30. Seminars
Spirit Web Chat
Session 1
04 November 2000

Ben< ALL: I know these seminars have been valuable to a fairly large number of people over the past three years. I also enjoy them, and would like to see them continue, but the time has come for me to reduce my commitment and do some other things with my life. Accordingly, my three questions tonight will relate to the future of these seminars.

Ben< QUESTION 1: Do you think "Ben's Seminar" can (or should) try to meet on a regular basis even though I can only be here once in awhile? If not, Okay. If so, do you have any comments or suggestions as to how it might be done? YOUR TURN

guitarist< Perhaps, Ben, are you thinking of passing the mantle on?

Ben< guitarist: Well, yes, to some extent. I think a leader should be able to step back and facilitate the development of other leaders, and democratic processes.

LEGS< Ben: I'm trying not to be shocked and worried. The seminars are valuable... we agree on that.

FRAML< Ben: I would recommend a semi-regular basis, a couple of times a month perhaps. I would like for us to gather at least once a month on a pre-planned basis. But we could still meet here on our own for discussion on an adhoc basis.

DestinyB< I think we should continue to meet. I look forward to our chats.

selki< I have not attended many, mainly because I was unaware that they were available, or I forgot about them, but I did enjoy the ones that I attended and I really got a lot out of them. Thank you, Ben.

guitarist< I know that we often meet at this time on Saturdays even when you're not here. Sometimes we meet in one of these rooms, and the last couple of weeks some of us have been in the Henge.

LEGS< Do you propose carrying the informal discussions (those where you are not the moderator) on your site also?

guitarist< Good question, LEGS -- the issue of "ownership" of the project.

Ben< LEGS: I'll get to the transcripts as Question 3. First, I wanted to see if folks are interested in meeting regularly when I'm not here.

Sprinkles< I would like to continue meeting here on Saturday evenings and would still like to have your input. How it would be done, I'm not sure at this point. I do know that I will miss you, and hope that you do come back to see how we are getting along. *S*

DestinyB< I've been chatting on the internet for 4 years in many different kinds of chat rooms. I've learned more and grown more in the past 6 months coming here than all the other public rooms combined.

LEGS< Bravo, DestinyB! I think many of us could testify to similar experiences.

Sprinkles< Ditto on that, DestinyB. *S*

FRAML< I normally pop in on Saturday evenings when Ben isn't here. However if no one is in the room I usually depart early.

selki< I would like to come to more discussions.

Ishtahota< Ben: I think meetings like this are what SWC is all about. Having someone around to guide and structure conversations is valuable for the learning process.

guitarist< Ishtahota: I liked what you posted. :)

Ishtahota< guitarist: Thanks.

daCrone< I think the seminars work because there is structure. The Q&A does seem to work to keep focus. FRAML -- are you going to step in?

DestinyB< I, too, agree with Ishtahota & daCrone.

Ishtahota< LeLe & guitarist: It is part of a book I'm writing.

LeLe< *S* @ Ishtahota ... one word ... excellent ... I look forward to the book.

FRAML< I guess I've lead discussions in here on an impromptu basis in the past when Ben wasn't here, or just folks showed up and wanted a substantive discussion.

Ben< LEGS: (public reply to your pm asking if my or my wife's health is part of the problem.) The problem is the amount of time I have available, and the fact I've been postponing other things I need to get done.

daCrone< Ben: I understood that life needs tending, and I don't think any of us want you to sacrifice yourself ... still, you have developed a good format and I think it should continue. *S*

LEGS< Ben: I realize that it is not just the time spent in the class seminar discussion, but the planning ahead for the evening, structuring the questions for the best understanding, and enabling responses with your manner of posting them, re-aligning the entire transcript for clarity and concise display..... that really takes the time

FRAML< LEGS: What you described Ben doing usually takes about 30-35 hours a week for him, a fairly full "part- time job".

DestinyB< That's a lot of time!

LEGS< FRAML: I understand because of the amount of time required to publish the ezine. The preparation is much more below surface than what shows in the magazine.

greyman< Ben: I am always for quality. Sometimes that takes time. To force high quality on a weekly basis may lead to burn out. I would rather have seminars once in awhile rather than losing the channel entirely. You have about 5 megabytes of text from past seminars. If you published them the pages would stand about waist high.

daCrone< I also agree with greyman. If not weekly, then at another pace, perhaps.

