The Act of Blessing
Saturday, 7 April 2001

FRAML< Tonight's seminar topic is "The Act of Blessing." It is a topic that came to me this week as a result of an experience I had. I'll give that experience at the end of the seminar (in an hour).

FRAML< DEFINITION: Bless: 1) to make holy by a spoken formula or sign; hallow; consecrate; 2) to ask for divine favor; 3) to wish well, feel gratitude toward. Blessing: 1) a statement of divine favor; benediction; 2) an invoking of divine favor.

FRAML< Question # 1. Have you ever blessed someone or received a blessing? Or is it only something that can be done by clergy? Your turn.

greyman< bless (bls) v. tr. blessed or blest (blst),, 1. To make holy by religious rite; sanctify. 2. To make the sign of the cross over so as to sanctify. 3. To invoke divine favor upon. 4. To honor as holy; glorify: Bless the Lord. 5. To confer well-being or prosperity on. 6. To endow, as with talent. [Middle English blessen, from Old English bltsian, to consecrate; see bhel-3 in Indo-European Roots.] blesser n. Pronunciation Key Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition Copyright © 1996, 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. (blsng) n. 1. The act of one that blesses. 2. A short prayer said before or after a meal. 3. Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity; a boon. 4. Approbation; approval: This plan has my blessing. Pronunciation Key Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition Copyright © 1996, 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved. Bless \Bless\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Blessedor Blest; p. pr. & vb. n. Blessing.] [OE. blessien, bletsen, AS. bletsian, bledsian, bloedsian, fr. bl?d blood; prob. originally to consecrate by sprinkling with blood. See Blood.] 1. To make or pronounce holy; to consecrate And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. --Gen. ii. 3. 2. To make happy, blithesome, or joyous; to confer prosperity or happiness upon; to grant divine favor to. The quality of mercy is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes. --Shak. It hath pleased thee to bless the house of thy servant, that it may continue forever before thee. --1 Chron. xvii. 27 (R. V. ) 3. To express a wish or prayer for the happiness of; to invoke a blessing upon; -- applied to persons. Bless them which persecute you. --Rom. xii. 14. 4. To invoke or confer beneficial attributes or qualities upon; to invoke or confer a blessing on, -- as on food. Then he took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed them. --Luke ix. 16. 5. To make the sign of the cross upon; to cross (one's self). [Archaic] --Holinshed. 6. To guard; to keep; to protect. [Obs.] 7. To praise, or glorify; to extol for excellences. Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. --Ps. ciii. 1. 8. To esteem or account happy; to felicitate. The nations shall bless themselves in him. --Jer. iv. 3. 9. To wave; to brandish. [Obs.] And burning blades about their heads do bless. --Spenser. Round his armed head his trenchant blade he blest. --Fairfax. Note: This is an old sense of the word, supposed by Johnson, Nares, and others, to have been derived from the old rite of blessing a field by directing the hands to all parts of it. ``In drawing [their bow] some fetch such a compass as though they would turn about and bless all the field.'' --Ascham. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. Blessing \Bless'ing\, n. [AS. bletsung. See Bless, v. t.] 1. The act of one who blesses. 2. A declaration of divine favor, or an invocation imploring divine favor on some or something; a benediction; a wish of happiness pronounces. This is the blessing, where with Moses the man of God blessed the children of Israel. --Deut. xxxiii. 1. 3. A means of happiness; that which promotes prosperity and welfare; a beneficent gift. Nature's full blessings would be well dispensed. --Milton. 4. (Bib.) A gift. [A Hebraism] --Gen. xxxiii. 11. 5. Grateful praise or worship. Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc. Blessing n 1: the formal act of giving approval: "he gave the project his blessing"; "his decision merited the approval of any sensible person" [syn: approval, approving] [ant: disapproval] 2: a desirable state; "enjoy the blessings of peace"; "a spanking breeze is a boon to sailors" [syn: boon] 3: a short prayer of thanks before a meal [syn: grace, thanksgiving] 4: a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection [syn: benediction] 5: the act of praying for divine protection [syn: benediction] Source: WordNet ® 1.6, © 1997 Princeton University

SharKa< If we decide that a blessing can only be bestowed by some one pertaining to holy virtue, i.e., your clergy, the answer would be yes, but for me it would come down your own perception

guitarist< Shalom, y'all! I don't think blessing is just for clergy.

cassandra< I think I have been blessed several times. And I think my blessing came from a higher power than the clergy.

SharKa< If we all believe that we carry a divine spark, or that we are made in the image of God, then an act of blessing performed in this vein is a blessing.

FRAML< SharKa: For this seminar, we are not focusing on deciding on a common conclusion, but to discuss what we believe. Please explain what you believe (perceive) about it.

greyman< Excerpts from a thesaurus: Approbation: "hero worship; benediction, blessing, benison. applause, plaudit." Good: "boon (gift); good turn; blessing; world of good; piece of..." Prosperity: "fortune, smiles of fortune; blessings, godsend. luck; good luck..." Heaven: "Eden, Zion, abode of the blessed; celestial bliss, glory. Olympus..." Pleasurableness: "bewitch; enravish. bless, beatify; satisfy; gratify, desire..." Rejoicing: " rejoice, thank one's stars, bless one's stars; congratulate..." Wonder: "bless us! heavens and earth! God bless me! bless us, bless my heart..." Pleasure: "pleased as Punch. happy, blest, blessed, blissful, beatified; happy..." Worship: " give thanks; say grace, bless, praise, laud, glorify, magnify..." Gratitude: "thank one's stars, bless one's stars; fall on one's knees..."

guitarist< I do know a number of people for whom a blessing from clergy would be more meaningful than from others. One such friend is in Italy now, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Pope.

FRAML< guitarist: Ah, I understand that. I was in a group that had an audience with the Pope and received his blessing.

