Ben H. Swett
Temple Hills, MD

The Air Force sent me to an executive management course at the University of South Carolina in April 1972. Although I thought about driving there, I changed my mind at the last moment and decided to fly. I missed my scheduled flight because I got tied up in Washington, DC, traffic, but caught the next one.

The ticket agent asked me where I wanted to sit. I said, "No preference." He put me in seat 21a. After I got on the airplane, a couple got on and found they were assigned seats 21b and 21c, across the aisle from each other. I asked them if they would like to sit together. They said, "Yes, please," so I moved across the aisle.

As we were exchanging places, the lady of the couple glanced at a young woman who was seated in 21d and said, "Now I see why you wanted to move." I was embarrassed and mumbled something like, "Always happy to cross the aisle for a pretty girl." Thus introduced, we struck up a conversation.

Almost immediately, my spirit-friends came in strong, guiding my conversation. I was surprised at that, but went along with their suggestions. Even before the plane taxied, I found myself relaying a series of messages to the young woman.

To my surprise, she recognized what I was doing and challenged me to show whether my sources worked for God. "Good girl," I thought. I suggested that she select her own answer to that question, based on the evidence of what they said, using the fruit of the Holy Spirit as the criteria.

As it turned out, she only needed a few words, concerning the need to set aside one's problems and generate a worshipful spirit before seeking guidance from the Lord. She said that was exactly what she needed, because she was enroute to Florida for a "meditation-vacation" to resolve inner problems concerning herself, her church and her minister.

I only learned her name as I stood up to leave the airplane, and I walked away wondering if--and if so, how--that meeting could have been arranged by spirits, given the apparently accidental circumstances of the encounter.

In November 1972, I received a phone call from Joan, the young woman I met on the airplane, asking if she could come to my house for a consultation. I said that I don't do readings or consultations, but she was welcome to come if she wished.

Two minutes after her arrival, I learned that she had her own prayer channel, but it wasn't working when she needed it most. She felt that she must either marry the minister or leave the church, but she was receiving no guidance from the Lord. Would I pray for her and see what I could receive?

Of course.

The message I received was simple: C C--which translated into "See C". She had assumed the answer must be either "A" or "B" and that assumption was blocking the answer "C" which in this case was "Neither A nor B." She thought about that for a moment, thanked me, and left.

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