Spirituality Learned The Hard Way -- Rei is a person who got slimed by evil spirits, deceived by false angels and ghosts, and attacked by demons -- but is now moving upward: for example, see Preparation and Elevation. Orientation is sceptical-scientific truth-seeker. Highly recommended, especially for anyone who may think spirituality is all fun and games.

The Three Faces of Regression Therapy -- Dr. William J. Baldwin. A brief (two-page) explanation of Past Life Therapy, Spirit Releasement Therapy, and Recovery of Soul-Mind Fragmentation, by the best source I know of in this field.

Past Life Or Attached Entity? -- Dr. William J. Baldwin. This short article is based on sections of his book, "Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual." It describes five essential keys to the diagnosis of whether symptoms are coming from a past life of the person or from a discarnate entity attached to the person. Excerpts from the transcripts of three cases are included as examples.

Spirit Releasement Therapy FAQ -- Dr. William J. Baldwin. An example of his email dialogue.

Spiritualism -- A useful definition and description from The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Spiritism -- Another useful definition and description from The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Spiritism to the World -- I had not seen the works of Allan Kardec until I found them on the Web. While I do not agree with everything posted here, by any means, I have discovered for myself a lot of what he wrote about.

Spirit Teachings -- Received by Rev. William Stainton Moses in 1873-1884. I had not seen these teachings before I found them on the Web. By my criteria, I consider the source to be upper-astral (higher than earth-plane) but short of the Kingdom of God.