11. Spiritual Connections
Spiritual Web Chat
Session 1: Sat 06 Jun 1998

Ben< ALL: Okay, let's go. Tonight is the first of two meetings on spiritual connections. Only two meetings are scheduled because I won't be here on 20 June. However, if there is enough interest in this topic, we can continue it on 27 June.

Ben< ALL: First, let's look at the telephone system. Each person who has a telephone is *potentially* connected to every other person who has a telephone, but an *active* telephone connection is necessary for communication. Likewise, I plan to address spiritual connections as active (functioning) rather than potential or theoretical.

Ben< ALL: Is there someone on earth with whom you believe you have (or have had) an active spiritual connection? If so, what kind of experiences led you to that belief? YOUR TURN

Polgara< My mother. Many times we have known when the other was in trouble and needed to talk, so we'd call, and sometimes the phone would be busy because we'd be dialing each other.

Ben< Polgara: Excellent example! Others?

Terry< Oh, many times, one who I feel spiritually connected to will just happen to show up here the instant I do. And my daughter and I have been known to share the same dreams.

TaraToo< Yes. Vivid dreams. Smelling the scent of one man's skin constantly, daily, for a few weeks. Too many coincidental run-ins with each other. This man thinks I invade his energies. And I act out of control around him.

Ben< TaraToo: Sense of smell ... interesting.

TaraToo< Ben: It stopped the day I told him about it, then came again to me the day I got my divorce papers stamped. And then, never again since. (He was/isn't my husband, just a friend I barely knew.)

Poweress< I have had spiritual connections with many people. Some more profound than others, but the most profound is probably my oldest son. The first thing that led me to that belief is that he visited me in a vision before he was born.

Doucia< I have and have had a spiritual connection with my best friend. We are soul "sisters" so to speak. We almost have twin-like souls. We have known each other in other lives. In this lifetime, our lives are very parallel, even when we did not know each other. Moreover, we always think of each other at the same time and call each other at the same time. We answer each other's questions. I chose her as my son's godmother even though I had just known her a few months. I just knew!

coldiron< My sister. Many times things such as, I would have a song going through my head, and she would suddenly start singing it.

Yopo< Hmm ... I knew my grandfather had passed when I heard the phone ring. But that might be something else.

TaraToo< My sister and I used to share dreams when we were kids, too. Driving our dad's car, especially.

Doucia< Also, my son. Even though he is only two he answers my questions before I even ask them. He came to visit me in spirit before he was born. *VBS*

Willow< Different connections, different clues. The first, though, is usually a recognition I can't explain; then it grows.

Ben< Okay! Good examples. Any more before I post the next question?

TaraToo< Thanks for the acknowledgment.

5foot2< I interpret spiritual connection as exchange/sharing of like energy, so I often experience this connection. I find it often with those I know personally, yet still I share the energy of those I hear/read/watch about.

Ben< 5foot2: Yes, Spiritual connections can carry energy as well as information. Good point.

TaraToo< Information IS energy.

FRAML< A friend of mine and I used to have this uncanny thing of being in separate conversations here in SWC, yet our points often reinforced the other in their separate and often different discussions.

Poweress< Also, my father was once told by his physician in error that he had a very short time to live, and at the time, the place I was living did not have a phone. He called all of his kids to say Good-bye, because he was very afraid, but he could not get in touch with me. I was sound asleep, and suddenly bolted up in bed and said "Dad!" My boyfriend woke up and asked what was going on, and I said I didn't know. The next day I went to see my parents and found out he was upset because he could not get in touch with me at that very moment.

Lor< I once had an indirect connection with a former fellow employee sometime after he had died. I communicated with him via the help of another fellow employee who could "see and talk" with him. I seem to be blocked from such, but was able to help him find his way to the light.

Doucia< How about when we meet someone (a stranger), yet our eyes meet and it seems as if we instantly know them? I get that quite a bit.

moondruid< I have had past life connections with most of my friends, who I am close to, and we even phone each other when one thinks of the other. Telepathic stuff.

Yopo< And a friend who died several weeks ago. We all knew it was coming soon, but I awoke in the middle of the night feeling turmoil and loss. Knew she was gone just then, which was confirmed with another early morning phone call. Many of our circle reported the same experience.

Ben< ALL: Is your spiritual connection with that person always active? Or sometimes active? If it isn't always active, is there a pattern in the events or situations when it is active? YOUR TURN

Willow< *S* All of the above.

Doucia< Always active. It seems more sensitive during "difficult" times in our lives.

Terry< I'd agree: always active, and with intent and focus seemingly more direct.

FRAML< No. It only seemed to happen when we were here. However, I only knew the person through this medium. I had never met them in person or talked to them on the phone.

TaraToo< After going through heaven and hell last year over "D" and after creating chaos, I told him I was not going to communicate with him further. The psychic strain was/is too much for me.

windy< It seems that the more one is aware of a connection, the more active the connection becomes.

Poweress< It has been my experience that the spiritual connection seems to be sort of kicked in by a crisis or intense situation. Possibly the connection is always there, but the energy of a critical moment can increase the energy to make it more noticeable. Or perhaps we become more sensitive to the energy during times of turmoil.

Yopo< I suppose the two experiences that came to my mind both had very strong emotional content, and related to profound transition. Emotion, though, seems particularly relevant.

Willow< Yopo ... *S* ... open Heart.

moondruid< I think it is always active, but one does not always TUNE in, so you can't feel them unless they give out a strong call. OR you are tuning in for that moment. But spiritual connections are always there, just sometimes dormant when we are focusing on other aspects of day-to-day living.

Tril< I would agree, moondruid. It seems our senses are much more aware when we are feeling a situation more intensely.

FRAML< moondruid: Are you saying that yours are always active, or that you think that everyone's connections are always active?

TaraToo< As to the pattern, I am fine until enraged by minor slights. I do something "regrettable". Must apologize, etc. Then calm until the next incident. Like I can't stay sane around him. *smile* I don't live my life in the abstract!

Lor< TaraToo: So you "don't live my life in the abstract", but what do you mean by that? Such connections are far from being abstract when they are capable of really helping people in need.

TaraToo< Lor: All my analytical powers turn inside out at certain moments. I find it best to synchronize my emotional body with awareness. To make abstract assessments of my life, I have to LIVE it. Otherwise it's a waste of my energies.

Polgara< For me, the connection is always active with my Mom, but it is most noticeably so in times of crisis.

Lor< Ben: I make contact with some good spirits that may or not be on this earth (per your question) that may or not be persons per se for all I know. And yes, there is a pattern I use to connect with them that involves a sort of joyful reverent singing of a song that I learned while I was growing up. No, the connection is not active until I "make the call".

Poweress< Lor: You seem to have stated it very well. I wonder if at these times we often are making the call through our subconscious, and sometimes even through the conscious, but regardless the call is made to the higher power, much like dialing the telephone. I like to think that it is a matter of the higher power taking over in times when we are having trouble with a situation and the physical side has trouble coping. The higher self takes over as a protection or survival device. Always there, but lets the physical try to handle what it is able to.

Tril< Poweress: I was reading Dan Millman today, and I thought he talked about relying more on our higher self rather than letting the physical do the talking. The physical will tend to rely more on surviving, which is a lower level of existence.

Poweress< Tril: Very true, we are only beginning as a species to learn that the higher power is available to us, and often we overlook that magnificent power, which just waits for our call.

Tril< But learning to use the higher power all the time will move us from survival mode to take the great leap into the spiritual mode. He went on about dealing with our fears at the survival level so that we can move more easily.

FRAML< Tril: Was your last comment what you personally believe or have experienced, or was it written by the man you mentioned earlier? If the latter, I'd like to hear your personal experience.

Tril< Both, FRAML. I read his book today and it really hit home for me. I have my own fears that I need to deal with. I want to move on but wonder if I can without dealing with the fears first.

FRAML< Tril: Thanks. That answers my question. It is good to have a book hit home with our own experience.

Ben< Okay! I'm reading and enjoying your inputs. More?

5foot2< Ben: Yes, the connection is always active, yet my "level of awareness and centeredness" plays a big role.

Doucia< I agree that they are always active. We just don't stop and listen during our day to day lives as much. Until synchronicity strikes, or we are in "need" of the connections.

Ben< COMMENT: Emotions seem to provide the carrier wave energy, and thoughts modulate that energy with information -- much like the signal in a telephone line.

5foot2< Agreed, Ben, and sometimes people leave their phone off the hook. *grin*

Doucia< Or even too busy to realize the "phone is ringing" *G*

greyman< Sometimes our connections hide in our desires.

TaraToo< Ben: Do you believe emotions can short out during the transmission process?

Ben< TaraToo: Yes, I believe emotions can short out during this process. What you said awhile back, about a connection that was psychically draining you, is significant.

TaraToo< Ben: Yes. What can enrich a soul can also strip it bare. I got tired of the disparity between my life "in 3-D" and the living I do on other planes of existence.

Enorah< TaraToo: I believe that what we are here to do is live our Light on a consistent basis ... to bring the spiritual into the third dimensional and integrate it here.

Yopo< Interesting analogy, about carrier wave and signal. Makes me wonder about the messages carried by negative emotions, like anger. Sometimes being in the presence of an angry person feels very unpleasant, even when he or she isn't acting it out.

windy< I agree. I think our emotional bodies are usually better at translating incoming signals. Our minds (mental bodies) are probably more prone to reject such signals due to our training and culture.

Ben< Yopo: Yes, apparently *any* strong emotion can energize a spiritual connection, but the results vary with the type of emotion.

GlowingFace< I am probably most connected when I do healings or psychic messages, but I don't feel emotions or anything, just being calm and centered. The one experience I had years ago when I was totally connected to the cosmos gave me feelings of complete bliss.

Ben< ALL: Can either or both of you activate the connection at will? If so, how do you do that? And how does either of you get the other's attention? YOUR TURN

Polgara< I am hit and miss when I try to activate it consciously, Ben. I have tried to learn to focus myself better, but so far ... nada.

Lor< Polgara: I suggest that you visit Ben's site. He describes via "A Small Explanation" much of what's involved in making such connections. At least that's what I have found to work.

LEGS< Lor: I also apply the "Small Explanation" as consistently as possible. (interruptions occur anywhere it seems).

Doucia< Ummmm ... I really never thought about that one, because it sort of just happens. For example, if I need to get a hold of her, and she's not home, I'll say "Daphne, where are you? I need to talk to you" (in my head). As soon as she gets home, she usually calls me (I don't have to leave a message). So I guess we can both activate it at will. (I'm talking about this person now ... and I can hear her calling me. *Giggle*) With my son ... well, he's too young to really assess in this manner. I don't know if it's a mother-child connection. I am just assuming that it's spiritual because of his visit prior to his birth.

Poweress< Ben: I think that either can make the connection, but as someone mentioned earlier, tuning out to these connections can be like leaving the phone off the hook. I think that the connection can be also clarified or intensified when both are reaching out and sensitive to the higher power. I have been practicing this with a spiritual friend and we are attempting to reach each other during meditation.

Lor< Could it be that such linkages are more sensitive via our hearts which tend to involve our emotions? Yet, I use my conscious mind to decide to make a connection. Rarely, I get various thoughts that later I sense may have been sent.

Yopo< All such connections with me seem to be involuntary and completely unpredictable.

Psychic1< I do energy connections, and all I need is a name or nickname that has been used at least a few times as a name to connect to others.

windy< I think consciousness is relatively speaking "new" on the evolutionary scale. The connections we speak of are probably natural and were common when we are/were in a less conscious stage of development (in fact, it is the way one can commune with animals and other non-human entities). Consciousness is a new way of looking at our world, and I think it kind of takes over -- like learning to speak seems to interfere with a small child's ability to send/receive telepathically.

greyman< windy: What of the beings who have designed the life-forms on this planet? Have they less consciousness?

windy< greyman: I am not sure who/what you mean about the beings who designed the life-forms on this planet. Could you be more specific? (Just off-hand I would say that design indicates planning and planning indicates consciousness.)

greyman< windy: Yep. Don't mean to be far-out freaky. But if you think about it, you see a "living laboratory" all around you. A fundamental assumption in our culture is that we were "created". W E L L? I see creation as a partnership in which natural selection plays a small part in the grand scheme of things. *grin*

Ben< COMMENT: An experiment in which one intentionally tries to connect spiritually with someone on earth is testable, by normal material means of communication.

Psychic1< Communication, any kind, is the best way to reach another.

Yopo< I wonder if a lot of connection and communication might go on below the conscious level.

Lor< Yopo: I think you are right about that.

Ben< Yopo: Yes, I've found a lot of spiritual connections are at the subconscious level, in myself (I go looking for them and try to identify them) and in many people I've worked with.

windy< Yopo: I think a whole lot more communication goes on unconsciously than consciously. One of the huge difficulties in my life has been separating people's unconscious messages from their conscious ones, and realizing that the conscious ones can be totally different.

Yopo< windy: A good thing to remember. I sometimes get crossed signals. *s* Don't we all ...

Enorah< windy: Yes, I agree with you. There are many who speak one thing and are thinking something completely different at the same time. As telepathic communication continues to increase it will become impossible to lie.

windy< Enorah: I am not sure I can agree with you about telepathic communication and a world without lies. One can lie telepathically just as easily as one does consciously.

Enorah< windy: I see us moving out of the lying and moving into truth.

Psychic1< Relax and focus ... never concentrate.

LEGS< I have been doing the Triangles connections daily and find much peace in this method of concentration. It is a flowing communication of good will and sending Light..

TaraToo< There is a certain comfort in feeling part of a larger scheme, a sense of belonging. With the evolution of humanity reaching higher levels of psychic activity, it's inevitable that humans find newer ways of communication.

Psychic1< Consciousness is just different ... there are not lesser or higher.

Doucia< I find I have a "better" connection with those who are connected to spirituality. They seem to be answering the phone, so to speak.

Psychic1< Who's to say that psychic communication is a "higher" form of anything? Perhaps its just a "forgotten" method of communication.

Ben< ALL: With approximately how many people do you have an active or sometimes active spiritual connection? Is there a pattern in this listing? If so, what seems to be the difference between these people and the people with whom you do not have such a connection? YOUR TURN

Polgara< Four ... the bond is always love, for me. It may not start out this way, in this life, but it becomes that rather quickly once I "recognize" the person.

FRAML< None.

Ben< FRAML: Okay. As you know, there is no "school solution" in these questions.

FRAML< Ben: However I can make spiritual connections to people if I focus on them, as in prayer to help them.

[Ben< FRAML: Yes, to focus on a person, as in prayer to help them, is a very positive way to make a spiritual connection.]

Willow< Last year I was able to connect with a dolphin ... with clarity that nearly knocked me over. There were three, in a horribly small tank, and I opened to them ... just sending love, and I'm sure some sorrow that they were in that tank at human hands. The 'wave' of love I felt from them literally made me dizzy, and I clearly understood "We are here to teach." It was amazing.

