Holiday Party
Spiritual Web Chat
Sat 23 Dec 2000
Host: Ben

greyman< Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party, Party!

FRAML< Party time in 15 minutes. trala, trala

greyman< Namaste, dear ones. Twas the night before Christmas Eve and all through the Net not a creature was boring, not even ex-president candidates that rhyme with boar. The sockets were full of the bytes all the day. With hopes of the network providers soon to prevail. On Cycle, On Bandwidth, was shouted with glee, on the air with Arpanet® one two three! Remember dear ones, when the internet was free! Merry Christmas to all, and to all good bytes!

Yopo< Hello all ... *S* Guess I'm looking in early. Be back in about 10 ...

Verity< Hello

greyman< Hi, Verity!

tesla< I'm here for the party. Can I put this beer in the fridge?

greyman< Sure, tesla, just stay clear of your coil. *g*

tesla< My new invention should really "light up" the night!

Ben< Ho! Ho! Ho! Greetings and salutations!

FRAML< Greetings & Merry Christmas to all (((BEN, GREYMAN, YOPO, VERITY, TESLA)))

guitarist< The Chanukah lights are burning merrily in my house tonight. :)

FRAML< (((GUITARIST))) Happy Chanukah!

guitarist< ***Merry Christmas to you all***

tesla< Can somebody pass the chex mix?

FRAML< TESLA: Why waste time putting the beer in the fridge, let's open it now. H'mmm I've got a bushel of extra crunchy chips and shrimp dip here. I haven't mixed any Czechs tonight.

greyman< munch munch munch. mumpfretty mrood phhharty!

Ben< Here's a large bowl of hot buttered rum, simmering over an open fire, and plenty of mugs. Help yourself.

guitarist< I have some Manischewitz wine if anyone would like any.

FRAML< guitarist -- no Mogan David?

guitarist< I also made some latkes (potato pancakes) and have a choice of apple sauce and sour cream to go with them. Enjoy!

FRAML< Latkes and applesauce sounds good.

guitarist< I have Mogen David also, FRAML, and quite a choice of liqueurs (schnapps, dry wines, etc.), challah and Shabbat foods left over from our weekend. Oh, and for dessert, I have sufganiyot (filled donuts of many kinds).

FRAML< H'mmm, I have no schnappy reply to your list of liquors, guitarist.

greyman< guitarist: Mad Dog 20/20! That was my best friend at the University!

tesla< guitarist: I'll take some peach schnapps. It sneaks up on you, ya know.

guitarist< Here you are, tesla. (Guitarist pours some peach schnapps into a goblet and hands it to tesla)

tesla< Thank you, my friend.

Verity< Hi, FRAML, guitarist. You know me as Greyman's significant otter. How are you doing? Hi, Ben.

FRAML< (((SIGNIFICANT OTTER))) Glad you are here tonight. (((gentle smooch on cheek)))

Ben< Verity! Hello, significant otter!

Verity< Ben: I didn't have a chance to call today. Will catch you tomorrow with a question.

Ben< Verity: Okay. I'll be here.

guitarist< (((Verity))): I'm fine. I've missed you! How are you doing?

Verity< guitarist: I'm still getting used to this, and don't know how to send private messages yet. It's so good to "talk" to you. I hope you're having a wonderful, light-filled holiday.

guitarist< It has been really nice, Verity. Mainly because I've been off from work and school for the past week and a half! I've not had an entire Jewish holiday off in a really long time. I have the chance to make a real holiday, and I'm doing it!

FRAML< VERITY-- just /mesg nickname and that is all there is

greyman< Verity: just type: /mesg <nick name> <message> but don't put the <> in the stuff

Verity< FRAML, guitarist, greyman: Thanks. I tried one, and it didn't show up on the screen so I guess it worked.

greyman< Verity: First time I took you to a gun range, you picked it up like a pro. Now this chat room stuff in less than an hour.

guitarist< Hey, when you're good, you're good. Go Verity!

Yopo< *S* 'Evening, ALL

guitarist< (((Yopo!)))

