2 June 2014 Rainbow Mountain Chatroom

Ben: Harmoni: An Irish friend died several years ago. He was fond of Bushmills Irish whiskey. His son-in-law brought a bottle of it and little cups to his interment. Our pastor is a teetotaler, but he drank the shot in honor of our friend, and so did my wife though she never drinks whiskey.

Harmoni: Now, that's an admirable man of the cloth...stepping out of his comfort zone to comfort others.... in a word, quite ChristianÉ And yer wife, also....

Hummingbird: Ben: Kindness is never out of style :) Thanks for that share.

Ben: Harmoni: Yes, I was pleased that he honored our friend that way. As you said, quite Christian.

Harmoni: Jesus was not one to avoid a drink.... recall the first miracle at the Cana wedding... Today, they'd be bringing him bags of sugar, and encouraging him to work his mojo

Ben: Harmoni: Yes, Jesus turned water into (very good) wine at the wedding in Cana. And he instructed his disciples to remember him in sharing bread and wine.

Harmoni: The disciples tied one on at the Last Supper, Ben.... though part of the lesson there is they were too imbibed to remain awake with Him in His hour of need

Ben: Harmoni: No, I don't believe they got drunk at the last supper. I believe they couldn't stay awake in the garden because they were overshadowed by divinity as they were on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Harmoni: ! Ben? They certainly were drinking wine at the meal... in such circumstances, I shave with Occam's Razor, as the simplest cut is most likely

wind: in the garden Jesus was truly alone, going through inner agony and not one of his disciples stood by him in his hour of greatest need. He went back to prayer and they went back to sleep

Ben: wind: His disciples could not have helped him make his decision of absolute obedience to God: "Nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done." Only he could do that.

wind: No doubt that's true Ben. Nobody but he could make that decision but it would have been nice if his buddies could have hung out with him when he was in need of caring and sharing

Harmoni: Well wind, we must also consider: the disciples didn't comprehend the immanent devastation as JC did.... still, it is a poignant lesson in the suffering of Jesus, alone..... and also a lesson for humanity, methinks......

wind: yes it seems a good lesson Harmoni. To me it says remember to be vigilant to the needs of others for their need may be great. It also reminds me that when it got tough, Jesus had to go it alone with only prayer to comfort him, and so might we.

Harmoni: Indeed wind.... We can have the support of others around us...and even if they are responsive...as the Mary's were, and John... He hangs on that cross, alone

Ben: wind: If they had realized what was coming, they probably would have tried to talk him out of it, as Peter did earlier.

Harmoni: Yes Ben.... I agree

Ben: ALL: Time for me to rest. Good discussion tonight. Appreciated. Peace and blessings to each of you. *poof*