Ben H. Swett

An email dialogue with Trudy -- Let me introduce you to a lady I believe you would like to know. In what she says and the questions she asks, she speaks for many people, in a way that is all her own. (1996-08 to 1997-03)

Stacey -- Several good questions, plus a good reason to publish this brief dialogue. (1997-04)

Spirituality and Science -- An exercise in epistemology, in response to a very good question. [Epistemology is the central core of philosophy. It deals with the origin, nature, organization, methods, and limits of knowledge.] (1997-05)

Faith and Reason -- An exercise in epistemology, in response to a series of email conversations that were forwarded to me for comment. The subject is a centuries-old debate. (1998-05)

Re-activated past-life connections -- A chatroom conversation in which a woman realized a danger in past-life connections, and makes her decision. (2000-04)

The Gospel of Thomas -- A chatroom conversation concerning the credibility of this document, and especially the derogatory attitude toward women that this second-century author falsely attributed to Simon Peter and Jesus Christ. (2000-04)

In A Nutshell -- The Law of Attraction, the will of God, our free will, and where we need help. (2000-08)

Brownsville Revival -- A fine report and a friend's testimony concerning what happened at this revival in Pensacola, Florida, plus my view of "turn or burn" sermons in light of the teachings of Jesus. (2000-08)

To Bless and Not Curse -- The more power anyone has, the more good or bad that person can do, either intentionally or unintentionally. This is true of all kinds of power. (2000-11)

He Had To Decide Alone -- A chatroom discussion of why his disciples could not have helped Jesus in the Garden of Gethesmane. (2014-06)