22 Sep 1996
Re: How wonderful!

Dear Trudy

Yes, it is wonderful not to be alone.

I think "useful for any number of little jobs" is a compliment. I also feel I'm not supposed to be a specialist, not even in soul-rescue, but rather a person with a wide range of experience so I can help others with similar experiences.

Thanks for telling me your experience at the Native American grave-site in St. Augustine. What a neat story! It certainly sounds like soul-rescue work. You made the two essential caring-connections. First, your heart went out to the people buried there because of their children -- that was the low-channel connection. And second, you prayed "God, please help them" -- that was the high-channel connection. And what normally happens next? Bingo!

>Immediately, I perceived an intense feeling of gratitude coming from a large group of entities, and love the likes of which I've never felt before, all around me. I sensed no words at first. Just sincere gratitude and joy and love so strong and palpable, I was completely awed.

This accurately describes the arrival and presence (parousia) of God's angels. But it doesn't sound like the presence of 200 Indian ghosts.

>At first I thought to myself, "I didn't do anything. What did I do?" And then came the thought, "Your prayer."

Where did that thought come from? Who spoke that thought? Was it one of the Indians? Or one of the rescue team angels? Or Jesus? Or God Himself? Think back and remember -- how did that thought feel ... or *taste*?

>I realized the gratitude came from "people" whose skeletons lay before me.

Some of it probably came from the people whose skeletons lay before you, but don't be surprised that God's angels express gratitude. They love people and enjoy rescuing people -- and they are grateful for our assistance.

The fact that feeling of presence varied inversely with distance from the grave-site obviously means the source of it stayed there. And if it was the presence of angels, they stayed at the grave-site because they were working.

But you were still connected to someone. Caring-connections are spiritually real, and they do function like telephone lines. As you walked away, someone continued to send (or relay) gratitude to you.

>I left once more, walked clear to the other side of Old St. Augustine, waited an hour, and then walked back. As I drew closer to the compound, the joy of that place grew steadily stronger. Ben, it could have been a beacon, it seemed so strong! It drew me. I hated to leave.

Again, this does not sound like the ghosts of Indians. I think the angels set up a vortex of light centered on the grave-site and continued to work until they found and rescued everyone they could -- and that can take awhile. Notice how long it took in "Spiritual Rescue of a Tribe of Indians." Your description reminds me of the Indian who thought just such a vortex was like the flames of a campfire, drawing together and rising, and the one who referred to it as: "Go up place."

Your experience of entering someone else's body during astral travel is not something I'm familiar with. I may have read of it, but I'm not sure where. However, it does make sense, because spiritual abilities are very much the same whether one is astral traveling or disembodied.

Yes, astral travel is a dream-like experience. We only know for sure it is real if we have some kind of independent confirmation. That's why I wasn't sure about "Wrong Room" until I saw Terry walk out of the door I was looking at.

Past-life regression is also a dream-like experience, and sometimes it's hard to tell them apart, but in the case you described, I think it was astral travel because neither the woman nor the situation seemed familiar to you.

I don't know why you went to that woman -- there must have been some kind of attraction or affinity or acquaintance or sympathy -- but it seems pretty obvious that you entered her mind while she was (literally) out of her mind. Perhaps she was drugged, or totally despondent. And it sounds as though she was abused by the man. In any event, she wanted out of there.

>And felt that familiar jolt and tingling sensation from head to foot, as I slid back into my own body (Reentry feels more like a gentle sort of slam, actually.)

Yes, that "gentle sort of slam" is typical of re-entry from astral travel, but not of return from a past-life regression. I wonder precisely what causes it.

>I wished I'd thought to look for an envelope or something with an address.

Hmm ... I'm not sure there is much to be gained from confirming this episode. The main lesson is that astral travel is a preview of disembodied existence.

>In several places you mentioned "damage" the dark ones caused while they were inside someone. What kind of damage?

Empty areas in the spiritual body that need to be mended (healed), and/or non-living stuff that doesn't belong there and should be removed (cleansed). This is why we call for healing teams and cleansing crews after detachment.

>I am encountering substantial interference when I attempt to "up-link" to God. As I concentrate on developing reano, I get a steady influx of negative thoughts and images, which I firmly push out, one by one. I understand that I'm new at this and that it takes practice. But I know that I am not consciously generating these thoughts. I pray for assistance and protection. What else can I do?

Pray for the source(s) of the interference. As a suggestion: go back into your experience at St. Augustine and relive what happened at the beginning, moment by moment. Then, while you are reliving the feeling of the presence of angels, simply pray, "God, please bless these souls, too -- all these, here, around me or in me or attached to me."

>If 85-90% of human beings have attachees, then obviously I have them too. I'm doing the "Spiritual Shower" every day, with mixed results. But I want to be rid of them. I want to be able to help my parents and siblings (several of whom I know must be infested) and of course, my brother. And people I run into, like Lisa. How can I do this if all kinds of lost ones and elementals have "made a home" inside of me? (Not to mention tons of spiritual scar tissue that must be here.)

Not to worry. We'll get it done. Step by step.

>You mentioned that remote detachments are difficult, but please, can't we do something?

My first concern is to help you learn how to do these things yourself, so you won't have to depend on any human being. Having said that, yes, there is a lot we can do, and will do if necessary, but first let's see what you can do with my tools. If they work for you, you will have them whenever you need them.

>How do I find a place like Bethany here?

Bethany is not what you're looking for. You're looking for something like the First Century Christianity group -- and the odds are, you will have to start it yourself. If you know a few people who believe pretty much as you do, invite them to meet informally, and then see where it goes.

>I absolutely love the information about blessings! Since I read it, I go around blessing my family, the dog and cat and birds and people on the street and in the grocery store, and so on. It feels good and it's wonderful fun!

Amen! Blessing *is* fun! And it's a *major* step in the step-by-step process I'm talking about. The act of blessing is how we create caring-connections, so it's a prerequisite for most of this work. And remembering an act of blessing is a good way to generate reano any time thereafter.

Well stepped!


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