FRAML< (((YOPO))) How are you doing tonight? Hope you're keeping up with the snow shoveling out there.

Bjays_Angel< *sits down quietly*

guitarist< Hello, BJ's Angel! How are you, dear? Please pull up a chair and grab something to eat!

Ben< ALL: I hope your holiday is going well. Ours is here. We have guests from Florida, with their three-month-old son. New eyes light up a house at Christmastime.

guitarist< Yes, indeed, new eyes shine a whole new light on things, don't they, Ben?

Yopo< Ben: *S* Much of the magic of the season for me has to do with childhood associations. Much looking forward to seeing my 8-year-old niece on Christmas day. You can see the magic of holidays past in a child's eyes ...

tesla< Yes, if it wasn't for the kids, us "bah humbugs" would have given up on Christmas a long time ago.

Verity< tesla: Anyone we love helps us 'Bah, Humbugs,' I think. I get a lot of pleasure watching my housebound Mom enjoy carolers & Christmas specials. Glad you're enjoying kids.

Ben< When I was in the 1st grade, Santa came to our little one-room country school. As soon as I saw him, I ran outside and looked up on the roof. I wanted to see the reindeer and rub their noses. But there weren't any reindeer. Just an old Model A Ford in the driveway with steam coming out of its radiator. Later, I overheard one of the adults say that Santa had forgotten the antifreeze.

Yopo< Ben, greyman, guitarist, FRAML, Bjays_Angel, tesla & Verity. *S* Quite a lot of shoveling this week, FRAML! Had maybe 24 inches of snow altogether, plus some Siberian nights ... *S*

guitarist< Siberian nights aptly describe what's been going on here on the East Coast as well, Yopo.

FRAML< Yopo: We got about an inch and a half on this side of town on Tuesday. It is pretty much gone now, but still below freezing outside. In the northern & western suburbs they got 3-6 inches. I usually listen to WBBM when driving to work long enough to catch your forecast for out there.

Yopo< FRAML: *hehe* Funny you should mention that. I was watching a Discovery program a while back that was considering an alternative "global warming" scenario. Seems some research indicates periods of global warming precede the sudden onset of Ice Ages. You get a few warm years, polar ice melts, then a sudden reversal of oceanic currents that trigger the big chill. Ice Age sets in over as few as 50 years. Me, I'm keepin' my snow shovel handy just in case ...

FRAML< Yopo: I guess we can put the global warming bs in the cooler for a while ... but some will say that the colder weather is caused by it. Actually just a return to regular patterns. I yearn for the old ice age of 12,000 years ago; we really had white Christmases then. Most of Indiana was under a glacier.

guitarist< Could it be that what man does isn't so important after all? Or are we fooling ourselves? Hard to tell. But I sure don't want the whole country turning into a tarmac/concrete slab!

FRAML< guitarist: I think that some men have designed computer models to show what they want, because if they scare enough people they will secure power over them. This planet has greater resiliency that many folks want to believe. Think of the amount of pollutants burped up by volcanoes ... a single blow dwarfs all that we've put out for the last 500 years.

Ben< Yopo: Two feet of snow ... better thee than me, my friend. I'd seen all the snow I ever wanted to see by the time I was 10 years old (in Wisconsin).

Yopo< Ben: Didn't know you had Wisconsin winters in your background. You probably know about keeping snow shovels handy. *G*

Ben< Yopo: Yep. We lived on a farm in Wisconsin until I was ten. Then we moved to Colorado, on a train, on Christmas Day 1944. The train was full of soldiers. Mom had a few presents with her, and opened them for us kids. The soldiers stood around and watched. Finally, Mom looked up and around at them and said, "I can't sing very well, but I sure would like to hear some Christmas carols." And, my! how they sang! Those soldiers sang Christmas carols all day long ...

Yopo< Ben: *S* Christmas on a troop train, en route to Colorado ... 1944 ... That's a very vivid image! Bet a lot of soldiers think back on the kids they saw on the train. Little moment of brightness during a dark year ...

order< Merry Christmas To All! **Christmas Hugs**

Yopo< Greetings, order *S*

order< Greetings ((Yopo))) VBS

greyman< tesla: your nick-name is too familiar. Do we know each other by chance?

tesla< It's possible, although I've only been chatting here about a week.

