Sat, 18-Nov-2000
FRAML: /topic Open Discussion Tonight


Yopo: FRAML? Still here?

FRAML: hello YOPO & STAR12

Star12: open? meaning?

Star12 : manners. SWC so slow, or closing down.....forgive me. Good Evening . *s*

FRAML: STAR12--No seminar topic tonight. I just posted 'open discussion' to reflect that.

LadyV: Hi all.....its Saturday Night....what now? Was there a decision made as to what the seminars were at this point?

zolo: dreaming? a suggestion for a topic

Ishtahota: I kept clicken and waiting for the class to start then noticed I was in Sahara.

FRAML: LADY V--Yes. Ben has a list of topics and the dates scheduled for them on his website. Ben will be doing one on Thanksgiving next Saturday. I'm doing one in December and so is Guitarist. on the 23rd we are having a Christmas party here.

zolo: fuen shui

zolo: goood evening star 12

FRAML: zolo--what about dreaming? There are various aspects: what causes dreams, what role do they play in sleep, do they mean anything, are they precognitive?

LadyV: Ishtahota [smiling]


zolo: can i know your dreams and can you know my dreams,,,do we not have any privacy in dreaming

Ishtahota: Framl AhHo!!

FRAML: zolo--I've not heard that. why do you believe that?

Yopo: *S* Greetings, ALL

zolo: well i see i this is not the room for me now

zolo: it takes too long to get an asnwer

LadyV: Hi Yopo

zolo: namasta

LadyV: I am curious zolo referring to collective dreaming? Is that possible?

Yopo : Hello LadyV *S* Greetings, zolo. FRAML, Ishtahota, Cad... *S*

LadyV: wonder if we walk into each others dreams?

Ishtahota: There are some native teachings for doing this,it takes practice and some preperation. I know two can dream togeather by sleeping head to foot.

Yopo: LadyV That possibility has always fascinated me. To me, it seems like a REAL possibility, as in the dream state we are focused on internal events...


LadyV: I did not know that....head to foot? Come to think about would symbolize walking by having the head to the foot.....thats interesting.

Ishtahota: When we were reading some of Don Juan's stuff we had an apprentice of theirs come to us in our dreams for a while.

selki: did I miss the discussion, was having server problems

LadyV: cad yes we will...

Ishtahota : Lady one sleeps one way and the other the oppisite.

Ishtahota: FRAML have you picked a topic??

FRAML: I've never put any credence in dream interpretation. I think shrinks use it to keep themselves employed, by telling their clients that they need to understand what they mean.

selki: still having server problems..

LadyV: ...then the dream is a means of gathering information and literally a 'walk-in' was the apprentice as in human or in symbol form as in crow etc?

FRAML: Ishtahota--No, I was just wanting to see what folks were interested in. Zolo wanted to talk about dreams but left.

Yopo: I have thought the likelihood of shared dream-encounters might be increased if there were some common recognizable place, or common shared mode of communitcation agreed upon. *S* I have several times suggested in open chat, that if anyone ever dreams they are on SpiritWeb, and see my nick, to be sure to PM me. This was actually a serious proposal, though I mighta seemed to be joking.

Ishtahota: LadyV The dream would open up like an oval. The dream went on around him and he was standing in the oval and talking.

selki: Who here dreams about family members who have passed on?

LadyV: Yopo that would be a good test of the contact.....and it would documented.

LEGS : Greetings... to this open discussion between friends....

Ishtahota: selki I have.

LadyV : Istahota like past the darkness of the tunnel in travel and then it opens on the scene? That I understand.

halo_11: Hi you all, is everyone here okay?

LadyV: me too, selki....and I pay close attention to them.

selki: Ishtahota I have always dreamed of them too, it seems as though they are visiting us through our dreams.

LadyV : Hi halo and all others...come on down and join us...[smiling]

Ishtahota: LadyV no it was like he put his hands in the dream and opened it up so we could see him.

WhiteTiger: Framl- hiya *G* ltns

FRAML: Slow refresh tonight.

