Ben H. Swett
Bethany Christian Church
First Century Christianity Group
24 September 1989

Subject: Fred
Operator: Ben

Ben: Asked the Lord's presence, with us and in us. Asked him to assign special teams as needed.
Asked teams to provide whatever protection is needed and fill each of us with light and joy.
Asked Fred to take a deep breath and get relaxed.
Asked Fred to report whatever pops into his mind.
Fred, how did you encounter Jesus?
Let that thought take you back to a time and place when that thought was new to you ...
What is happening?

Fred: I see a bunch of swords, hacking at each other.

Ben: OK ... get into that scene.

Fred: I'm not in the battle. Just watching.

Ben: To one side, just watching ...

Fred: I only see swords, not people. It's a weird perspective.

Ben: Is the battle in a building or out in the open?

Fred: In a building.

Ben: What kind of building?

Fred: A castle.

Ben: Are you a man or a woman?

Fred: Man.

Ben: How old are you?

Fred: Not very.

Ben: Are you on a balcony?

Fred: Feels like a recessed rock ledge, but inside.

Ben: How is this scene associated with the name of Jesus?

Fred: Thought is ... I'm a little scared, I don't understand.

Ben: Are these Christians that are fighting?

Fred: Can't see very well.

Ben: OK. Move ahead to the next significant thing that happens.

Fred: I'm caretaker.

Ben: How old?

Fred: In my twenties.

Ben: How are you a caretaker?

Fred: Work in that building.

Ben: Do you know more about the building now?

Fred: Just getting bits and pieces.

Ben: Get into that caretaker ... what he does.

Fred: Roots and medicines? No, not true. I clean.

Ben: Sweep, mop?

Fred: Yeah.

Ben: Do you fix food?

Fred: No.

Ben: That is a good job -- to take care of the place.
Move to the next significant thing associated with the name, Jesus.

Fred: I'm confused about why people have to murder each other ... why do they have to kill to bring the word of God ... sounds silly.

Ben: Somehow you already know that isn't quite right.

Fred: Mm hmn.

Ben: OK, carry on with that life ... next significant thing.

Fred: Aah ... what's that?
I find myself taking care of a kid, a little child has been placed in my keeping.

Ben: How do you feel about that?

Fred: The responsibility kind of chokes me. But I feel it is an honor.

Ben: Is the child a boy or a girl?

Fred: Girl.

Ben: How old is she?

Fred: About two. I'm being trusted.

Ben: Carry on. What's next?

Fred: I'm learning how to take care of another human being ... that is important. As she grows, I dig within myself. Funny ... she teaches me.

Ben: She teaches you ... what is she teaching you?

Fred: It's bugging me that people would kill in the Lord's name. By being a guardian, I offered the best thought, the best guidance I had. It was an interesting relationship. When I was wrong, she showed me, by example.

Ben: So she showed you more of the true nature of Jesus than the soldiers did. OK, stay with it. What happens next?

Fred: Her father came back from a big battle.

Ben: What do you think of him?

Fred: I don't like warriors.

Ben: What does he think of you?

Fred: He doesn't respect me, but he does appreciate my willingness to help.

Ben: By taking care of his daughter?

Fred: In this society, if a man was a warrior, he was worthy of respect. Others were not much of anything.

Ben: Did you go to church or cathedral?

Fred: Fairly infrequently ... made me reach for something ...

Ben: Your kindness for the child has grown?

Fred: Yes.

Ben: Move ahead to the next significant thing that happens.

Fred: Find self learning that I can care for her.

Ben: How old is she now?

Fred: About twelve. She doesn't use me, she loves me. She knows she can ask me, and if it's in my power, I'll help. I feel parental, even though I'm not really her parent.

Ben: Good for you, and her. Move on ahead. If there is any tragedy in this life, skip past that. Skip to the last day of this life, and describe where you are and what is happening.

Fred: It's a sunny day. I'm in a field. Looking after a flock of sheep. I just fall over.

Ben: Back up a little, about half an hour. What are you wearing?

Fred: A brown robe.

Ben: What are you doing now? Are you still a caretaker?

Fred: Taking care of sheep.

Ben: And you just fall over. What happens next?

Fred: I'm just open.

Ben: What happens next? What do you see?

Fred: A lily opening up.

Ben: Repeat that, please. Stay with it. What next?

Fred: I see a person with outreaching arms.

Ben: Do you know this person?

Fred: Odd ... it's a woman.

Ben: Who is she? Do you know her?

Fred: Mmmmm ... no, but something about her is familiar.

Ben: Look at her eyes. What do they look like?

Fred: Her eyes are soft.

Ben: What happens next?

Fred: Go into light.

Ben: Together?

Fred: We hold hands and go into light together.

Ben: Then what happens? (No response) Are you resting?

