This listing is chronological

Preview -- An experience of short-term precognition with independent confirmation. (1953-04)

Crows -- Removal of a long-term phobia by what I now know is called regression therapy. (1953-05)

Walnut Grove -- An example of the promise, "In that hour the words will be given you." (1955-04)

Warning -- My mother alerted me to the danger she foresaw in a dream. (1955-04)

Why Do You Ask? -- A breakfast conversation with a man who re-lived his World War One death in his dreams. (1958-10)

Old Friends -- I believe the only rational explanation for this experience is that we once were very good friends, but not in this lifetime. (1960-09)

Myrrh Is Mine -- A Christmas dream that provided insight concerning one of the Magi. (1960-12)

Lost Track Of Time -- It is easy to lose track of time during out-of-body travel, and it can be dangerous. (1961-05)

Tommy's Wife -- An explanation of one type of demon possession and two things that can be done about it. Although there are other explanations and treatments, what Tommy did to help his wife worked. (1961-11)

An Old Yogi -- He evaluated my present position, indicated my next step, and immersed me in light. (1964-01)

A London Chippy -- What would I do if no one knew? Build a guilty conscience? I'd rather pre-pent than re-pent -- which might be considered either wisdom or calibrated cowardice. (1964-01)

Thrashing Around -- An excursion into the occult by which I learned about spiritual reality the hard way. (1964-02)

An Up-Trip -- Was this a dream? Or an out-of-body trip to a place above the astral realms? In either case, this was when I learned that I can love my neighbor regardless of anything that he or she may say or do. (1964-02)

Upward Trend -- A good teacher is a good teacher, whether in a physical body or not. (1964-03)

Limit The Effects -- When and why I quit using the Ouija Board. (1964-03)

A Letter To Scott -- First automatic writing, unsought, and from a good source. (1964-04)

Pivot Point -- Major reorientation of my personal theology. (1964-04)

Immersed In Life -- A mystic moment, in a totally unexpected place. (1964-04)

A Low-Class Vision -- Very appropriate delivery of a message. I can assimilate cartoons. (1964-04)

Major Turning Point -- Sometimes a spiritual reorientation leads to a change of lifestyle. (1964-04)

Combat-Support Mission -- What would you do if an unfriendly ghost was bothering your child at night? (1964-05)

A Breakfast Conversation -- What would you say if your child reported a visit by Jesus? (1964-10)

Conspiracy Of Silence -- A man visited by the ghosts of his brothers did not tell anyone. (1964-10)

Nine Words -- Inspiration when needed, but certainly not what I would have said. (1965-09)

Conversations In Silence -- A compilation of questions answered by good spirits, as-angels, holy ghosts. (1965-10)

The Proof -- Jesus continues to come ... when we do not expect him. (1965-10)

Evidential -- Communications from a friend and four relatives that provided me with evidence they had survived physical death. (1966-02)

My Name Is Will -- Embarassed by unexpected communication from the ghost of my wife's grandfather. (1966-08)

Be Ye Therefore Perfect -- Why I don't trust Bible translators. (1966-08)

Kingdom At Work -- Observable evidence of an invisible force. (1967-04)

There Is No Substitute For Truthfulness -- Some ghosts are liars and even well-intentioned ones make mistakes. It is up to us to exercise personal responsibility by insisting on truth. (1967-08)

A Spring Is Better Than A Pump -- My novice attempt to heal my father-in-law. (1967-08)

Reincarnation 101 -- This insight was a major revelation to me, and I still have not seen or heard of it anywhere else. (1968-04)

Deep Rescue -- A down-trip into one of the lower astral realms. Not a nice place. (1968-05)

Fluffy The Wheep -- Do guinea-pigs go to heaven? An illustration of the law of attraction. (1968-05)

A Sudden Knowing -- An apparently successful attempt to heal my wife. (1968-07)

Instead Of Exorcism -- Got a ghost to leave a house, but didn't know how to rescue her. (1968-09)

Angel At Work -- An educational vision. (1968-11)

Wrong Room -- An out-of-body trip in the local area, with independent confirmation. (1969-09)

A Philosophical Discussion -- Wherein I channeled a wisdom greater than my own, and added some emphasis from my own vocabulary. Also, some comments on cynicism. (1969-10)

A Small Explanation -- Instructions by as-angels on how to establish two-way prayer. (1970-02)

Hot Drop Zone -- Combat mission in Vietnam that taught me something about faith. (1970-05)