LadyV< What is really profound to me is when a person that I feel is spiritual regardless of religious affiliation touches my head ... in the family sense ... it is something I do not forget. Elderly people do this often and its very special.

cassandra< That is a good example of what I mean. I am always getting mixed up and often I receive a blessing that I wouldn't have received otherwise. Life and Blessings both come unexpectedly sometimes.

FRAML< Question #2: Do you bless people? If so, how? Your turn.

guitarist< It is only of late that I have seen the real power of blessing (being the blesser of someone else). It is so easy to lose sight of it, however, under the daily pressures of life.

cassandra< guitarist: I know what you mean. Sometimes when I say "Many Blessings" to a friend, I feel something flow out from me. And sometimes I receive that special feeling flow from a friend. In both giving and receiving I feel blessed.

SharKa< A blessing is something special, it has warmth to it, it is not limited to the clergy, but something we can give to each as we feel we are moved.

greyman< Sometimes it can be a simple gesture that elevates your spirits.

kittkatt< When and if you say "blessings" do you bless?

SharKa< I bless people from my heart with compassion hoping they find their way or that they will find something or someone to give them support when they most need.

fireopal< (((greetings to all))) I have received blessings from actual people, and I have also blessed others through actual words to spirit or just by "consciously" sharing my energy with another, as everything and everyone in life has a blessing for us, even those situations that push our buttons.

daCrone< I often send cyber blessings. It is a way of saying that I desire joy and goodness in the lives of those I am speaking to. I also think there are blessings of presence -- I don't know if I can say this clearly -- to be present for another person, to support others ... that is a type of blessings. There are people who have come into my life I consider blessings by their presence.

guitarist< (((daCrone))) Really good point. Presence can often be the best of blessings, particularly to a person who values yours. :)

FRAML< Question #2a: Does the person being blessed have to know you are doing it? (another aspect of the question that just came to me.)

fireopal< nope...

guitarist< I have sometimes, when caught in traffic, invoked blessings on all the drivers ahead of and behind me so that we all get where we're going. (I have also been known to fuss and fume at them, too.) This is a great topic. It reminds me that I might want to bless more.

FRAML< guitarist: You just reminded me of a dear friend who also does that & got me into doing it. I've found that it relieves my own tension at times. It is hard for me to feel angst if I'm going to send a blessing to someone.

SharKa< If we are giving of ourselves properly, I don't think they have to know; however, I have given support (I mean blessings) openly a number of times and this can be really beneficial to someone.

FRAML< SharKa: Well said point.

daCrone< Answering 2a: No, I don't think that the other person has to be aware of it for a blessing to be valid.

cassandra< I don't believe they have to know someone is actually blessing them to receive it.

guitarist< The nice thing: no one has to know about your blessing for it to be effective. Sometimes, depending on the situation, knowing or not knowing can be better. People in traffic certainly don't know you're blessing them; in fact, they expect you to be cussin' 'em out, these days. :)

SharKa< That's a good point, guitarist. I have been practicing Buddhism for some time now, and once on the underground, I went to Green Tara for compassion, and something very interesting happened on that journey; it was heart warming to feel and see.

fireopal< guitarist and FRAML: I also find that it helps when I am fuming, if I drop down and bless the folks or situation, it enables me to move right on up outa that space real fast.

greyman< FRAML: Yes, Blessings can take on the form of Physical, Emotional or Spiritual expressions. Physical, as in furnishing a need in this world. Emotional, as in easing some strife. Spiritual, as in making a connection with a higher source, much kinder and wiser than oneself, for the purpose of giving much greater than oneself.

daCrone< I agree, greyman. *S*

aikiwalk< To be open as a pass-thru for divine grace actively, the other person often knows, but to passively just ask for His presence to be made known to the one being blessed may not know -- if that makes sense -- as I have experienced the doing and the receiving.

kittkatt< To my understanding, one doesn't need to know if you are blessing him or her. It's important however when you do it do it fully aware with what you are doing and with all your heart.

cassandra< Good point, kittkatt.

greyman< The act of blessing can benefit both sender and receiver.

FRAML< greyman: You peeked at my notes.

aikiwalk< But it is hard to be a clear vessel I find for myself to another.

daCrone< aikiwalk: I like that ~ to allow divine grace to flow through. *S*

frandrew< FRAML: I am working at blessing everybody I see, whether or not they ask. I feel some healing work requires permission and sometimes simple prayers on behalf of an unknowing person can really help out. :)

kittkatt< For example, when I see an airplane, I always send my heartfelt blessing to those people for traveling safely, or at a site of an accident, or even just hearing sirens of an ambulance makes me set a prayer for those in need of a blessing and a prayer. They never know I do that, and I don't know who they are.

daCrone< Yes, kittkatt, I do that as well. My mother used to have a little bell hanging from her rear view mirror ... it was there because one Christmas we did not have a tree topper ... my brother, probably 3 or 4, gave her the bell and told her it was a gift for the baby Jesus ... so she kept it with her always ... and when there were sirens or we passed accidents, she would jingle the little bell. I do that now in her stead. *S*

fireopal< ((kittkatt)) a small blessing is now being sent your way for the blessing you give to others.

kittkatt< (((fireopal))) this means a lot to me, thank you so much *S* and God Bless You!

frandrew< Speaking of blessings... I call upon the golden white light, the violet flame, the blue flames of Grace, and all other colors and lights of Love, and ask that all who read this and enter this room during the discussion may be blessed with all things they need, and may the prayers within their heart of hearts be answered.

guitarist< Amen, frandrew!

FRAML< Question # 3: Can we send a blessing to another on our own, or can (should?) we connect with a "higher power" first and then bless? Your turn.

guitarist< Better that we should connect with the higher power, which I think we can! But, our own blessing is probably not such a bad thing either; just not as powerful.

