5 Dec 1996

Hello Ben

Dr. Baldwin's book, "Spirit Releasement Therapy" arrived today. Looking forward to reading it.

Let's talk about exorcism (deliverance). In a Roman Catholic exorcism there are usually several stages: A feeling of presence, the demon's attempt at continued pretense, a breakpoint when the demon is finally exposed, a period of profound confusion, the clash between the exorcist and the demon, and if all goes well, expulsion. It can be quite lengthy. There are proscribed instructions, rituals and prayers. One of the strongest injunctions is against engaging the demon in conversation. It is an altogether risky venture and can be dangerous.

Why does your method seem to work so much more safely and quickly? From what you have written, although it certainly isn't risk free, you seem to be considerably safer communicating with these demons than a traditional exorcist. Why?

The exorcist works under the authority of the church, which I am told is for protection. My friend Fran also recommended belonging to a church so that I am "covered" by the prayers of the priest/minister. Do you think this is necessary, and if so, why?

When you do spirit releasement, you ask for warrior angels. I'm assuming their weapon is light?

Considering how difficult it is to hear God's "still small voice," to differentiate between voices, to discern the honest ones from the deceivers, have you ever asked your as-angels why they (and others in God's Kingdom) don't come up with a better means of communication?

God isn't omnipotent??? Next you'll tell me God isn't omniscient, omnificent, or omnipresent! Actually you briefly mentioned this in another letter. It calls into question a lot of assumptions: That even the hairs on my head aren't numbered. That God quite possibly doesn't know where all His creatures are, (else the angels wouldn't have trouble finding them.) Seems to make for a fairly helpless God. Except that my experience has been that God does some miraculous things. I still have a hard time understanding why God *can't* help at times.

Things are a mess on this earth! Why aren't the "good guys" more aggressive in helping out over here? Why not more direct involvement? What's Jesus doing? He's more powerful than the angels, and he has first hand experience of what it's like. (Sigh...) I suppose it is pointless to ask these questions. It's the same question I was asking years ago. I don't believe God *can't* help.

>I am still concerned about whatever it was that seemed to work to prevent your participation in the healing session. But again, I'll wait and see.

I frequently get interference when I attempt to pray, enough to cause quite a bit of frustration. When I am alone and have a couple of hours, I manage to get past the block about 30% of the time. The rest of the time I resign myself to "transmitting in the blind," (as you put it) and hope that the message gets through. In church, where I basically feel like a square peg in a round hole, it is even harder. My tendency is to blame the problem on my lack of experience, or inability to stay focused, or confidence level.

I also think it's a good possibility that (sometimes at least) something else is deliberately causing the interference. I have been psychically sensitive all my life. The closest analogy I can think of is that I spend some days feeling like a police scanner on a very busy night! So it takes a lot of time and effort to get my receiver tuned properly. Frequently it seems to require more energy and focus than I can summon. I just do not think it should be so hard.

When I was a teenager I read everything I could find on spiritualism and channeling. (Back then a channeler was called a medium.) When I was satisfied that I knew as much as I could without first-hand experience, I followed the directions for inducing a trance. (It was incredibly easy.) In spite of everything I had read, I was not prepared for what happened. A presence immediately started to flow right into my body. I felt it physically as well as mentally. It was so disturbing to me that I fought it off. That was when I made the decision to quit doing anything psychic. Over the years things continued to happen because I was able to turn the faucet enough to slow down the flow, but I could never turn it completely off. I'm sharing this story with you because it is an example of how susceptible I am to spiritual influences. I've prayed for blessings for all those connected to me in any way. I do the "spiritual shower" exercise, (and frequently feel blocked there also.)

So, it's the same old story. I do not know if the block is me, or other.

>As you probably know, this would have been a good time to draw back from the low-level contact and ask God to send a team of warrior angels.

Yes. I think what happens in cases like this is that I *think* I have drawn back, but somehow the contact isn't broken. Seems to be part and parcel of the same problem I discussed in the previous paragraphs -- that at times I'm sort of an open receiver... You mentioned keeping "enough pressure or flow in the line to keep the other's stuff from flowing to you (very much like plumbing)." I obviously don't know how to do that.

[And then suddenly I was looking up from way down in the front passenger seat of a car and I was suffocating. A voice said, "A baby died. Left in the heat." I was breathing in short gasps and my heart was pounding...Well, I did a lot more praying, got myself out of that front seat and back "home."]

>Expand on this a little more. Was it really you? Where was "home"?

By home, I mean that I broke all connections and "came back" to my bedroom. I have no inkling if it was me. It was as if I was in the infant's body, experiencing what the infant was experiencing. I was not aware of any pain, just my hammering heart and labored breathing.

Err... I suppose this is the time to mention that I had a severe allergic reaction to penicillin when I was 3 years old, and my throat closed up so that I nearly suffocated. I have never been able to swallow large pills because my throat closes on them. I have other minor allergies of undetermined origin that sometimes cause my throat to swell. I can't swim under water because it gives me an overwhelming feeling of suffocation. And I've got a gag reflex that ought to be in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Well this does seem to be a rather interesting coincidence. But Ben, I've never done any work with past-life regression. What I know about it amounts to a few anecdotal stories concerning people who have been hypnotized. Wouldn't know how to begin. Certainly didn't pray for it. I suppose it could have been a past-life regression. But that doesn't fit with the situation -- I had been praying for a woman who seemed to have definite darkness surrounding her. It seems incongruous that I would slip into a past-life regression at that particular time. What do you think?

Ben, we could use your advice on a situation with a man here who seems to have picked up something from Japan or China.

He is a professor of oriental languages. He visited several Asian countries and came back very ill. Along with many physical problems he developed severe clinical depression. Several months of medical care and psychological treatment improved his condition but did not cure him. Several sessions at the church with the prayer groups got him over the hump and finished healing his physical ailments, and also helped considerably with the depression. He is still under a doctor's care for depression, and meets with a spiritual advisor/counselor once a week. Fran sensed something else going on at a deeper level, got the message, "the ancient one." She referred him to a woman who has more expertise with this sort of thing, who in turn recommended an exorcist. He and the exorcist talked on the phone several times but have been unable to coordinate schedules long enough to get together.

I had previously met and talked with him, so Fran asked me if I would mind praying about it to see what I could discern. I tried three lengthy prayer sessions, and without going into detail, what I've felt is a *stopping.* A block. Something that holds him back, jerks him upright, so prevailing that it affects every area of his life and even people and events around him. I do not see or sense darkness. I'm simply stopped for getting anything more specific. Like an invisible wall. Something else interesting. He was at the first healing prayer session I attended, the one where I first met the priest and was so aggravated by his sermon. At one point during the session I was finally managing to relax and reach that point where my ability to sense things works best. Then this man came up to the rail and placed his hand on my shoulder. Everything immediately stopped, as if something slammed on the brakes. I chalked it up to general nervousness and the unfamiliarity with a stranger touching me. I gave it no further thought until my prayer sessions when the memory resurfaced.

I suspect that at least some of the problem of coordinating schedules with the exorcist is caused by this block. I also sense that he is cooperating with it on some level. I suggested this to Fran, and she said it was quite possible, as he tends to be fatalistic and negative -- he has a "glass is half empty" perspective. But I also wonder how much of his negativity is caused by whatever may be attached to him.

>I asked an angel rescue-team-leader why they didn't remove an evil spirit from a man, and received the reply "Lest one more evil take its place. He is still attracting them."

With this in mind, how best to help this man? I recommended to Fran that she try a little more pressure on him to see the exorcist. (She knows him well.)

That's it for tonight. Thanks Ben! Bless you!


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