07 Mar 1997
First Century Christianity

Greetings Ben!

>As to shape-shifters, I prefer the verb to the noun. Shape-shifting is no big deal for a spirit: they just project an image of their appearance, that's all.

Well now I feel dumb. I knew that; don't know why it didn't occur to me.

>Some angels . . . are bigger than others.

But I *didn't* know this. So I really did see a whopping bigger-than-average angel behind that person at the rail!

>I'm still considering whether and how to post our correspondence. The only drawback is, as you said, the length. Because it takes awhile to load, I may post it as a folder of separate pages with its own table of contents.

You have yet to comment about my "God is not a child abuser" outburst, although I've brought it up twice. You will not hurt my feelings to tell me what you think.
[Ben's reply: I think it needs to be said, clearly and memorably, because it is true! My God is not a child abuser. That one statement counters a ton of bad theology.]
>My mother-in-law is doing much better, more cheerful and more hopeful.

Good! I am so glad!

>The doctor prescribed Synthroid for her depression, and it is helping. So it looks like the source of her depression was bio-chemical. It is good to remember that there are several possible sources of such symptoms, and not overlook any of them.

Yep. Good point.

>How are you doing with the healing sessions at church?

It's interesting work. Although I believe it is important for me to continue to attend the healing sessions on Wednesday nights ("man the rails"), I seem to do better at home when I am praying by myself. Probably several reasons.

-- I am more relaxed at home. Standing in front of the church looking out at people in the pews is still an uncomfortable experience for me.

-- There are normally 2 groups of 3 to 4 intercessors, and therefore as many as 8 pairs of hands on an individual. I feel too crowded, physically and emotionally.

-- The lights are bright. There is music playing the entire time. I frequently get too warm. I frequently sense emotions from the intercessors. I am easily distracted.

-- At home it's not unusual for me to take 15 - 20 minutes to get a good uplink. People are at the rails an average of 10 - 15 minutes. I'm not used to working that fast.

It's not that I don't get anything. It's just that I get a lot more at home. I'm aware that in time I will become more comfortable with this particular method and so be less distracted.

I am more interested in their prayer groups -- usually 2 people who pray together regularly as a team and meet with a person (who has requested some kind of healing) on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. I am not allowed to do this yet as there is required training that will not be completed until some time in June. Unfortunately, the schedule cannot be hurried up. And although I am told that the desire is to put me on a team now, other people who are in training (some who have been around longer than I have) might be miffed, offended, hurt. ("Why does *she* get to be on a team now and *I* can't be? Why doesn't *she* have to wait until the training is completed?")

No matter. I asked Fran if the current prayer team members were meeting to pray for each other. (Well, no. They are so short-handed right now and the number of requests for private prayer sessions is so great that they hadn't taken the time. But they really needed to do it.) So? How about Wednesday nights an hour before the service? (Well, yes... that'll work.) Any objection to my praying with you since there are no "clients" at these sessions? (Absolutely none. We want you there with us.)

Hehehehe... First Century Christianity prayer group in the making!

An amusing aside: I've spent much time explaining to Fran about soul rescue, told her about my experiences, and several stories about you. She told me today, rather sheepishly, that she checked it out with an Episcopal priest in Jacksonville, Florida, who is very active in the healing ministry. Mother Pat told her that there are many lost souls who have not found their way to God and that there are "people like Ben" who specialize in helping them. Another open mind? In a priest, no less! I want to meet this lady!

Which left me a beautiful opening to talk about non-Christians being welcomed into the Light, without being converted to Christianity on the spot. I had talked about this before but it was not clear that she believed it earlier. This time she did.

Whew! Converting people is hard work, Ben! And believe me, I am *very* gentle and circumspect about it. I do not like "used car salesmen" and so will not be one. And I must tell you that I now more fully appreciate all the sweat you must have produced in trying to figure out what to say to me!

Life is grand!


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