Verity< All: I am so sorry to have to leave the party so soon, but 6 a.m. comes mighty early with 2 dogs & a Mom to care for. (Greyman is rather self-sufficient.) Wishing everyone a truly wonderful holiday.

guitarist< Verity ... verily, I'm glad you came. Please do so again when you have a chance!

FRAML< (((VERITY))) Good night and remember to count your blessings before you sleep. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Yopo< G'd night, Verity ...

Ben< Verity: Good night, dear friend. Sleep well. See you tomorrow.


order< (((FRAML))) Merry Christmas to you again ... I do have the Christmas Spirit this year ... though I think I carry it with me all year through ... am just a child at heart I guess ... LOL

guitarist< Hello, order and Airborn Partk! Welcome to the party!

AirbornPartk< hmmm ... my spelling is waning. LOL I was trying to do AirbornPrtkl. Greetings FRAML, order, everyone. I didn't know it was a party or I'd have dressed up ... hold on ... I'll be right back with my suit on *S*

order< (((AirbornPartk))) Hello, Season's Greetings!! a suit? ... very impressive ... running off for my red dress with the white furry trim ... *VBS

greyman< nice togs, order!

order< Ahem (((greyman))) *VBS and a Christmas Hug* lol

FRAML< I've got Billy Vaughn playing "It came upon a midnight clear" coming on now.

FireEagle< He descends like fire from heaven ... a glorious rainbow in the night ... Arcing missiles of flaming love ... A bombardment from the Lord and Lady ... For he is ... And that is all he wishes ... /// I am ... I am ... I Am ... I AM ... That is all my Lord and Lady ask of me ... (to be the best me I can) ... so I may spread their will ... I'm Baaaaack LOL ...

guitarist< So -- AirbornPartkl = FireEagle?

FireEagle< guitarist (hint: look at the URL's under both names. *G*)

guitarist< Sorry, FE, I can't get back to the other nic. I'll take your word for it.

order< (((guitarist))) can you play "City Sidewalks"? one of my favorite Christmas songs ... *VBSMILE

guitarist< ... silver bells, silver bells, it's Christmas time in the city. Ring-a-ring, hear them ring, soon it will be Christmas Day.

order< Applaus! Applaus! O, guitarist that was simply wonderful!! Thanks so much! *hugs*

suzie< hello everyone *S*


order< Where's the munchies? ... looking specifically for the eggnog. *G* Oh, was I supposed to bring it??

guitarist< Here's some eggnog, order. And Ben has hot buttered rum you can put in it! (Guitarist hands order a small round glass of eggnog with extra hot buttered rum in it.)

order< Oh, thanks guitarist! mmmm ... Is yummy and delicious! ... am so glad I wasn't supposed to bring it. What was I suppose to bring? the mistletoe?

tesla< Hey, guitarist, pass me one of those filled donuts (what were they called?) Is one of those, by chance, whipped cream?

FRAML< tesla: They are called heart-attack specials. *WEG*

guitarist< Two sufganiyot coming up, tesla! One is filled with cream, the other with jelly, and they are dusted with confectioner's sugar.

guitarist< That's the nice thing about virtual food, FRAML -- it won't cause any sickness whatsoever, and it cheers the spirit. (I'm certainly a lot more generous with it, as well! )

FireEagle< I remember the year we discovered Santa WAS REAL. I was 8 ... and a very carefully crafted plan of my dad's and an uncle from out of the state ... as we came in the front door (returning from the church program) ... we heard boots running. We rushed in to see tracks through the house. We arrived in the kitchen in time to hear the back door slam shut ... and in the middle of the floor was his Santa hat ... and half of our gifts in the living room already delivered.

Yopo< Howdy, FireEagle! (I KNEW it was you, just like I knew Santa was REALLY my uncle Max ... *hehe*)

FireEagle< *G*G* Howdy, Yopo *S*

order< Santa is YOUR Uncle Max, Yopo??????? ... wow! do you ever visit him at the North Pole??