SharKa< Just about to go, so good night all. I think that we very much need to connect to a higher source. Until we are able to act totally unselfishly and directly from the heart, how can we say the blessing will be pure? Good night to all; it's been a pleasure, love n light ... In Lak'ech

guitarist< Nice to meet you, SharKa. I hope we'll be seeing you again. Peace and Blessings!

FRAML< SharKa: Thank you for participating. Good Night. & remember to count your blessings before you sleep. :)

daCrone< FRAML: *S* Because of your trademark farewell, I know I have worked harder trying to identify my life blessings. *S* ... and so you have blessed me in passing more than once! *S*

FRAML< daCrone: Thank you.

daCrone< Question 3 reminds me of the prayer discussions we had ... and it seems to me that, in a formal way, it makes sense to connect to that which is divine first. However, if we move and have being in that which is divine, then we are in constant prayer (imho) ... from this perspective, I feel we are already connected.

aikiwalk< When I mentioned "allow divine grace to flow through" I was assuming to connect with higher power first, not just my good will or intentions.

FRAML< Personally, I've done & do both.

fireopal< Perspective for Question #3 -- I feel if we are living "authentically" then we are automatically aligned and are directly connected with the higher forces who respond instantly to our heartfelt requests. When specific focus is needed, then I feel it is best to open more formally.

guitarist< fireopal: That reminds me of Ishtahota's recent classes on duality: the focus of that pair of classes was on living authentically.

fireopal< ((guitarist)) Living authentically can be a challenge down here, that's for sure! vbs

greyman< FRAML: We can use our own power. But like a finite source, we must charge up like a capacitor {or inductor} and release bursts of energy. Some have the ability to act as a push-pull pump. Or we can connect to a higher benevolent source {say, Jesus *G*} and offer the link {or connection} for divine intervention. If the latter is performed, we must remember to step back. What the higher source has in mind might be different from your original thought energy.

FRAML< greyman: Good point.

daCrone< I agree, greyman. I often feel there is little I can offer another that would or could be considered a blessing, but I can ask a higher wisdom to hold others in hand. *S*

fireopal< daCrone & greyman: Wouldn't a blessing for others come from giving the gift of yourself?

greyman< fireopal: Yes, in that you are in the "loop", but you can use energy to transmit your care "connection" to the "source" (e.g., through Jesus to God) and amplify the blessing effect.

daCrone< fireopal *S*

aikiwalk< I have assumed that even my best will be mixed and not clear of my own stuff, and asked blessings for another for their best from God/higher power.

cassandra< I don't think I ever thought how the blessing came just from me. One can feel the power of the Christ within sending the blessing. We are probably all saying same thing -- just in different words. *G*

fireopal< Right on, cassandra!

FRAML< Question # 4: Does the person doing the blessing receive any benefit from blessing others? And if so, should that be the reason that one blesses others? Your turn.

daCrone< I suppose it could be a reason ... but I don't feel like a blessing bestowed in order to receive benefit is the same thing.

aikiwalk< Sometimes when *connected and blessing* from that place, I sense a openness and freedom and peace, but I learned it is a *blessing* of its own that I cannot *count* on.

cassandra< The good feeling you get as the blessing flows from you to them. But I think if we made that the reason for doing it, the blessings would lose their power and we would be the loser.

FRAML< cassandra: Yes. Hmmm ... perhaps I should have phrased it "Do we get a 'back blast' from blessing another?"

daCrone< Yes, FRAML, sometimes we do. **S**

cassandra< FRAML: Well, when the connection is made, it always gives me a lift, too. *G* A feeling of joy within.

greyman< FRAML: Ahhh, the secret to eternal life! Blessing is spiritual food! Both to the sender and receiver. The flip side is the curse, which all wickens know causes harm to the sender and the receiver. That is why they try to use others to do their curses.

aikiwalk< Somehow, any benefit to me seems to be when I can let go of my relationship to outcome. Easier said than done, by a very long shot.

daCrone< I know when I was granted the healing vision while my husband was in ICU, I felt the impact of what was given to him, and for a long time I felt almost guilty that I felt better/blessed ... yes, I was slow to catch on. *lol*

fireopal< Perspective for #4 -- undoubtedly the sender of any mindful thoughts, prayers or blessings receives a very great gift, and I feel it is best to do this without any expectations of what can be gained for the self, as those gifts automatically come and we need do nothing.

guitarist< Yes, the person blessing receives benefit, but it is *not* the reason one should do so. (Shades of the "name-it-and-claim-it" people! Makes my blood boil thinking about it.) The focus rightly goes to the person being blessed. I believe we should realize that, if someday we were in the same position as that person, we might want someone to bless us, too. That is probably not as likely to happen if we curse or neglect that person. But again, the important part is blessing the person we are confronted with, however that is best accomplished.

kittkatt< When you bless another, you don't expect anything in return. It's a most selfless act, sincere and honest. But still we do get something in return, a complete inner harmony, inner peace, a glow that flows all in your body, giving you the knowing of what you're doing is a wonderful thing.

FRAML< kittkatt: Excellent!

daCrone< (((kittkatt))) I agree. *S*

kittkatt< Thank you. *VBH*

FRAML< The hour is up for the formal discussion on the topic. I'll provide my reason for being inspired on this topic tonight in a moment.

MarriAna< Namaste, excuse me, how do you define blessing? as an energy transfer? a radiation? or whatever?

FRAML< MarriAna: 1) a statement of divine favor; 2) an invoking of divine form. And greyman provided a long list of additional definitions. If you set your display at 100 lines, you can see what we have said so far.

MarriAna< hm ** "divine favor" ** Well, I don't need to invoke anyone except myself when I do a blessing. In fact, I just radiate my I Am presence, and acknowledge the other's existence in that manner, from that state of being. Imo, it's about awareness.