Yopo: I figure that sitting at the computer, chatting on SpiritWeb, is so common a thing in our waking lives, that it most likely occurs in our dream lives as well. So there is this commonality already. It should make a good point of focus for an experiment. I have considered another possible refinement. In the waking state, we should have small signs taped atop our computer, reading: "Are you asleep, or awake? Remember the experiment!" *G* After a time, we would grow accustomed to seeing that sign, and being reminded to question. Eventually, it would appear in the dream state---when we dream we are sitting at the computer, right? So, we would be conditioned to ask that question even if dreaming... *Mad Glint in Eye*


Yopo: Hello, LEGS! *S*

selki: LadyV one time I dreamed about my paternal grandpa, he said in the dream that he needed prayers, and he told me to tell my aunt grace (his daughter, my dad's sister) that he needed prayers, so I did. Sometimes the dreams seem more like a visitation.

halo_11: Is no one talking?

Yopo: Hey... Could this work? A SpiritWeb-wide experiment in dream telepathy???

FRAML : (((((((((((LEGS)))))))))))))) Did you read the transcript of last weeks seminar on Ben's site? And see the schedule for December?

selki: halo_11 welcome

Ishtahota: If you all want I can give you the lakota dream bundal teaching.

LadyV : Ishtahota I am mentally trying to visualize that......and the thought blows my is in dreaming....and how you say dreaming is not in the literal sense it is in the way of the mystery of dreaming.....I have to think about that one Ishtahota......thats amazing!!!

selki: I would be interested in hearing it Istahota

LEGS: Selki, I very often dream of members of my family... and of friends who have passed over.... at first it frightened me... when I realized I was the only "still living" person in the dream... but Ben told me that it was me putting myself in a position to settle things left unsaid... and so on...

cad: /topic thank you,room

WhiteTiger: FRAML- haven't been here in a long time... ever see fempsych around these days?

Yopo: *Glint becomes Madder Still* Hey. Maybe we could get the webmaster involved. He could post the question, "Are you asleep or dreaming? etc." at the top of each page. Maybe with a hyperlink to a webboard explaining the experiment, and a place to tabulate reports of results...

LadyV: I am listening also...

Minstrel: (((((LEGS)))))

LEGS: Yes, Framl.... it seems to be working out pretty well so far.... the schedule I mean... I also read his later updates to his site ... as always, very interesting.... I printed out "A Warning"

WhiteTiger: lol... Yopo is on a roll

selki: LEGS I guess that's one explanation. I never dreamed about my dad much since his passing. One night I dreamed I was in this waiting room, at least that is what it looked like to me, and I saw this man standing at what looked like a nurses station desk, I walked over to him and said daddy why aren't you talking to me, he told me not to bother him while he was working.

LEGS: Warmest hugs to everyone... so good to be here with you.... ((((((((MaryHugs)))))))))))

Ishtahota: This is to become lucid in dreams. Find a small pouch and gather rather smelly herbs like a popori. Keep in mind that scent and memory are tied togeather. Mix the herbs togeather and while you do this say I am going to know that I'm dreaming. Do this for a while. After the pouch is made put it in your pillow when you sleep. Take it out and smell it during the day and say I'm going to know that I'm dreaming.

FRAML: White Tiger---I haven't seen fempsych here in months.

FRAML: brb

LadyV : selki when dreams of those on the other side arrive...peace comes....or so I am told. Your Dad was in his younger form? About 35 years or so....??

WhiteTiger: selki- ever read piers anthony's "incarnations" series? that sounds pretty much like the scene between the luna character and her dad in purgatory

FRAML: /topic Open discussion

Yopo: *sigh* I've read over the last few week's transcripts. Felt quite down, to read of Ben's plans to cease regular weekly facilitations. I've been missing often of late. But, it was sorta like suddenly realizing a time has passed. Been here most every Saturday night for over three years, and have profited much from it. But, I am glad for Ben. He has given very freely of his time, for a very long time.

zolo: i dream of love lalala,,goodnite

RABBO: CRASH THUD BANG .The wacky Rabbit falls from the sky and lands in a heap on the junge floor . Sitting up and dusting his fur off he hops over and sit's down at his old friends feet .Looking up with bright eyes he smiles and looks around careful . Reaching into his fur he pulls out a flask of cognac and offers it to Yopo .