Yopo< order: Uh ... I must clarify. My uncle was a Santa impersonator. (Which coulda been WORSE, come to think ... )

Mistletoe< Yopo: OOOH, yes I've seen lots of those Santa impersonators. lol Most 'are' worse, too, but probably not your Uncle Max.

Mistletoe< Oops! tis hard being two people ... last post from Mistletoe was really from Order. (sighs)

FireEagle< Well, there we were ... and dad says "Well, maybe there's more to come ... but ... if you are awake, no way he will finish ... so leave the toys alone and get to bed and maybe ... maybe he'll come back." So we rushed to get ready and in bed (a first and a last!) LOL

Yopo< FireEagle: *hehe* Now THAT'S a ploy. (Uh, assuming it really WAS your uncle ... )

Mistletoe< Hangs over Suzie's head

suzie< Why, thank you, Mistletoe, (blushing) *wink*

Mistletoe< Oops!

order< suzie ;o) Waiting for the guys now ... *s*

greyman< Mistletoe, hi there!

Mistletoe< (((greyman))) *VBS and a Christmas Hug* lol

Awenydd< Greetings all, from the cold and snowy whiteness of Missouri! Happy Holidays! FireEagle, love your Santa story ...

FireEagle< Awenydd: HOWDY. *S* Thank you, thank you ... I lived it myself! lol


Awenydd< Hmmm ... Awen under the mistletoe. Who's first? Howdy FRAML! Long time!

Yopo< Hello again, Awenydd! Thought maybe you'd been bumped.

Awenydd< Actually, I sorta lost my window by clicking on a link in an email and like a dummy I closed the window rather than hitting the back button.

Yopo< Awenydd: I couldn't get online at all when I tried to check my mail about 8 PM. Must be every kid in America with a computer is online tonight.

Awenydd< Yopo: My ISP said they had record traffic when we got our "little" blizzard come thru, although I just got off of about 3 hours of voice chat over Yahoo with an old friend in Washington with very little problems.

Ben< ALL: I brought a little Christmas present for everyone. It's a dream I had in 1960 that gave me an insight concerning one of the Magi. Just click on my name. []

FRAML< Ben: A good present. Thank you.

greyman< Ben: Thank you for sharing some of that MYRRH.

Yopo< Ben: *S* Oh, I already clicked and printed that out. *S* Seemed like a "keeper" ... Thanks!

FireEagle< Ben: Will you leave this story up a while? I have a few people I think would enjoy it as well.

Ben< FireEagle: I haven't linked that story into the rest of my site yet, but if you bookmark the story URL, it will be there.

FireEagle< Thanks, Ben. I booked it as soon as I started reading ... An excellent story. *S*

Ben< FireEagle: Thank you kindly. *S* That dream showed me an insight that I hadn't expected.

guitarist< Thank you, Ben, for sharing your dream with us. *s*

Renegade1< Hello

FireEagle< Hello Renegade1

tesla< Hello, Renegade1. What's up?

Renegade1< tesla & FireEagle: Not much. Nicola Tesla was a great man!!

tesla< Yes. Nicola Tesla was a great inventor who may have changed the world with his revolutionary ideas. Had he succeeded in his quest, we would have all had free electricity. Unfortunately, capitalism (hunger for the $$$) took over, and here we are.

Yopo< Was just watching "A Christmas Story", the tale about the kid who wants a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas. Always makes me smile. Takes me back a bit, too. I remember downtown department store windows decorated for the holidays, department store Santas, goin' out on a cold night to buy a tree ... And, of course, Ovalteen and decoder rings ... *hehe*

Awenydd< I loved that movie too, Yopo. A true Christmas type of story about "Real" people.

tesla< I had to quit going out in the woods and cutting my own tree. I felt bad for the tree. Maybe I'm too far into nature spirituality, no?

Yopo< tesla: Nah, I understand the feeling. Makes perfect sense to me!