FRAML< MarriAna: That's fine. That was where we started on the definition. *S*

fireopal< (((hey MarriAna -- I now know what race you be))) Good website, went through after my visit to the Giza a few nights back.

MarriAna< fireopal: Glad you like it. *S*

FRAML< I had a good experience this past Tuesday. I spent some time eldering to a colleague at work, whom I've gotten to know over the last year and a half. Her mother has had a series of strokes and they are facing having her placed in a nursing home. I opened an uplink and I listened to her and sent blessings and we talked. She was doing better afterward. Interestingly, I was also emotionally up, nearly floating, AND I notice sometime later that all the pain in my hip and knee had disappeared. Thus I now have personal experience of getting blessed back when I bless others.

fireopal< ((FRAML)) Much good medicine to you!

FRAML< fireopal: Thank you. I'm having my hip replacement surgery on 2 May. Then, supposedly the pain will be gone.

fireopal< FRAML: Hips propel us forward in life. *s*

daCrone< (((FRAML))) That was very similar to what I experienced. *S*

FRAML< /topic Open Discussion on Blessing Others.

Yopo< Uh... *looking at time* I seem to be an hour late... *embarrassed smile*

FRAML< (((Yopo))) Good evening, friend. You can still review and join in.

Yopo< FRAML: My own durn fault! Guess confusion set in with the daylight savings shift. You probably remember: part of Indiana DOES, and part of Indiana DOESN'T. *S* cassandra, greyman...

FRAML< YOPO: Yep, and you are in the part that does DST.

daCrone< *LOL* Yopo ... my kitchen does, my living room doesn't. If I wait long enough to climb up on the furniture and make the change, then it will be the other way around. LOL

guitarist< Hey, Yopo! I'm glad you showed up anyhow.

cassandra< (((Yopo))) forgive my exuberance. It is just that I am so glad to see you.

greyman< {{{Yopo}}}

kittkatt< LOL @ Yopo... And I was embarrassed when I got here crushing into a seminar for giving hugz to cassandra and suddenly *Ooops!* But thank you all for welcoming me in your warm circle and allowing me to express my thoughts.

cassandra< kittkatt: Your thoughts are lovely and loving. I am so glad you stayed.

FRAML< kittkatt: The formal part is over. So we can 'act normal' now. :)

kittkatt< LOL @ FRAML... You have no idea how I act normal. I bet you wouldn't wanna find out, either... LOLROTF... (Just kidding)

daCrone< I am glad to have had the experience of this conversation ... it has given me some things to think about in my quest to determining the necessity of 'asking' *S* ... thank you all. (((hugs)))

cassandra< daCrone: Yes, hasn't it been interesting? For some reason I wrote "full of grace" so I shall leave it in. Anyway I enjoyed the discussion very much.

daCrone< (((cassandra))) *S*

MarriAna< I can't scroll back very far it seems. What definition was given ?

fireopal< MarriAna: One statement with a question basically covered what you had to say, but the other covered the fact that there are times when we need to focus a bit more and need to pay special attention to invoking the higher power's blessings, like what one might do before hands on healing for another, etc.

MarriAna< hm ?? Well, that is invoking a healing energy stream, not blessing... or asking the higher Self of the person for permission...

FRAML< MarriAna: My original questions were: 1. Can people bless others, or can only clergy do it? 2. Do you bless people, and if so, how? Question 2a was extemporaneous and I've forgotten what I typed. 3. Why should a person bless another? 4. Does the blesser receive any benefit, or should we expect to and that is the reason to bless others?

MarriAna< I mean, where's the difference between blessing and healing ? I use blessings only to pass on/acknowledge awareness...

FRAML< MarriAna: You have a good point: "What is the difference between sending healing and sending a blessing." I use blessing to focus on a person that they receive what they need from the Lord. When I focus on someone who is ill, that I know is ill, then I pray for their healing specifically.

MarriAna< FRAML: Well, that is healing... So for you there is no difference ? or do you call that blessing because you invoke some higher entity instead of relying on your own I Am presence ?

FRAML< MarriAna: At times I connect up to God when I bless folks, other times I just focus on them myself. Please explain "I Am presence," I'm not familiar with the term.

MarriAna< FRAML: Too many systems, too many terms. I happen to believe we're all part of source, and you can access your own higher Self presence, even that of your oversoul and finally source... there is no need to look for an "outside" source of power (of healing or whatever).

guitarist< MarriAna: The definitions greyman gave earlier were from the dictionary.

MarriAna< guitarist **G**

Yopo< Alas, I cannot review back before Question #4. Guess I'll have to make up class later in Review Log.

kittkatt< My blessing to y'all, such a blissful Amazon experience I had this fine evening! *S* Thank you so much and good night (((cassandra, FRAML, fireopal, Yopo, MarriAna, aikiwalk, guitarist, daCrone, HiddenMask)))

daCrone< goodnight (((kittkatt))) blessings to you as you journey. *S*

Yopo< Good night, kittkatt *S*

fireopal< (((kittkatt))) One of my favorite blessing songs is "May the sun shine down upon you, all love surround you and the clear light within you guide your way home"... journey well!

FRAML< Good night kittkatt. Thank you for participating. Remember to count your blessings before you sleep.

guitarist< Kittkatt: It was lovely to have had you by. Blessings, dear heart!

kittkatt< **PoofyKatt**

FRAML< TO ALL: I will not be here next weekend & I know that Ben will also be busy at church with Easter weekend prayer vigil. (I've got the 4-6 am block). I wish a good Passover and Easter to those who observe those holy days.

greyman< Good night, dear ones. Must recharge, reserves a...r...e v...e...r...y l...o...w. *G*

daCrone< (((greyman))) There are a couple of dictionaries stuck in your hard drive! LOL *kidding* ... goodnight and goodrest to you *S*

guitarist< Good night, then, dearest greyman... and give my regards to Verity, please! Blessings on you both.

