(Extract from Stonehenge chatroom in Spirit Web Chat, 17 April 2000)

FreeLove< HI there, BEN!!! ((((((((HUGS))))))))) Do you have time to answer a question?

Ben< FreeLove: Hi! Yes, I'll be here a little while.

FreeLove< Okay, Bennie Baby ... *giggle* Do you know anything of the Kybalion, Hermetic Philosophy, the seven hermetic principles?

Ben< FreeLovely: Not enough to have a reliable opinion. (How's that for a straight answer? *S*)

FreeLove< Ben: I wanna discuss it, darn it! It's really weird, what is happening to me since I bought the book. I am searching for something, yet know not what it is. I am being pushed to ask ... but know not the question. *frustrated sigh*

ozone914< (((FreeLove)))) are you speaking about the golden dawn, and angelic script?

FreeLove< Ozone: Not that I am aware of. *S* It is Hermetic Philosophy, based on the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. The Seven Hermetic Principles of Enlightenment. *S*

Ben< FreeLove: What has been happening since you read that book?

FreeLove< Ben: Well, when I read the first few chapters, I was all of a sudden in a room with monks dressed in brown robes, sitting cross legged on a dirt floor, fire between me and them. They were sitting semi-circle in front of me. The room was cool, yet the fire was warming. I could not see the faces of those on the outsides, only saw the shadows. I only saw from the nose down of the three in front, and one spoke, telling me I already know this. I was kneeling, with my head bowed. I was there, yet was watching myself. *S* It was me, but it wasn't who I am now.

FreeLove< Ben: Physically, it was not me in this life. I got an impression (no ego, I swear to it) that I was one of them once before, and that I only needed to hone my skills. Now, every time I pick up the book, I feel an entourage of monks following me, or around me ...

ozone914< FreeLove: There is a group that follow ancient script ... one of their translation devices is named "the hermetic rose" ... which translates angelic communication. I'm sure it ties in somehow.

FreeLove< Ozone: Could be. *S* I just got the book last Wednesday. It screamed at me to get it, and I began reading it, and could hardly put it down. It's just a little thing, yet so full of info. *S* And it backs up what I have always believed. It's just darned interesting, and awesome ...

ozone914< FreeLove: I've recently discovered pieces of it ... part of my universal translator ... what else could you tell us about it?

FreeLove< Ozone: I dunno ... *shrugs* It talks about Secret Doctrines, and how these principles were around LONG before Christ and other religions. That these are the basic foundations for religions, for wise men would come from countries far and wide to learn from the Master. *S*

Ben< FreeLove: That sounds like a re-activated past-life connection. If so, what you read reminded you of another time, another place, and linked you to it. (Perhaps a place in one of the astral realms.) Whether you do or don't want to be again what you were then is another matter.

FreeLove< Ben: *sigh* I know. I am giving in to this, slowly, and I am doing it. *S* IT is what I want. IT IS WHAT I WANT. (I think). *giggle* I should not worry of the ramifications, eh? I should just go with it ... And become ...

FreeLove< ***Surprised look on face, goes running behind a rock***

FreeLove< AHhhhhhh **Comes back, relieved and ready to drink more**

Ben< FreeLove: The other half of a re-activated past-life connection is: "What do those discarnates who are now following you around want from you?" That can be (and usually is) a problem.

FreeLove< Ben: Could they be only wanting to help?

Ben< FreeLove: Maybe they want to help. But they may want to live their agendas through you. It may become a question of who's in charge of your life in the here and now. (What you were is only a fraction of what you are now.)

FreeLove< Ben: Yes, what I am now is only a fraction. Then, I should ask them to leave ... Okay, dealing with more here than I thought ... *sigh*

Ben< FreeLove: I said it the other way -- what you once were (in any one past life) is a fraction of what you are now, because you include them all. The issue for me was, what do I want to keep from each past life, and what do I want to release and not do or be again? As to attached entities, I'm reminded of a friend of mine who inadvertently re-activated a bunch of past-life connections. In that life, he was a king or prince of a small city. The re-activation resulted in him being surrounded by a large number of former servants and soldiers, who had sworn loyalty to him. (He sent them to the Light, and they were glad to go.) But there were also a bunch of old enemies who still hated him. After considerable conversation, he convinced them that he was out of the business of making or keeping enemies, and most of them went. Some former enemies were removed from him by angels.

FreeLove< Ben: *sigh* I do not want that ... I only want the experience ... wait ... something clicked. If I was with them at one time, then I have already known that. I don't need to work on it (except for honing, if I choose) ... I will pray on it, and yack with my guides about it. Thanks for the information. This is what I was looking for ...

Ben< FreeLove: You're welcome. (I think I'm going to change my nic from Ben to SlowFingers. *S*)

FreeLove< Ben: I didn't see your name up top, that is why I thought you had left. *S* You know, when I was in the temple, it felt right ... yet, when they came to me, it was eerie.

Ben< FreeLove: Yes. There is a temple in my karmic memories, too. But I've learned a lot since then, and I don't want to return to what I was, or continue the old relationships unmodified. Some of those I knew then have hung out in the astral, lost track of time, and not progressed. I try to help them to rise to the Light, but if they won't go, I turn off my connection to them so they can't influence my life.

FreeLove< Ben: Well, that is what I am afraid of. I wouldn't feel them like I do if they were truly home. I have felt presences of those who are watching to learn, my guides, teachers, healers ... Yet not like this.

Ben< FreeLove: Okay. I understand what you are saying. Blessings on your spiritual journey. Namaste. *S*

FreeLove< Ben, again, I thank you. I have already dispatched them, to a certain degree ... Still feel a lingering. Must burn the book ritualistically ... The thought creates **OH, NOOOOOO** in me ... therefore, must be done.

Ben< FreeLove: Again, and always, you are welcome. When I read what you said about disposing of the book, my thought was: Freedom isn't free ...

FreeLove< Uh, Ben? Is it normal to feel fear and anger when a book is burned?

[Ben< FreeLove: No, it isn't normal. If you feel fear and anger at that point, those feelings would probably be coming from attached discarnate entities.]

FreeLove< Ben, well ... I put the book in the fire ... and, uhhh, was interesting. When I held it and did the incantation for release, and for angels, etc., it was like someone was grabbing the book from my hand ... and I finished, put it in, and the fear and anger was enormous ... Yuck. Reminds me of the Ouija Board ... *shivers*

Ben< FreeLove: The next step is to dump (or ask the angels to cleanse away) any non-living residue of those attachees.

FreeLove< Ben: thanks. I did, and felt a tingling in me etheric body. *hehe* Feeling a little lighter, too. Muwahahahaha ... *sigh* What would I do without you?

FreeLove< ALL: Okay, darkness falls. I must go. ((((BEN)))) Thanks. Your help has been beneficial. Problem is, fear of opening the stove has set in. *LOL* I shall work on that, too. *hehe*

Ben< FreeLove: I think you would do well without me. But, ah, my friend, it is a privilege to be of assistance.

FreeLove< Ben: *giggle* I do better with friends such as yourself. I am honored to have an assistee ... *hehe* Good night.

Ben< FreeLove: Good night, friend. See you another time. // ALL: Good night and great morning to each of you. Namaste. *poof*

FreeLove< Good bye, all ... Love, light and laughter be with each and every one. ~~~PLINK~~~

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