FRAML< greyman: I've got 4 four-inch 3-ring binders with the text of the seminars on my book shelf.

Ben< greyman: "Waist high" Heh! Yes, I've printed out all but the last couple of seminars, and it is quite a stack of paper.

Trinkat< Ben: What if you changed the seminars to a monthly basis? We could do informal discussion groups at the same time the rest of the month.

daCrone< What about rotating moderators?

guitarist< I really have appreciated the seminars over the nearly a year that I've been coming. I'm glad I managed to get in this last year. Ben, what do you think of the idea that some of us share the load of a fairly regular seminar series?

Ben< guitarist: Rotating leadership is one approach. If that's the way folks want to go, the leadership schedule needs to be worked out in advance.

LadyBleu< Oh. Dear Ben ... this news give me a tingle ... Oh! ... so, how quickly can you clone yourself? LOL! It would a great loss to many, and I'm just getting the idea to mark my calendar for this special format. What do you think is an alternative? What you will do about giving this up? I am certain you have something in mind. *drops shoulders ... head cocked to side ... avoiding what I think is coming ... peeking out of one eye* Listening! Happy to be here tonite Ben and all these wonders present!

Ben< QUESTION 2: For those who would like to meet regularly (with me popping in when I can), what about a list of proposed topics? I could maintain such a list on my site, or someone else could, so that whoever is here could pick a topic from the list if no one has a topic or question ready to post at the beginning of a meeting. Comments? Suggestions? YOUR TURN

daCrone< How do you see a list of topics working? Would you post a list and then we'd work through them? *sorry to not understand*

Ben< daCrone: I was thinking that whoever was here at the start of the hour could post a topic and first question. If no one was prepared to do that, then someone could go to my site (or someone's site) and pick a topic from the list.

guitarist< We still haven't discussed spiritual cleansing in depth. *s*

DestinyB< Many of the topics I would be interested in exploring further have been discussed in the past before I found you. Reincarnation, miracles, out of body experiences, Angels ... that kind of thing.

LEGS< Perhaps, in that case, you could post the topics and then different ones could volunteer for a topic that is either dear to their hearts or has been an experience on their path already.

FRAML< Ben: I think that our developing a list of topics is a good idea. Your suggestion makes sense to me, and we could e-mail you additional topics that we think up. And always go with something that is on a person's plate for that night.

guitarist< FRAML: I like your idea of answering what's on someone's mind. *VBS*

Sprinkles< I think FRAML would do a good job. Perhaps to continue the seminars and if possible Ben can help guide us through FRAML once a month. Would that be helpful, Ben? ( Of course, if FRAML is willing?)

FRAML< Sprinkles: You are willing to endanger yourself with me? *G*

Sprinkles< FRAML: I have been to the seminars that you had filled in at times for Ben. I think they were structured in the same manner as if Ben was doing them himself. Yes, my friend, I will endanger myself, besides I like a challenge now and then. LOL *S*

FRAML< Sprinkles: Thank you for your vote of confidence. Now I just have to find it in myself. *S*

guitarist< I'd like to know how one might conduct a spiritual eye examination! Or whatever spiritual sense a person uses most.

DestinyB< The value in our chats is in the exchange of ideas and experiences. I couldn't care less if my comments appeared on a webpage.

LEGS< DestinyB: The web pages continue to yield service to those troubled who are led to them for answers.

guitarist< Yes, DestinyB, but Ben's postings are what drew me to this group, and I hope that he or someone (greyman? FRAML?) would continue. Others need this ministry.

DestinyB< LEGS & Guitarist: Now that you mention it, I've also gained insight from reading past discussions.

Ishtahota< Ben: What you are doing is basically like an A.A. meeting. Only the topics have a lot more meat to them.

Ben< Ishtahota: I have a lot of respect for AA.

Sprinkles< Yes, I think the list is good. It is a focusing point. Rotating leadership? I'm not so sure, I feel there has to be some sort of stability. If the time span is far enough to get a feel of each "leadership" -- say maybe every six months -- then I would feel enough knowledge of the leadership qualities. LOL I think.

