of all times and traditions have said, UP is toward the Light, and DOWN is away from the Light. The higher astral levels are brighter because they are closer to the Source; earth is in the mid-astral twilight zone, and the lower astral levels are darker because they are farther from the Source.

I did not label the Source of Light "God" because a god is an object of worship and not all beings worship the Source. Some beings love the Light and seek the Source. Some ignore the Light. Some hate or fear the Light and flee away from the Source to hide themselves in the outer darkness. In the outer darkness, the amount of illumination (and love and joy and truth) is vanishingly small.