Fred: Like everything turned off.

Ben: OK. Go to the review stage. Is she with you?

Fred: No. That's interesting. I don't see anyone.

Ben: OK. Let's back up to the smiling friend, waking, going into the light. Move forward increment by increment.

Fred: Light is nice. Warm. White.

Ben: Stay with it. Is anyone else there besides you?

Fred: No, it's a gray wall of light that marks out ...

Ben: What does it do?

Fred: Nothing. It's just there. White. That's interesting. There are people scrutinizing me.

Ben: Squinting like their eyes hurt?

Fred: No, like the seven dwarves.

Ben: Then blank ... like sleeping. OK, move on through that and see what happens when you wake up. Describe that.

Fred: Find self thinking "What happened? One minute with things I can deal with, like sheep, the next is foreign."

Ben: Feels different. OK. What next? Anyone here? (No response) Is the friend who greeted you there? (No response) Look around and tell me what you see.

Fred: I see a tongue depressor holding down tongue, a doctor looking in.

Ben: Oh, like a doctor in an infirmary. Does the doctor find anything?

Fred: Something in throat. Lots of tiny black things in arms and legs ... I see my light: it's blue, pink, some gold -- in my belly -- and my arms and legs are giving off white light, and can see black dots inside them.

Ben: Are they going to do something about it?

Fred: I'm alarmed ... at being so un-solid. Who's master of this house? Who runs this castle?

Ben: What are you told?

Fred: I don't know the name, but I'm told, "It's the one who cares for you."

Ben: The one who cares for you ... then what?

Fred: I think I'm asking if I'm dead ... and they're smiling. They say, "You're not dead, you're alive, but you're not where you were."

Ben: Mm hmn.

Fred: The thought kind of grips me that I have died ... I'm being comforted.

Ben: These are good people?

Fred: I trust them. They have concern, care for me.
Then I feel self-conscious -- why are they going through all this trouble for me?

Ben: And what do they tell you?

Fred: Feeling is, they enjoy it.

Ben: OK. They do it because they enjoy it.

Fred: I'm not talking to them, but am getting impressions.

Ben: Like hearing their thoughts?

Fred: Yeah ... like daydreaming.

Ben: Move on along -- what happens next?

Fred: This big room with a lot of other people.

Ben: How does it feel in this room?

Fred: Glorious.

Ben: What's happening?

Fred: Singing ... but not with words ...

Ben: What happens next?

Fred: It's nice to be here.

Ben: Is it a big room?

Fred: Huge.

Ben: Do you see any colors?

Fred: White. Light everywhere.

Ben: What happens next?

Fred: Singing.

Ben: Move along through the singing, to the next significant thing that happens.

Fred: I see an outreached hand, and I take it. Go to a quiet place. Softly talking.

Ben: Instructions?

Fred: Conversation. Caring.

Ben: Who is this person?

Fred: I don't know.

Ben: What is this person saying?

Fred: ... took care of ... something to be proud of ... but I'm not proud.

Ben: Proud?

Fred: Yes. I needed to do something like this, because it makes me feel like I earned the right to be with caring people. Glad to be there, but thinking that brought me there needs to be reviewed.

Ben: Is it being reviewed?

Fred: Good to care, but understand your motives. An element of being paid back that shouldn't be there -- shouldn't expect to be paid back.

Ben: Being taught. You cared in your most recent life.

Fred: Feeling good, but not for right reasons.

Ben: Is that person helping you to look back on your life?

Fred: Yes. Interesting -- I don't know Jesus but I am following him.

Ben: Are they telling you this?

Fred: I know this. Am trying to find out why.

Ben: They're helping with motives?

Fred: Yes ... to understand. For instance, it was good to care for the girl, but I felt that made me worthy to be in heaven. Being told I was already worthy.

Ben: Let's leave this place for now -- put a tag on it, so you can click back to it whenever you wish. Then gently return to normal consciousness in this life.

Fred: Curtain closed partially, then completely.

Ben: Suggest you rig a little thread through that curtain, back to this teaching scene, so you can get back to it again.

Fred: Can I remember my dreams? My training dreams?

Ben: Pop back into that counseling scene, where you were, and ask.

Fred: I have to work on this a little while longer. I'm famous for wanting instant solutions. Need to learn patience. Got to learn when things apply.

Ben: When applicable, and when not ...

Fred: They say I'm a good student ... they like my heart, my way of approaching things, but I have much to learn. Will learn -- know it -- but I need to know him. Thought behind my dream question was wanting instant solutions. Got a stern warning.

Ben: Yet an encouraging truth. Put a tag on this place, so you can get back to these stern, encouraging teachers. And remember you did go to the light, to the singing. Keep that memory as you return to your normal state in this life. Maintain memory, as you wriggle your toes, your fingers, and completely return to this life in this body.

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