LarryGC< Perhaps you can start an email list on eGroups.com ?

daCrone< I think topic-directed discussions work better than free-form. You use a three-question format which is 20 minutes per question. I think your idea of posting topics can work. I do feel, though, that a moderator helps keep discussions on track.

Sprinkles< daCrone: I agree in the topic-directed discussions and the format structures with a moderator. That may be of help. *S*

daCrone< Also, FRAML's lead-in about the nature of the upcoming discussion, I feel, helps set the framework.

FRAML< daCrone: I'm just doing a cut and paste of what is on Ben's site at the beginning of the Seminar Page, but it is useful for new folks.

daCrone< FRAML: Cut and paste, yes ... but it does tend to 'delineate' the time/space. I think it is useful.

LadyBleu< This happened to me about 20 years ago. My classes grew. I became over-extended. I began to ask a certain person at the following classes to stand front and facilitate and conduct what they thought was of their expertise. It worked, and many became facilitators, teachers for future times such as these. Many grew and become confidant in this new ability as leader/facilitator. Some wrote books! Good business and great growth .... practical and spiritual expansion for all.

Ben< ALL: Someone mentioned that these seminars have worked well because of the Q&A format -- and I agree that has helped -- but the main reason is the (spiritual) atmosphere of courtesy, respect, and personal sharing.

guitarist< ...which atmosphere you have fostered, Ben! We will certainly miss you and your gracious spirit! But, I can understand if you have more important things to do -- more important being a relative term. No pun intended...

Ben< guitarist: Yes, my agenda here has always been to help people see how to discern, and contribute to, and maintain, a positive spiritual atmosphere. And in that, I am pleased.

FRAML< Ben: I agree: courtesy, respect, and personal sharing have been the key. I hear that from folks who've just passed through here a time or two.

greyman< Ahhh! I see where you are going with this. You know how reluctant I am about taking the left seat. Sometimes the Astronaut's prayer doesn't cut it.

daCrone< Ben: Do you see a transition time frame, or would this take effect rapidly?

Ben< ALL: (Replying to daCrone's question.) I don't intend to drop off the map. We can talk about all this again next week, after you've had time to think about it.

daCrone< Thank you, Ben. This idea was a surprise to me, so I do need to think. *S*

selki< I felt comfortable speaking of personal family problems with Ben and those of you who attend the seminars. If anything, I realized that I am not alone in some of the issues that were discussed. This has been like a support group if anything. There are many issues that could be discussed concerning families, spiritual needs, (I'm not sure if I am expressing myself properly), none the less, I trust Ben and his wisdom.

Ishtahota< Ben: It's all growing. The format is the same. Structured discussion at a certain time. It works.

Trinkat< Ben: I think you have been the key for these seminars because we all trust you to be impartial and to allow everyone the right to their own opinion. As has been said several times, we all trust and respect you. I'm not sure how I feel about interim moderators .... it usually takes me a while to trust someone 'new'.

Ishtahota< This world is about change, and if we do not go with the flow, sometimes it will force this change on us. Different leaders see things from different directions. Just set up a format for the leaders to follow. And if someone has a burning urge to discuss something, then so be it. That could also be an urging from spirit.

DestinyB< This place is unique in that it is safe to talk with knowledgeable, intelligent people about some subjects the mainstream considers just plain weird.

LEGS< Yes, DestinyB, many of the things we discuss here as experiences, the text books in my psychology classes termed bi-polar and schizoid behavior and beliefs. *G*

DestinyB< That's so funny LEGS!!!! :-D

Ben< QUESTION 3: And for those who would like to meet regularly, what about the meeting transcripts? It would be good to have them available longer than they stay in Review on SWC, but I can't suggest that anyone spend the amount of time it takes to edit them the way I've been doing it. Maybe someone could download the raw text each week and make it available. Comments? Suggestions? YOUR TURN

guitarist< I have been practicing editing transcripts, much as you do. Naturally, they don't come out exactly the same, but I assume you want a conversation that flows, correct?