FRAML< tesla: I've no qualms about cutting down a tree for Christmas. Then I leave it in the back yard to shelter the squirrels until spring.

tesla< That's a good idea.

Awenydd< Even as a Druid I have a Christmas tree. I see no harm in it. The tree was grown at a farm for this purpose. Actually I am honored to have a tree in my home for a short period of time, to remind me of my "roots"

greyman< Yopo: In my day it was a "Johnny Commando" grenade launcher, machine gun, tripod stand, shooting plastic projectile bullets. The toy was an urban assault weapon that terrorized all the small furry animals in the neighborhood.

Yopo< greyman: *hehe* We got a double-barrel rubber-tipped dart gun one year, with a plastic wind-up rabbit to hunt. But the resident cat got hunted more often.

FRAML< Fanner 50 pistol by Mattel & their Thompson burp gun were two that I got. I had an aunt who worked for Kilgore and sent me a new pistol & holster set every Christmas.

FRAML< I still have my Lionel train and part of a Space Explorers set with metal walls, building and men. By Marx -- I see their stuff selling now for $200-300.

FireEagle< A small sad note (sad for us only because he had a great life ... ) Denmark Pianist Victor Borge Dies ... headline on the ticker ...

Renegade1< Victor Borge was hilarious, that's too bad!!

Yopo< FireEagle: Yes, I was saddened to learn Victor B had passed on. A charming, funny guy. But a good long life, and a peaceful passage ...

Mistletoe< Hello! ... wondering if anyone here knows the mistletoe tradition ... a Christmas peck on the cheek. I'm still hanging over suzie's head. *Grin*

greyman< Mistletoe: Yes familiar with the tradition. *G* ahhh greyman straight.

Mistletoe< Merry Christmas, greyman. *Big SMILES*

greyman< Merry Christmas, Mistletoe. *smooch*. A smile is the shortest distance between two people.

suzie< Oh! Sorry, Mistletoe *sending you a quick peck on the cheek* Thank you and merry Christmas ... (((now really blushing))) *S*

Mistletoe< suzie: Noooo! You don't kiss the mistletoe ... some nice fella with some Christmas Spirit is supposed to give you a kiss on the cheek while I'm over your head. lol

Awenydd< *G* Now WHO's blushing?

Mistletoe< Still hanging over suzie's head ... looking at fellas in the room wondering ...

guitarist< Don't look at me, Mistletoe. I'm not a fella. )

Mistletoe< guitarist: Ahaha! glad you cleared that up ...

guitarist< (Takes place next to Suzie) Hey, CrystalRose, want to join us under the mistletoe? We get kissed by all the guys!

FireEagle< Yopo: One of my most prized gifts was a Schwinn Scrambler (the first year they had composite wheels). It was metallic silver, and after I wore it out (from riding not throwing it down) daddy snuck it in with the next truck getting painted at the oil company ... so it was sand blasted and painted Union 76 Bayberry ... then he put all the emblems back on it for me. *G* I still have that bike. *G*G*

Yopo< FireEagle: COOL!

[The following may have been in reply to a pm from Yopo.]

FireEagle< Yopo: Icicles should be banned, eh? LOL

Yopo< FireEagle: *G* Life Buoy should be banned! Hey, my most special Christmas present was a BB gun, as I recall. Well, maybe it would be a tie. I remember how much I wanted a crystal radio I got one year. Only station it would pull in was an old time country station. I remember listening to that faint music trough my headphone, laying on the top bunk bed late nights, or early mornings. House would be so durn cold you could almost see your breath.

Awenydd< Yopo: Reminds me of that old Dan Seals song, about "I saw it all on my transistor radio" or something to that effect. I remember laying in bed with the covers pulled over my head, spinning that dial and sampling all that there was on the waves. Living near a fairly metropolitan area (and only about 20 years ago), there was a lot to tune in. But it was like magic when you tuned in an oldies station, or an AM station that still broadcast music ... like a time warp or something ...

Yopo< Yeah, I STILL like late-night AM radio. Something magic about pulling in voices from far-away places, hearing 'em fade in and out.