Yopo: Oh good grief... *LOL* RABBO! Long long long time! I hope all is well with you... *S*

Ishtahota: Once you are able to become lucid ask to see your reflection. They may show you the moon a pond or even a door knob. It really doesn't mater. Jump through it and you are then in the astral and you are lucid and aware.

LEGS: Before my late husband passed away.... a couple of years before.... he related a dream to me in which he was dressed in all silvery material, covering him head to toe, and others around him were dressed the same... he was in a large vault like room... on which at eye level ... were small 8 to 9 inch monitor screens... and below them, also in a row around the room were various dials.... He was told that here was the place he was to work... that he was assembling the history of the earth and its peoples.... He was eager to begin... and it all seemed perfectly clear to him..... His interpretation was that Heaven was not going to be a place to laze around in, which he would have hated, but one where his considerable talents could be utilized...

sahadeva: framl are you taking over for ben?

selki: LadyV ya seemed to me like he was a tad younger, although he was pretty young when he died. The strange thing was that there was a little girl that he was watching I guess, I believe the little girl was my daughter that died. But she was about 3 years old in the dream, and she died when she was a baby. ~~~~~~~WHITETIGER~~~~have read piers anthony, but not the incarnations series..

Yopo: LEGS *S* Perhaps a precognitive dream...

LadyV: first though you train the brain by association via the scent....and pattern the mind to respond.....then when you speak the wish the brain responds.....the imagery of the moon and the pond would do it.....I am going to try it.

FRAML: YOPO--Yes, Ben is going to work on other projects he has been putting off. One is continuing his research into early church history, a continuation of his 'State Church of the Roman Empire" paper.

homer7-11: laconic

Yopo : FRAML Reading through the transcripts of the last couple of weeks, I was unclear about the disposition of Ben's past seminar transcripts... They will remain on his current server?

LadyV: selki then you had a double gift that of the child and the parent. I ask as in astral projection generally, the person appears younger.....or so I am told...more near the prime....which would be in the 30's physically....selki that was a wonderful gift to you I am glad.

FRAML: SAHADEVA---Not entirely. We are looking for people to volunter to be seminar facilitators. To prepare a topic with 3 questions, as Ben does and then to keep it moving and on subject. I'm doing one on "past life or discarnate attachee" on 16 December, but I will begin at 10 pm eastern. Ben will be doing a 1 night seminar next Saturday at 11pm eastern,

Ishtahota: LadyV The Lakota like to travel in this maner for you do not take the ego with you. I think it offers one more protection.

FRAML: Yopo---for the time being they will remain there. I don't know what he is going to do in the long run. Greyman is going to create a site to keep the transcripts of any new seminars we do. we are also looking for volunteers to edit them.

sahadeva: ok, ty framl

selki: LadyV I think it was a nice dream too. I've had some strange dream experiences where the deceased have come into my dreams to tell me something to do, or to tell someone something, I don't know what it means..I listen and try to relay the message. It may not mean anything.

LadyV: Ishtahota yes.....I am still working on the opening of the the membrane of a womb.....

LadyV: selki I dreamt for years of the sound of roaring waters and in that roaring waters was a voice and it became within the waters a Monk. He said to me "I am the healer". It took me a few years to understand that dream. I could not shake it. When the healer came......he was as the one in the dream. It taught me a lesson on dreaming.

Yopo : FRAML I am glad for that! There is much value in reading over the old stuff, as I sometimes do. For one thing, it is valuable to read one's own words. I provides a measure of how we each have changed. Of what we have learned.

selki: am having problems I'm going to call it a night, take care everyone and good night

LadyV: selki rest well.....and get well soon!!!

Yopo: Uh, meant "It provides..." *LOL* It is also a measure of changes in our typing skills. Mine have apparently not improved much...

FRAML: Yopo--yes, how far we have come. Good to look back and see where they changes were in ones life and thinking. I've got all of them printed off, about 16 inches high.

Yopo: Good night, selki...

FRAML: good night SELKI--Remember to count your blessings before you sleep. (personal manual recount permitted for you. :))

Ishtahota : selki My dad died about three years ago. The first time he came back to see me it was in dream time. He did something to me that put me in what I call the awakened state,but I was still dreaming. It was not being lucid it was much more. He was laughing his ass off and smilling at me. Sence then he has just come to the house when I was awake. He first would turn on our computer to let us know when he was here. My wife can here him and sometimes see him if he wants. I can only feel him when he is here.