Ishtahota< Ben: Can you teach someone how to do that? It took someone like me a year to do a bookmark.

daCrone< LOL @ Ishtahota's bookmark statement!

FRAML< Ben: If you lead a specific topic that was pre-announced, that would be worth posting as a raw transcript on your site for a couple of weeks. That would eliminate the editing work, and allow folks to read it over the span of 14 days. The other 'impromptu' seminars could be downloaded and kept by a couple of us, and then could be sent to those who are interested in them via e-mail attachment. However, I can't consistently get the sessions to download properly using the cheapo Microsoft works.

Sprinkles< I would do what I could, if downloading and putting it up on a site is all there is to it. (I doubt it). But I would need to know what to do. I can have a site where others could go to review the scripts, but what if they need to be edited? I would like to be able to do something for it is very helpful for others and to others to review it when needed.

guitarist< Ben: What I would miss the most, though, about your transcripts is the comments you insert afterwards! I look forward to them.

Ben< ALL: Thank you for your kind comments concerning my leadership style in these seminars. I truly appreciate that. And as a hint for anyone leading such a group: I prepare and post the questions in the role of facilitator, allow everyone to express their own opinions, and then include my own opinion *as a member of the group and not as a teacher or preacher*.

Ishtahota< Ben: That allows more people to open up and share. I didn't know that 'till just now.

guitarist< But, like it or not, your words do have more impact, even though you present yourself as a member of the group and not as teacher or preacher, Ben. I think we need to develop enough respect for each others' thinking -- or see whose thinking we do respect -- that whoever leads at a particular time could have that kind of impact.

Ishtahota< Ben: There are also times when people discuss things and they want them not to be repeated. Like what is said here stays here. You know, sensitive topics that are not copied or spread around. In A.A. we call these closed meetings. You might want to have different types of seminars as needed for the people.

Ben< Ishtahota: One of the groundrules for these seminars has always been that, if anyone says something they post is "off the record", it will be deleted in editing the transcript. (And I also delete other postings that aren't germane to the topic being discussed.)

LadyBleu< I might add that I continued to experiment with changing of the guard, so to speak. One of the participants in my group, who seemed to be the least likely to conduct a class, turned out to be quite a sterling gem. Of course, the first time, after her knees stopped knocking and heart rate back to normal, she zooomed into orbit. She became quite known. I will not mention her name, and I know she is familiar to most of you. It was a wonderful self-discovery for her, and today she sends me notes to thank me for giving or pushing her into this opportunity for allowing her to bring forward these wonderful innate abilities which were stored in her memory bank for god knows how many life-times, which surprised the lot of us.

daCrone< I believe that FRAML, if he would agree, would be a good choice to take over the leading role. He has the experience, and I know he understands well how to pace the discussion. Of course, we wouldn't make him do it ... but I, for one, would be very comfortable with his leadership. Do I hear seconds?

LEGS< Oh, everyone knows I'm partial to FRAML as the choice in Ben's stead ... and I prefer men in the role myself.

selki< Me too, LEGS.

Sprinkles< LOL @ LEGS. I second the motion on FRAML.

daCrone< It appears also from what I am reading that there are several of you who could help with the posting. That would be a good as well. If FRAML decided he didn't want the job, then we could re-decide what to do

guitarist< I would second the motion, daCrone, with the proviso that FRAML would not have to do it all the time. Like many of us, FRAML is still a working man. ;)

daCrone< We have a second for FRAML. Ben -- would that be acceptable to you?

FRAML< daCrone & guitarist: Now if you could just convince my boss that I'm actually working at work. *VBG*

daCrone< hahahaha ... but FRAML, honesty is the best policy! LOL

Ben< COMMENT: Whether "Ben's Seminar" meets regularly or not, I plan to prepare for and lead a meeting or series of meetings once in awhile. In such cases, I will announce the meeting date and topic (here and on my site) at least a week in advance, and hope that others will spread the word so folks can be here.

FRAML< I've done it on an adhoc basis, when I had a topic to go with. I could prepare questions for once or twice a month. However, I don't have the time to put into the editing of the transcript that has been previously done.

Sprinkles< I could have a site up and running for SWC seminar review. Downloading and making it available would be no problem, I wouldn't know how to edit it properly, though. (sigh) In any case, my services are available if needed.

