Dear Dr. Baldwin,

I have been corresponding for some months with Ben Swett concerning Soul Rescue work. There is a short paper of yours in his web pages, "The Three Faces of Regression Therapy." Based upon the information presented in your paper, and on his recommendation, I ordered your book "Spirit Releasement Therapy." The entire book is intriguing, and did much to broaden my knowledge base as well as providing independent confirmation of some things I have experienced. Would you mind answering some questions?

Dr. B: In reply to your questions, here goes. Remember, this is empirically derived information. I make no claim on the truth of these matters. As a scientifically oriented investigator, I observe a phenomenon, watch to see if it repeats, check to see if it is replicable, develop a hypothesis, and test the hypothesis in repeated clinical trial. If it works consistently, I call it a theory, I write about it and teach other people to use the methods and they get consistent results also. Proof? Only by the results observable in peoples lives. Not very hard proof, it's only "anecdotal." But the SRT techniques I developed over the years surely have a lot of anecdotal validation, both in my practice and from the reports of other therapists using the methods of Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT).

Q: Several times you mentioned that Dark ones (Demons) can simulate the form of a loved one, but the eyes will give them away. "The eyes are windows of the soul and cannot be disguised." (p. 223) Since the form they take is essentially a projection of the loved one's physical form, why can't they project physical eyes as completely as the rest of the body?

Dr. B: The eyes of the dark force entities (DFEs) can hold blue or silver for about 30 seconds, then revert to dark or red. My analogy is a costume party where everyone has masks with eye holes. The real eyes show through. Can't tell you why beyond that. The DFEs sometimes mimic the Jesus figure coming from the Light to assist an earthbound human spirit (EB) across. The eyes might be a sparkling silvery color. The client, or the EB will hesitate because the sparkly appearance looks like a 4th of July sparkler, rather than a brilliant light emanating. If the DFEs wear a silver belt buckle, or shield of light or something metallic, it looks more like an old chrome bumper on a car which has started to rust under the chrome. They just cannot get it quite right.

Q: Have you had an opportunity to facilitate the removal of a high level Demon -- the kind that control certain areas of the world? (p. 284) If so, were you able to see any positive world changes following the dark one's removal?

Dr. B: We certainly have found DFEs who are well up the ranks. One claimed to be one of seven who control the sections of the Universe. Found a similar report from another one through another client. Twice with the same story. Hmmm. I wouldn't know just what to look for in the world news. Not all impactful events are made public, of course, and it would be assumptive, not to speak of arrogant, to assign cause for some major turn of events to our SRT work. (Would I have to take blame if something went wrong?) Eugene Maurey, in his book, Exorcism, related a session he conducted with a pendulum on Muamar Kadaffi in which DFEs were successfully removed. The next day, Kadaffi announced in the world press that he was against terrorism. Haven't heard much from him in the years since. Cause and effect? Or Synchronicity?

Q: "In every case of molestation and incest dark energy beings are involved." (p. 387) This is an interesting observation. I've had confirmation of this from an Episcopal priest involved in the healing ministry. Are there specific reasons why dark ones are particularly attracted to these behaviors?

Dr. B: Sexual abuse and the DFEs. Such abuse is so devastating to the "victim" the effects can last a lifetime (and beyond). Any such efficient use of one human against another is a high achievement for a DFE, or rather, a network of DFEs, for they follow families for generations and reincarnation cycles, spreading out over the family lines. It is very effective warfare.

Q: Attached earthbound spirits impose attitudes, behavior, addiction, emotions, and physical sensations on the host. (p. 245) Can they also impose major illnesses such as cancer? What about allergies?

Dr. B: Attached EBs can impose any physical, mental, emotional, or health condition on a living human that they suffered when they were alive in their own physical bodies. We also bring such conditions on ourselves with our own residue from past lives. If it is our own, it is the pattern which must be discovered and healed; if there is an EB imposing the condition, this attached entity must be released appropriately and the space cleared up. DFEs seem to be able to stimulate the disruption and chaos (their primary activity) of cancer cells. Every case? I don't know.

Q: When you call on the Higher Source for assistance with a strong demon who can burst out of the light, who, in your opinion, are you calling on? I understand that you cannot describe or define who or what this is. And I appreciate your need to present this information in an objective, clinical manner. But whom do you *think* it is?

Dr. B: Higher Source; Higher Aspects of the Greater Michael Energy; the Higher Dark Beings who were absolutely necessary for the gestation of the human species from the cosmos into the physical; other such elevated energies, like the one of seven controlling the Universe, that we haven't discovered. All these are beyond my understanding and speculation. The information on these, their function in a particular session has been brought through by the client or Judith, my wife. We have a tape of a remote session we conducted remotely for someone which we call "Advanced Treatment: Alien and Dark". Very interesting stuff. We occasionally do a remote for someone, though we prefer to conduct the session in person.