Yopo< A good night to you, greyman *S*

FRAML< Good night greyman, and you didn't tell us about blessing ducks. :)

greyman< Quack Quack poof.

Yopo< *hehe* That musta been the duck blessing...

cassandra< Goodnight all. Pleasant dreams.

FRAML< Good Night Cassandra.

Yopo< G'd night cassandra...

fireopal< MarriAna: Was your last post in response to my question? If so, perhaps this is so for you but not for me, as my intention is very clear, and work with the higher powers is done before anyone comes to me for any healing work, which also includes the four legged critters I work with, as it is spirit's energy stream (blessing) that I need in order to do my work. *s*

MarriAna< fireopal: Yes, was addressed to you, but what is blessing for you then?

fireopal< MarriAna: What is blessing for me is living authentically with myself and others and doing what I "feel called to do"...

MarriAna< fireopal: Okay, that is being a general blessing to everyone including yourself **G** but what would a specific act of blessing someone be for you, or how do you do it, and what does it do ?

fireopal< MarriAna: "general blessing" is your perspective -- yes? I believe I have already answered this question in that I open formally to the spirit realms, requesting a blessing, healing, or whatever for another, which is an automatic blessing for me (what we ask for another we are also asking for ourselves).

MarriAna< fireopal: Yes, but you still haven't told me what exactly you do when you bless... you open to spirit, okay, and then... ? what do you send them, or do you send anything?

fireopal< MarriAna: We all have our own ways of connecting with that power, and this is not the time or place for me to relay my process. Can tell you what is sent/received is whatever they may need for their highest and greatest good, and since I am not in their soul, I have no clue, and trust in the higher forces to know and take care of this.

fireopal< small addition -- "not in their soul" meaning I do not know what they need for their growth, etc., as we all connected at soul levels.

MarriAna< fireopal: Well, it still sounds like a normal healing... can't see no difference. **G**

fireopal< (((MarriAna - your perspective again - yes?))) Can you explain what a normal healing is, as I don't believe I have much experience with this. *VBS*

MarriAna< fireopal: Forget the term, I mean healing... crazy healing, normal healing, absurd healing, green healing, quick healing, whatever healing.

NTA< ((( FRAML ))) Hugs - greetings gentle ones

FRAML< Hello ((NTA))

daCrone< Maybe that is not perception of realities but, rather, put them in a frame of mind that is closer to what is important ... ooo, myself is beginning to wander. *lol*

FRAML< daCrone: That makes sense to me.

MarriAna< daCrone: hmm yes, to me it's kinda stating the "truth"... other person can ignore that (though it might take an effort ?) and choose to not acknowledge that truth is also valid for him/her, but anyway he/she has to accept it is valid for me, and that's the point. It's kind of an example, and has the potential to make people think... and remember... ?

daCrone< yes, MarriAna: The opportunity to remember ... it's so very easy to get caught up in mundane (which shouldn't be considered mundane, imho) and separate the physical from that which is the larger reality. *S*

cassandra< MarriAna: You sound as if you belong to the I Am religious group. I have read some of their teachings.

MarriAna< cassandra: No idea what you're talking about.

cassandra< MarriAna: Join the crowd. *LOL* But I know what I am talking about, and you could recruit for them. Maybe some day you will find some material about this group.

MarriAna< cassandra: Hope you have fun with your private joke.

cassandra< Thanks, MarriAna -- It wasn't any joke. I was speaking the TRUTH. Hard to understand sometimes. *G*

MarriAna< cassandra: Well whatever it was it stays your secret 'cause I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

FRAML< MarriAna: I believe what cassandra was referring to is that she has heard about a religious group that is called "The I Am movement" and she thought you belonged to it because of your use of the phrase "I AM".

MarriAna< FRAML: Oh... well... weird. lol

Yopo< FRAML: My father, though not Catholic, wore on his flight suit a little brass bell that had been blessed by the Pope. This always interested me. That an object could be blessed, and that a person would think he or she could benefit from that blessing by possessing the thing. ('Course in wartime, there's the philosophy that "It certainly can't HURT"... *S*)

daCrone< In the 'can't hurt' vein ... I am thinking a blessed object could serve to remind (or align) someone with a larger view and thereby alter perception of realities.

Yopo< daCrone: Maybe that was it. What my Dad told me was that many who spent time in Italy visited the Vatican. The practice was that items to be blessed were placed on a tray, after first marking with one's initials. Collected items were collectively blessed by the holy father, then returned to be reclaimed by their owners. Maybe for my father it was a sort of talisman or something. He wore the bell on every mission thereafter. Always referred to it as his "lucky little bell"...

daCrone< (((Yopo))) Truth is, I do not know much of anything -- which is a blessing of sorts because I am forever capable of awe. *S* Since I am not Catholic, I do not know how I would feel, but I am fairly certain that in a high stress situation, I would appreciate and welcome any support and blessings -- as said, they couldn't hurt. (((hugs)))

NTA< the secret life of in animate objects -- energy charged ?

MarriAna< There are no inanimate objects, imo...

daCrone< I have a book about the secret life of inanimate objects and, if memory serves, that was the thing ... they aren't. *S*

Yopo< NTA: Hmm... There's a talent certain psychic folk are sometimes reported to have. Knowing something of the owner of an object by handling the object. Psychonometry? Something like that...

aikiwalk< When I think of blessings, I picture higher power/divine grace with his intention, without my desires as much as possible. When I think of asking for healing for others, I am asking concretely for intervention of a higher physical/emotional/spiritual nature that is very specific, but I don't know how others perceive it. I am open to learning others ways!