FRAML< Sprinkles: Thank you for offering a site to place the adhoc meetings. That makes sense to me. Folks could volunteer to pull a raw transcript off of it and work on it, and then send it back to you for posting. There might be a time gap that way, but the raw one would be there until the edited version is finished.

guitarist< OK, FRAML, I volunteer to do the editing.

daCrone< FRAML: guitarist's point was well made, and you confirmed it. However, if I may, the transcripts can be handled by several others -- they have talents that will go a long way toward keeping this a successful series. *S*

Ben< ALL: Okay, let's talk about this again next week, same time, same station. To be right up front with you, my agenda is to facilitate others to do what I do, as well or better than I do it (and maybe push them a little), rather than drawing or keeping the leadership all to myself.

guitarist< Ben: I'm glad you aren't dropping off the face of the earth. While my schooling (BA program in communication studies) is training me to step in and be a team player when needed (in such a situation as this), my knees are knocking, too. I admit that this is somewhat scary.

Ben< /topic Discussion of Ben's Seminar

guitarist< Ben: I'm also glad that you are willing to train us. I have been in situations where the leadership wanted to hold on tight to their power, and only picked "special people" to carry on. I'm sure this created quite a defective situation in the end, because most people's talents were not being used. I'm not there anymore, so I can't update on what's happening now.

[Several minutes in which SWC didn't respond or responded after a long delay]

DestinyB< *smile* thought I was in a SWC twilight zone!

Ben< DestinyB: I think SWC had a bit of indigestion there for a few minutes. It was very slow to post or refresh. Better now.

FRAML< Yes, indigestion. I got booted and had to come back on-line.

guitarist< Ben, FRAML, and Destiny: I too was in SWC twilight momentarily. Fortunately I didn't get kicked off.

LEGS< I also got booted for a moment. *G* but back now

KAM< Ben: I was just able to join, and am learning that you are planning to mentor someone to do these seminars. We have been very satisfied with your leadership, and hope that this is not due to some bad news in your life, but rather a choice of spending your time on a different aspect of progression. *S*

guitarist< LEGS: As far as men leading ... this role is a facilitator's role, not a leader's role. I would love it very much if you could lead -- I mean, facilitate -- a seminar! *VBS* I think you'd do a great job!

LEGS< I'm flattered, guitarist, but I play best when following. *s*

daCrone< Yes, guitarist ... facilitator ... that is better wording. *S* I know you guys here have lots of abilities -- let 'em roll !

selki< guitarist: Perhaps at times we could have "guest facilitators"? I'm sure there are those of us who would love to participate in that role with a topic of their choice.

guitarist< Sounds OK -- got any suggestions, selki?

selki< guitarist: Well, none specifically at the moment, but the ideas are beginning to flow.

FRAML< selki: Good point. If one is interested in a subject to facilitate it.

daCrone< FRAML: Even if you do not choose to do this on a permanent basis, I do feel you are the individual who should begin the changeover action. There are many here who can assist. And Ben, your intention to allow others leadership is to be honored -- I understand your personal need, but your stated purpose is to be held in esteem and is worthy.

FRAML< daCrone: I'm willing to do it. And I'm fortunate I'm close enough that Ben can grab me by the stacking swivel if I screw things up. (and get help too.)

Sprinkles< FRAML: I will do what I can. Just let me know. I am open to suggestions and any help to keep the seminars going. *S*

FRAML< Sprinkles, thanks.

Ben< COMMENT: I'll download and edit this session as I have been doing, and post it on my site. Then I and everyone who wishes to can review it before the next meeting.

guitarist< OK, Ben.

LadyBleu< That is wonderful, Ben! It will work! So happy to have you keep a eye on things as this format continues. // Yep, guitarist, the knee-knocking will lessen to a gentle pause. *S* Love, faith, courage, strength be yours, (((FRAML))), a great facilitator to be!