LEGS: {Selki}}}}}}} love ya, dearheart.... sleep well....

LadyV: Hi flump

Yopo: 16 inches... *LOL* I hadn't imagined we'd created such a heap of conversation...

FRAML: I think I've dreamt once or twice about my dad in the 30+ years since he died. I dont find any connection in my dreams with my life...logical at least.

FireEagle: Slowly riding the currents of air a Flaming ball gently spirals to the earth.......

FRAML: Yep, have them in 4 3ring binders -- thus more like 12 inches of actual paper, but still quite a bit. A little over 5 megs Ben said.

FRAML: Hello FireEagle

FireEagle: ~gently lands upon his perch~ ...~listens with great intent~

FireEagle : Greetings FRAML *S*... Howdy Yopo ...LEGS *S*..LADYV *S*...~HOWDY EVERYONE~ *S*

LadyV: FRAML then this night or tomorrow consider the dreams and what happened afterwards.....there is a link ....

LEGS: Welcome dear byrd.... and also welcome to the manic but beloved Rabbo.... (((((((MaryHugs))))))))

Ishtahota: FRAML What I have found out about my dreames is when I'm awake I think with word and structured thought. The sub-conscious or dream mind uses sign symbol feeling and emotions.When I got a dream symbol book and read it s interpitations I found that I gave it a language to communicate to me with and then my dreams started to make sence. The only goal of dreams for me is to use them to grow,heal and awaken.

LadyV: Hi FireEagle..

Yopo: FRAML It is like that with me, for the most part. Though, once in a while, someone appears, and in sometimes seems significant in terms of something happening in my life...

FireEagle: {{{Star12}}} *S*

FRAML: LadyV--I'm lucky to remember anything from my dreams. I've not come up with anything in the past.

LEGS : Ishtahota, that statement makes sense.... for instance, if our dreams have a symbol or symbolic happening.... such as a birth of a child to one of us too old or too solitary to bear one, it could very well mean a new beginning of some other sort in our life...

Ishtahota: FRAML Take a B-Complex vitimin when you wake up in the morning for awhile. That helps me remember dreams. About 50 miligrams.

LEGS: One thing that I learned in my studies, is that people who take rest medicine.... may sleep too soundly for remembering the dreams they have... those who always have a drink before bed... or with supper, may experience the same result... dream.. but not cognizance of the dream... and of course, every dream is not significant... Significance comes with repetition of a dream or the major theme of the dream... then we should examine it for a warning.. or to help us recall something we should be aware of in safety perhaps....

FRAML : Ishtahota---Oh. of the dreams that I've remember, they were more like action adventure shows.

LadyV: FRAML I personally think Ishtahota has a point in using the herbs....scent triggers recall. I recommend trying what he suggested. If you do not dream something is not open....then again it is better not to rush things. There could be a reason why it is not opening.

Ishtahota: Legs What I have found is that it will work with us. So do not read more than one dream interpitation book in your life. The sub-conscious will not know to use just one of them.Keep it simple.

Yopo: LEGS Yes. Even very moderate alcohol consumpution in the evening suppresses dreaming. Or, at least, memory of having dreamed...

FRAML : I'm not saying that I don't dream, I just don't remember what went on in them. I'll have this momentary memory of 'weird dream' and then it is gone.

LEGS: Dream therapists are the first to tell you that some dreams are the chaff.... while some hold the kernel of a message from YOU to YOU..... in the universal knowledge, we all make contact but few are able to will it when they sleep.... yet, you have seen it happen... that several people come up with the same inventive notions .... the same theme of songs.... the same kitchen products.... but from various companies... or inventors... writers....

Ishtahota: I use lucid dreaming glasses sometimes. They have a motion detector in them that sences rim sleep eye movement and flashes a light or makes a sound.

FireEagle: what do you call it when you have a dream so real you can smell and taste the surroundings..... and yet be fully aware that you are in a dream....

LadyV: What then is the time-frame between dreaming and the heavy world. We slip from one into the other and that is where the appearance of people often occurs. Does it have a name this half-way point?