Ben< Willow: *smile* You are one question ahead of me! You just answered the one I am about to post next.

Willow< Ben ... oops! *S*

Enorah< I am finding that I have a spiritual connection with everyone I come into contact with these days.

Psychic1< I have approximately 300 connections at the current time. Only about 20 of them are active. They are active 'cause I choose to keep them active. The others are there, if I want to check in on them ... more of an inactive file in the back of my mind. To activate a connection, I just reach out to them along the energy connection I sent in the first place to connect with them.

Ben< Psychic1: Good description. Obviously, you have what amounts to a telephone switchboard and know how to use it.

Psychic1< Ben: It took me awhile to figure out what I had ... then a lot of experimentation and LOTS and LOTS of practice.

Poweress< I have had connections with both family members, close friends, and even acquaintances. I am not clear as to the pattern of the people involved. I feel that the pattern, for me, has more to do with a combination of the intensity of the emotions for me or the person I am connecting with at the time, or the spiritual connectedness of either of us to our higher self at the time.

TaraToo< Frequent (conventional-physical-plane) talks. Working on the same issues. Being physically close, as in seeing each other daily. Blood relation, as with my mother. Something mutual to share. Otherwise the connections dry up or turn into bouts of frustration for all concerned.

LEGS< Ben: As you know, I was reared to care for others spiritually, physically, and emotionally. It is a part of my life that cannot be turned off ... subdued but not stopped. All beings are worthy of love at some point if not all of their presence here on our plane. If you can only love that series of moments, you enrich yourself and them by the connection of unconditional love.

Enorah< Trees, plants, animals ... everything. We are all connected spiritually and all ONE.

windy< Enorah: Yes ... trees, plants, animals ... everything! I am a "nature" collector, and they are always helping me find stuff, leaving it for me, pointing it out, even reminding me that they are helping me when I think I am "lucky" or have discovered something by myself ... with a quack here and a caw there ... or a rustle of the leaves ... and then a "loudly" whispered message.

Ben< Enorah: We may all be potentially connected spiritually, but not all of those connections are active. The inactive connections aren't of much use to anyone.

Enorah< Yes, Ben, I understand it is our choice to tune into the frequency. But I am feeling very spiritually connected to All right now.

Doucia< I have telepathic conversations with my cat. I know what she's feeling, and of course, she knows what I'm feeling. *s*

TaraToo< The numbers vary as people came in and out of my life. Always my family (3). Sometimes the connections are stronger, sometimes weaker. As someone mentioned earlier, crises have a way of intensifying one's awareness.

Lor< TaraToo: People who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) apparently often report an overwhelming sense of everything being coordinated and organized for good, with a sense that they themselves are just where they belong in the grand scheme of things. Another point: I am dubious that these links are just now available, for I sense they have been around for many centuries, dating back into antiquity per various old writings.

Enorah< Lor: I agree with you. When I had past life memories of Lemuria and Atlantis, I remember channeling and communicating telepathically in those existences.

TaraToo< Enorah: Ah, good, someone remembering Atlantis.

Enorah< hahahaha Yes, TaraToo, remembering and writing a book about it.

TaraToo< Lor: On my good days, I feel that special joy-peace mentioned by NDE participants. And you're right about all this stuff being "old news". People are sharing, is all.

Psychic1< NDE's are not necessary to become "aware" however. I was very much aware of the connectivity of the universe long before my NDE.

Willow< Ben: Speaking of a connection to those we love, I would like to ask you something later. *S*

5foot2< Ben: Over the past 8 or so years, I find this connection easier and easier to "interpret/read/recognize" also more and more people seem to be aware of it, or I am more aware of those who are aware, too.

Psychic1< I believe that "awareness" can happen with some small basic steps to happen within each of us ... a willingness to change your belief system, removing your limitations, and constituting the basics of spirituality, namely loving yourself, forgiving yourself, and giving to yourself.

greyman< Psychic1: Bless trees and hear them sing!

Psychic1< greyman: The group consciousness of the tree community are always with me. Love to hear them sing!

greyman< Psychic1: *smile*

Psychic1< greyman: Whenever we speak, whether vocally or not, some entity always listens ... always.

windy< I think our souls and spirits are actively connected and that it is possible to act unconsciously on those connections, but we can chose to become more conscious about them, and then perhaps learn to activate them (send and receive) consciously.

Enorah< Yes, windy, I agree with you.

Ben< windy: *smile* It isn't easy to lead a seminar where people are so psychic they anticipate questions and answer them before I post them, but it sure is fun!

windy< Ben: A rather quarky timing, I guess. *S*

Ben< ALL: Okay, my last posting for tonight goes back to where we began, with a slightly different spin. Do you believe you have (or have had) an active spiritual connection with an animal? If so, what kind of experiences led you to that belief? YOUR TURN

Willow< hehe ... yep.

TaraToo< I sang wordless songs while our old cat Comet died. I watched her energy bodies leave in layers, then saw her life go out like a candle flame in my mind's eye.

Ben< TaraToo: You might like the report "Stacey the Cat" on my website.

LEGS< Ben: Yes. My Smokey cat I had for 13 years. He still makes a run for the door occasionally ... sorta keeping me on my toes ... and we 'lost' him in 89.

Polgara< Yes, Ben ... always with my family's Springer Spaniels. If I am sick, or hurting, they will not leave my side, even if it is uncomfortable for them, unless they have to. And when they are ill, or lonely, or sad ... I feel every ounce of it in sympathy.

Enorah< My girlfriend was ill. I talked with her cat and asked her to help with her healing. Next time I spoke with my girlfriend, her cat was stretched out across her chest and she was feeling better. She told me that earlier the cat had been lying on her head.

TaraToo< Enorah: Lot of cat tales!

Doucia< hahaha ... yes ... I am spiritually connected to my cat. She is wonderful. I think I first recognized it when I was pregnant (although I didn't know it at the time). My cat would sleep on my stomach (she never had done that before). A week later I discovered I was pregnant! She slept on my stomach until my boy was born! When he was a baby and I was busy, she would come get me when he awoke from his nap. I knew exactly what she was coming to tell me. I would say to her (and still do because of him being two and getting into trouble, she'll come get me when he's into mischief *G*) Thanks, dear! *S*

LEGS< (((((Doucia)))) Wonderful!

Willow< Doucia: I had the same experience with my cat when I was pregnant with my son. *S*

Doucia< Willow: *S*! I felt so safe when she was lying on me. *S* Another time, I was alone and feeling vulnerable. I was having contractions (prematurely). I was extremely frightened. She came and lay on top of me. Her purring reassured me, stopped the contractions and put me into a deep sleep! *s*

Enorah< Cats are incredibly loving and healing, Doucia. Wonderful story.

Willow< Doucia: hahahaha ... cool ... I had false contractions from the beginning. Wishus always knew. *S*

Doucia< Willow: *VBS* Chelsea always knew, too! I just gave her a big kiss. *S*

Poweress< Willow and Doucia: I know what you mean about animals sensing things. Whenever we have a storm and the kids seem to be afraid, I calm them by telling them that if there was really any danger the cats would sense it, and they were not bothered. This works very well for calming the kids. *S*

Doucia< Poweress: I agree. When I see a storm coming, the first thing I do is find my cat and feel what she is feeling. Animals are so wise!

Poweress< Doucia: Yes, instincts in animals can be a great learning tool for us, I think. *S*

Poweress< Ben: I have had occasional connections. For example, today I was driving down the road and noticed two deer standing next to a small woods. I stopped the car, and my children and I watched them. I fully expected them to just run into the woods, but they stood and watched us for quite some time, and when they left, they only walked into the woods; they did not run. The connection that I felt was one of beauty. I also have a more consistent connection with my cat. Actually, primarily with one of my cats. I have three, but one has been uncharacteristically attentive over the last 4-6 months, for some reason. I get a very strong feeling she is trying to communicate with me.

Psychic1< Ben: I have located lost pets on occasion. To do that, I would have to connect with the lost animal to become one with it, feel its feelings, look through its eyes. I have found several lost pets that way. But it goes further than just animals ... trees, plants, rocks, crystals ... it's all the same. Once the connection cycle is learned and we are able to "hear" them, then all types of connections are possible.

Yopo< Ben: *smile* Connections with animals seem to be easier for me than with people. Maybe 'cause I can lower my "shields" more comfortably. Uh, my old cat ... the connection lingered after "normal" lines of communication all shut down.

Kathleen< I believe that you can have connections with animals. They are here learning from us and visa versa. My housemate's cat communicates it's wants, and very specifically. To others it may not seem so, but with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear past the everyday, it becomes quite easy.

Consierge< What I would like to know is how one can develop one's intuitiveness, etc., so they're reliable. I've had various kinds of psychic experiences; i.e., dead relatives coming in dreams, or standing by my bed, seeing googlebangers (sp), hearing a guide in my left ear, seeing a guide in a dream, talking to guides, receiving information from people telepathically. I would like to learn how to just call on an ability rather than it being sporadic and fleeting.

[Ben< Consierge: Good point. I plan to look into the reliability testing of spiritual connections next week, rather than in this opening session, because it's a topic that has not been very well explored in any literature I have found.]

FRAML< I've never felt anything like is being described here with any pets. They just are there. I get as much connection as I do with the empty shell casing on my mantle.

Yopo< FRAML: With me, such things seemed to become more apparent only when I started paying closer attention. And our expectations can be either a block, or a clarifying lens. Just a thought.

Enorah< FRAML: If I may? You made an instant spiritual connection with me when I entered this evening, by sending me the private message telling me Ben's rules. I was asking "Okay, what is going on here? How does this work?" And you immediately answered me. Thank you!

FRAML< Enorah: I did? To me, I was merely sending you my canned ground rules over the Internet. In that case, you must have felt something I did not know I was sending out. Hmmmmm????

Enorah< Yes, FRAML, you are working on becoming consciously aware. You've got it all down pat on the other levels.

FRAML< Enorah: Actually, to me, I constantly scan the top of the page to see if a new person has arrived, and send them the info. You may have been thinking that, but to me, I have a "non-intuitive" explanation. (UFO's really are weather balloons. *G*)

Enorah< FRAML: hahahahahaha ... but do you see where your own choice is coming into play here, by the way you are perceiving your communication to me? It is so much about faith and belief.

the_Muse< FRAML: That talking donkey of Balaam's did not sprout a voice box, I don't think. And for him the donkey talking was no big deal. He may have been an early "horse whisperer."

FRAML< the_Muse: "Horse whisperer" ???

the_Muse< FRAML: Okay -- donkey whisperer. :o)

FRAML< the_Muse: OK, I just remembered it is the new Redford movie. The last movie of his I saw was Butch Cassidy, etc.

Lor< Ben: Yes. I have often felt the love of my dog(s) who often like to tag along wherever I go and nuzzle me to express their respect, but that is not to say I have verbally or psychically communicated two-way with them (yet)!

LadyHarmony< Ben: Absolutely. I feel I have had active spiritual connections with animals, and not only "animals" but insects. When I've channeled the Light Beings, they have mentioned Good Will, not just toward Men, but toward everything that is, all forms of life, as we are interconnected. There have been a number of specific incidents, particularly cats ... some rather funny.

Doucia< Even animals on the street seem to come to me. I feel their love and give them love back. I feel more connected with cats, though. *S*

Yopo< What the heck IS it with cats, anyhow? *LOL*

TaraToo< Maybe because cats know their own shapes so well. {s}

Poweress< Doucia: Yes, it is interesting that you mention that. I have often had animals come up to me, and the owners will be very surprised, for their pets do not usually come to strangers. My friends and family used to think this was very strange for I did not seem to be an animal lover. I have only recently acquired pets, for my children. What they did not understand is that I did not dislike animals, I just did not want to have a pet, for I felt it was a very big responsibility and did not want to take it on if I could not do it properly and already felt that I had enough responsibility as a single parent.

windy< The birds and the squirrels always seem to know when I have "extra" sunflower seeds ... before I put any out.

Psychic1< I think connections to animals are simpler, cause they don't try to keep you out. You are relaxed more with them. And there is a common place for the spirits of both us and them to commune with. Say, doesn't this sound like a remembering? And why do we as humankind seem to have forgotten all this? Always trying to protect ourselves from who? Probably ourselves!

greyman< Psychic1: Dolphins seem to have a more complex system of communication. One might say even at a cellular level.

Willow< greyman: I'll second that.

Psychic1< greyman: We have molecular communication, too.

the_Muse< My experience is the most gifted animals at connecting with humans are horses. I have seen that some of my animals -- horses, dogs, and cats -- can speak human. Others transmit their impressions. Really hope to meet a dolphin sometime, although just seeing their eyes on film ... they come through so clear.

Willow< the_Muse: I would love to see you with a dolphin. And yes, they are clear. *S*

Kathleen< The cat and dog have both communicated with me. My housemate's cat is very expressive with its eyes as well ... more than I have ever seen with any other cat. But like babies have different intonations in their cries for different things they need, so do dogs in their barks, cats in their meows, etc. I think once you become attuned to them, it is easy to see them.

Psychic1< Look to other animals and entities for examples we are all born to do. They will show us examples ... show us the patterns ... teach us ... and help us remember. Linear time and distance is an illusion.

5foot2< I believe animals are amazing energy receivers. I wonder if that "ability" to read is enhanced by a dog's/pet's ability to send unconditional love. *smile*

Redhawk< Yes, I have experienced strong connections with animals. I have been 'called' into the forest by the Great Horned Owl, and have heard 'messages' in my head from animals since I was little.

the_Muse< Some neighbor boys were bothering me when I was single. I was walking and my dog broke the rules of proper walking behavior by getting in front of me. I asked him what was up? He replied in the most perfect mental English, "Those boys are hiding over there watching you." I looked where he was looking, and sure enough, there they were. He had the most human mental voice of any dog in my experience. I often suspected he was an alien doing a ten year tour of duty as an observer.

rhodi< the_Muse: That is amazing!

Lor< the_Muse: You may like to read Dr. Baldwin where he talks about people who have had dolphin attachees. Ben's site mentions his book.

Willow< Lor: Dolphin attachees?

Lor< Willow: Yep -- strange as it seems. I got the impression that dolphins are indeed quite intelligent, from the stories Dr. Baldwin tells about his contact with their spirits while conducting clean-outs of several clients so affected.

Willow< Lor: Not strange at all ... was more your meaning I was asking

Lor< Willow: OK, yes, as I recall, he reported finding several cases of deceased dolphins attached to clients or to other attachees attached to clients even.

Willow< Lor: I wonder why ...

Lor< Willow: My memory is becoming unreliable these days, but I've been reminded that they also served as rescuers.