FRAML< Ben & ALL: I can send out notices when Ben will be leading a seminar, and/or the topics I will be doing if I have your e-mail addresses. I have some but not all. I know I lost daCrone's. And when I send out the notices I do blind copy so that your addy doesn't get spread around.

daCrone< Lost my email? Well ... my, my ... let me see if I can find it. LOL

FRAML< My e-addy is frshirer@aol.com

guitarist< BTW, best to pm the e-mail addresses. *s*

FRAML< DestinyB & daCrone: Got it.

Ishtahota< FRAML: Just sent my addy by e-mail

FRAML< Ishtahota: Thanks.

Ishtahota< FRAML: No ... Thank you!

LEGS< Goodnite, dear friends ... much love to all. Looking forward to hearing more about these changes. (((((((((((((BEN))))))))))))))))

guitarist< Another thing about leading these seminars ... one must be willing to stay up *very, very* late on Saturday night. Facilitators do not get to bail early. *WEG*

[Almost everyone in the room said good-bye and left at this point.]

guitarist< ...unless the whole group decides to do so. *VWEG*

Sprinkles< Ben: Again I would like to thank you for your time in allowing me to see things in a brighter light and the sharing of it here in SWC. Many Blessings my friend, on the paths that lay before you. *S* ****~Sprinkles~**** Blessings of Love, Light and Happiness always to all. *poof*

guitarist< Perhaps this night's seminar could be titled, "Handing Off the Baton of Leadership." It would be instructive to many who do not know how do this very important function. (Hey, it's why many businesses don't survive the founder. Think about it.)

Ben< Okay, time to rest. Peace and blessings to each of you. Good night.

guitarist< I must admit that I think this session is the best example of delegation that I have personally ever witnessed. My admiration goes to Ben and everyone who attended tonight. Blessings on us all, and on all who will participate in this new stage in "Ben's Seminars"!


30. Seminars
Spirit Web Chat
Session 2
11 November 2000

Ben< ALL: Last week, several people said "Ben's Seminar" can and should try to meet on a regular basis even though I can only be here once in awhile. Tonight we're continuing our discussion of how to do that. I have three comments, and then some specific questions.

Ben< Comment: I would not be offended if the meetings were called "Seminar" instead of "Ben's Seminar" when I'm not here. (Someone asked me about that.)

Ben< Comment: Last time, DestinyB said, "Many of the topics I would be interested in exploring further have been discussed in the past before I found you. Reincarnation, miracles, out of body experiences, Angels ... that kind of thing." That's a good point. Anyone who wants to can lead another seminar on any of the 29 topics we have discussed in the past three years. They are all very large topics, and a lot more can be done with them. And for each of those topics, the transcripts on my site may stimulate thinking about questions that you wish I had asked.

Ben< Comment: Some of you may wish to lead something like these seminars at other times, and perhaps in other rooms. I think that would be a fine idea. After all, substantive discussion of spiritual topics in an atmosphere of courtesy, respect, and personal sharing was what TheFire had in mind when he created SWC.

Ben< QUESTION 1: Who would like to sign up to lead a session between now and the end of the year? Each line of the schedule should include: date, leader, and topic, but you can add the topic later. For example: 25 November, Ben, Thanksgiving. *S* (See? I will be here once in awhile, as I said.) YOUR TURN

FRAML< Ben: I could do one on December 16th. But I would want to start at 10 pm Eastern time. I haven't the foggiest idea for a topic yet.

messenger< FRAML: How about the connection between the photon belt and the Mayan calendar predicting 2012 as the end of the world !

FRAML< messenger: I have no knowledge of that, or how to devise questions for discussion in a logical way.

messenger< FRAML: Since we are currently in the violet age, and 2010 to 2012 takes us into the indigo age ... throw in an astronomical occurrence, the photon belt starting another 12000 year cycle, plus Mayan prophecies, Biblical references in Psalms 110 to 113. I think you could find many questions.

greyman< messenger: The Mayan calendar just ran out of stone.

messenger< greyman: We shall see.

FRAML< Ben: Perhaps I'll do something on past lives or attachees, since I have experience with the latter related to that date.

Ben< FRAML: Okay, December 16th, 10 pm eastern time. Past life attachees?

FRAML< Yes. I'll figure something out using your precedent to discuss them both. Or perhaps: Can an attachee make one think they have lived before when they haven't?