Yopo< aikiwalk: Then a blessing for you is similar to a prayer for assistance?

aikiwalk< I never thought of prayer for assistance with blessings, but that is how I have *used it* ... now I wonder and wonder.

FRAML< On Ben's site he has two papers on blessing: "On Blessing the Sick" & "Two Acts of Blessing." They can be accessed by clicking on my name and then clicking on his site 'Spirituality, an exploratory, experimental approach.'

aikiwalk< hmm, blessing more of an open connection with no strings attached for other to receive whatever is needed, I guess ... hmm ... I guess so.

DestinyB< Good Evening {{{Friends}}}! I believe that some physical objects can be blessed and carry that feeling with them.

FRAML< (((DestinyB))) Good evening.

NTA< Yopo: transferred energy is awesome, like a blessed bell for example -- adds life to it.

Yopo< NTA: I've come into contact with objects that seemed to have a sort of "negative psychic charge", too (for want of a better term).

MarriAna< NTA: So you raise the vibration of the "blessed" object... make it a host/vessel/transmitter for higher energies...

Yopo< I like that.

DestinyB< My brother can do psychometry. All he has to do is place his hands on an object & can tell all about it. I tried to fool him once with synthetic gemstones and natural gemstones. Only I knew the difference. He told me the history of the natural gems, but felt nothing from the synthetic gems.

NTA< fingerprints of energy -- no two alike -- easily traced to origin.

Yopo< I wonder if maybe "sacred relics" are like that? And "sacred places"? They become a focus, and perhaps become increasingly charged with the energy of believers. Like psychic storage batteries...

DestinyB< Yopo: I've thought about that too... the battery analogy is great! About how, when there is a place where positive things happen, more positive energy is infused into the surroundings. Some places may have a natural positive energy, as well.

daCrone< Perhaps they are charged by believers ... perhaps by something else. There are things and places that hold and transmit. We have a joke in our house about the Garden Of The Gods in Colorado ... hubby couldn't take pictures because of the beauty -- which was a form of transmission. We laugh about how silly our photos would have been since we were lying on the ground looking up at the land formations, tears in our eyes so we could not focus the cameras ... *this is losing a lot in the retelling* LOL

guitarist< *picturing daCrone lying on the ground looking up at formations and shaking head and laughing softly*

daCrone< (((guitarist))) Thank you for sensing the humor that I couldn't storytell well enough. *S* The other side of the story is that the immense power of the place was overwhelming. It's a long story but the experience made a deep spiritual impact on my husband who had brain surgery and was reevaluating existence as a result. *S*

DestinyB< Having been a former antique dealer, I've also encountered the negative energy in some objects. A rose quartz necklace comes to mind. I bought it at an estate sale and felt the bad vibes, but ignored them because it was such a good deal. Every time anyone put that necklace on, they had difficulty breathing. Someone must have been wearing the necklace when she died. I did cleansing rituals & it lessened the effect, but couldn't ever totally get rid of the feeling.

fireopal< (((DestinyB))) Might wanna try putting that necklace in mother earth for awhile... pretty sure all will be balanced and cleared after some time with her...

DestinyB< Hi fireopal; thanks for the advice. I've left it in the sun, in spring water with sea salt in it. That helped a little.

fireopal< DestinyB: When I say for awhile, I'm talking about at least a month... the fire and water have their own medicine...

Yopo< DestinyB: I had a similar experience with an old American Indian necklace I came to own. Had several that I wore at times, but this particular one I wore only once. I unthinkingly wore it to sleep, and had some terribly violent nightmares that I attributed to the necklace.

DestinyB< How interesting, Yopo! Did the necklace have stones in it? I have noticed that minerals seem to be able to transmit those feelings more clearly.

Yopo< DestinyB: Nope. It seems to be of bone. Short polished cylinders of white bone.

DestinyB< Yopo! Bone would been alive at one time! Might even be more powerful than minerals. Fireopal: The rose quartz necklace is currently in storage. I'll try to remember that when I find it again.

NTA< psychic storage -- ancient time capsules -- bridging time and space.

MarriAna< NTA: Sounds like the crystal skulls...

cassandra< Good night again. Parting is such sweet sorrow, etc, etc.

daCrone< sweet parting (((cassandra))) *S*

Yopo< cassandra *S*

fireopal< (((take care cassandra)))

guitarist< Good night, cassandra. (((Sweet dreams and blessings.)))

FRAML< (((BEN))) Good evening.

Ben< Hello! Greetings and salutations to one and all.

Yopo< *S* Hi Ben

guitarist< (((BEN!)))

fireopal< ((Ben))

FRAML< Ben: Thank you for linking your Two Acts of Blessing paper to your name tonight. I mentioned it just before you entered.

daCrone< greetings (((Ben))) *S*

Ben< ALL: Thanks for your kind greetings. Sorry I'm late. For those who haven't seen it before, I brought a link to an example (actually two examples) of what I mean by the act of blessing. I'd be interested in your comments.
Two Acts Of Blessing
On Blessing The Sick

aikiwalk< mesg/ FRAML I found the two articles

aikiwalk< oops! slow learning curve here. I am sorry again.

daCrone< (((aikiwalk))) it's the troll who lives under the refresh/post button ... we never make those mistakes. *LOL*

Yopo< Ben: Your examples are interesting and instructive. So... Blessing must be disconnected from any motive of self interest to be effective...

Ben< Yopo: I have found it so. Any self-interest or personal agenda just dilutes (or pollutes) the effectiveness of the blessing.