FireEagle< uhmm ... well, I thought the radio dude was cool ... but I also like the Rock band named after him. *G*

Mistletoe< Ok, suzie, lets show em how it's done ... ok? Now hanging over FRAML's head ...

Ben< GUYS: Ok, line up, and let's honor the ancient mistletoe tradition. (*Gives Suzie a peck on the cheek*) Merry Christmas!

Mistletoe< Yeaaa, Ben!! That's the Spirit!! Was beginning to droop here!

suzie< Oh, gee, this is so embarrassing ... thanks, Ben, as I slip out the door quietly. LOL

Ben< Oh, rats! That's what comes from being such a slow typist. (No, I'm not going to give FRAML a peck on the cheek.)

Mistletoe< Ben: ahaha ... you don't have to kiss FRAML ... teehee ... unless he wants you too ... snickers

guitarist< But I will! Guitarist gives FRAML a peck on the cheek and a (hug)

FRAML< Thank you, guitarist.

order< Sees mistletoe hanging over FRAML'S head, walks over and gives him a very chaste Christmas peck on the cheek ...

Mistletoe< Hanging now over Ben's head. *G*

Ben< Mistletoe: *smile*

tesla< Well, guys and gals, gotta go. Have a good holiday. Hope to chat w/you soon.

FireEagle< May Love & Light always shine upon your paths, tesla. *S*

Yopo< Blessings, tesla! A bright holiday to you ...

Ben< tesla: Goodnight. Good dreams.

guitarist< Nice to meet you, tesla. Nikola Tesla was one of my husband's heroes -- he's a radio engineer.

greyman< tesla: Take care, bud. OBTW, I have an extensive collection of Nikola's stuff. See you in the future turbo. *G*

Awenydd< *G*

Yopo< Tesla and Professor Theramin ... Scientists in the Dr. Zarkoff tradition. *S*

FireEagle< And don't forget the TRUE Innovator ... Dr. Demento ...

Yopo< Dr. Demento ... *S* I have some rather peculiar Dr. Demento associations dating from my college days ... *ahem*

Awenydd< Yopo: Ah yes, Dr. D ... He was one of those I would tune in late at night too, then stumble through the next day at school, totally exhausted if I had made it thru to the funny five.

FireEagle< Yopo: I guess since I am downloading Rated X mas songs it sprang into my mind. LOL I loved Demento ... and I can remember hearing weird Al when no one knew him ... we have no Demento stations around here now. :-(

guitarist< I, too, remember hearing Weird Al when no one else had heard of him, back in the '70s ... I miss Dr. D as well.

Mistletoe< Ladies!!! hanging over Ben's head!! ...

order< order walks over and gives Ben a very chaste Christmas kiss on cheek ... Merry Christmas, Ben! Thanks for hosting this Holiday Party!

Yopo< I miss Art Bell, durn it. It was sorta reassuring knowing you could wake up anytime between 1 and 5 AM, turn the radio on, and stand a pretty good chance of being amused.

Awenydd< Yeah, I miss Art, there's some other guy trying to fill his shoes, but he's just not the same ...

greyman< Yopo: I got turned on by Art Bell on the AM late night. Long sine wave fade in fade out, like short-wave.

Yopo< greyman: Yeah, he'd fade in and out. One of the charms of amplitude modulation ... FM just doesn't have the carrying power ...

Mistletoe< sheesh! being mistletoe gets harder ever year ... (sighs) think I will retire for the night ... save something for Christmas Eve ... Merry Christmas All! *Ho! Ho! Ho!*

guitarist< (Kisses Greyman, then Ben, on the cheek.)

greyman< guitarist: ahhh, shucks, ma'am.

guitarist< Greyman: Here's several for Verity ... **** ... to give her strength to carry on.

greyman< guitarist: Yes, one day at a time.

Ben< order & guitarist: Thank you kindly, ladies. *S* And thank you, Mistletoe.

guitarist< There's still some donuts left on the table, if anyone wants any! Also, potato pancakes, sour cream, applesauce, and ... do I detect some Christmas cookies?

