4 May 1970

Mr. Nguyen Chu Hau
Deputy Province Chief for Administration
Ninh Thuan Province

Dear Mr. Hau

Assistance to the people of Vietnam has long been a tradition of the 315th Tactical Airlift Wing. However, a question has arisen as to the official status of some of our assistance activities. As we understand it, some projects must be approved by the Province Civic Action Council, and some only require that you and certain other Province officials be advised for approval in a less formal manner.

The following is a list of our current activities for assistance to the people of Ninh Thuan Province. We would appreciate your advice as to which must be brought before the Province Council, and your suggestion as to how the others may be best handled.

1. Thon Luong Cang, Quan Buu Son. Our 309th Tactical Airlift Squadron has shifted its efforts from Thon Vu Bon, Quan An Phuoc, to this hamlet nearer the Air Base. The project has been approved by officials of Buu Son District, but has not been brought to the attention of the Province Civic Action Council. Assistance to this hamlet will include provision of light farm tools, seeds, some livestock such as goats, and clothing. Squadron members will continue to work closely with Buu Son District Headquarters, and will report specific contributions to the Base Civic Action Office each month.

2. Thon Hoai Trung, Quan An Phuoc. The 310th Tactical Airlift Squadron has been providing advice, farm tools, seeds, and emergency food supplies to this hamlet for nearly two years. The Air Base Civic Action Officer has been aware of this project, but it has not been closely coordinated with either District or Province officials. Closer coordination with An Phuoc District Headquarters will be accomplished once Province approval is obtained.

3. Ngoc Ninh Orphanage, Phan Rang City. This is another long-standing project of the 310th Tactical Airlift Squadron. In late 1969, members of the squadron erected and furnished a new dormitory at the orphanage. Since then, they have continued to furnish food, clothing, toys and educational materials.

4. Thon Luong Tri, Quan Buu Son. The 311th Tactical Airlift Squadron recently undertook small-scale assistance to this hamlet after discussion with Buu Son District officials. Representatives of Buu Son District have accompanied our men on all visits to the hamlet, but the Province has not yet approved the continuing assistance.

There is a special consideration in this hamlet. We have been given to understand that the Province Chief and the former Base Civic Action Officer, Captain Cooley, verbally agreed to the construction of some 600 meters of access road to this hamlet. The 311th Tactical Airlift Squadron is willing to fulfill this commitment, but only after it has been formally approved.

5. Thap Bao Tu School, Quan Buu Son. Members of the 315th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron furnished this school with a new building in 1969, and since that time have provided desks, benches, bookcases and playground equipment. They would also like official approval to continue working here on a small scale.

6. Assistance to Education. Members of several squadrons have found sources of supply for such items as educational maps, encyclopedias, and student school supplies kits. These items can be made available to schools and students. However, proper coordination through the Province Government will be required.

7. Assistance to Agriculture. It may be possible to provide a demonstration of how wells may be driven instead of dug. For some hamlets, this procedure will be both faster and cheaper. We had thought to make such a demonstration rig available to the Irrigation Service.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Ben H. Swett, Major, USAF
Civic Action Coordinator
315th Tactical Airlift Wing

[I did not receive a written reply, but later the Base Civic Action Officer told me that Mr. Hau appreciated my coordination letter and all of our projects were approved by the Province Civic Action Council.]

1970 Log