Ben H. Swett
Holloman AFB, NM
July 1968

Wyn had a lump in her throat that worried her doctor. He arranged for her to go to the big Army hospital at El Paso. She was to leave on a Monday morning.

Friday night and Saturday night I was too worried to sleep. I prayed hard. I tried to generate energy for her healing. But on Sunday morning her throat was as bad as before, and I felt like a zombie.

Sunday night I was too tired to pray and almost too tired to worry. I drifted into the half-state between waking and sleeping. My thoughts turned to Wyn, not with worry or fear, but only a gentle awareness--a warm fondness--that included the thought, "Bless you."

Shortly thereafter I awoke, in the middle of the night, with the certain knowledge that she was healed. I don't know where that sudden knowing came from; it didn't seem to be any kind of message, but I knew she was healed. I looked at her, and blessed her again, but did not awaken her.

Next morning the doctor took one last look at her throat before sending her to El Paso, called for a re-run of some tests, and sent her home. The lump was gone.

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