Awenydd< Hugs for all, and Merry Christmas wishes and greetings. I think I will retire now as well, something tells me tomorrow will be a long night ... Don't know how Santa does it ...

FireEagle< Love and Light, Brother Awenydd. I'll send prayers of extra strength for you tomorrow night. Have a great one! *S*

guitarist< Kisses for Awenydd! Sleep well.

Awenydd< Thanks, Guitarist! (Don't tell my wife, eh?)

guitarist< Depends on how you kissed me, Awen ... I didn't kiss you in a way I couldn't tell your wife about. :) Sweet dreams.

FRAML< Good night, AWENYDD

Yopo< A good night to you, Awenydd! And a bright Christmas to you and your family ...

Awenydd< Yopo: Take care bro, FE, Ben (Good seeing you again too! Thanks for the dream link). FRAML, same to you. Thank you everyone for sharing a few moments of memories and light heartedness with me tonight. It's nice having a place like SWC to turn to, filled with light and love.

greyman< Awenydd: g'nite friend, dream well.

Awenydd< ***POOF***

Ben< ALL: Okay, guess I'll go point my toes up for a few hours. A blessed holiday to each of you. Good night.

FRAML< Ben: Good night and pleasant myrrh-less dreams. See you in the morning.

Yopo< Ben: A good night to you, and a Joyful Christmas! *S*

FireEagle< Love and Light, Ben ... and if I don't see ya again ... Have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS ...

guitarist< Blessed holidays to you and yours, Ben. Do you think we'll get together again for the New Year?

Ben< guitarist: Well, New Year's Eve is Sunday night, so I guess we could gather here on Saturday night. I'll try to be here -- and maybe ask what folks were thinking about at that time last year ...

FRAML< Folks were thinking about DISASTER -- all the computers were about to fail and we were going to be plunged into the dark ages again.

Yopo< FRAML: Maybe Art Bell REALLY left owing to embarrassment, when the Y2K disaster didn't materialize. (Or maybe he was able to retire on the proceeds of his wind-up radio and emergency home rations sales ... *G*)

FRAML< Yopo: I only remember hearing him once or twice. On a late nite driving back to DC from Indiana. I'm not a night owl, so didn't know about his show until I heard folks in SWC talking about it, and didn't find it on stations here.

guitarist< Did you guys take Art Bell seriously? or was he just entertainment?

Yopo< guitarist: I took him seriously sometimes. Other times, not. His show was an interesting forum, though. Heard some guest on his show that never woulda gotten air time without him. The late Terrance McKenna, for instance. Father Malakai Martin. These were some deep guys. (And deeply controversial ... )

Ben< ALL: Peace and blessings to you and yours. *poof*

Yopo< Ben: Take care! Hope to see you again before too long ... *S*

guitarist< ... and to you a hundredfold, Ben ...

greyman< Good night, Ben. It's time for me, too. Good night dear ones. ~~

guitarist< Nighters, Greyman ... blessed dreams to you.

FRAML< Goodnight, GREYMAN ... Sleep well.

Yopo< Good night, greyman! Merry Christmas to ya!

FireEagle< Love and Light, Greyman

FRAML< I guess I'll depart as well and get some rest. Merry Christmas to all. (& Happy Chanukah to one)

guitarist< Thank you, FRAML ... merry Christmas to you all, my friends.

FireEagle< Love & Light, FRAML. *S* Have a great ... uhmmm ... Holy Day however you celebrate. *S*

Yopo< FRAML: Good night! Merry Christmas ... *S* (It is a foregone conclusion that we will have a white one here ... )

FRAML< ******POOOOOF******

guitarist< Well, I think I'm going to hit the hay myself. May the rest of your weekend go restfully, and may health and blessing be upon you richly.

FireEagle< Love and Light, guitarist. *S* I'm slow but I can't stop. LOL I took a nap and now I am wired ... just have bad relays, I guess. *G*

Yopo< Blessings, guitarist! Bright dreams to you ...

guitarist< (Cheek-kisses Yopo and FireEagle) ***poof***

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