Yopo: FireEagle I call that "the waking state"... *hehe*

FireEagle: I heard people talking and realized it was not right to hear those voices in my house... when I surveyed the scene I said ahhh you are dreaming boy.... and laid back... went to "sleep" and woke up

Ishtahota: Framl have you noticed that the dream makes sence to you untill you get fully conscious and then it slowly fades out compleatly.

FRAML: Well tis time for me to go off and experiment with dreams. Anyone want to join in my dream, pop in and say hello.

Ishtahota: FireEagle lucid.

LEGS: You can train yourself to remember your dreams... and any physical movement is apt to distract that memory... when one awakens, if the wisp of the dream is there... dwell upon it.... relate it ... but don't think desperately concerning it... Tell yourself that you will remember more later... If you have a notepad, write down any impression you have retained... a color.. a sound... a figure or face... then many times when you relax later in the day, more details will suddenly surface in your thoughts.

FRAML: Ishtahota--no, haven't noticed that. But then I don't try to remember my dreams at all.

Ishtahota: LAdyV I don't know.

FRAML: H'mmmm, off to Dreamland (aka Area 51) instead of St. Sealy's tonight.

FireEagle: thank you LOL... I have had visions before and knew what it was... but dreams ..... have so many different styles *S*

LadyV: FRaml.....what now? Who is on next week?

Ishtahota: FRAML Nighty night.Good journey.

Yopo: FRAML A very good night to you! (Hey, I was altogether serious about the dream experiment for SWC. I think perhaps I may right up a proposal, and send it off to the Fire to see if he likes it...)

FRAML: NEXT WEEK-- Ben will be doing a seminar on the topic: THANKSGIVING. And I don't think it is going to be about the size or quality of the turkey you are having for dinner on Thursday.

FireEagle: Love and Light FRAML...

Yopo: FRAML Ah, I will circle that Saturday on my calendar. Think *sniff*sniff* I shall have that evening open... *S*

FRAML: *********POOOOOOOOOF*********

Ishtahota: Did anyone read the posting I put up in a room on the Gospel of Thomas where Jesus said when we could make the Two into one in us we could move the mountain????

FireEagle: /mesgYopo hmmm only take me about 3 minutes to down load though ~WEG ...*_~

FireEagle: looks I do that??????

LEGS: That sounds like a winner to me...... will be happy to be here for that seminar.... Maybe we haven't done too badly on our own tonite, but Ben does keep the subject alive ... *G*

LadyV: I will check it out.

Yopo: FireEagle Yep. You see? Slow and steady is the way to go... *WEG*

LEGS: *smiling to see someone else post pm in the open room* .... (((((((FE))))))))

FireEagle: I will not blame speed on that uh..uhmm I will blame eyes glazed over from Travel today..yeah..that's the ticket *G*

LadyV: LEGS I think we did ok....if we get the subject on the board we could go from there. Framl led into the discussion and the rest of us just went along. We did not waver from the discussion. I learned a lot tonight.

Yopo: Yeah, Ben keeps us from drifting away from the topic. A very accomplished guide, Ben is...

FireEagle : ~BOWS~ anything for your pleasure dear lady *S*{{{LEGS}}}

LEGS: Ishtahota... I read it..... also, read another posting about moving the mountain.... would we truly uproot all that the mountain embodies... on a whim???? It would have to be for a monumental reason.... and a totally unselfish one to actually do such a transfer.... *s* ((((((((MaryHugs)))))))))))

FireEagle: is there anyway to train yourmind to keep certain topics out of your dreams?

LadyV: I think we tried...and that is important it is unity. The goal in this site has been that of unity and understanding.It is what all of us want....I feel....and it prompts us to share and learn together......

Yopo: And tonight was pretty good, too! *tip of the hat to FRAML*

Yopo: FireEagle Uh, what specifically... No, I'd better not ask. *LOL*

LadyV: FireEagle I can answer that on a personal level. If dreams are too, difficult for me and sometimes they have been....I pray before I enter the dream state and ask for protection of the Universal helps me. I do not know how others do this.

LEGS : {*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*LadyV*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}* you always add wisely to the discussions when you decide to participate... I appreciate you and your knowledge.....