Barbara -- She was beautiful, highly psychic, a devout Catholic, and haunted. (1971-12)

Joan -- Some assumptions can block a two-way-prayer-channel. (1972-04)

The Sermon For Today -- Inspiration when needed, desperately. (1973-05)

Which Is Superior? -- An educational vision on how to measure spiritual stature. (1973-06)

An Elder's Prayer -- Inspiration when needed, at the bedside of a dying man. (1973-11)

The Seven Last Words Of Christ -- Insight from meditation with seed. Those who truly know the law of attraction should be able to understand the magnitude of this self-sacrifice. (1974-04)

The Beat Attitudes -- A very short, sarcastic sermon. (1974-09)

What We Call It Does Not Matter -- Spiritual healing of a twisted back. (1975-05)

Of Plants And People -- Message delivered via a dream-cartoon. (1975-05)

This Is My Prayer, Too -- Spiritual healing of a woman who sprained her entire body. (1976-04)

Error -- What if you heard, "You have been tried in the scales and found wanting... "? (1976-05)

A One-Word Answer To Prayer -- Perhaps this is the most common genuine answer. (1976-10)

Paul Routh -- Funeral for a friend. An application of the law of attraction. (1977-04)

Fundamentalist -- Exchange of letters with a young man who thought my soul is in jeopardy because of what I believe and do. (1977-07)

Why Commandments? -- An exercise in reverse-engineering a workable theology. (1978-05)

Reginald Wilburn -- Funeral for a friend. To legitimize the survivors' feelings. (1978-07)

Phobia -- Suddenly incapacitated by acrophobia due to a reactivated past-life memory, and what I did to regain my self-control. Indicates why we usually do not remember past lives, and why past-life exploration motivated by curiosity is not a good idea. (1978-10)

Jimmy Katsiftis -- Funeral for a friend. "You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just." (1978-10)

One Way Of Healing -- Wherein I accidently rediscovered something that healers apparently have known for millennia. (1979-05)

Cornelius -- Is there no salvation outside the church? Are all pagans doomed? Not according to the New Testament. Here is one who was known in heaven. (1979-11)

Liberation Of Men And Women -- Knowing the truth does set us free. (1980-04)

A Voice From The Pasture -- One tough old parishoner's view of ministers. (1981-01)

Marcia Swett Arpin -- Funeral for a friend (my mother). This was not the easiest thing I ever did, but in retrospect, my previous funeral meditations helped to prepare me for it. (1981-02)

In Light Of Easter -- Why I am a follower of Jesus. (1981-04)

For Fred And Becky -- A meditation on marriage as a major opportunity for spiritual growth, comparable to and in some ways superior to any other type of religious order. (1982-03)

Jim Two -- There are not many neighborhoods where it is safe to leave your vehicle parked with a door open and the motor running. (1983-02)

Wesley Theological Seminary -- Thirteen questions that would do for a PhD dissertation. I was asked to discuss them before a group of seminary students. (1984-04)

Spirituality - What Is It? -- Condensed summary of a seminar for Christian Elders. (1988-02)

Welcome To First Century Christianity -- An experiment in trying to rediscover what Christianity was like before all the church councils and doctrines and dogmas and stuff. (1988-11)

Saint Michael's Manor -- My introduction to better techniques for past life therapy and spirit releasement. These new techniques differ from the classic approach to exorcism in three important ways: 1. they're based on kindness; 2. they're rational, and 3. they work. (1989-04)

Stacey The Cat -- A good spirit, both before and after she died. (1989-07)

A One-Session  Clean-Up -- Transcript of a woman's past-life regression. Identified and resolved a past-life trauma that was preventing her from entering a new relationship. (1989-08)

Detachment Session, Sam -- Transcript of two sessions that found a ghost and a man had trapped themselves in the intersection of fact and fiction, truth and deception, reality and fantasy. Very few of those who get into this trap ever get out again. (1989-08)

Detachment Session, Karen -- Transcript of a woman's first experience of spirit detachment. A wide variety of spirits were found lodging with her and rescued. (1989-09)

Detachment Therapy 101 -- A brief summary of lessons learned in spiritual search and rescue operations. Presented to a meeting of several groups involved in similar work. (1989-09)

A Positive Past-Life Regression -- In which a humble man learned he had been following Jesus although he didn't know that before he died. (1989-09)

