18 Dec 1996
Merry Christmas Ben!

I found Dr. Baldwin's book fascinating, containing much useful information. So many sections of the book piqued my interest. I have numerous questions about soul-mind fragmentation. However I found the case histories concerning extra terrestrials to be totally unbelievable.

I also have a copy of the Roman Ritual (for exorcism). You are right; it is savage. It amazes me that exorcisms could work at all under those circumstances.

>God's angels support efforts to send spirits to Heaven (salvation), but they do not support efforts to send spirits to Hell (damnation).

And you've mentioned that angels will not remove an evil spirit if they think a more evil one will take its place. Nor will they remove an entity when the host is hanging on to it in some way. Which begs several questions. Here are several situations in which angels will not assist in removing dark ones.

Are there other circumstances under which angels will not remove evil ones?

Are there circumstances under which they *cannot* remove an entity? In other words, where they are not powerful enough.

Have you ever had a case where God did not respond to your request to send a team of rescue angels?

>Basically, I don't believe God *can't* help. I believe God and those who work for him *do* help all they can. I have seen what they do -- but often no one else on earth saw what God's workers did or recognized it for what it was.

I believe that. But Ben, I guess my problem is, I can't get a handle on what God can do, and what God *can't* do.

>That experience when you were a teenager is interesting. Yes, it is incredibly easy to induce a trance. Spiritualist doctrine does not prepare people to encounter evil or invasive spirits, or even warn them such spirits exist. Do you recall specifically what you did to fight it off?

I remember coming out of the trance, resisting its flow into my body and mind... I pushed back at it very hard, feeling its progress slow, and then reverse, until I could no longer feel it inside of me. I was not willing to give up control of any part of me, or to allow it to stay inside. I have no way of knowing if I got rid of it completely. (Probably didn't.) But I know beyond a doubt, if I had not resisted, it would have taken complete control. From all that I had read about Spiritualism, I expected communication, and a request or query from spirits interested in communicating through me. I did not expect invasion.

>Let's take a closer look at the seals and gaskets in that leaky faucet. Psychic opening is usually something like sympathy, empathy, or curiosity. Specifically what types of openings do you have? Which type of opening has become habitual?

Goodness, Ben! Sympathy, empathy, and curiosity are my middle names! Seriously. I am intensely curious about most everything, never stop asking questions (drove my college teachers crazy; "ticked-off" my graduate-level teachers to the point where one of them even lowered my grade.) The public library rarely has the books I want, doesn't seem to matter what the subject is (and I read a *lot*.) As far as sympathy and empathy are concerned, my family accuses me of being the world's biggest sucker for a hard-luck story. I was one of those people who took assertiveness training in college so I could learn to tell people no. While in the Navy, I was an excellent administrator, instructor, counselor, facilitator, organizer, even manager, but I suspect I would not have been a good "warrior" because at times I was too empathetic.

I understand that these characteristics can make me vulnerable to opportunistic spirits. I learned the lesson about curiosity as a teenager (see above.) But I do not think it is possible for me to not be sympathetic or empathetic. Case in point:

I continue to work on clearing out any spirits or dark entities that may be hanging around/in me. I think I found one that's been around since childhood. I have prayed for a team of rescue angels so many times that at this point I was frustrated. (Which generated the questions I asked you earlier.) So I think I panicked, and I attempted to expel it and felt it come up to the surface, and met immediate, angry resistance... I experienced multiple physical symptoms: dizziness, racing pulse, severe headache, ears popping like a change in air pressure. And then a threat that came to me as a feeling that I could become seriously ill or even die. So at that point I calmed down and prayed for rescue angels and started talking to the entity about the Light. And talking "to" was all I did, because I got no sense of the entity talking back. I was up until midnight with this incident, then asked God to protect me and finish removing this entity, and tried to sleep. Had a very rough night, startled awake constantly, feeling continued resistance.

The next morning I woke up with a bad headache and a low-grade fever. But felt lighter and very joyful, and didn't wake up with my usual allergy reaction (to mold or pollen or who knows what.) So I thought maybe this spirit was finally gone, but I suspected that perhaps it was just lying low. So I called Fran, who wanted to assemble a prayer team and pray over me. I wanted to be sure no one in the group would attempt to send this entity back to hell. She does not believe that demonic forces are given an opportunity for salvation. But she insisted that all entities are sent to Jesus for Him to decide what to do with them. Still, it was a long talk. This is the second day of low-grade fever and headache, and I feel an oppressive pressure in my head. So I have reluctantly agreed to the prayer session. Perhaps it will take place later this week.

Empathetic? Obviously this spirit (or something) is causing real problems for me, and I'm concerned that they don't "hurt" it.

>This may be an indication of why you are susceptible to spirits. Prayer for blessing is not the same as the act of blessing. And blessing all those connected to you is not the same as detaching those who should not be connected to you. Some entities will not leave unless they are evicted, and for that, one needs to ask God to send a team of warrior angels.

But in this case my prayers aren't working. And I don't know why. If I am somehow holding on to one or more entities I don't know how I am doing it. I certainly don't want them around. I've prayed for everything I can think of: Angel rescue teams, and help with locating soul-mind fragments. I do not know what I can do by myself except continue to pray. I am determined to be rid of it, and in some peculiar way it feels as if I am in a state of siege.

I will try again tonight to connect with God in two-way prayer and ask for warrior angels. Perhaps God will help me better discern how to get this spirit to leave.

I want to discuss the warrior angels and their use of light. But I'll save it for the next letter.

Thanks for the suggestions concerning the man I mentioned. They are something we can work with.

Bless you, Ben!


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