Ishtahota: Legs I think the point he was trying to make was that we are split in nature or in consciousness. The Kundilini male and female.Or the conscious and the sub-conscious. Or the Left and right brain. In the awakened state we would not do anything out of balace with nature.

LadyV : LEGS just sharing....want to be part of learn. There is so much to learn.

FireEagle: ingeneral I will say a certain person... one you have no control over either... I mean I don't hate the person.. but they really should be left at the work place .....(just an example *S*)

FireEagle: in general I've never ran froma bloody or a cozy dream... I love the feeling of living the dream ...especially when I know it's a dream.. and yet still can control MY character in it....

LadyV: FireEAgle in lucid dreaming you can do that....takes lots of energy I would you wake refreshed or exhausted?

LEGS : As a child, FE, I feared the Indians chasing the cowboys in the westerns we used to go see on Saturday mornings at the moviehouse.... so much, that I would bury my face in my hands til the sounds told me that the scene had changed... then I would dream I was being chased by the scary Indians. One nite I ran my pony into a stream to cross it... and when the water splashed from the horses hoofs, I woke up. Somehow, I had the notion that water would awaken one.... After that, when I had a bad dream, I would ... in my dream... look for a source of water to awaken me... In a a way, that made my dream become lucid....and I could recognize it as a dream and will myself awake...

LadyV: Hi amrah

Yopo: Oh, I've exited dreams pretty durn quick sometimes. Occasional dreams, that are far to creepy. Sometimes they follow me right up to the waking state, and lurk in the room waiting for me to fall back asleep. Very weird when that happens...

LadyV: LEGS thats interesting....

FireEagle: I awake only sad that the dream had to stop *S*

LadyV: Yopo tell that boggie man to scram....[grinning]

FireEagle : Yopo...the lurker in the dream ..I know that one....the feeling of the dream never quite shakes from you ...yeah .....spooky...

LEGS: Ishtahota, do you mean by not doing anythingout of balance with nature... something like not being able to be coerced into doing something while under hypnotism, that you would not do awake from a moral standpoint????????

Ishtahota: legs Look at this idea I have,and see what you think.( More)

LadyV: FireEAgle try keeping a journal....and see how the dreams lead you in your development. Then take those dreams into 3D reality and experience them....[smiling]

Yopo: LadyV *G* Yep. I have done that. It is very strange, when something from a dream gets externalized. I am not entirely certain what it is we're dealing with, when that happens...

Yopo : FireEagle I have had that experience a number of times. Waking up, remembering only that I have just left an impossibly wonderful place, surrounded by those I know and love... Longing to go back... Nothing left but the longing...

LadyV: Yopo when that happens to me I mentally imagine that a shield is around my person. I don't go where angels fear to tread.....and that is one of those times. Then I grab my teddy bear and cover my head....[grinning] and it happens to be the truth.

LEGS: Of course, I have also had d reams that were so real I believed them to be true.... and cried when I realized upon awakening, it was a dream. I have never been able to know in one recurring dream that it is a dream... and it fools me each time into thinking that the two yr old son I lost, was only 'lost' and when I find him in my dream, it is such a happy moment. I have been told that this is a presage of my own death, and that he will meet me when the time comes, to lead me onward.

Ishtahota: Yes To your question. I think as children we are born whole in our nature. We beleive in magic and other things. We are taught that all are equal and it is wrong to kill. Stuff like this. As children we do not even know boys and girls are different. We grow up and we see people doing things in direct conflict with our beliefs. I think the split happens in our nature and we try to settle the conflict in our dreams.

LadyV : LEGS I am so sorry that the memory is with you tonight. There is not a way to comfort is such a personal pain.

LEGS: I'm following you in this thought Ishtahota.... I can see what you mean...

Ishtahota: LEGS the child might be showing you it is OK and still is with you.

LEGS: Thank you LadyV ... it has been awhile since I dreamed that particular one.... it takes me unaware when it comes.

LEGS: That is a nice way to see the dream, Ishtahota... thank you

LadyV: that is what the animus and anima is called....think that is the correct spelling. In the Kabbalah this is important to know and understand this.....and in psychology it is vital....Istahota says it more plainly. We have to balance....or be miserable.