Willow< Lor: *smiling* Of that I have no doubt. Thank you.

the_Muse< Lor and Willow: I really want to meet a dolphin so bad it is incredible. I think that sonar electric ability they have to see into the body may be a healing ability. They are magical creatures, the cetaceans. Singing the Earth organic.

Willow< the_Muse: The connection with them is indescribable. The best way I could explain it would be a full body, all senses, KNOWING ... instantly ... what they were communicating: the love as well as the message, or the message as well as the love. *S*

the_Muse< Willow: I can't watch specials about Whales very much. I look at their eyes and see their haunted pain and incredible gentleness, and just go into paroxysms of sobbing. I watched the birth of a white right whale calf just bawling the whole time.

Yopo< Once on a winter walk, I came on a leafless bush full of sparrows. All were chattering excitedly, then took off for somewhere. For just a moment, I had the oddest impression I had overheard a complicated conversation in some foreign language. It has also puzzled me, watching flocks of flying birds suddenly change directions. A simultaneous wheeling. Those in the fore turning as those in the back turn. Seemingly without having seen the others turn ...

Psychic1< Yopo: Sometimes I think we are the "ants" ... with workers, queens, gatherers, drones ... and the world around us is trying to get our attention and say "There is more out here!"

5foot2< Psychic1: I agree. After all "It's a dog's life." *grin*

greyman< Psychic1: Soylent green is made of people! To serve man is a cook book! *smile*

Yopo< Psychic1: Working in a government office, I see the analogy quite clearly. *LOL*

Psychic1< Yopo: We are even beginning to build our communities the same way. Just look at a city map ... hold it up and imagine it being in the ground, with the top road being the opening of the anthill. LOL

rhodi< We just got a beagle, and he's really smart, is all I can think. LOL! Oh, and we have a bird, and it's her goal to poop on me. A friend thinks it's a good luck sign?

Psychic1< rhodi: It's always good luck for an animal of any kind that finds you attractive in some sense of the word. After all, they have instincts that tell it not to be too trusting, because of predator instincts ... so, feel very blessed to have an animal that wishes to be around you!

rhodi< Thanks, Psychic1. *bows* *orange rose for you*

Yopo< rhodi: All the birds in the neighborhood know when I have just washed my truck. I never thought of it as my lucky day, however. *LOL*

rhodi< I just wish birdie would, like, get the freaking point and fly somewhere, do her thing, then fly the freak back. LOL!

Doucia< I sense that my cat can even see people for what they are. When strangers come to our home, I immediately know by Chelsea's reaction what type of person they are. One time, a person came to visit ... it was just an acquaintance that I had met. The cat went berserk and ran to the basement. Turned out the person was extremely negative and could be vindictive and evil. When kind, loving people visit, she will go to them and rub herself against them ... I love this! *S*

rhodi< Doucia: *VBS* *HUGS* *blue rose for you* *VBS* Thanks!

Doucia< Thank you Rhodi. Roses are my favorite flower! (((HUGS)))) *VBS*

the_Muse< I went to the San Diego zoo and had a group walking around with us, asking where we would go next. All the animals were coming over and looking at me. I think that those of us who hear them should try to visit them in the zoos and tell them the news and our love. They are looking at us wondering if we are waking up.

Ben< I once formed a spiritual connection to a buffalo at a zoo. Was I surprised! It didn't feel at all like a cow (which I know well from my childhood on a farm). It felt more like a goat -- a very angry goat. It knew immediately when I contacted it, snorted and pawed the ground, and headed toward me even though I was thirty yards away and standing behind some bushes where it couldn't see me very well. I promptly transmitted "Peace, brother!" and broke off the connection. The buffalo snorted once more and went back to grazing.

Psychic1< Why do some animals in our lives love us unconditionally? Could it be an example to us? Could they be thinking "I hope my example to you will show you that unconditional love works and can be done on a continuous basis"? Just a thought.

Redhawk< To me, the biggest problem in connecting with animals is that most people fail to learn the animals' language and expect them to use our language. Sit, observe, be patient, and the messages of the four leggeds, the winged ones, the ocean dwellers and insects become CLEAR.

LadyHarmony< Redhawk: Yes! Agree with that.

greyman< This week I saw something beautiful. My father-in-law was contacted by three angels. They supported him spiritually much like dolphins support a weak one. One on each side, and they held him up in the light. Very gentle. Very loving. I was humbled.

Doucia< That is so beautiful, greyman!

Lor< greyman: I can sense your delight from the vision of the angels with your father-in-law. That indeed was an item of beauty to behold, I'm sure, and I am happy for you and your wife, too.

LadyHarmony< When I was living down in LA, I had a lucid dream in which my room-mate's cat came to me. In waking life there had just been an earthquake. Well, in the dream, this cat came to me and asked me to let Chris know that she wouldn't be back for a couple of days. This was so vivid that I woke up at, say, three o'clock in the morning. I got up to use the bathroom, and stumbled into Chris in the hallway where I sleepily passed on her cat's message. Well, funny thing ... sure enough, the cat was away for a few days ... and then came back.

rhodi< LOL! I can just see that! Hair all messed up ... "Hey, (snort), your cat's gonna *yawwwwwwwn* ... num num ... (pause) your cat's gonna be away *yawwwwwwwwwwwwwn* for a couple of days ... I'm going back to bed."

LadyHarmony< rhodi: rotflmao!

Doucia< LadyHarmony: LOL! That is a funny but beautiful story. I just cracked up laughing so hard I disturbed my cat -- who looked at me and said "Are you alright?" *G*

LadyHarmony< Doucia: *S* Thanks. I guess it wouldn't be a usual thing to run into your room-mate in the hallway at three in the morning and hear her say "By the way, your cat wanted me to tell you ..." !

Psychic1< I wonder if dolphins talk amongst themselves and say "You know those bi-pedaled mammals on land do appear intelligent, but I wonder if they are intelligent enough to communicate with. They haven't responded to the universal mathematical signals we have been sending them for the last hundred years ... maybe they are not that advanced yet."

Ben< Psychic1: Good point. I read a research report in which the researchers tried to see if the dolphins could count (or recognize) numbers. The results looked very much as though the dolphins were testing the humans' range of hearing.

greyman< Psychic1: Dolphins that I have communicated with seem to have a level of kindness far beyond most human beings. They seem to have a collective intelligence. And pretty damn friendly!

rhodi< Psychic1: What signals? LOL!

Psychic1< rhodi: You mean you can't hear that high frequency clicking they have been sending? Guess we need to put the satellite dishes pointing to the oceans, instead of over our heads. LOL

rhodi< Psychic1: You saying they intentionally aimed over our heads?

Psychic1< rhodi: It takes a form of intelligence to recognize that just because we can pollute the world, doesn't necessarily mean we are the only intelligent ones.

the_Muse< Psychic1: LOL! I think they do just that! There is an ancient set of myths that the children of the Nephilim asked God to not destroy them in the flood, so he turned the most loving ones into cetaceans. When one looks at fossil records and considers that they would have had to come onto land, become giants, and readapt to the water while the ancestors of mammals were still scurrying around under the dinosaurs, there is a clear mystery. Don't you think?

Psychic1< Muse: I show it as fun here, but I really believe that the first intelligent life we find other than ourselves will be here on earth, before we find other life from different worlds. (They're heeeeeeeerrrrreee ... !)

the_Muse< Psychic1: Wow, what an idea! I had a major blast of clicks last night. I never even considered that! Wowa, may get some new theories from that, thank you! *S*

Psychic1< Muse: Change your belief systems, allow the communication to take place, and listen to all the things that are being said about us! *hugs*

the_Muse< Psychic1: I will try it! The next time I get the clicks, I will try to astrally connect to the cetaceans. I have been trying to do that with aliens or government folk, but the clicks never lead to anything looking in that direction.

Psychic1< the_Muse: Instead of trying to connect from a "human" perspective, try using an "universal" feeling to connect with, such as love or want or a basic survival feeling. Get on their level of thinking. Connect to feelings ... and be ready to feel most anything. Don't push them away and be very loving to the feelings.

the_Muse< Psychic1: The technique I would think would be similar to what I use for everything non-human. I think what was blocking me was, if the dolphins are trying to communicate, they could not respond while I had the wrong assumption of who the sender was, or it would mis-identify them. So I will send an ocean image the next time and see if it may be a variety of cetacean. That will allow them to respond without my assuming the response was from, say, an alien. Do you see what I mean? I think they wanted me to be clear of their identity, and I was just not considering that!

Psychic1< Muse: That works really well. Most of the time, they are sending and I just kind of join in ... like hearing a conversation at a "party" and joining in.

Redhawk< Psychic1: I find it easiest to communicate with a bird by 'becoming' the bird ... what does the world look like from that perspective? how does the wind feel under my wings? what threatens my security and that of my family? ... etc. Takes patience and practice, eh? Comes very easily after a time! *smile*

Psychic1< Redhawk: That works really well. I often become whatever I am attempting to communicate with, and with different types of entities, it sometimes takes practice ... but, as you say, it gets easier each time.

Redhawk< Ben: Redtail saved my life once. I was camping, with no tent, alone in January in mountains. Could hear a cougar breathing, it was so close. Every time I started to fall asleep, the hawk would scream "Wake up! Stoke your fire! The cougar nears!" This lasted an entire night. I found a cat lair 20 yards above my camp next morning, and fresh paw prints.

Ben< Redhawk: I assume you thanked Redtail properly in the morning.

Redhawk< Ben: YOU BETCHA! I have a very good communication with all raptors now; they know I owe them big time! Actually, I am equally in tune with the Cougar -- but then, the Red Road, Native American ways are specific that humans are not 'above' animals/insects/rocks/trees. We are all Equal in the Creator's Eyes, eh?

LadyHarmony< Redhawk: Yes! All Equal.

Redhawk< Lady Harmony: Rather egocentric to think otherwise, IMHO.

Psychic1< And wouldn't it be refreshing to "remember" that perhaps animals and plants were not here on earth to be our servants, but to remind us that we are here to be servants to each other ... human, animal, fish, insect ... all life ... serving each other ... not one dominating over the other.

Yopo< I wonder if all the world's creatures emit some collective signal? A sort of song of Earth, that carries across space?

LadyHarmony< Yopo: There is a song of the Earth.

Lor< Yopo: Perhaps the "Songs of Beings" -- all from the light, no less -- that permeate even dimensions beyond space!

Psychic1< Yopo: Perhaps those that chose to, as a species, have retained the communication skills to use. Maybe we, as a species, may reach that place someday ... and evolve.

Willow< Psychic1: *S*

Redhawk< Psychic1: You've got my vote. I believe we (people, animals, birds, fish, trees, water, plants, rocks) belong to Mother Earth; Mother Earth does not belong to us, though She takes very good care of us. Wish I could say the same about HUMANS caring for HER!

Yopo< Redhawk: Ditto that. Sometimes we seem like hyper-active sleepwalkers.

Redhawk< Psychic1: Yep, indigenous peoples have been trying to tell any person who would listen these ideas for centuries. Hope those who haven't heard before have cleaned out their ears now! World would be a happier place!

Psychic1< Redhawk: We are here to share with all other life ... and there are consciousness "contracts" between all life to survive and be "servants" to each other, such as wood being used for construction, and animals as food groups for other animals. All have a purpose and are integrated with each other. I guess this is not a good time to bring up wood memory that resides in the buildings as a recording device for the community consciousness of the tree community ... to be of service to us ... and all other life that can connect to it.

Lightdreamer< Redhawk: I agree, except that I'll go even further and say we ARE the Mother Earth in the aspect that we are ONE ... and to desecrate Her is to desecrate ourselves. I've been out backpacking in the mountains today, and wound up having to lead some silly hikers out because they thought they could outsmart the Mother. ***shaking head*** If they had just walked WITH Her instead of ON her, they wouldn't have needed my assistance. They had NO sense of Earthway, though, and were tramping around and destroying Her delicate balance in that area.

Redhawk< Lightdreamer: Agree, to harm ourselves or any living thing is only hurting 'self' for ALL is ONE. And I agree about those hikers. I have been trying to tread more gently upon Mother Earth, instead of stomping along, full steam ahead! Time to slow down and CONSIDER our movements, eh? (listening is good, too!)

Redhawk< Psychic1: Ho! (yes) Can you imagine how much courage it takes to be a TREE? Knowing fire will come, and you have no legs to RUN AWAY? And some say MAN is the most 'developed' on earth? pshah!

Psychic1< Redhawk: Very definitely! And to be a rock? To be washed downstream, be worn down, and to what avail? To lie on a desert floor and never be noticed again? It takes a lot of courage to be grass, never knowing when half of me will get chewed up or mowed. Or a cockroach, even, always having to change what I am allergic to ... RAID ... ROACH MOTELS.

Yopo< Redhawk: I have puzzled over that. Nature is all fierce competition for survival, "Red in tooth and claw" as someone said. Seems the idea of "harm" must be prefaced with "needless", then tempered with some thought of "balance".

Psychic1< Yopo: Thanks for that clarification.

Redhawk< Yopo: Yep, no 'harm' in a carnivore killing to eat, no harm in a rabbit chewing plants. Harm is anything that causes Mother Earth's energies to be WASTED, used up for no reason leading to the preservation of the circle of life.

Yopo< Redhawk: My thinking, too. The big question is where mankind fits into the scheme. Is it needful to bulldoze a wood to make way for a subdivision? Our numbers and our technology have put us in a precarious position. And so many feel no sense of identity with what they destroy. A really big puzzle ...

Redhawk< Yopo: Yep, hard to figure.

the_Muse< Yopo: You made some wonderful points for consideration tonight. I was trying to say what you did when I said "Singing the earth organic" as far as the collective song. I think the earth also has a mineral song of its own, and that they are two part harmony. *S* Love and Peace to all.

11. Spiritual Connections
Session 2: Sat 13 Jun 1998

Ben< ALL: Tonight I'd like to concentrate on spiritual connections between two incarnate people (specifically, telepathy or telempathy) rather than discarnate entities, because connections between people can be cross-checked (tested) by other means of communication.

Ben< For example, in 1937, Harold Sherman and Sir Hubert Wilkins did a long-distance experiment in telepathy. Sherman was in New York while Wilkins was in the Arctic, 2000 to 3000 miles away. Sherman tried to contact Wilkins on a regularly scheduled basis, three nights per week, for a period of 5.5 months. They each kept a journal and later cross-checked what they thought they perceived at each of those scheduled times. The results were very interesting and evidential, although not a perfect correlation. They published their experiment as "Thoughts Through Space" (Creative Age Press, 1942).

Ben< ALL: Have you conducted or been involved in a formal or informal test of telepathy? If so, please briefly describe the test and the test results. If not, have you read of other experiments such as the one I described? YOUR TURN

Polgara< Yes, I have, just last week with Frank, and at other times with friends. And I find I am more often "off" than "on" unless we are in the same room; then the opposite is true.

