Ben H. Swett
(email dialogue)

21 Apr 1997
Dear Mr. Swett,

I have been reading articles linked on your web page. I find them very interesting. I do however have a couple of questions. First, let me give you this info so you can better understand my questions...

-I am not a psychic (have never experienced psychic feelings -- except deja-vu!)

-My family has a close friend who is psychic; she predicted my birth date to my mother before I was born. She also told me last June to watch out for my friend, Michael, because she could visualize him passing out in a car.

-3 months later Michael, who I had become intimate with, committed suicide by suffocating himself with Carbon Monoxide in his car. (psychic was right)

-I went to see her (the psychic) last month because I am still reeling from this incident. She told me that she "felt another energy in the room" (which she said was Michael) and "he is with me." Also that "he will be my son."


-Can I possibly communicate with Michael since "he is with me?"

-How did she see him? In human form or something else?

-How will I know if indeed my son (when I do decide to have kids) will be Michael's spirit reincarnated?

-Do spirits who have committed suicide have the option of going to "heaven" or the Light?

Any input you may have will be helpful!

Thank you,
Stacey Smith

24 Apr 1997

Dear Stacey

>Can I possibly communicate with Michael since "he is with me?"

Probably. He may try to put his thoughts and/or feelings into your mind. Be aware of that, and careful, because his feelings at the time of his death were probably anguish. You may feel his presence, or see him in dreams. If you speak to him, he may reply via a thought which is not your own.

>How did she see him? In human form or something else?

You would have to ask her that.

>How will I know if indeed my son (when I do decide to have kids) will be Michael's spirit reincarnated?

It is not necessarily so. The psychic should have said, "He wants to be your son." And even if you do have a son and wonder if he is Michael reincarnated, it would be best not to mention that thought or anything about his prior life, because rebirth ought to be a new start, a fresh beginning.

>Do spirits who have committed suicide have the option of going to "heaven" or the Light?

Yes, but whatever dark thoughts and feelings led them to kill themselves are likely to make it difficult for them to rise up to the light of heaven.

>Any input you may have will be helpful!

You can pray for Michael, asking God or Jesus to send their angels to rescue him and help him rise to the light. And you can speak to Michael, telling him to look up, rise up, and go up to the light. Tell him there is no punishment in the light. No condemnation. He will be welcomed there.

Blessings to both of you


27 Apr 1997


Thank you for replying to my email.

I will pray for him and also try to let him know to go to the light. At his time of death, I know he wanted to be with God, so if he has not already gone, I think he will go soon.


Right now, if he is still an earthbound spirit, when he is 'with me', is that in a physical sense? Is his energy around me, or is his spirit in another place looking down on me? I guess what I am asking is, when I am going through the motions of day to day life, is he (when he is "with me") actually by my side in an energy form, or is he viewing me from afar? When a spirit touches you, I know that you supposedly get a cold sensation. So if he was to try to touch me, would I feel any sensations?

Once he enters the light, will that mean there will be no more communication between us? (Will he not be able to "communicate via my thoughts"?)

I understand about the "son" thing. Even if it is Michael, what he will need is a new start and a clear conscience.

Do you recommend past life regression hypnosis? I am very interested in doing this (for myself)... Do you believe it is legit? depending on the legitimacy of who is leading the session, I suppose. What are your thoughts on that?

Thank you,
Stacey Smith

13 May 1997

Dear Stacey,

Sorry to be so late in replying to your email. I'm back-logged at present.

An earthbound spirit can be with you in a physical sense or viewing you from afar. Sometimes a spirit stays in a specific place and only influences people who are at or near that place; sometimes a spirit follows a specific person from place to place; sometimes a spirit moves from place to place and person to person, and so is just stopping by to visit from time to time.

When a spirit touches a person, the person is likely to feel a cold sensation at the point of contact, or like a cold breeze or a chilling atmosphere, but only if the spirit is drawing energy out of the person. The person is likely to feel a warm sensation if the spirit is sending energy to the person. If energy is not being transferred, the person may feel something like a tiny prickling sensation or the touch of a hand. (For examples, see "Not Exactly Exorcism" and "Yes, We Also Do Houses").

Once a spirit enters the Light, communication is likely to stop for awhile, because the spirit is being cleansed, or resting, or busy. Then, some time later, the cleansed spirit is likely to communicate once, or once in awhile, just to say hello. Sometimes more frequent communication resumes, if the spirit asks the Lord and is approved to serve as an angel to the person.

I don't recommend hypnosis for past life regression, because hypnosis isn't necessary and may leave the person dependent on the hypnotist. I don't recommend past life regression motivated by curiosity, because it may open a can of worms unnecessarily (See "Phobia"). I do recommend past life regression therapy to search for otherwise inaccessible causes of present problems. In any case, the legitimacy of the practitioner (education or training or credentials or license) is not as important to me as his or her integrity, kindness, and wisdom in the use of these techniques. Some people use these techniques for their own gain. Some good-hearted types really don't know what they're doing. So, I think that selecting a past life regression therapist should be like selecting a brain surgeon.

On the other hand, one can learn a lot about this subject, and use some of the techniques for introspection, without submitting oneself to anyone else. ("Where is this reaction pattern coming from? When did I first react this way?") The answer is likely to appear as a dream, or as a scene that pops into the mind. Often, it is something that happened early in this life.

For a clear and comprehensive study of this subject, I recommend Dr. Baldwin's book, "Spirit Releasement Therapy -- A Techniques Manual." (See "Resources" for ordering information.) A large portion of it deals with past life regression therapy.



30 May 1997

Why don't you include our email dialogue on your page? It is very interesting. I have many, many friends/family members that are interested in reincarnation and spiritual beliefs that surf the net on a regular basis. I feel that if you include our dialogue it would give some internet surfers who aren't accustomed to the belief in it's entirety some kind of starting point or point of reference. Many people I know have had experiences somewhat close to those that I emailed you about.

Stacey :)

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