LadyV: I agree with Ishtahota but that would be my personal feeling as well. It would be a cruel God that would deny us this comfort....and I don't think that it would be denied.

Ishtahota: Dad told me that space and time do not exist where he is as we know it here. And he can see what I'm going through. And the only reason my wife and I can sence hear and see him is because we belief we can.Change that to know we can.

LEGS: To sorta change the subject.... does everyone here Always dream in color.... Sometimes in color.... Never in color... What????? I cannot imagine a Non-color dream... everything is like I see it daily...

LadyV: I dream in color....thought everyone did...

Ishtahota: What we believe dictates our reality.

Ishtahota: color

LadyV: that is a true statement Ishtahota.....better to have good visions...much better.

Yopo: LadyV Same here. I also presumed everyone did, 'til I read otherwise...

FireEagle: Color.. & usually more vivid than what my own defective eyes normally see *S*

LadyV: I have to get up at 6 am tomorrow ....enjoyed the evening. Thank you. I will see all of you tomorrow night.

Ishtahota: I have been flying alot lately and last night was the first time I have landed without splating.

LEGS : Ishtahota, more than one person has told me they sensed my late husband with his hand on my shoulder... rather like bolstering me... backing me up... and this was without them knowing what others had previously said... Even my daughter, walked in once, not thinking of the fact that her father was recently gone, and looked up to see him standing behind me, watching as I typed at the pc... He turned and smiled, placed a finger over his lips.. and suddenly the thought of him being gone hit her and he slowly faded ..... She was in hysterics for awhile....

FireEagle: Love and Light LadyV *S* it was good ta see you again *S*

LEGS: Goodnite dear friend, LadyV... sweet dreams to you .... and your Teddybear... *s*

Yopo: LadyV Blessings! Bright and peaceful dreams to you... *S*

Ishtahota: LEGS suport her and keep her open if you can. We need her.

LEGS: The flying is often what we want to do... without thinking of the landing... *S*

Ishtahota : Tell her you were brought up to believe that could not happen and so you can not see what she does. Tell her not to share this with people who do not believe it.

LEGS: Yes, Ishtahota, she has a closeness with those of our family who have gone on.... actually seeing my sister who was wasted from MD, before she died, coming by to see her and looking radiantly beautiful and blooming with health and joy.... My sister had begun having a series of heart attacks, and died during the next few days. But my daughter felt comforted by that visit, and was able to help sustain the rest of us in our grief and regrets.

Ishtahota: She is whole and she has vision.I love children like that.

Ishtahota: Did she keep it or shut it down.

Yopo: Last night at Friday Gathering, someone was talking about visitations from those departed. They were saying those souls are in a timeless state, relative to our state. That our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows are in a way irrelevant where they are... I ALMOST got it...

FireEagle: everyone thank you for sharing with me.. but my head is shutting down... and it's a very cranky warden LOL.. So I am going to fly while I still can *S*...Love You All..........

LEGS: She still has it. Her husband is also sensitive to departed ones, and has seen those of his family too.

Yopo: ...but then it slipped away. *S* A very hard concept.

Ishtahota: Yopo From what I understand space has no meaning because they can be anywhere instantly. And time is what we use to measure our imperfection. If we were perfect what we wanted would be instant.

FireEagle: G'nite Bright Souls....~~~KeR-PooF~~~

LEGS: Goodnite dear byrd... {*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*FE*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}* and sweet dreams to you tonite dear one

Yopo: Good night to ya, FireEagle! Hope you have a bright and sunny Sunday... *S*

Ishtahota: Later FE.

LEGS: Yopo, Leoprechaun believes that we shall one day ... any of us .... be able to "think" ourself somewhere and be there... that it is the eventual answer to distant space travel...

Ishtahota: Me go down to. Is after 1:00 here.

Ishtahota: Good journey to all. AhHo!!!!!!!

Yopo: Ishtahota The way I figure it, they are not fixed to place or to time either one, unless they touch on our own minds. Then it is US who sorta reconstruct them in a way we can understand. By doing that, we impose limitations that they don't really have. Our world is MADE from limitations. (Think I am getting tired. That almost makes sense to me... *S*)

Ishtahota: Yopo Looks good to me!!!!!

Yopo: Ishtahota Fare thee well... Blessings!

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