Ben< Polgara: Yes, I also find that being in the same room helps. However, Harold Sherman and others have shown that somehow physical distance doesn't count. Interesting.

LadyV< Harold Sherman's writings are interesting.

Doucia< No, I have never done a formal test with someone. Sometimes, when I need to speak to one person in particular and can't get a hold of them, I will try to reach them through telepathy. It usually works. I once read an article on this in University, but have never read anything else regarding the subject. *S*

FRAML< No, I haven't any experience that I can remember.

Lotus< Yes, especially with Internet friends. Positive connections at times, even to the extent of waking out of a sound sleep.

LadyV< Lotus: Many of us in here do this. It's so odd, and the results are that we are needed when this happens. Wonder what causes that. But Ben will tell us.

Lotus< LadyV: Yes, isn't it amazing & fun!

LadyV< I have this connection with those I love. I know when they want to contact me.

[Ben: LadyV: See? I didn't need to tell you. *smile*]

SLIDER< I have not conducted any formal experiments of my own; but I have read much on the experiences of others in this type of ESP and have watched some documentaries on the subject.

Lor< No, I don't recall doing either.

Suzanne< Ben: Are you looking for experience or experiments?

Ben< Suzanne: Right now, I'm looking for experiments.

LadyV< Experiments ... you mean in a lab. Not me.

Yopo< There was once a formal experiment conducted at a Grateful Dead concert, of all places. The crowd of some thousands was asked to concentrate on a projected image and attempt to convey it to a test subject, I think at a local university campus. As I recall the story, the text subject duplicated the image by making a sketch.

Redhawk< Yes, formal test. Was given a name and address of several people by friends, asked to describe them physically and check on their medical health. I correctly diagnosed an HIV positive man in Poland, and a woman who was pregnant (also in an Eastern Block country). General physical descriptions were about 75% accurate; emotional life/medical history was better (my 'seeing'). This was through the Silva Method classes, designed to 'train' folk to be telepathic. Pretty amazing results!

LadyV< Redhawk: I do that one ... powerful results!

Cassandra< I didn't take a test, but when Ted was at work, I could think what we needed and he would bring it home with him. Also we would simultaneously start the same song at same time. He would whistle and I would hum it. And picking up on the kids, of course, and the grandkids -- especially when they are sick. Does that count?

Ben< Cassandra: What you described will be a response to my next question. *smile*

Cassandra< Ben: Reading your mind, huh?

LightGrrl< Cassandra: *lol*

SLIDER< I have had the experience of knowing who was on the phone when I answered it, or who I would meet in some of the oddest places. And have been able to contact others to the extent that they would search me out.

Tigerlily< I have also been asked to get medical information (root cause) on people, and the few times I have been asked, the information I got was useful ... accurate, I am told.

Yopo< Ah, found it in the archives. It was on the night of Feb 19, 1971. The image was a painting, "The 7 Spiral Chakras", by Scralian. The subject was sleeping in the Dream Laboratory at Maimonides Med Center in Brooklyn. One of 6 similar tests. Positive results.

LightGrrl< Yopo: Where might I find more info on that?

Yopo< LightGrrl: "Grateful Dead ... The Official Book of the Deadheads", p. 90, details the methodology, procedure, and evaluation of the test results. *s*

Ben< I've conducted informal experiments in telepathy many times, with various groups of people -- often but not always in the same room. Results indicate that some people are much easier than others for me to contact that way.

Redhawk< Ben: interesting, I've had similar experience. Some folk are easier to read with close geographic locale, but I was amazed how easily the info came for the people in Poland. Perhaps the group setting of so many people purposefully vibrating at near sleep brain wave pattern was helpful, though we weren't in the same room, just the same hotel.

Doucia< Ben: Is it because some people are more receptive? Or more aware?

Tigerlily< Doucia: When I was in my 20s the telepathy came through dreams. It was mostly precognition and communicating with people who had passed over. As the years passed, it became conscious awareness.

Ben< Doucia: I think it may be that some are more receptive or aware than others, but I think it is also a matter of how closely attuned two people are to each other.

Lor< Ben: How does one "attune" to another person?

Ben< Lor: The tuning of one person with another seems to be primarily an alignment of attitude and emotion -- as they used to say "If one is cut, the other bleeds."

Lor< Ben: Thanks for the insight.

donoma< CSICOP has done many formal experiments on telepathy. You can check the Skeptical Inquirer website for more information.

Ben< In one experiment, I transmitted the word "watermelon" to a small group of people. Some got nothing. Some got mental images -- like an oval, or stripes, or the color green. But one lady got the word "sandia". I asked her if English was her second language. She said, yes, she was raised speaking Spanish. "Sandia" is Spanish for "melon" -- which indicates that the receiving mind translates the incoming signal.

Yopo< Ben: Hmm. Seems to indicate it is something other than words that convey telepathic information.

Ben< Yopo: Yes, telepathy seems to be transfer thoughts, and not merely words.

Andrea< Ben: Watermelon in Spanish is sandía; melon in Spanish is melón.

Ben< Andrea: Right. Sorry for the typo (I left out "water").

LadyV< Does this include OBE visits in your sleep or just mental communication ... or what?

[Ben< LadyV: Right now I'm looking for spiritual communication that is testable. This could include OBE visits if both people were aware of the visit.]

soar< Does connecting with animals account for the same as humans? Were we animals in one aspect of our lives?

Ben< soar: We briefly looked at communication with animals last week. This week I'm focusing on reality testing of telepathy. In the case of communication with animals, the evidence for reality testing will be in their behavior and the changes of their behavior.

Ben< ALL: Have you had a spontaneous telepathic experience that proved to be real communication? If so, please describe one such experience briefly, including how you obtained confirmation that it was real. YOUR TURN

Redhawk< Yes, when mate was on 'vision quest' sent him a red, a yellow, a black, and a white butterfly. Four in all. They all showed up within a four hour period. Knew mate was praying for me very hard for a four day period, so wanted to see if I could manifest in his space. I was in California; he was in New Mexico. Does that count?

[Ben< Redhawk: I'm not sure that would be considered telepathy, as such, but it sounds like it was a successful experiment.]

Doucia< With my two year son, always. I'll be thinking in my mind, for example, "I guess it's time to give Diodato a bath and get him ready for bed." I have not moved to give him any hints as to what I plan to do, but instantly he replies to me "Mama, I don't want to have a bath and get ready for bed." It happens very often with different things ... bath time, playing outside ... or sometimes I will just look at him and in my mind I will say " I love him soo much" and he looks at me and says "I love you too Mama."

Lor< Doucia: Sure sounds like he is reading your mind!

windy< Doucia: I have the same experiences with my son.

Redhawk< Doucia: Same here. My kid can read my thoughts -- especially when he was that age. Almost 7 now, and seems to be not so clear at reading. (Maybe he's ignoring me! haha)

Doucia< Redhawk: LOL!

windy< Doucia, Redhawk: This is what I commented on last week. It seems that when we begin to talk, vocal communication begins to take over and dominate, and we begin to lose the telepathic ability (like using one hand more than the other). My son is 12 now, and it still happens, though. I think being receptive to it helps to retain the ability. Most people probably never even acknowledge it, or it spooks them.

Tigerlily< I was visiting a friend in Toronto who was going through some hard time. I received information that Jack wanted to talk to him. I asked him about it. He told me -- with wide eyes -- that Jack is the name his significant other used to call him when he was strong, happy and healthy. Does that qualify? A little thing. Also, a friend asked me to get information about a hurt from childhood, but gave me no background. I was told that there were two women who somehow used her. I told her this, and she opened up and cried and said "Yes, this is something I have never gotten over but need to." I never knew the details ... but the snippet seemed to be all she needed.

Lotus< Received an image that a friend was in pain. Went to look for her. She was miscarrying in the bathroom. I didn't know she was pregnant.

[Ben< Lotus: Yes. Good example of a spontaneous reception that proved to be real.]

SLIDER< When I was eighteen and working on the roof of a barn, I could see my boss's truck coming down the road from about half a mile away; and I knew what he was thinking at that point in time; for when he arrived at the job site he yelled up to me the exact thing that I had sensed a few moments before.

LadyV< Sorta like old married folks, or relatives that live together for years, and each ends the sentences of the other ... to me they share the same energy wave.

Yopo< I sometimes am thinking of someone I haven't for a while, then receive a phone call from them, or have called them and been greeted with a laugh and the comment "I was just thinking about you". Suppose that might be some sort of confirmation.

FRAML< Yopo: I've had that type of experience a few times; however, I never thought of it as telepathy.

Yopo< FRAML: Good point. That, too, might be precognition, unless the other party comments they were thinking of you, too.

Polgara< Just the incidents with my mother that I talked about last week, and a couple of times with female friends that were very close to me emotionally. When they were hurting I felt them calling me ... and woke up and telephoned them immediately, and found them sitting awake by the phone wondering if they should call.

Doucia< It happens to me often. I will call someone and they say to me "I was just thinking about you" or I think of someone and they call me. Also, often I can "hear" what people are saying to themselves.

LadyV< Ben: "Reality testing" the people that come into these sites is familiar. I feel this and do this often. To test it would be difficult unless one is going to make a document of it. Humm, maybe that is what you are asking, a document. How does one document a heart matter, or a spirit matter? I would not want to do that, because somehow I feel something may be lost ... Then again, the purpose is to cause us to unite and reason together ... OK ... got it.

donoma< When I was "buzzing" with synchronicity, I was driving and suddenly started saying out loud "jazz sax". I laughed cuz it was so ludicrous: these words were so strong in my head for no reason. Then immediately a white blazer turns in front of me from another street with a license plate that said "jazz sax". *S*

Yopo< donoma: That would probably fall under the heading of "precognition" ... Sometimes hard to know just what a thing was, when there's another mind involved. Guy coulda been thinking of his license plate. *s*

Tigerlily< donoma: *S*

soar< Donoma: I was buzzing while driving a few times. Is there something to this?

donoma< soar: The road can be hypnotic and focused sometimes -- like a strange form a meditation. *S*

LightGrrl< Highway hypnosis, donoma. We've all fallen under its spell at one time or another.

soar< The sure telepathy I have with humans is first a strong feeling about them, and then I meet them ... or I know who will be on the phone when it rings.

Tigerlily< Gosh... I have these experiences almost daily.

LightGrrl< This is so cool, to hear everyone's abilities. I'm not particularly in tune with anyone or anything, but I'd really like to learn. It sounds more common than I thought.

Ben< ALL: Can you establish a real telepathic connection to someone you don't know or don't know very well? If so, how do you do that, and how do you test the connection? If not, how would you test anyone's claim to have established a telepathic connection to you? YOUR TURN

LadyV< Ben: Gee! I thought that is what the Almighty intended for us to do ... just that ... to have empathy and oneness with each other.

Doucia< Ben: We could try now through the net ... give someone a message ... just a word and see who gets it?

LadyV< First you care for them ... feel them ... then you approach them with respect and concern ... then you will know by the words and actions that you have made the connection that is asked of you by the One that you believe in. To test the connection of the other ... if they touched you, you know it ... or just ask.

FRAML< I've had folks tell me in pm's that they liked the energy I "put out" to them. And that has even happened when I've been in here under a different nick and server. Sometimes I haven't said all that much, so I don't know if I was "sending" something I wasn't trying to do, or if what I said had such a "good" feeling to them.

Ben< FRAML: Yes, you can transmit energy by telempathy without transmitting thoughts by telepathy.

Polgara< I can usually tell when FRAML is pretending to be someone else ... even when he hasn't said much. *S*

FRAML< Polgara: Are you "sensing me" or just subconsciously noticing that my Erols URL is in the header and thus figuring it is me?

Polgara< No, FRAML, I never even thought to look for that. Remember, I'm not entirely techno-literate yet!

Tigerlily< The day that Diana was killed, I could not leave the house. A very heavy concrete feeling in my chest, and messages that a global event was imminent. I was finally able to leave the house ... and then found out she died at about the time I left, and her chest was badly injured. I saw this as sort of telepathy with mass consciousness. Maybe not exactly what Ben is talking about.

FRAML< Tigerlily: I remember you telling me about that during the day.

Yopo< I've never been conscious of a clear message from someone I don't know well. Either it seldom happens, or is harder to recognize.

LadyV< Yopo: Maybe there is a reason for that happening. Some are best not to receive. I feel the Universe protects many of us. You are a very sensitive man, in my opinion, so you could get overload -- and fast.

Yopo< LadyV: Hmm. Might be truth in that. Some years back, I couldn't be in crowds. Felt like a sort of pressure in my head. Still need to maintain some space around me. Don't think it was entirely a psychological thing. Felt quite physical.

SLIDER< I have been able to establish contact to people that I don't talk to very often who live at a distance; but many of these people I have had close personal friendships with in the past.

NewDawn< Since sitting here with you-all, my "third eye" feels odd. Weird.

greyman< NewDawn: Here are some "third-eye-drops." *G*

windy< Speaking of children just reminded me of something. I find that thought transference seems to happen in the classroom a lot. Kids are always saying "I was going to say that" when there is a myriad of different answers to choose from. I know it sounds like coincidence, or just that people were just thinking the same thing. I guess you'd have to be there. I find it quite interesting and quite common.

greyman< windy: Yep.

larkanon< Sometimes the feelings of being invaded on a telepathic level leave physical traces. I don't know if it is them or me heating up, but it's definitely a physical feeling.

Ben< larkanon: You just responded to my next question. *smile*

LadyV< I agree with larkanon ... and that would not be understood unless most of us in here have had the experience.

TessK< Ben: What about the negative feedback? If we allow ourselves to tune into another, do we not open ourselves up to some of their problems, too? I know about white lighting myself ... but I think I have retreated from wanting to tune myself in to others.

Ben< TessK: Yes, indeed. Forming a spiritual connection has some risks, including negative feedback through the connection. Spirituality isn't all fun and games, by any means.

LadyV< Ben: I am like that also. And you are wise to retreat, and fast. It is a warning.

FRAML< Ben: As you said about my Gettysburg experiment, perhaps it is best I'm closed to reception.

LightGrrl< Ben: If I'm a relative newbie to this phenomena, what should I look out for? What are common problems?

[Ben< LightGrrl: Watch for others' thoughts or feelings that may pop into your mind. The most common problem is not discerning which are yours and which are not.]

TessK< Ben: If you love and respect the other's spirit (and individual path), why would you want to tune into them? I only ask because I have chosen to tune into nature (trees, animals, light) and not to humans.

Ben< TessK: I believe that telepathic communication between humans is natural and spiritual, but not widely developed or tested for reliability at this time.

TessK< Ben: Yes, I agree, but I suppose I see our society as so faulty, hmmmm, did that sound OK? It's difficult to tune into something that is layered and twisted and bent away from its own heart ... if you understand. Animals and plants are so much sweeter.

windy< Telepathy seems to be nature's primary mode of communication.

