Ben H. Swett
Temple Hills, MD
Revised 24 March 1990

To release emotional burdens and cleanse residual problems:

1. Go apart to a quiet place. Sit comfortably. Relax each part of your body, one at a time. Imagine yourself in peaceful surroundings. Take a few minutes to enjoy this feeling.

2. Remember something that has been troubling you, but don't get involved in it now. Just think of the general situation or relationship, and say to yourself, "There is a problem there."

3. Call on God or Jesus. Imagine a ray of warm white light coming down to you from above. Offer the whole problem up to the light, to the Lord. Imagine the Lord taking it from you, accepting it and understanding it. Let the problem go, entrusting it to the Lord.

(If you wish, return to step 2 and remember another problem.)

4. Imagine the residue of the problem(s) is a kind of powdery dirt, like coal dust, on you and in you. Imagine the warm white light flowing down, like water from a shower-head. Let it wash over you--and through you. Let the light rinse away all the dirt and debris.

5. Imagine openings in your hands and feet. Imagine the light flushing the powdery dirt out of those openings and swirling it away. Let the light continue to flow over you and through you, washing and cleansing, until you are clean.

6. Ask the Lord to heal any damage, or empty places, in you. Relax and allow yourself to be healed. Close the openings in your hands and feet. Instead of flowing out, let the warm white light fill you completely, beginning with your feet and continuing upward to the top of your head. When your whole body is filled with light, take time to relish that feeling ... and then go in peace.

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