Ben< FRAML: That sounds good. Dr. Baldwin has some points on differential diagnosis directly related to that question.

Ben< ALL: Other volunteers? How about next Saturday, 18 November ?

greyman< Sorry, I'm more worried about spiritual situation of United States.

guitarist< I would like to explore marriage in the context of spirit, but wouldn't be able to do it till 9 December. What do you think of that?

Ben< guitarist: I think marriage in the context of spirit is an excellent topic. If it's Okay with you, I'll schedule you with that topic for 9 December.

guitarist< I'd like to start at 10 pm also.

Ben< guitarist: 10 pm. Got it.

guitarist< May I run my questions by you, Ben, beforehand?

Ben< guitarist: Sure.

guitarist< I have school for the next few weeks, and I have a big paper and a presentation to put together. That's why I put mine off till 12-9 (or 9-12 for those of you who use that system).

greyman< OK, Ben, sign me up. I don't know how I will fair out, but I survived the COBE project. Graduate school and a weirded-out personal life. Sure. OK, fine. How about Chicken Soup for the Political Process?

Ben< greyman: When would you like to serve that Chicken Soup?

greyman< Ben: I think January 20th would be appropriate, don't you? I may get 20,000 folks from Free Republic to join in. *G*

Ben< ALL: I still have 18 Nov, 2 Dec, and 23 Dec open. The next couple weeks after that have usually been holiday hiatus.

FRAML< Ben: I recommend that 23 December be a Christmas Party for those who will be able to attend. No topic, just friendship in the spirit of the season.

Ben< FRAML: Okay, that sounds good. 23 December, Christmas Party.

guitarist< FRAML & Ben: And Chanukah party too! We know a number of Jewish people who stop by occasionally (besides me, that is).

Ben< QUESTION 2: Where should the schedule be posted? YOUR TURN

FRAML< Ben: Would it be much trouble for you to put the master schedule on your Seminar page? I will send out reminders to the folks who give/gave me their e-addys.

guitarist< I don't know. I thought Sprinkles was going to do the honors of creating our Web site. Alas, she isn't here tonight.

FRAML< guitarist: Ah, yes. Also, I can keep the schedule on my website. (Duh, why didn't I think of that before my last post?)

guitarist< You could, FRAML. I would offer mine, but it needs major updating. When I do, perhaps I could post the edited versions.

greyman< Ben: What about here?

Ben< greyman: We can't keep the schedule here because the page fills up too fast and the Review gets replaced after a few days.

selki< You could even post the schedule on the SWC Bulletin board.

FRAML< selki: Good idea. One just has to know how to do it.

guitarist< I'm going to check out the Bulletin Board now. It's linked from here at the bottom of the page. BRB!

Ben< ALL: The schedule page could also have a list of proposed topics that no one has signed up to lead. That way, if people gather without a scheduled leader, and no one is ready to post a topic and first question at the start of the hour, anyone could go to the schedule and pick a proposed topic from the list.

Justin23< Ben: What are some of the topics to be discussed, if you're still doing the honors? What are some of past?

[Ben< Last week, guitarist said, "We still haven't discussed spiritual cleansing in depth" and "I'd like to know how one might conduct a spiritual eye examination! Or whatever spiritual sense a person uses most." Those are a couple of good topics.]

Ben< ALL: OK, I can post the schedule and topics list on the Seminars page on my site, and link to the site with the new transcripts from there. That way, folks can see who has signed up for which dates and which dates are still vacant, and email me when they volunteer. Eventually, I think the schedule and topic list should be kept on the same site with the new transcripts, but that can wait.

Ben< ALL: My third question for tonight is DOA because Sprinkles isn't here.

[QUESTION 3: Last week, Sprinkles said she would provide a site for the new transcripts, and guitarist said she would edit them. Is this arrangement ready to go? I will need the URL for each of the new transcripts in order to link to them.]

Ben< greyman: Oops, sorry. When you said "What about here?" did you mean, keep the new transcripts on your site?

greyman< Ben: That's a big 10-4 good buddy. *G*

Ben< greyman: Okay. Let's do that (with apologies to Sprinkles).

DestinyB< Please tell us the URL for greyman's site.

greyman< www.greyland.com is being set up.