LadyV< Actually, from my reading, there are peoples in more primitive countries that do this as matter of course. It is felt the brain has a place for this ... and civilization has robbed many of this in more cultured countries ... if one may call it culture.

windy< I always tell the flies that come into my house that they have x amount of time to find the door and I will let them out ... if not, they will most likely be toast. Centipedes and spiders I usually ask to stay still so I can catch them with a jar and put them outside or in the basement. I caught a moth once that way, too, after it exhausted itself trying to find the way out! I think they must tell each other about me because it always seems to get easier as time goes on ... like they trust me more or something.

SLIDER< Ben: I have been able to contact animals to quite a degree of success in predetermining their actions.

TessK< SLIDER: Maybe they are letting you tune into their love/lives? *S*

SLIDER< TessK: I find most animals react from instinct, and only when rapport has been established can the animal react to a psychic connection.

TessK< SLIDER: hmmmmm, I think you have it backwards, or maybe you do not understand the essence of "instinct". When you make your rapport, you are tuning in ... in to a higher vibration. The animal then can sense you as one to understand, instead of the confusing, lower-vibration human that you once appeared to be. *S*

SLIDER< TessK: It all depends on the manner of contact -- if one hunts with a rifle or with a camera.

TessK< SLIDER: Do you make contact with a camera or gun? As for me, I make contact with my humor, I think. Maybe I include a smile or two. LOL

SLIDER< TessK: The point I was making is, the animals sense the type of contact a person makes and will use instinct first to preserve their existence. A good hunter for food will realize that psychic contact with the prey is to no advantage unless they have mastered hypnotism. *S*

TessK< SLIDER: You have interesting words, and I had to think for a bit, until it occurred to me that animals often give up their existence to another, just because that is the scheme of things. I am not sure where psychic contact with animals as a topic became so blood-thirsty. Maybe I am naive, but I find animals charming. Even dangerous ones seem to relax around me, and I them. *S*

SLIDER< TessK: Remember, man is also part of the animal kingdom -- man can cognitively reason above instinct, but instinct in many cases keeps humans alive. That goes for women, too. *S*

TessK< SLIDER: Humans are that part of the animal kingdom that seems astray from the norm. Yup, I know, women are experts at survival, no matter what the hostile environment. LOL

Ben< ALL: Can you detect and disconnect from an unwanted telepathic connection? If so, how do you detect it, and how do you disconnect ("hang up the phone")? If not, speculate a little: how do you think you might detect and disconnect from an unwanted connection? YOUR TURN

Ben< And, no, I'm not preparing these questions as we go along. I prepared them all in advance.

Doucia< I have never really attempted to disconnect. But I would imagine that if I wanted to disconnect, I could get busy, make noise, distract my incoming thoughts ... because when I want to really open the lines, I like to light candles, put soft music on, and just sit there quietly.

Yopo< That sense of pressure I mentioned. Seems I can sort of close something down, or put up a shield now, but I'm not able to explain it.

Gracie< Yopo: If I may ... I believe what you are feeling is empathetic and is more difficult to "turn off". I developed a protection for myself ... like blinking or something ... but if someone is close enough to touch me, it becomes much more difficult. Telepathically, it's just a matter of diverting attention.

Yopo< Gracie: Yep. I need this bubble of space around me, but it depends on who is around. Most folks, no problem. With some it feels like there's this physical pressure.

Gracie< Ben: In your opinion, what is the difference between telepathy and empathy?

Ben< Gracie: Telepathy literally means "feeling at a distance" but it is used to denote transfer of thoughts. Telempathy means "one-feeling at a distance" and is used to denote transfer of emotions, etc.

Yopo< Telempathy is a new term to me. Think I'm much more receptive to picking up emotion than thought.

LadyV< Yopo: Then one is in more risk, as emotion feeds the unwanted one, when thought can control it ... a conscious effort by mantra or prayer or whatever, to stop it ... it is reason and protection. Emotion feeds the energy of the thing attempting to invade.

RAJAS< I know when someone is trying to drain my energy, so I turn them off. Is that what you mean?

Ben< RAJAS: Yes, that is an example of what I mean, and a good one. When someone is trying to drain your energy, how do you turn them off?

RAJAS< I've always known how. Can't tell you how. It's just that when someone is trying to drain my energy I get a ... "I don't like you" ... feeling. *s*

[Ben< RAJAS: Yes, this seems to be a pattern: the feeling "I like you" is a turn-on, an opening; and the feeling "I don't like you" is a turn-off, a closing.]

larkanon< RAJAS: The way it was explained to me was that there is good touching and bad touching. If the connection feels bad ... well ... then it's probably gonna feel bad. *S*

TessK< Once a "friend" of mine relaxed and tapped into me without permission. I was lulled by the warmth in my heart chakra, but then felt this awful sense of invasion. I jumped up to startle her, and snapped, "Never do that to me again!" She said she didn't mean it or understand it. I felt bad that I reacted so violently, but I never felt that kind of intrusion before or afterwards. Is that what you mean about unwanted tune-ins?

[Ben<TessK: Yes, an unwanted connection, and an effective disconnect.]

LEGS< In restaurants sometimes I have felt the terror of children who were with abusive parents. Made me feel like the parent might even strike me. Not pleasant meal-time vibes. Usually I just sent empathy for the child to the parent ... er, attempted to.

Ben< LEGS: Yes, telempathic connection to the children, and an attempt to help.]

larkanon< My master had a method of disconnecting. It had to do with the beauty of mathematics, and working intricately with the hands. It didn't work for me. My mind still wandered. Now I am able to control it with the foods I eat.

windy< Disconnect? Prayer maybe? Sure would like to know the answer to that one because I have an unwanted entity that is almost always in my mind.

SLIDER< As for myself, I tend to challenge the unwanted physic connection to an unwanted thought or feeling. For me, if I don't understand where or who it comes from, a closure can't be established, which leaves me in an anxious mood. Prayer and Meditation help in many cases.

LadyV< Disconnect by asking for the Light ... or prayer is Light, actually. You know because you get cold and your gut tells you, and sometimes something like a little inner knowing inside says "Run for your life!" And then, if you are fool enough to stand there, hopefully your angel picks you up and puts you elsewhere ... unless you need to learn something ... but even then you are protected.

Doucia< If someone is trying to drain my energy, I close my eyes and picture myself surrounded by white light. It usually works. *s*

Ben< One way to disconnect is to stand up, walk around, wash your face, have something to eat, and then get thoroughly involved in something else (a mental task, for example, or possibly a mantra).

LadyV< Shucks, Ben is reading my mind. (laughing)

TessK< Ben: Yes, I can remember, after I jumped up, going into the bathroom to wash my face and hands. Maybe I did that before I snapped "never do that again".

Tigerlily< Ben: Yes. I get involved in something else. I also pray ... and gently ask for angelic intervention.

windy< Ben: Does what you mention actually cause the connection to disconnect? or does it just remove it from your consciousness?

Ben< windy: Distraction usually is like hanging up the phone, but sometimes the subconscious connection remains open. If symptoms of an unwanted connection persist, then other tactics are needed. Psychic self-protection and self-defense is a large subject area.

larkanon< There is a book that I was given, "The Psychic Self-Defense Manual" by Marcia Pickands. Some interesting methods in there.

Cassandra< Ben: I had a bad experience with a negative entity here on the web. It came as a coldness, disturbed my breathing pattern, and I could feel disturbance in my brain. I sent out a message to a friend for help, told the entity to leave, lit a white candle and used incense. It left. (I forgot to say I also put a white light around me, and then edged it with a blue light.)

Redhawk< I can't always disconnect from the negative ones! Any suggestions? I do JJ's 'clearing' exercise, and break all psychic bonds by disconnecting each chakra 'cord', roll it into a ball, place at individual's feet, look to left, see large pool of water, turn balls into 'arrows', shoot into water seeing the arrows disappear before hitting water. That one works for people I have a physical knowledge of, but doesn't work with cyber friends or phone buddies. ????

auralady< Redhawk: I agree with Ben's advice ... get involved in something else; it helps lots. I wonder why the techniques you mentioned do not work for cyber friends? Interesting ... can you ask your guides for assistance then?

Redhawk< Ben: I get headaches from negative attachments. Once on-line, three of us got a headache at the same time. As soon as we did our respective 'clearing' the headaches dissipated.

Ben< Redhawk: If personal efforts at disconnecting don't work, that may indicate a need for detachment therapy.

Redhawk< Ben: The disconnect problem is only from ONE SOURCE. Most other sources, my disconnecting works just fine.

Doucia< Ben: I also ask my Guardian Angels to help me with this problem. Sometimes I even pray to the person's Guardian Angel to help them.

Ben< SUMMARY: Spiritual connections between people can transfer thoughts, images, emotions, and sometimes even the impression of physical sensations. However, everyone on this planet is not actively connected to everyone else all of the time. If we were, we would be overwhelmed -- wiped out -- by the volume and variety of incoming signals. Therefore, it is better for us that telepathy and telempathy work like a telephone line between two people. Even a party line would be more difficult to deal with than a single connection. As I see it, the challenge is in learning how to use and how to test this type of communication.

Tigerlily< I like that summary!

auralady< Good summary, Ben. *s* Peace to everyone, and good vibes.

Doucia< Thank you, Ben, for your wisdom. *S*

windy< I have negative entities or entity that invades my dreams. I have learned to end the dream when it begins to go bad, but I wish I could rid them from my dreams. Any suggestions?

Thoth< Always healthy to envelop yourself in white protective light before you go to sleep, windy. Also just say some affirmations to yourself before you drift off: "I invite only positive, loving entities from the light into my dreams this night!" *smile*

LadyV< windy: When the dreams come, make a conscious effort in the dream to do as you would in your waking hours. Just mentally stop and listen and do: give them that you see your Light or your prayers. They will leave you soon enough, and if they don't, you will see them or feel them in your waking life.

Doucia< windy: Before you go to bed, close your eyes, surround yourself in white light. Ask God to send his Angels to protect you while you are sleeping and to help you feel safe and secure. No buddy dares mess with God and his Angels. *Giggle*

FRAML< Doucia: That is part of the reason I tell folks departing for the evening to "Remember to count your blessings before you sleep" so you are remembering the good (God inspired) things that happened to you, or you performed, or you saw done during your day.

windy< Thanks!

Yopo< Ever come into the proximity of someone you sort of recoiled from instantly? Without any readily apparent reason? What might that signify? I've had that reaction to certain locations, too, without any apparent reason.

FRAML< Yopo: Yes, I've had that feeling a few times: "Can't trust this person."

Polgara< Yopo: I have gotten that feeling from people who've committed criminal acts of "violation" on another human being and are unrepentant about it. I would only learn later what they had done. When they dealt with it and healed that part of themselves, I no longer got that feeling.

Yopo< Polgara: Yes. I sometimes have to deal with such folks for a time ... though I'd rather not ... where I learn their history later. Trouble is the times I meet folks where the signals seem conflicting. Talk to 'em; they seem "OK" but there's still this feeling. I'm disinclined to form judgments based on vague impressions, but ...

Gracie< Yopo: I too have had that happen and I agree with the consensus that the person is seeking energy, but I have also found that people in pain are sometimes looking for someone to connect to. They may be able to feel you as a channel without them realizing it. I understand it happens with location as well. My only point of disagreement with Ben's beautiful summary is that the pain is not merely "impression" ... not psychically and sometimes not even physically. You're right to recoil: it is your intuition warning you of pain.

auralady< Yopo: You sure are a sensitive one, that's for sure! *s* It may be that you are picking up on 'feeling residues" -- leftover energy imprints from an emotional event that happened to the person, or in a room you're entering. The 'aura' of the event carries over.

Yopo< auralady: I suspect it is just that. Impressions somehow left by past events. Sometimes I have felt repelled by certain objects, as if there is a lingering residue of who knows what.

Psychic1< Ben: Need some help? If not, I will just sit back and watch.

[Ben< Psychic1: Thanks for the offer. Right now, I'm mostly just watching these folks help each other. *smile*]

Polgara< Ben: I have, like Cass, picked up a cold, invasive feeling ... or a sudden inrushing of overwhelming fear, and it's come over me when a certain individual is around on the web. I generally pray when I realize what it is (I am slow, yet!) or try to picture myself surrounded by white light, and that helps me.

Doucia< Sometimes, when I am getting bad "vibes" from someone, I intuitively close my eyes ... then I laugh or giggle. It helps me to deal with these energies!

LadyV< The ancient religions teach that "other" enters into the backbone around the neck. And have read also that is where the spirit leaves on our natural death. I do not know ... only voicing my reading. Maybe that is why we feel our neck or skin is crawling when we fear what is before us we do not like. Just a thought.

Gracie< Has anyone had the experience of telempathy from a departed soul? I had one quite innocently and did not understand it or what I could do about it. A friend suggested that they may have been confused about where they were and wanted someone to help them to understand. It wasn't frightening, just frustrating that I could not help them.

Ben< Gracie: Yes, some of the people here have had contact with departed souls, and some are involved in the rescue of lost souls.

FRAML< Gracie: Click on my name and read about my "Some Good Catholic Ghosts" experience. It may be similar to what you got.

Tigerlily< Gracie: It happens that some people have asked me to ask questions of dead loved ones. It is always people who are sincere and loving. I tried, and did receive words that were of comfort. Always the communication has been of love for the family member, healing on some level, knowing that the departed one has either forgiven them or is loved. So I guess I do communicate in this way, but it seems guided. I am only allowed to do this when a person is in sincere distress of the heart ... and when the departed soul is truly in the light.

Gracie< Thank you FRAML and Tigerlily for your suggestions.

FRAML< Gracie: You're most welcome.

Tigerlily< *(*(*(*Gracie)*)*)**)

LadyV< I had the experience of going into my morning prayer and hearing a woman weep. She was near me. I do not see spirits or whatever, but this one I heard and felt so strongly. I being of rational mind investigated my surroundings. At such an early hour noise would travel. The TV was on next door and I knew that woman was not weeping. I continued with my prayer, and she or whatever it was moved nearer to my chair. I felt such tenderness for her and I wept also. I do not know why. She returned many times ... and then one day she left me. I hope whatever she wanted she has received ... just wish I could have seen her.

[Ben< LadyV: Thank you for describing both the tenderness you felt for her and the telempathy (weeping) you received from her. These are two indications that a caring-connection is real. In this case, it was to a lost soul who needed your help, and perhaps what she needed from you was a "shoulder to cry on."]

LadyV< I feel that the souls of those that have entered into a new world do try to communicate with us. Some are gifted to see, and others are not, but for all of us who have loved, and still want to touch somehow those that we have known in this dimension, I would hope a kind Almighty ONE, or however it is received, allows us this exchange of love and sharing between us. Somehow, some way.

[Ben< LadyV: I have tested this and proved to my own satisfaction that it is so.]

