Date: 2 December 2007
To: Ben H. Swett
From: Ian Fairbrother
Subject: Flight Bookie 540

November 29, 1970 C-123K crash from Phan Rang to Cam Rahn Bay

You mentioned that there were no American survivors of this flight. In fact,
the only two were two Americans, my father, Vincent Fairbrother, and Gary

They survived for 7 days with no food or water.

I discovered your "Year in Vietnam" b/c I googled the Flight number b/c we
were thinking of the anniversary which just passed.

Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for looking for him.

This is what he just wrote:

Day of Remembrance, November 29th, 1970

Thirty Seven Years ago this day in Vietnam, a C-123K, 54-0649, Flight
Bookie 540, on a routine milk run (passenger) mission from Phan Rang to
Cam Rahn Bay crashed into a Mountain Ridge 14 Miles outside Cam Rahn
Bay. On board that aircraft were 44 people, 32 U.S. Military and 12
South Vietnamese.  The crash site was located a week later on December
5th by U.S. Army Rangers and South Vietnamese Rangers.  There were
only two survivors, myself and Sgt Gary Aldredge. For some unknown
reason we survived the crash, our injuries, and having no food or water
for seven days.

The Day of Remembrance is for those 30 American Servicemen who died
that morning and to their families.  I have not forgotten and neither has Gary.
I have been to the Wall many times. I have touched each and every name of
those men killed that day. You will forever be in my thoughts.

Those Men:
Capt Cecil Gerald Moyer Jr, USAF, pilot
1Lt James Francis Saxby, USAF, copilot
SSgt Grayson Henry Newberry, USAF, aircrew
SSgt Harry Allen Watson, USAF, aircrew
Capt Norbert Albert Podhajsky, USAF, aircrew
Sgt Jack Ronald Gibbs, Army
TSgt Bruce Robert Johnson, USAF
Sgt James Edward Stubblefield, USAF
SMSgt Bobby Darel Seay, USAF
SSgt James Cecil Starnes, USAF
1Lt Elmon C. Caudill III, USAF
1Lt Jon Marc King, USAF
Pvt Gary Anderson, Army
A1c James Bruce Young, USAF
CWO Franklin D. Defenbaugh, Army
SP4 Samuel A. Grayson III, Army
SP4 Charles A.  Johnson, Army
SP4 Donald Anthony Slate, Army
1Lt Charles Louis Kollenberg, USAF
Sgt Ronnie Carl Teschendorf, USAF
SP4 George Beedy, Army
Sgt Billy Jack Hogan Jr, USAF
Sgt Raymond Henry Gray, Army
Sgt Joseph Carlton Blackwell, Army
PFC Joseph Arthur Jacques, Army
PFC Arthur John Menn, Army
SP4 Ronald Raphael Greenhouse, Army
SSgt Ralph Stephen Guck, USAF
Capt William Daniel Kennedy III, Army
Capt Robert Joseph Polniak, Army

V. J. Fairbrother, Jr.
USAF (Retired)
DAC (Retired)

1970 Log