MarriAna< Well, I haven't found that. I blessed when I needed to cut cords, and blessed for the sole reason to be rid of the cords and not allow any further contact that is not to my highest spiritual good... quite selfish. **G** Worked just fine. Was rather pleasant. :-)

guitarist< Ben, thanks for bringing those examples in with you. I was thinking of them when I made a comment, above, about it being necessary that we not focus on the benefit we get from blessing others.

fireopal< (((Ben -- nice stories)))

Yopo< Ben: The case of the clerk behind the counter is interesting because I wonder at the source of her distress. Dealing with the demands of too many impatient people, of course, but it might go deeper. Maybe she was the focus of their anger and impatience on a "psychic" level, not just on a level of verbal exchanges and body language. Your input on that same level was like a fresh breeze. A simple kind word might not have had the same effect...

Ben< Yopo: Yes, the lady behind the counter was under (inadvertent) psychic attack by the impatient people there. At some level, she knew that, just as she so promptly detected the blessing I sent to her. A spiritually sensitive woman, in a tough job.

aikiwalk< Ben: The sense of being drained (like your article describes) and (it being of me) is what caused me to begin to be connected first then bless ... partially changed because of the lack of negative feedback, then found positive as I cleared my connection more often, but never though of simple white light like higher power: God sharing His energy/love. WOW: makes it simpler.

Ben< aikiwalk: Yes, one can be drained by the act of blessing, because one is sending a free gift of energy. That is why I usually do it this way: (1) I bless the person as described, (2) I ask the Lord to amplify my blessing, through me to the person, and then directly to the person, and (3) I release my connection to the person.

MarriAna< hm ... that's why I go into a very high vibration before I bless -- in fact it never occurred to me to send from a low vibration and call that blessing.

aikiwalk< Very hard to disconnect from own intentions and only focus on God and other person. Takes discipline and intention of its own.

MarriAna< In the state of the I Am presence radiation there are no cords... just a pure transmission of the fact that I "am" (true state of being)... very simple, very effective... never tried to attach anything either, or send anything else. For that I invoke a healing stream...

aikiwalk< hmm, I wonder how it would affect little boys in class who are acting out if I could drop my feelings about it and just bless them... Tomorrow may be a time for an experiment of sorts.

daCrone< aikiwalk: I will await the results of what you find out. *S*

aikiwalk< Better than offering how I feel and expecting or asking for compliance for groups sake ...that has not helped ... but offering a blessing for him... hmm

guitarist< Sounds interesting, aikiwalk. I await your results also.

aikiwalk< I will fill you all in later. Now I must get some ZZ's to be able to teach the munchins in the morning. Good night all and thanks for welcoming me and letting me listen and learn.

Yopo< aikiwalk: A good night to you...

DestinyB< I think it is possible for people to "imprint" objects they have in their possession (both with negative or positive energy, depending on where they are spiritually). I've talked with others about this. Sometimes I've found something wonderful at a good price, with bad energy. I won't go near it. Some people also feel that negative energy can contaminate the surroundings if an object is brought home.

DestinyB< When I had a business, I used to bless my merchandise by doing a little meditation while being surrounded by it. Touching individual objects and moving them helped, as well. It really worked! If I didn't go in for a few weeks, my sales would fall. The very items I touched were what sold fastest.

Ben< DestinyB: I know some people who bless food as they prepare it. And I know a minister who blesses the water before each baptism. One lady who didn't know the water was blessed later told me what happened to her when she was baptized -- it amounted to an exorcism and a spiritual cleansing.

DestinyB< That's really something, Ben! Those who benefit from the blessing never even know where it came from! Food tastes better when prepared with "love".

MarriAna< About blessing food, I send reiki-like energy through my food, in fact I do a hands-on ... except if it's pudding. **G** Works best with water...

fireopal< Blessing our food (conscious energy source) enhances even the weakest in the food chain... think the krishna's strive to feed everyone for this reason, and macrobiotic medicinal cooking is based on prayer blessings while you are cooking.

FRAML< Thank you all for attending the seminar tonight (those who arrived early) and everyone else for joining us. It is time for me to attend services at St. Sealy's. I won't be here next week. If someone else wants to pick up the hosting duties please feel free to do so.

Yopo< FRAML: A very good night to you! *S* I will be more attentive to the clock next time.

WendyF< FRAML: Thanks SO very much for your efforts and insights! Later, dude!

FRAML< TO ALL: Remember to count your blessings before you sleep -- those you've received, those you've sent, and those you've observed being done by others. (It is better than bothering with those pesky sheep.)

DestinyB< Goodnight FRAML! Have a lovely Easter!

daCrone< (((FRAML))) sweet dreams *S*

guitarist< Thank you again, FRAML, for this seminar. Soon I will be out of school for the summer and I can do more.

FRAML< ***********POOOOOOOOOOF************

WendyF< I think that music, in whatever form, is a true blessing -- a gift from our creator to us! Don't you? I'm grateful for the blessings I've found through music -- there I said it!

guitarist< Yes! The saying, "Music soothes the savage beast" is probably a result of the blessing it can bring. However, like any other medium, it can be used for whatever the player and composer desire ... a reason why intention is important. :)

WendyF< guitarist -- Intention? What are you -- a law student?

guitarist< No, Wendy; I study communication.

WendyF< guitarist -- wow! excellent!

guitarist< What do you study, Wendy?

0-1< WendyF: Hello, I use to date a girl from Youngstown Ohio named Wendy Lewis. I play drums and you said that well about being a gift from God to have the skill and built-in talent to pay an instrument. I think we all have a God-given gift of something, we just have to find it... ( :

fireopal< Blessings to you FRAML for having this topic tonight... wishing all much good medicine, as I am way over my time limit...