Redhawk< Ben: So, physical activity is 'grounding'. hmm. Negative attachments happen most often when I'm day-dreaming, spacing out.

Ben< Redhawk: Yes. Day-dreaming is an altered state of consciousness, and it is very often an opening. I often have to break out of the day-dreamy state in order to close the connection.

Doucia< Someone also once told me, when we are receiving negative messages from someone, to close your eyes, picture yourself in a triangle of light. Around this triangle there are mirrors that are reflecting the energy and messages back to the person. This works really well for me. *S*

BlueSkye< I was around a "spiritual teacher" for quite a few years. I figured out after a while, with the help of some healers and psychics, that he was "placing entities" on people. One individual that he did this to went literally insane for a while. During all this, I read a book about a present-day Avatar called Mother Meera. She sounded like the opposite of this teacher, so I called on her in prayer every day. I was protected from the negative energies coming from this teacher, when nothing else I had tried worked. I find that it takes a powerful God source energy sometimes when dealing with negativity.

Tigerlily< BlueSkye: Mother Meera is a beautiful soul.

Tigerlily< BlueSkye: She used to come to me in dreams, too, sometimes. She is very controversial ... but each to his/her own.

BlueSkye< Polgara: Do a search on the net for Mother+Meera+midcoast. I'm not sure the exact web page.

PhnxFire< BlueSkye: I had a "teacher" such as you describe. He was placing tags on his students was well as family and friends -- a major control manic. It took some time, but I did cut him loose as well, as did the other who become aware.

BlueSkye< This was a difficult situation because I was so attached to this teacher up until that point. I find that makes me much more open to that type of thing!

PhnxFire< BlueSkye: If anything, you should become more ready to see such traits in a person.

Ben< BlueSkye: Your experiences with those two teachers are an illustration of things I see happening a lot. Some spiritual teachers are parasites, and they send low-astral entities, whereas some spiritual teachers are not parasites and do not send low-astral entities. It is very important to realize that difference exists, and to discern which is which.

BlueSkye< Ben, et al: Yes! After I left that group, I read some books about "cult thinking", etc., and realized that many humans are working on breaking out of "giving away our power" to others that we deem "higher spiritually", etc. It is a common theme these days.

auralady< BlueSkye: You may be interested in this little article I wrote ... click on my page, click on "articles", then click on "Discernment in the Wake of Heaven's Gate". Peace to you, sweetie. *s*

BlueSkye< I feel the tremendous gift I received by going through that and other difficult experiences. It is amazing how we get the perfect situations to help us develop discernment, etc.

Psychic1< Sometimes when you feel a person is *attacking* you or *draining* you, it is simply their presence of non-positive energy around you, not necessarily draining you, just being in your presence and gives off vibes that are not pleasing to your state of mind ... kinda like being in the presence of one that has not bathed for several months. (This is a metaphor, not a inference!)

PhnxFire< Psychic1: You are right, most do not realize what they are doing. I do know some who are aware, and they work to control their need to feed.

Psychic1< When you feel you are being drained by a specific person ... direct your connecting energy *around* them, instead of to them. This will maintain your connection and not *feed* them.

TessK< Psychic1: How does one put their energy "around" the person who is draining them? How do you visualize that, when your gut is saying "Leave! You are being drained!" ? *S*

Psychic1< TessK: Image your connection to them as going past them, around them. Do not look directly into their eyes. Avoid direct physical contact, if possible. Above all, increase your flow of energy and keep it in a cycle ... in from the universe, through you, and out through your base and back to the universe. Keep it going as full and fast as possible. You see, I have run into married people that are married to drainers. They just cannot totally avoid the other person. So I work with them to re-educate the drainer on what they are doing. Confronting is the best way, and if possible in a loving way, talking about what is going on. If they listen, then they don't know they are doing it. If they push you off as being crazy, they are very aware what is going on.

TessK< Psychic1: "avoid direct physical contact" ... yup ... and when that person gets sensitive about the loss of contact ... hmmmm, I stick with my "I don't want to argue" line. The karmic lesson of this year is: How to disengage that negative drain? Geeeezzz, how am I doing? LOL

RAJAS< Well, I have been taught that it is also my attachment to the person that is doing the draining, but I also have to see that they don't have the energy, so I give them some to tide them over, and then I can break the spell.

LadyV< RAJAS: Then you have much energy, and much self-discipline. If you do this when danger is near, then you are nearly a Saint ... and if you do this for your brothers and sisters when they are helpless, then God smiles on you. What an interesting comment you just made.

RAJAS< My energy comes from nature and it is ever supplying. I was taught how to get it. It is free to all, and it is the type of energy that is the most powerful, and it lasts. *S*

LadyV< RAJAS: Then you had a wise teacher.

Gracie< I wonder why some of us have this ability more pronounced than others. What is it's purpose?

Suzanne< Gracie: It is my experience that the more I give energy from a center of TRUTH or spirit, the more my personal access to this increases.

Gracie< Suzanne: That is indeed what I was trying to say ... you articulated it perfectly.

MOONDREAMS< A good focus for positive energies is the source of our personal faiths. Each of us creates the reality around us, and can draw upon the very beginning of this creation. Very general statement, but good for defining for one's own needs. *S*

Gracie< RAJAS: I agree with you completely that if we can we should give energy to those who seek it, because we have it abundantly, but how to reach the point of discernment? That is the question, for me.

RAJAS< Gracie: It is only for my protection that I give to a person that is trying to take from me. God has His purpose for that person, so I don't interfere with that if I can see it. *S*

Gracie< RAJAS: Would you explain why you give energy to others for your protection? Perhaps I am not understanding.

RAJAS< Gracie: I must come first to my peace of mind. This must come first and if I have to give a little energy to the drainer so as to break the spell or hold he has on me, then good price to pay for me. I don't need to do that now. I use other ways, but when I was new to the energy, I did. *S*

LadyV< Gracie: Allow me to speak concerning Rajas. Because he knows that in giving he receives, and he is doing what is expected of him -- giving unconditionally and trusting in the protection of the universe -- he is putting money in the bank, so to speak. He is not the "he is" ... he is the "all others". He is one and sharing the all.

Gracie< Thanks, Lady V ... understand, I believe.

LadyV< RAJAS: May I ask most respectfully here ... What was the price you paid to learn these lessons?

RAJAS< LadyV: I almost gave my life. God saved me. He had other plans for me. I was dying of alcohol poisoning. My liver almost failed ... and so on. *S*

LadyV< RAJAS: Then we know one another ... and thank you for sharing this. Each of us pays a price ... and it's worth it. Thank you, RAJAS.

Yopo< Ben: Can there be connections that seem positive, but that are in reality entirely negative? Deliberate seduction with a dark purpose, so to speak? Or are the impressions received on this other level usually easy to read for what they are?

[Ben< Yopo: Yes, there are many deliberate deceivers -- subtle seducers -- whose telepathic transmissions are not easy to read for what they are.]

LadyV< Yopo: Yes! And these are beautiful at first, until you realize you are about to choke. Then the question is, "Is this my need?" or "Is this the need for the well being of all?"

Tigerlily< Yopo: I feel some connections seem powerful because of a thought connection, but there can be subtle misuse of power more insidious than overtly evil use of power. This is something even most truly spiritual people just don't have in balance. Make sense?

Yopo< Tigerlily: Yep. Power and wisdom don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

auralady< Yopo: Yes, because there IS (to my perception anyway) a lingering impression. That's why it's a good idea to clear out your space if you do a lot of healing work, and clear yourself after a disagreement, and clear your space once in a while for extra good measure. *s* I have actually seen parts and bits of a person's aura attach itself to someone else, or be left behind in a room. It seems to happen all the time.

Yopo< auralady: Parts left behind? Rather than just some sorta imprint?

auralady< Yopo: Not parts of the person, but a part of their energy field. So, you see, they are being "drained' in a sense too ... and are often not conscious of that.

Redhawk< Ben: A friend once pointed out that any protection you regularly practice will call negative energies/entities, because protection implies the need for defense; ergo, practicing protection implies one has fear. Your opinion? I can't make up my mind about it.

Heaven< Redhawk: Yes, I agree, when we set up a protection, to me that means that we FEAR. Fear in itself attracts the darker forces to us. If there is nothing to fear, then fearful things will not exist.

Ben< Redhawk: Spiritual sanitation and hygiene are a better approach to psychic self-defense than anything done in anger or fear. Spirit rescue is better than exorcism, and the results are lasting. However, sometimes I revert to warrior ...

RAJAS< Ben: To stop the drain, I was taught to let them know that you know what they are attempting to do, and then that will make them aware of what they do. Sometimes they don't even know that they are doing it. *S*

[Ben< RAJAS: Yes, some entities will stop draining energy if they realize that is what they are doing, because they are ashamed of themselves. They don't want to be parasites. But that realization doesn't make any difference to a lot of entities.]

Yopo< I have wondered about the psychic or spiritual nature of severe depression. Sometimes being in the presence of a so-afflicted person feels like it is draining off some energy or vitality. Most often, it doesn't have a thing to do with the person's normal personality, or with their intent toward folks around them. Any thoughts?

windy< I would agree with you, Yopo. Perhaps it is because one has to put forth energy to counteract or balance the depressed person's energy, particularly if one is trying to communicate with someone who is severely depressed.

[Ben< Yopo: I have a paper on my site called "On Blessing the Sick" that addresses this type of unintentional draining by those who are ill or depressed.]

BlueSkye< LadyV and Wonder: I have had such strange karma with spiritual teachers. I think they do serve a purpose. Most of the ones I've had contributed some confusion and some help. I do believe that the Higher Self, Holy Spirit, God Within, etc., CONNECTION is so immense when I surrender to it that no negativity can really plug into me when I'm plugged into that within.

LadyV< Good point, BlueSkye.

dragon_god< BlueSkye: A true perfect spiritual master is the rarest thing in the world. Most spiritual teachers only carry weight in their stomach and pockets rather than in their heart and compassion. And also, if you do find a true master, the first thing he will tell you is, you are god, you are equal to me, the only difference I have realized this and you haven't, but I will help you to realize this.

RAJAS< dragon_god: You are wise in your words and I agree with you, a master is one who asks nothing and gives all. *S*

dragon_god< RAJAS: Yes, a true master has only one aim, to make you realize what he has realized. True masters are totally selfless, or is that selfish because since they are omnipresent, everything is them? They can only serve themselves, because everything is them. *smile*

FRAML< dragon_god: The topic is on telepathy and telempathy between people.

dragon_god< FRAML: Right. OK, telepathy. Well, from my understanding, telepathy is a natural occurrence when you have acquired the meditative ability to enter at will the subtle body (the body we go into at death, or in sleep, or in OBE). The subtle body has five subtle senses. Telepathy is one of its sense organs.

tyme< LOL! Well said, dragon_god.

BlueSkye< dragon_god: Yes, thank you for the great comments.

dragon_god< BlueSkye: My pleasure.

Yopo< *test*

Ben< Yopo: *test* acknowledged. You're connected. *smile*

Heaven< Ben: Is karma necessary? or is it that we cannot yet imagine a reality without it?

Ben< Heaven: Many eastern teachers have said that further accumulation of karma isn't necessary. They advise doing our daily work without (mental or emotional) attachment to the results. I see that one type of karma as essentially "unfinished business" which can be released if and when one decides to let it go unfinished forever.

Redhawk< Ben: I agree.

BlueSkye< Ben and Heaven: I think karma can be risen above.

Heaven< BlueSkye: Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Thinking with a dualistic mind creates karma. Thinking with the whole mind creates no karma, or may I say "BLISS".

Psychic1< Just because a *negative* presence is in your vicinity doesn't mean they are draining you. Their mere presence around you will seem that way because of the reverse polarity of their energy. *They* are basically *takers* not *givers* so it's in their nature to siphon from others that which they need. This doesn't make them evil or bad people. In my experience, 90% of these people are not aware that they do this or that it is unwanted from those they live around. Education is the key for working with these people, not putting them in a classification that warrants judgments.

TessK< Psychic1: Do you educate these "takers" by telling them, "Hey, you are taking my energy just by being subtly needy"? I am not being sarcastic, but looking for advice. I have had too many "black holes" in my life who have appeared as friends, but then got lost in their "taking".

Psychic1< The power to discern and rebuff any kind of presence, both positive and non-positive is within each of us, no matter how strong the intrusion. We must believe in our power to overcome all that comes against us. The most powerful key I have found to fight against any dark or non-positive entity is to filter and radiate unconditional love to the source that is attempting to overcome me ... give yourself to *it* in the name of unconditional love.

TessK< Psychic1: Yes, loving the attacker is the only way to dissipate the negativity. LOL

LadyV< Actually, a psychic vampire can draw more energy off of the person than any illness, and in psychology, that is a term one uses to describe a person that lives off the energy of the helpless.

Psychic1< TessK: The drainer will always seek to drain, until an alternative is enough motivation for them to change. In your case, the motivation is "If you want touch, then work on drawing energy from the sources we all do, namely the universe, then we can try touching again." Be loving in your support here and don't use it as a control factor. The drainer has to make their decision to change. This is kinda like teaching a child not to suck their thumb anymore.

TessK< Psychic1: The drainer is the "control freak". I do not wish to continue to gather energy from my walks on the beach, only to have it taken away. I moved out, and now am struggling to stop the drainer from connecting and demanding endless explanations. Yeeesh!

SLIDER< Psychic1: I find if you stay in self-control of the situation and don't give up full control of your emotions or fears, all the help you need is readily available to overcome any unwanted influence from any entity.

Psychic1< SLIDER: Yes, we all have inherent in each of us the personal power to overcome all we encounter. What usually happens, somewhere along our lives, is that we bit by bit give up our personal power by assigning it to other people or through disbelief. Most of the drainers have lost their belief that they can get energy from the universe, so they feel that getting it from others is the only way.

TessK< SLIDER: Humans were formed to give up control of their emotions, so when they forfeit this and do not "feel" with a drainer, are they less human or karmic?

Gracie< Psychic1: Excellent point ... that often drainers are so far away from understanding their own potential and feel separated that they can only take and do not understand they can make their own. I believe this often happens in childhood, that their power is taken, because children are so open and naturally giving, they are unfortunately easy targets for takers. Then it becomes a bad habit.

Psychic1< Gracie: Exactly. Most of it happens in childhood, for children look to their care-providers as *gods* in their lives, and will emulate their behavior, and will do anything to be loved by them.

Heaven< Psychic1 and Gracie: If we see someone as a drainer, aren't we looking in the mirror at our own reflection, because we are recognizing a part of ourselves in that person "THE DRAINER"?

Psychic1< Heaven: I constantly do checks to make sure it is not something else, instead what is coming in. In fact I sometimes change rooms or focus completely away from the original conversation just to make sure. I feel that if I get the same feeling from three or more different focuses, then, yes, it could be a mirror effect.

