May 27, 1970

620th TCS Provides For Class

DA NANG -- A stitch in time may save nine, according to the old saying, but a timely gift of six new sewing machines is saving more than that for students of the Khiet Tam Catholic School in Da Nang City.

It has all been made possible by officials of the Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere in Saigon, with assistance from the 620th Tactical Control Squadron civic action office and the 311th Tactical Airlift Squadron here.

In the past, due to a shortage of machines, graduation of 75 tailoring and sewing students from the school required six months of training. The gift of six new machines is enabling the school to reduce the length of the classes to four months.

In response to a plea for aid from Khiet Tam's Father Joseph Thieu, 1st Lt. Alfred H. Kernek, of the 620th TCS civic action office, wrote to the CARE office in Saigon and asked for sewing machines. CARE officials replied to the lieutenant and said they would give the machines to the school, but he would have to arrange to transport them from Saigon to Da Nang. Lieutenant Kernek then contacted Lt. Col. Albert L. Huskey, 311th TAS operations officer, who arranged for a C-123 Provider to fly the machines to Da Nang AB.

Once the sewing machines arrived, Lieutenant Kernek took them to the school. Father Joseph was on hand to open the crates. When he saw the sewing machines, he said, "You, and many Americans like you, have proven time and again that your only desire is to help the people of my country. On behalf of the entire school, I thank you for this wonderful gift."

1970 Log