23 Aug 1996
Re: Spirit Communications

Dear Trudy

On 19 Aug 96 you wrote:

>I have seen ghosts several times in my life. And I frequently get "messages" in my dreams. But mostly I just feel presences.

Can you discern the difference between a good presence and a bad one?

>I saw a television talk show once with several exorcists. The show was very informative.

I must have missed that show. I do have a video of a Roman Catholic exorcism. What a mess! The spirits attached to the person were fighting to keep the priest from sending them to hell.

>I put two and two together, and decided by show's end that my brother exhibited enough of the common symptoms to be in serious spiritual trouble. So I prayed for him.

Gutsy move, that -- especially with no training.

>I had been praying for my brother for years. But this time the prayer was a specific request to free him of these "demonic" influences. At the very moment of the prayer, I was overwhelmed by a very deliberate, horrific attack on my mind.

The dark ones attached to your brother rightly perceived this prayer as a threat to them; so they traced your caring-connection from him to you and attacked, to defend their turf. This happens a lot. It is how we learned we had to make our connection to the Light first; wait until we sense the presence of the Lord's angels, and only then make our connection to the person we intend to pray for. Another and even safer way to make the two caring-connections is to rise up into the Light and then point a beam of light back at the person.

>I sensed that the presences who attacked me came in response to the prayer for my brother, whereupon I prayed harder and even more frantically for both of us. After awhile, the attack faded. For days afterwards I prayed for protection.

Good response to the attack. Some people are simply overwhelmed. And it is not easy to make the up-link connection *while* one is under attack.

>In 1987 my marriage was in trouble, I was drinking heavily, and I was mentally exhausted. I had tried everything I could think of to overcome an overwhelming depression, but had reached the point of seriously considering suicide.

Did this depression and drinking start before or after the incident in which you prayed for your brother and got attacked by demons?

>One night I lay in bed late, considering possible suicide scenarios, when the strangest idea popped into my head. "You've tried your best being a good girl; you've prayed to God over and over again with no response. Why don't you try doing things my way?" ... In the end, however, I refused the offer. It just felt wrong, in spite of the logical argument presented by the voice. Then I shut the voice off and said to God, "I'm out of options. I've got no place else to go. If You don't want me -- if You don't help -- I die alone."

You were spiritually depressed far enough so a truly evil one could reach you. And yes, they lie: "This is not real. It's only a game in your mind." The lack of a feeling of presence is because they do not radiate *anything* and the only emotion they feel toward humans is contempt, which they can temporarily hide from their intended victims. The fact you rejected this trap and turned from the tempter to God as a pure *choice* indicates that your preference for God is karmic in you -- it did not originate in this lifetime.

>The very next day a series of events started that turned my world upside down and inside out. Virtually nothing stayed the same, and as my relationship with God grew, so did the frequency of psychic occurrences.

This is not in the least surprising, considering the courage of what you did in rejecting the tempter and turning to God.

>About 4 months after the midnight conversation I was in a counseling session. Suddenly the room filled with flashing, bursting lights, ribbons of color flying. Light flowing, curling, shooting like stars from one side of the room to the other.

Did you perceive the light-show was evil, or assume that it was? I have seen and others have described that kind of light-show when it turned out to be a battle between angels and demons.

>The entities stayed for 3 days, and then all but one left. ... I tried to find a psychic who could tell me what was going on. It cost me $75 and I got the standard line: "That's your spirit guide. He's here to help you...etc."

This spirit is not a guide, because it is not giving you directions or telling you where to go. Perhaps it is simply a silent guard, to alert you by strengthening your conscience. It is not a guardian, because it doesn't try to take over your affairs or treat you as if you were a child or an incompetent adult.

>There were lots of other psychic occurrences, one that involved a particularly evil group of entities tormenting a young woman who was a drug addict. Another one involved a wonderful affirmation of love and gratitude from a group of entities in St. Augustine, Fl. Several others.

I would like to hear these experiences and the insights you gained from them.

>So I continue to get nudges, raised eyebrows, and occasionally something very specific comes through ... At first I did not trust these nudges. But over the years, the "fruit" of the messages have been beneficial for all concerned.

Yes, that is the test, the evidence: "By their fruit you shall know them."

>Is there anything that can be done to help my brother, who most likely does not want help. ... If he is really possessed, it is not likely he can ask for help.

Yes, there is something that can be done to help your brother, but it may sound a bit strange at first. First, ignore your brother's problems for awhile, and instead, practice steps 1, 2 and 3, of "A Small Explanation" until you have some indication that you are connected to God. Then, *while* you are connected to God, simply "look over your shoulder," shine a beam of light on your brother, and ask God to send a team of His angels to follow that beam and do whatever needs to be done.

>How do I learn to talk with these entities? How do you do it?

You don't have to talk with the ones that are plaguing your brother -- that type of spirit-rescue work takes special training. Just learn how to make the two connections in the right sequence, and let the angels do the work. That is what I do most of the time.

>Can you tell very specifically that you are "hearing" from spirits/angels?

Not always. But it is like using a computer with a modem: I usually know which thoughts are not my own because I did not initiate them -- they just popped into my mind unbidden, like someone else's words appearing on my computer screen.

>How do you know that it isn't just your own mind talking?

I can usually tell by the style or vocabulary when a thought isn't just coming out of my own mind. But it doesn't really matter whether a thought is coming from a spirit through your subconscious mind or just from your subconscious mind. The content of the thought is what is important, the implied purpose, the attitude or motivation. So, accept worthy thoughts and reject unworthy thoughts, no matter where they come from.

I took the liberty of showing your previous email to the First Century Christianity group, as a specific example of the kind of people we ought to be looking for: "Believes in Christ and communication with spirits and reincarnation, all at the same time, but does not sound like some kind of New-Age junkie or a bona-fide nut."



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