Gracie< Heaven: I don't agree with the reflection theory. I do think the drainers may not be aware of what they are doing, only that it makes them feel better to be around, near, etc., one who has an outpouring of positive energy. If we have a job to do in this situation, I believe, as Rajas suggested, in giving them some energy, not to make them dependent on me, but to show them the difference in the "feeling" ... and then to tell them how to manifest their own. "Helping is intended to set them on their own path, not make them a shadow in your path."

Heaven< Gracie: You mean you don't believe in the reflection theory at all, or only in this particular case? Because sometimes we have a slight tendency to blame other things or label others when the universe is really just showing us part of ourselves through the reflection.

Gracie< Heaven: Don't believe in the reflection theory at all ... no how, no way, no shape. I don't find that the universe plays this type of game with me.

Heaven< Gracie: It isn't a game, it's the truth. I know it's hard to understand because we truly don't want to look in the mirror at our own reflection; therefore, missing out on healing a very important part of ourselves. When we do understand this fully and we heal this part of ourselves called "The DRAINER" then it disappears forever. Otherwise we just seem to miss the boat.

Gracie< Heaven: I understand it is your truth. It is not mine, and the theory is not hard to understand, I simply do not believe in it.

RAJAS< A drainer has no way to get his own energy, so he or she must take, and most time they don't even know they do this. It is a feeling to them. They feel better when they are around a person who has a lot of energy. A good example is an addictive relationship. They both or one gets most of their energy from the other.

Psychic1< I would like to say that *categorizing* drainers and saying they do not know any other way than what they do is not necessarily true in my experience. These are not *dumb* animals that have lost their way, they are people like you and me. Plus, there are different *payoffs* for using energy. Using it positively in a lifestyle role gives me a staying power and depth when working with people and healing that boggles my mind. On the other hand, there are *payoffs* for those that drain, too, and that's why they don't want to listen to change. It gives them a sense of power ... control ... a *high* if you will. It uses the energy immediately to give them their high, and it's addictive, so more and more energy is needed to get that high of power and control that they crave. So, they seek more ways to drain. Do not underestimate them. Do not think they are just misguided. Treat them as equals in power, never look down to anyone.

SLIDER< RAJAS: Do you speak of the Drainer as a discarnate or that attached to an incarnate spirit/soul?

RAJAS< SLIDER: The English words come confusing to me. Please explain more. *S*

SLIDER< RAJAS: A Drainer can be a lost spirit in ghost form (discarnate), an incarnate spirit (in the body ), or in ghost form attached to an incarnate body, which it will influence to satisfy its needs for experience.

RAJAS< Ben: Is it not LOVE to others that is the best weapon for the drainer?

windy< I think love is the best defense and the best "weapon".

Ben< RAJAS: Yes, love is the essential attitude in all cases, but with drainers (spiritual parasites) sometimes tough love is the kinder course of action.

TessK< Ben: What is "tough love"? Is it telling someone that they are not really good friends with you, not like others?

[Ben< TessK: No, I don't see it that way. To me, "tough love" is a steadfast love that persistently seeks to do what is truly good for all concerned but does not yield to sentimentality or wishful thinking and does not pander to whims or greed or lust or addiction. Tough love will provide a blood transfusion if necessary but will not allow a leech to suck you dry and then go looking for another victim.]

11. Spiritual Connections
Session 3: Sat 18 Jul 1998

Ben< In the first session, we looked at spiritual connections as active telepathic communication links, like telephone lines, between two people on earth, and also between a person and an animal. In the second session, we addressed some ways of testing what seems to be a telepathic message, and how telepathic transmission and reception may be controlled at will. The overall question was how telepathy can be or might become a relatively reliable form of communication.

Ben< Tonight I'd like to consider some other properties of spiritual connections. Ready? First question...

Ben< ALL: If you were free to go anywhere you wish, right now, where or to whom would you go, and why would you go there? YOUR TURN

Polgara< Ben: Washington, DC, to meet my friends from SWC and 1st Century! Mainly because I wish to connect in 3D and get to know people better.

Ben< Polgara: *smile*

Yopo< Hmm. First thought was Stonehenge, Wiltshire. The place has been much on my mind, for some reason. I would like to stand in the stone circle for a time. Why? Not sure...

Ben< Yopo: Stonehenge instead of virtual Stonehenge. Okay. Others?

stormfire< I would go unto the arms of God... post haste!

greyman< To Jesus, but I do not think I would be too comfortable in his direct presence. I would just go (reference point).

SLIDER< If I were free to go anywhere right now, I'd drift above the earth hemisphere and try to look at the big picture with a human point of view.

Ben< stormfire, greyman, SLIDER: Okay. Personal answers. That's what I was looking for.

FRAML< Where? The Ardennes on the unfinished business with Sgt. Odem. Who? Have a good long in-person talk with Petunia.

Ben< FRAML: Yes, to tidy up unfinished business.

kats< I would like to be exactly where I am at this moment. This is where I am supposed to be right now.

Lor< I guess I'd chose to be right where I am now. I am generally free to go where I wish, within certain limits. But I'm here to learn and to share in the fellowship here.

Ben< kats, Lor: *smile*

kats< *kats bows* Thank you for having me...

blue_windy< The other side of the judgment day with everyone who makes it to the new earth.

Ben< blue_windy: Hah! The other side of judgment day is one I haven't heard before.

blue_windy< Ben: *smile*

Ben< COMMENT: This question was intended to illustrate what I call "The Law of Attraction" -- We are automatically attracted to whatever or whoever we love or want or desire. That is where we would go if we could -- and when we can, we will. Thus, to the degree that spiritual connections are active caring-connections, they are not only like telephone lines; they are also like rubber-bands. They draw us to those with whom we are connected.

blue_windy< Ben: The same law you spoke of when speaking of karma and reincarnation, yes?

Ben< blue_windy: Yes, the same law. I believe it is the primary spiritual law, from which other spiritual dynamics are understandable.

blue_windy< Ben: I agree totally ... a fundamental law (not unlike Einstein's law, in my opinion).

Ben< ALL: Do you feel closely connected to the people in your immediate vicinity (house, school, office, neighborhood)? YOUR TURN

kats< My immediate family -- yes. My neighborhood -- not really.

greyman< Connections vary as to need, either sending or receiving.

FRAML< Some people at church, and a very few I've meet here in SWC.

Polgara< Very much so. I can hear my Father snoring as we speak! *S*

Yopo< Not so many. A few, very much so. Often feel like I woke up in the wrong place or time or something.

Ben< Yopo: Yes, many people don't feel spiritually close to very many people in their immediate vicinity.

kats< I seem to get attracted to different people at different times, out of the blue. Almost as if when the job is finished, I'm to move on. But a lot of times people keep hanging on.

stormfire< Ben: But how long can one continue telephoning without a definitive answer? How long can one travel just on faith alone without manifested feedback?

Ben< stormfire: Excellent questions! Our need for feedback is why we need to learn how to listen spiritually.

Lor< I find I feel closer to those I befriend and those I can share my deeper thoughts with. Especially those who reciprocate on a friendly basis.

blue_windy< Just my two cents on last comment (and I say this in all honesty): I feel a strong connection with everybody ... my family, my community, my planet, the universe.

LadyV< blue_windy: Meaning you are aware at all times of what is going on around you, and it is turned back inside you, and you may be watchful then of your universe in a broad sense ... helping when you can. Yours is to me the ideal that Christ would expect ... the all are the one. Is this what I hear you saying?

FRAML< blue_windy: I must admit that I couldn't stand the strain of that. All of the input would drive me bonkers, unless I established shielding to limit it.

Yopo< blue_windy: An enviable condition! One to aspire to, maybe. I've always figured that being more "evolved" would open more such connections. Closer to Oneness, perhaps.

blue_windy< Lady V, FRAML, and Yopo: Thank you for your comments, and I would have to say I agree with all of you.

Ben< blue_windy: Your two cents worth must mean that you feel spiritually close to everyone, because you aren't physically close to everyone. Thanks for illustrating my comment.

SLIDER< Ben: It's the closest ones that we seem to take for granted in having a knowing telepathic connection. We may have the connection already, and subconsciously use it, or we may not want our every thought in the open. We all need some privacy in our learning experience.

Ben< SLIDER: Good point. We do need some privacy.

blue_windy< SLIDER: I find that, telepathically speaking, although sometimes I read direct, more-or-less verbatim thoughts, most receptions are more like impressions ... like the gist of something but not an exact reading of someone's private thoughts. I wonder sometimes if this is an inadequacy, or a choice.

SLIDER< blue_windy: If yours is like mine, I watch a picture show with no sound and have to reason out the meaning.

[Ben< SLIDER: Yes, that's the problem with visual reception (visions). It is said that one picture is worth a thousand words, but that isn't necessarily good news, because it may take a thousand words to interpret or explain one picture.]

blue_windy< SLIDER: I am not very adept at pictures. For me it's sometimes words (like thoughts) or just a "knowing". Sometimes I don't necessarily even know I "know" something until I speak it out loud. However, just lately I have been developing a picture thing much like you describe, although I haven't really been able to understand many of them (yet).

kats< I'm very spiritually connected with my adopted Dad, even though we only see each other once a year and lead very separate lives, and my biological sister, whom I haven't seen in two years.

SLIDER< I find a Kinship many times with people I've only just met: must be a spiritual cord; and others that I really don't want to meet at all by just being in their presence (gets back to discernment).

Yopo< SLIDER: Yes, and there are those encounters with folks you've never met, but somehow already know. *S*

Ben< COMMENT: People can be close to each other physically but not spiritually, or spiritually but not physically, or both, or neither. Thus, spiritual distance is independent of physical distance -- and spiritual connections can stretch without breaking.

dancer< Ben: There are some people that I have very strong connections with. I can feel them even across thousands of miles. But I can be talking in the same room with others that I know as friends, and still not feel any sense of real connection or understanding. Definitely agree that spiritual connections are not limited by distance.

Yopo< Ben: Over BOTH time and space, do you think?

Ben< Yopo: Your precognition is showing. *smile* The next post is a question...

Ben< ALL: Have you been to a reunion (e.g., family, high school, college, organization)? If so, what did you notice about your relationship with various individuals there? Were you still friends, or mere acquaintances, or perhaps enemies? YOUR TURN

kats< I seem to be in the observer position a lot in those situations. When we get into conversation, I am able to "see" beyond what is being presented.

Polgara< I went to a family reunion a couple of years ago. I noticed that most of the people there, though biologically related to me, felt like total strangers. Only a few felt 'real' to me. On the other hand, I've been at large gatherings of hundreds of people, and met someone's eyes across a room full of people, and instantly 'knew' they were someone that would figure strongly in my life.

Ben< I recently attended a reunion. I found all the old caring-connections were still there, between and among us, waiting to be reactivated after 30 years. It was fun!

greyman< Ben: Relationships resumed as if no interruption.

Yopo< Most often, acquaintances seem like strangers unless we connect through who I was then and who they were then. Close friends, though... sometimes the connection is more immediate.

Ben< Yopo: Good points. Mere acquaintances later seem like strangers. And we do reconnect by remembering who and what we were to each other.

FRAML< The last reunion I went to, I didn't know anything about spirituality and would have said it was bunk. Didn't feel close to anyone. I didn't permit it then.

Lor< I've recently developed an interchange via e-mail with a cousin near Colorado Springs that's been rewarding. It has brought us all closer by sharing more intimately what's going on in our lives -- particularly our joys and our problems and challenges.

stormfire< I find that remaining open to long distance spiritual connections, especially new ones, demands a certain level of faith in order to continue.

blue_windy< Ben: I guess, yes ... I didn't read your request closely enough, I think (got carried away), but I have physically met a lot of people ... and for some reason people always seem familiar, and children often act like they've known me for years.

Pley< Ben: Hi! May I ask something? When a person has a telepathy communication with someone, does that someone realize that he or she is having a telepathy communication with that person?

Ben< Pley: People don't always realize it when someone contacts them by telepathy. Often they think it is a dream or their own imagination.

FRAML< Ben: However, there is a person I met recently here in SWC ... we've talked twice on spiritual matters and afterwards it seemed like I had been talking to an old friend, and we were just catching up.

Ben< ALL: The feeling of "old friends" may be from a *long* time ago. *smile*

LEGS< Ben: That is what I feel... long time known... just met. *smile*

greyman< Ben: Or the feeling of new ones.

SLIDER< I always have a good time with old friends at reunions. I've tried hard all my life not to make enemies; also, it seems I can telepathically transmit to any I would care not to associate with.

Lor< I sense that it is important to be able to really share our inner feelings with those that will permit such. It is also often rather rewarding, I've found. If people are too stand-offish, they tend to prevent a rewarding relationship -- although there is risk involved in opening up. We, of course, tend to not open to people we do not really trust or who have not made some gesture of encouragement.

Ben< COMMENT: Spiritual connections can persist over time and be reactivated even though dormant. Thus, they do not depend on chronological time, and if two or more people have ever had a real spiritual connection, their reunion is always possible.

Destiny< Ben: My reunion happened last night.

Ben< ALL: Have you communicated with someone you knew before they died, after they died (either personally or through a medium)? YOUR TURN

greyman< Not with the same physical sense.


kats< Absolutely. My brother, who died a tragic death. He is still wandering around. And my Grandmother, whom I gave permission to go.

Yopo< I wonder if we might have connections with people that are purely spiritual? Folks we have never met or spoken to physically?

stormfire< Yopo: Met someone on-line and connected spiritually through the 2nd, 4th and 6th chakras... very intense... no physical meeting as yet. *s*

greyman< Yopo: I have no doubt in your case!

Yopo< I cannot be sure. I sometimes think I may in dreams.

blue_windy< Yopo: I think most definitely we do. I often dream of people before I meet them ... sometimes years before.

Ben< Yopo: Yes, we can communicate with discarnates we have not met or spoken to physically -- but it is more difficult to test such communications because we don't know the person. That's why I focused the question on someone you knew before he or she died.

Polgara< Yes, Ben... my late fiancée, my grandparents... people I was very close to in this life.

Trudy< I had a cousin with cancer. I had not seen her in more than 15 years. The night she died, I dreamt I was at a family reunion. In the dream she came up to me, talking and laughing, telling me she was healthy and free from pain. The next day my sister called with the news of her death. I wrote my uncle and told him about the dream.

greyman< Trudy: And the truth set her free. What a blessing!

Trudy< greyman: Yes, she lived her life here on earth, in the Light. Many people loved her. I can't wait to see her and catch up on things. Some day...

LadyHarmony< Yes, Ben, I have. In hospice, with a client. It was a personal contact, not through a medium, and a very vivid one... but brief.

dancer< Ben: Yes...

FRAML< I tried contacting my uncle who died. I didn't get anything, but a friend saw him with my father (they were brothers), and they went to the light together. Thirty years between Dad's death and my uncle's.

kats< It boggles my mind that spirits can wander for SO long!

