1 Sep 1996
Image of God

Hi Ben.

That was a heavy-duty assignment: "...take a look at your own image of God, your theology."

I wish I could say that it is all very clear in my head how I feel and what I believe about God, but as I mentioned in an earlier letter, it's been a long road. Without getting into a lot of history, suffice it to say that God continually surprises me with gifts of certain grace, love and guidance. As I journey on, my image of God changes, thank God!

I have some background in theology: A number of religious courses in a Presbyterian college. Years of personal study and searching. Close examination of Christianity (Catholic and Protestant), Hinduism, Buddhism. A number of Christian writers have been a help to me, specifically Thomas Merton, C. S. Lewis, Scott Peck, Malachi Martin, Madeleine L' Engle. Also specific Mystics: Teresa de Avila, Hildegard of Bingen, St. John of the Cross, Kahil Gibran. There has not been a lack of education as to what others experienced concerning God.

As to the dream of the penknife: Dreams are a wonderful device for getting a message across. And because it is important that we get the message, dreams frequently exaggerate. The devils were presented as cartoon characters because I had been terribly frightened by the demons and spirits I came in contact with, and the dream was trying to say, "Take it easy. They're not all that scary." I believe the significance of the man defeating the devils while he was on vacation was another attempt to help me "relax and take things easier," just as we do on vacation. Then there's the tiny penknife, another exaggeration. I had been quite distraught prior to that dream. "Who am I," I said to myself, "to be having these kind of experiences?" I am not a religious person. I barely believed these experiences were real, even when they were happening. I had no tools for fighting the 'bad' spirits and no way to help the others. I suddenly found myself a player in a classic battle between good and evil. And while I expected to occasionally fight that battle in the physical world, and within myself, I was convinced I was not the right person to fight it on the spiritual plane. I felt very small and insignificant. The dream was reminding me that even something as "small and insignificant" as a tiny penknife was a powerful weapon in God's hands.

As to your question, what is a penknife good for: In previous centuries a penknife was used to make and sharpen quill pens. Nowadays, it is a minor tool one occasionally uses to trim a hangnail, or slit open a box, or sharpen a pencil, or do any number of other little jobs.

How did the man use the penknife to defeat the devils? I've asked for further clarification, and have received nothing yet. If you have any ideas, I would like to hear them.

I have several questions:

How is it that Simon "can always be reached and rescued" through me at any time? There was obviously some sort of spiritual connection between us when he was alive, but why should it continue beyond his death?

I barely knew Lisa, and I do not know where she is today. What is the mechanism by which I can still reach her?

Why is it that demon rescue teams can't do much with "truly independent" entities?

In "St. Michael's Manor," you wrote, "Bill was inspired to call the entity's female twin flame." What is that?

In "Detachment Session, Karen," many spirits had "taken up residence" inside of her. One of them said, "Karen is a safe place." How common is it for people to become "infested" with entities? Is there any limit to the number that can lodge inside?

Why is a soul with a physical body such a magnet for all these entities? I understand about the spirits who are drawn by a strong desire for gratification of an addiction. But what about little people, elementals, and so on? What's the big draw?

If angels can't see lost souls and demons very well, why doesn't God just tell them where to look?

And this begs another question. Assuming God is not omnipotent and cannot see them very well either, just what, exactly, are God's limitations?

If a demon refuses to be converted, what does the Demon Rescue Team do with it?

Can you give an example of spiritual scar tissue?


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