Q: What do you do with a Soul fragment that refuses to return to its original owner who is still incarnate? Assume no cooperation from the owner, on any level.

Dr. B: We have never had a fragment which would not go back to its own body/mind space after the requisite work was completed: releasement of entities from the fragment, remote releasement of entities from the living person where the fragment is to return, any fragments of the fragment which have embedded even deeper in the client where you find the fragment, past life therapy on the fragment and the client, gathering of all other fragments which are separated from the owner of the fragment, remote past life therapy on the owner and the fragment. Let's see, I can't think of anything else right now...

Q: I am aware of a case of shattering where there are several thousand fragments. However, there was not a single traumatic incident which caused the shattering, but rather a multitude of incidents occurring over a number of years. Other than months (or years) of therapy, is there another option for resolving the issues so that the pieces will merge?

Dr. B: Shattering from a number of incidents. Lots of traumas. Look for the pattern in the traumas. What trait, pattern, self-judgment, opinion, guilt, etc., in the client predisposed (I don't use "blame" in this context. It sounds too much like new-age righteousness and manipulative blaming) to the multitude of incidents. Find the pattern, in this life or a past life, resolve, heal, forgive, make the substrate, the consciousness, subconsciousness a more inviting place for all the shattered fragments. If there is a larger and older one available, enlist its assistance in gathering in the smaller, younger ones. Ask High Self for assistance in locating, inviting, gathering and integrating the fragments as they come. Get the client out of the mind set that allowed the situation to begin happening. She/he has most likely a past life traumatic incident of similar victimization, and before that a past life as perpetrator, and it will continue with other perpetrators in this life. First find the patterns if you can, they can be obscure, and yes, it may take months of therapy for these issues to be uncovered, ventilated, forgiven and healed. But far fewer months than with a conventional approach to therapy.

Q: In your cases concerning extraterrestrial aliens (ETs), how do you know you are not dealing with earthbound spirits who are lying? Independent types who refuse to go to the Light, very intelligent dark-energy beings in disguise? How do you know the ETs are not lying when they agree to remove their mind probes? Based upon your clinical observations, can you estimate the percentage of the population who may be affected by ETs? What kind of problems are caused by their interference?

Dr. B: ETs act and behave differently than EBs or DFEs. The client can tell, I can tell by their attitude, Judith can perceive them clairvoyantly, clairaudiently, clairsentiently. She can see them, and the energy patterns of their equipment and when it is gone. I am in the final rewrite stage of a new book, CE-VI: Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind. It is about the ETs and the DFEs and their interaction. There is no problem differentiating between them. Over half our clients show signs of ET interference of various levels.

Q: Have you ever dealt with a case of possession as opposed to attachment? How does your therapeutic approach differ in this case?

Dr. B: Possession happens. Such a person would most likely not come in for a session. This condition would be discovered by a family member who would come to help the person. We would discover and deal with the condition remotely, with fragment recovery and releasement of the entities who had come in to the space.

Q: You mentioned spiritual beings that could not be categorized. Have you seen enough of a particular kind to identify them by similar behavior, effect on the host, etc.? Are you able to communicate with them?

Dr. B: If I could identify some entity by similar behavior, effect, etc., I could categorize them. I just know there are others out there. I haven't learned enough about elementals. I think I have interpreted them as dark ones, but they don't always behave like that. We are learning more by reading and through Judith's channeling. Dion Fortune's book on Psychic Self Protection has good information on elementals.

Q: I found Sandra Ingerman's book "Soul Retrieval" in a "New Age" bookstore. As I paid for it, the woman behind the counter felt she had to warn me about what she called a "Shamanistic movement." She told me about a series of workshops presented by Michael Harner, who wrote the Foreword in Ingerman's book. She attended the first workshop, and said that while the instructors were big on insuring their clients had an "experience," they never taught them how to protect themselves from negative or demonic forces. When she brought the subject up they cut her off. "Why would they do that?" I asked. She shrugged and said that apparently they didn't want to do anything that might scare off a paying client. Since I know nothing about Michael Harner or his workshops, I do not know if this is true. But it may be interesting to note if you end up with clients who pick up unwanted attachments from workshops such as these.

Dr. B: I think Harner's work is enormously valuable. However, any teacher, seminar leader, guru, can lead followers or students in unhealthy directions. Giving power and authority to anyone else is the first mistake. Protection begins and ends with personal responsibility along with paying attention at every moment. Many people, therapists, seminar and workshop leaders, ministers, etc., etc., etc., deny and ignore the dark side. It's nasty and scary and if you close your eyes real tight, I mean, just ignore and deny it, it will go away. Now wiggle your nose like this. See, they are gone, I mean they don't exist. OOPS!, My disdain toward the new-age, love and light fluffballs is showing. Sorry for the show of disrespect. Seriously, not many people want to acknowledge the existence of this stuff.

Dr. Baldwin died 24 April 2004. Here is his obituary.

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