Perspectives On First Century Christianity -- Comments by a Roman, a Greek, a Jew, and a Christian. From meditation based on study of the history of the First Century. (1990-03)

Spiritual Shower -- A simple technique for cleansing one's spiritual body. (1990-03)

Prayer As A Form Of Two-Way Communication -- A brief explanatory document, updated annually for 20 years. Caution: it is too condensed to be used without training and practice of the prerequisite steps. Some who have simply tried it "cold" have wound up communicating with less-than-holy ghosts. (1990-03)

No Sale -- An impromptu rescue in an unexpected place, with a message for those who have sold their souls. (1990-04)

Christian Self-Disciplines -- A seminar for those who take their spiritual growth seriously. (1990-04)

Kent -- Wherein I learned one reason why the two great commandments are given in that order by sequence as well as importance. In spirit detachment work, FIRST love God, and THEN love your neighbor. (1990-06)

Caring-Connections Will Stretch -- Transcript of a spirit detachment session. I learned more about the law of attraction, and acquired a new tool for this work. (1990-07)

An Example Of Two-Way Prayer -- Questions raised in prayer on behalf of another, with the answers received. Includes the best explanation of forgiveness that I have seen. (1990-08)

Spiritual Rescue Of A Tribe Of Indians -- Transcript of a First Century Christianity Group meeting. The outcome was certainly a surprise to me. (1990-08)

First Century Progress Report -- A summary of lessons learned during the previous year, in two-way prayer, the act of blessing, individual and group rescue of lost souls, removal of demons, regression therapy, spiritual cleansing, and various approaches to worship. (1990-09)

On Blessing The Sick -- Techniques based on experience. (1991-01)

On Giving -- Rational analysis of the commandment, "Give to everyone who asks of you." Describes the normal distribution of human responses to a generous person. (1991-01)

On Human Nature -- An antidote for simplistic notions. Describes a technique for reasoning about worth or value that avoids the delusion of the duality of opposites. (1991-02)

Resurrection -- An Easter sunrise sermon that points to what we should do when we die. (1991-03)

Two Acts of Blessing -- Although they didn't know I was doing anything, an angry lady and a furious man responded to being blessed. (1991-04)

A New Lease On Life -- The result of this little prayer for my mother-in-law would be considered a miracle of healing if we didn't know how it works. (1991-05)

Atman -- A detachment session in which we found a good spirit from one of the astral realms. He helped the angels rescue many souls. (1992-07)

A Better Way -- A remote detachment session in which we encountered an ancient goddess trying to possess a little girl. The result clearly illustrates why Jesus is the Master and we are the troops. (1992-08)

Not Exactly Exorcism -- What else could I do with a bus-load of gabby Christian ghosts? (1992-08)

Yes, We Also Do Houses -- A spiritual search-and-rescue mission in which a woman with no prior involvement in this work channeled a lost soul and experienced the reunion. (1992-08)

Revelation -- A one-page condensation of the last book in the New Testament. Technique used was rational content-context analysis of the messages actually conveyed. (1992-09)

It's A Secret -- A few bits of truth that have been revealed to some and concealed from others, and why. Includes a new version and extension of The Parable of the Ring. (1993-07)

Charlie -- Scriptural antidotes for erroneous doctrines, presented as part of a memorial service. (1998-08)

Watershed -- A roadmap of the highest point in the history of theology, with illustrations of what came before and after it. (1998-08)

In A Nutshell -- The Law of Attraction, the will of God, our free will, and where we need help. (2000-08)

To Bless and Not Curse -- The more power anyone has, the more good or bad that person can do. (2000-11)

Lillian Jackson -- Funeral for a friend. How the teachings of Jesus answer some questions from the Old Testament. (2001-08)

Bless A Drunk -- A spiritual experiment in a crowded street. (2004-07)

Interview -- Fifteen questions by Rene Mueller, Webmaster of SpiritWeb. (2005-01)

Kerrang Interview -- An interview for Kerrang Radio "The Night Before, with Nick Margerrison" that explores several aspects of spirituality. (2007-12)

New Testament Chronology -- An exercise in trying to understand when and where and by whom the books of the New Testament were written. (2012-05)

Spiritual Body -- Some examples of restoration of the spititual body after death and before the end of the age. (2013-01)


Thrashing Around (Transcript) -- Spirit communications, verbatim, with comments from my present perspective. Not easy reading. But this is how I learned what I learned in 1964.