Chaza< Ben: In a dream I saw my father walking up the steps of my front porch. I have not seen him in over 28 years, and do not know if he has passed on, but sensed from this dream that he has and that's why he came to my house in the dream (?!) for he has never been to this house nor did he know where I live now.

[Ben< Chaza: Yes. If a discarnate soul has a spiritual connection to a person, he or she can go to that person regardless of where that person may be. This is a very important point, and I'm glad you illustrated it.]

LEGS< Automatic writing message from my deceased husband arrived through another at a critical moment in my life.

[Ben< LEGS: Good!]

SLIDER< Ben: I've had communication sometimes out of the blue; and then after pursuing the matter at hand, have had two-way communication; but while trying to make contact with a specific spirit, it seems I have to wait and watch for the right connection. If that makes sense to you.

[Ben< SLIDER: Yes, it makes sense. One may have a lot of connections to sort through, and the specific person one is trying to contact may not be on-line at the moment (that is, neither transmitting nor receiving).]

Lor< Yes, Ben, I once contacted a former associate, with whom I had worked for some time, a month or so after he died, with the help of a mutual friend. We were talking about him, and he came to us and made his presence known. He had been just wandering around, it seems, so I suggested he might like to join another former co-worker (whom I had heard had also passed on) and go to the light. This former co-worker came from the light and greeted him with the remark: "Well, how long have you been here?" They both rather joyfully went off into the light that apparently is "HOME" for all of us when we leave this incarnation.

greyman< Lor: I am glad to hear that time is not measured on the other side as it is here.

Lor< Yes, greyman, apparently those who are not incarnate seem not to sense the passage of time as we do. It is a big mystery to me how this can be, but all my evidence is that it is so.

Ben< To those who have answered "yes" to this question: thank you. I have communicated with many family members, and more than a few friends, after they died. Other people can only take one's word for such experiences, because the experience itself isn't transferable.

Tracey< Ben: Yes, my grandfather came to me after he passed. I was only five, and had no idea what was going on. He sat at my bed and told me he was fine now and there was no more cancer. I told my parents the next morning. They knew I could not have made that up at age five.

Ben< Tracey: Nice timing! Your testimony fits perfectly ahead of my next comment.

Tracey< ((Ben)) Thanks, dear ... nice timing would be a good switch! *S*

Ben< COMMENT: Telepathic communication with one person you knew before he or she died can provide personal evidence of life after death, and it can show that spiritual connections are not severed by death.

kats< Ben: That was a very comforting statement.

Pley< Ben: Yes, but how can we make sure that it is Real and not a dream or imagination? When you are having just a Real conversation with another person in a telepathy way, what does that mean? Is it true? Hard to believe...

Ben< Pley: Others' testimony can help us to understand that these things can happen. And communication with someone you knew can be tested, as though you were using a material means of communication.

Pley< Ben: Yes.

blue_windy< Tracey: I think we are so lucky to have an experience like yours when we are young. I think it helps to strengthen our spiritual paradigm at a "solid rock" kind of time in our lives (assuming of course it doesn't scare us to death ... or someone else doesn't make us afraid of such an experience).

Tracey< blue_windy: Thank you, dear. I was not scared at all. We were very, very close. I stayed with him during the day every day, so I was just really glad to see him. *S* And from then I knew we went on ... not an end, but another beginning.

Ben< Tracey: Thanks again: "Just real glad to see him" describes the reunion.

Awenydd< Tracey: A very similar experience happened to my son shortly after my grandfather's death. We of course all believed him. He was about three at the time. My wife is not as "open" minded however, and the tales scared her.

Tracey< ((Awenydd)) I think the ones who pass over often come to the children, as they know the children will accept them with open arms and trust... especially grandparents. *S* And I think it is also a matter of the one on the other side being sorry to cause pain to the little ones when they cannot understand ... fully ... what has happened.

Awenydd< Tracey: I agree with you. The really interesting fact is that most kids, including my son, were afraid of my grandfather, who stood well over six feet tall and was quite loud. Yet when he visited my son, there was no fear at all. In fact, my son even invited him to go in and watch cartoons with him.

kats< Ben: I "saw" my brother walking up stairs. I can tell you how he was dressed, and he no longer had a limp. He waved to me and smiled. Yet, he is still in and out. ???

[Ben< kats: Maybe he comes to you occasionally but mostly stays somewhere else.]

Ben< The next post is an effort to draw this all together...

Ben< SUMMARY: Spiritual connections can be like telephone lines for non-physical communication of thoughts, feelings, images, and/or psychic energy, and also like rubber-bands that draw us to those we care about. Spiritual connections transcend physical time and distance, and they are not severed by physical death. Thus, they are the functional linkage between individual souls and among groups or clusters of souls, both here and hereafter.

blue_windy< Wonderfully put and summarized, Ben. It makes me wonder what lives we have all shared with one another.


Yopo< Ben: I have wondered about reality testing. Folks like Charles Tart and Rhine have done a lot of that, being scientifically oriented. I've wondered, though, if belief is a prerequisite for such things to occur, and if by testing we might impair our ability? Must there be balance here?

Awenydd< Yopo: I think so. I don't think these things can be approached SOLELY on a scientific level. I think there must be a level of faith involved.

LEGS< Yes, Awenydd, I agree. Faith is a principle that puts the elastic in those bands of which Ben speaks that form the caring connections. *S*

Lor< Yopo: I sense that belief, as such, is not a prerequisite for such things to occur; however, a sensitivity to observe new thoughts, etc., is probably helpful. I do not sense visually, as apparently many of you do, but I get thoughts that are not of my own doing. I believe it just happens like any other event we observe. Our interpretation of such events is another matter that I sense is often affected by our heritage and culture, etc.

blue_windy< Lor: Excellent point!

Yopo< By the way, both Tart and Rhine have statistically established that various paranormal events DO occur. The scientific mainstream is not without its own bias. Never has been.

Ben< Yopo: In my opinion, most parapsychologists have been barking up the wrong tree, guessing cards, and statistical correlations. Caring-connections are personal. And the best means of reality testing is personal recognition.

Yopo< Ben: Yes. If nothing else (and there has certainly been much more!) one thing I have learned from your discussions here is that such things are all on that deeply personal level. I thank you for pointing out to me what maybe should have been obvious. *S*

Awenydd< Sorta off the subject, but again I agree with Yopo about Ben's discussions here. Though I don't make it here often, I have learned a great deal about perspective from individual standpoints. I'm glad to see him still here and putting out such a great class.

Awenydd< Ben: On the other hand, many of these "card guessers" have made a serious impact on the "logical" world. The DoD has and is using psychics and "remote viewers" in top secret operations.

Ben< Awenydd: Yes. From 1980 to 1985 I was one of the OSD consultants to DARPA on psychic research -- and its applications.

blue_windy< Ben: Wow! 1980 - 1985! An amazing period of history. (imo)

Ben< blue_windy: Oops, sorry. It was officially from 1975 to 1980. The next five years were unofficial.

Awenydd< Ben: Wow! I didn't realize you were one of them! You should share some of your experiences with us sometime. Better yet, write a book and make a buck!

Ben< Awenydd: *LOL* I wasn't really "one of them" -- I was a hired gun from out of town who helped DARPA evaluate psychic research proposals and results.

Trudy< Ben: Please define DARPA.

Ben< Trudy: Hello, friend! OSD = Office of the Secretary of Defense. DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. (Which, by the way, originated the Internet as a way to share information among the defense research laboratories.)

blue_windy< re: reality testing. I think that the more we think spiritually and are aware of our spiritual connections with one another, the more we experience them. And the longer this goes on, the more frequent it becomes, and your life and your experience become your proof. For me, it is just everyday reality, and I have had proof enough for myself ... but I have been at it for decades.

Pley< I believe and not believe in telepathy, any faith in this, but it happens to me. Therefore... hard to believe it is true.

FRAML< Pley: I didn't understand what you were trying to say about believing? Could you restate your last comment, please?

Pley< FRAML: I believe in telepathy, and at the same time I don't. It's like having it open -- might be, might not -- but telepathy happens to me without my having any faith in it.

FRAML< Pley: OK, your comment makes sense to me now. I've been there, but have had enough experiences now that I have come to accept the reality of them.

kats< FRAML and Pley: Validations started coming to me in the past year, the first time I asked for "proof".

blue_windy< Pley: It sounds as though you have this ability, but you are not sure that you wish to affirm it. Perhaps, if you ignore it ... it will go away. But if you wish to develop it, then (imo) you must be patient.

Pley< blue_windy: I think you're right. I must convince myself that it is true.

blue_windy< Pley: I am not sure that you need to convince yourself; rather, be observant, and open-minded (no pun intended), and see how the thoughts you receive affect your world. See if this ability can be useful, or if it is merely an annoyance. If you pray, then I would suggest praying for guidance.

Pley< blue_windy and kats: Thank You !

SLIDER< Ben: I've wondered sometimes if the feelings I get from some people aren't cross-linked with a lost or attached entity. Is that within this evenings talk?

Ben< SLIDER: Yes, sometimes the feelings we get from a person are mixed with inputs from one or more discarnate entities attached to that person. That's part of detachment therapy, but it is within the subject of spiritual connections.

kats< Personal recognition is the key, isn't it? If it's a less than desirable discarnate who is fooling around, God seems to protect one till the truth is made clear. Is that right?

FRAML< kats: Not necessarily. If the person is aware of the existence of discarnates and asks God for protection, then it is possible. Many folks have them without realizing it, or invite them to join. For example, in my case, with the Shawnee warrior attachee and Sgt. Odem from WWII in the Ardennes, I never knew they were there. Sgt. Odem was driving me to look for some location in the Ardennes (but that fit in with my being a military historian).

kats< But what if the person is unaware of the discarnates and therefore doesn't ask for protection?

FRAML< kats: If a person is unaware, then the discarnate attachee can either stay there quietly, or attempt to manipulate the person to complete what the discarnate left unfinished in this life. Or just make trouble. My Shawnee warrior said he was a sentinel rather than a guardian in the legal sense of the term.

kats< So, if one asks for protection from discarnates that may or may not be there, and asks for an easy way to identify any prospective newcomers, one may be assured that he/she will not be bothered?

FRAML< kats: Yes. I will armor myself when I enter a place where I think there might be discarnates lurking, and I ask Jesus for rescue teams of angels to first detach any that I have after armoring and then rescue any discarnates I run into. Works nicely for bars, churches before funerals, hospital chapels, and hospitals in general.

kats< FRAML: I should look before I leap. Seems like I get caught off guard, then end up praying fervently in a panic.

FRAML< kats: Well, at least you know where the rescue line is and you are using it. And that there Is One.

Lor< kats: If one asks for protection from discarnates that may or may not be there, and asks for an easy way to identify any prospective newcomers, one still must put up one's own guard and protect one's self -- your will is important. Help can often be provided, but you must not invite troublemakers in. Check out Ben's site (by clicking on his name here in the chatroom) -- he has made a rather thorough study of this issue, you will find. Peace.

kats< Lor: I have been reading Ben's site, and found it very helpful! I put up my guard for people, but am easily intimidated by discarnates.

blue_windy< Amazing experience, FRAML! How did you come to know their names?

FRAML< blue_windy: Sgt. Odem was a name that I got while watching a documentary about the Battle of the Bulge (Ardennes Campaign) in December of 1994. At the time I was writing 1944 on everything instead of 1994. The name wasn't in the show but came into my head as: "I'm Sgt. Odem. That is what happened to me." That scene in the show was a shell-shocked soldier being given a knockout pill to help him get over the shock of battle in a rear-area hospital.

Pley< FRAML: Then it is something wonderful!

kats< FRAML: Was there a chance that he wanted you to do something for him? Like clear up muddied waters as to what happened or something?

FRAML< blue_windy, kats: It turned out he was the sole survivor of his platoon from an attack somewhere in the Ardennes. The U.S. troops attacked across this snow-covered field and were wiped out except for him. He later died feeling guilty for being the sole survivor. His buddies came to him during the detachment session and said "Welcome" and the spirit of their Lieutenant, who had died earlier, said that he had blocked Odem from rising out of his foxhole to make the attack, literally knocked him back. The Lieutenant wanted him alive to tell of the sacrifice of the others. I don't think I found the location, but I narrowed it down to the North shoulder of the Bulge. I haven't found his name on any of the lists of WWII reports that I'm now reviewing as part of my job.

kats< FRAML: So his guilt in life may have kept him here. How terribly sad.

blue_windy< FRAML: Because he wanted to give you his story to include in your research? Did he give you clues on how/where to do your research?

FRAML< blue_windy: At the time I was visiting the Ardennes I was an Army Captain based in Germany. Now I'm a historical document declassifier.

blue_windy< Amazing, FRAML ... best of luck in finding his record.

Yopo< FRAML: A very interesting story!

Ben< FRAML: Yes, I think you should write that up (copy from this transcript) and post it on your site.

FRAML< Yes, Ben, I'll do that.

kats< Everything works together.

grunblau< We are all part of the cycle -- circles and wheels turning and returning -- from one spot to another and back again.

FRAML< grunblau: In this case, I am working to help lost souls get off the reincarnation cycle.

grunblau< FRAML: As, yes, 'tis a good thing.

kats< FRAML: Good way to put it: "getting off the reincarnation cycle." Never thought of that, and NEVER thought of sending them to the light. My Mother told me to do that with my brother, but I don't think he got it. She is psychically gifted. I did tell her about you and Ben, and she feels good about the situation. She said that I would find my answers concerning my brother with you.

Lor< kats: You may still be able to help your brother to the light, much as I was able to with my co-worker, perhaps. I first called on the angels for help, and then for someone he would know to come from the light and greet him and encourage him and escort him into the light. Angels seem pleased to be able to help with this process, methinks.

kats< Lor: It was suggested that he didn't know how to turn around to SEE them because he didn't have a physical body. I need to tell him to "think" it.

blue_windy< I sure wish we could get the evil entity (with a capital E) that's been terrorizing our planet to return to the light.

Ben< ALL: Excellent discussion! In case anyone was wondering if I'm still here, I've been lurking, enjoying, and answering private messages.

blue_windy< Thanks, Ben, for all your efforts in making these discussions happen ... so glad that you are back.

[Ben< blue_windy: You're welcome. And I'm glad to be back here again!]

Ben< All: Peace and blessings to each of you. Namaste. *poof*

blue_windy< Pleasant journeys, pleasant dreams All. It has been wonderful to be in your presence once again. Thank you. Until next time, vayan con DIOS.

FRAML< Good night, blue_windy. Remember to count your blessings before you sleep.

blue_windy< Thanks, FRAML. I believe it is thanks to you that I have finally come into the daily habit of thanking God for my blessings.

FRAML< blue_windy: You are most gracious. Thank you very much.

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