Ben< guitarist: Are you still willing to edit the transcripts? If so, some arrangements will need to be made between you and greyman, so you can put them on his site.

guitarist< Yes, Ben, I am willing to edit them.

Ben< guitarist: Last week, you said, "What I would miss the most, though, about your transcripts is the comments you insert afterwards! I look forward to them." Since you are willing to edit the transcripts, I could email you some comments to insert.

guitarist< Ben: That would be excellent! (And, that way, we don't lose you even when you're not here.)

kemokae< Ben must be having something going on in his life at the moment perhaps?

Ben< ALL: Okay, greyman and I will work out a URL for the new transcripts. I'll keep the schedule on my Seminars page, at least for awhile, and link to the new transcripts from there. guitarist will download them from greyman's site, edit them, and send them back to him for re-posting. I think this will work.

greyman< Ben: Check.

Ben< ALL: Any other comments, questions or suggestions about this transition?

Lightdreamer< **listening quietly**

kemokae< We need to be talking about "Does prayer really work, and how?" Sounds like here lately the world is in need of a good dose of it, perhaps. *smiles*

FRAML< kemokae: That sounds like a good topic for the seminar format.

greyman< kemokae: Yes. And have a working knowledge without invalid assumptions getting in the way.

kemokae< I acknowledge that it "works" -- just how do we get others to do it? They claim now that it is even lessening the severity of the Solar Flares when they have the global prayers ...

guitarist< kemokae: I think your's is one of Ben's favorite subjects! Be careful what you ask for. Ben may ask you to lead that seminar! :)

Ben< ALL: OK. It looks like we're ready to start this transition to shared leadership. It is a challenge for me, as well as for each of those who step forward to lead. And it makes me feel wistful because these seminars have been a big part of my life for the past three years. But I like shared leadership better than any kind of monopoly, so I'm looking forward to this experiment.

Lightdreamer< Sounds cool, Ben, but I understand how you feel. *s*

greyman< Ben: What in the world are you going to do with all that free time on your hands? *G*

Ben< ALL: And now, I have a short night and a long day ahead of me (we're leaving early, going to Eastern Shore to visit our son and his family), so ... Peace and blessings to each of you, as always. Good night.

Hellcat7< (((Ben))) *S* Love & Light, go in peace. *S*

kemokae< Ben: Happy Holidays if I don't see ya too much here lately and hope to get in a few of the seminars.

Lightdreamer< Goodnight, Ben {{{Hug}}}

FRAML< Good night, Ben. Thank you for Blessing us with your leadership and example of teaching.

greyman< Good night, Ben.

LadyV< Goodnight, Ben. Thank you. Best to your family from all of us.

DestinyB< Goodnight Ben! Sweet Dreams! Have a safe and enjoyable journey!

guitarist< Ben: I am feeling wistful also. This week marks a year since I began coming here. It was my birthday when you did the Hiatus seminar. It will be, again, on Tuesday. Blessings on you and your family.

greyman< Good night dear ones. ~~

guitarist< Goodnight, dear greyman. I am glad we could work out how to get future seminars up. Blessings on you and Mrs. greyman. And her mom.

FRAML< HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUITARIST. Peaceful rest to you, greyman.

Ben< ALL: Thank you for your thank-you's. *S* See you in two weeks. Shalom.

guitarist< Thank you, Ben. May each step you take be even lighter than the last.

FRAML< I too shall take my leave and go visit St. Sealy's for the night. Thank you all for the discussion. Remember to count your blessings before you sleep.

FRAML: /topic Open Discussion

[Several pages of chat deleted.]

Sprinkles< Greetings, everyone. *S* My apologies for having missed this seminar; unfortunately, I was called away to sit for my grandchildren. My one grandson has bronchitis and had a terrible time breathing. My daughter needed me to sit with her other son while she went to the emergency room. She doesn't own a PC. It turns out my little tike has asthma as well. He now needs daily treatment of air three times a day. The little guy is only two. All prayers would be deeply appreciated. Again my apologies for not being here. It wasn't until 2 am did I return home. I have read the present seminar and see all is going well. Your friend, ***Sprinkles***

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