Yopo< Good night, fireopal

DestinyB< Goodnight fireopal, sweet dreams!

daCrone< (((fireopal))) thank you for your insights *S*

DestinyB< When I used to bless my merchandise, I felt like it carried some positive energy with it. Often word got back to me from customers about how much they enjoyed something they bought from me. The other dealers teased me about the "blessings", but I always outsold them! (My stuff was stolen more often, too!)

daCrone< I understand about antiques, DestinyB ... I am in the process of moving a lot of 'stagnant' energy into more vibrant environments. Some of it is difficult on a personal level to let go ... but each time, I can actually feel the shift in energy here. *S* Was interested, too, in hearing about the effects of necklaces ... and have to wonder, since they are over or near the throat chakra, if the stories they are telling are asking for voice. Have been mindwalking with what you all have been saying, and also have to wonder if the energies associated with them are thought or memory or something else ... ooo, something I have to think about. *S*

DestinyB< Is there something daCrone can do to protect herself from having that stagnant energy transmit to her?

MarriAna< lol... yes, daCrone can let go of it and stay in a high vibration.. That is what she does, I figure.

DestinyB< Another thing I've noticed about energy in physical objects: the most recent contact with a human for an extended period of time seems to be the energy it picks up. In other words, if something is 100 years old, but has belonged to several people, the most recent owner left the strongest impression.

daCrone< (((DestinyB))) For a long time, I did not realize the source of the 'weights' and 'fractures' I could feel. I am sure the release of the objects is beneficial to myself as well as to those who once owned them. Interestingly, in some cases, the objects themselves actually seem to direct their courses. The biggest step was for me to realize and commit to what I had to do ... now that it is happening, there is room for air and change and living -- if that makes sense. *S*

DestinyB< I think I know what you mean, daCrone! Sometimes I feel like my stuff owns me, rather than the other way around!

MarriAna< daCrone: hehe, yes, space, I need space... for my truth. **G**

DestinyB< I had some cut garnets from India that I was going to set into jewelry. My brother held the stones and told me that there was some very negative energy in the stones. He said the people who cut the stones were practically slaves and transferred the oppression to the garnets. I stopped buying them!

MarriAna< I think it's possible to cleanse any given object... better than to just let it radiate bad vibes and pass it on to someone else...

Yopo< *S* You should hear the frogs singing here! They seem to love that full moon shining...

DestinyB< I agree, MarriAna: If one knows how to cleanse something, they have an obligation to do so.

daCrone< DestinyB: I think you are right ... much of this stuff went into boxes and has not been addressed since the owners put them there. Some of the individuals had rather traumatic events that you can feel immediately in their things. Interestingly, my mother's first husband who died at sea as WWII was forming and who managed to lend a helping hand throughout her life have a different -- loving -- energy. *S*

MarriAna< DestinyB: Yes... or rethink if it's such a good idea to attract stuff like that in the first place... **G**

daCrone< I absolutely agree, DestinyB. *S*

MarriAna< "objects" have a life, too. You don't change your energy imprint either, unless you die or ascend. And you're "imprinted" by the persons who are important in your life, too. What I'm trying to imply is just because objects can carry imprints it doesn't mean they have no character. **G**

DestinyB< MarriAna is right about imprinting those people in their lives. You also imprint your surroundings with an energy. We're more powerful than we can imagine! :-D

Yopo< It seems very odd that a physical object would retain an "energy" or an "impression" indefinitely, doesn't it? Then again, I'm not completely sure what it is we're talking about. Maybe it's actually something in ourselves that certain objects bring out. As if the object were a printed word... just a symbol, until a person READS it. No matter how many people read the word, the potential is not diminished. Understanding happens within the reader, which is where the "energy" resides...

DestinyB< Yopo: How true it is, what you've said about the power of words!

guitarist< It's been lovely, folks, but I too must succumb to the sleep that will otherwise take over and make me write strange things! :)

daCrone< (((guitarist))) journey well, with a song and a smile *S*

MarriAna< bye guitarist. *** sleep well ***

Yopo< Good night, guitarist. *S*

guitarist< {{{{{{Good night, everybody, and blessings be on one and all! }}}}}} *poof*

daCrone< Yopo: I think I need to study that wisdom. *S* Yes, I would read what I knew to read where I knew to read it ... maybe the ghosts are me ... hummm & thank you. *S*

DestinyB< Interesting, daCrone! You must be a sensitive person! Goodnight {{{guitarist}}}. Sweet Dreams!

Yopo< Ben: Regarding that inadvertent psychic attack business... Where is a good place to put our anger, to keep it from causing mischief? (Seeing as how with me, at least, it won't simply go away...)

MarriAna< Yopo: If your energy fields don't carry any defend/attack, aggressor/victim patterns, you won't be attacked and won't attack either, naturally ... so the secret is to cleanse yourself. It's about releasing patterns, including those that cause anger or whatever.

Ben< Yopo: My anger is a reaction to something I am (perhaps subconsciously or semi-consciously) thinking. If I can find and change that thought, the anger vanishes. Sometimes I dump the residue of anger into the ground, or burn it off with physical exercise, but basically, I change my thoughts to change my feelings. Getting rid of anger or resentment or impatience is part of that, as I illustrated in those two experiments.

guitarist< Ben: I'm with you on the physical exercise. That really helps me, too.

MarriAna< I found that also. Walking, for instance, helps with releasing patterns, as you are "in motion" and can get "into the flow" again... intent helps, of course...

Yopo< Ben *S* Yeah... Those little thoughts and mind-plays we sometimes let run, without bothering to interrupt them... Thanks for the reminder. *S*

MarriAna< It's not about interrupting/suppressing the pattern-loops... it's about stepping back and watching them unfold... until you understand/see... then release them... bless them. **G**

Ben< MarriAna: I don't suppress the pattern-loops, but I do interrupt them with my own thought. For example, at the beginning of the first of those two blessings, I was feeling irritated, impatient, like everyone else waiting in that line. But instead of letting that pattern run, I interjected the thought, "I have plenty of time. I can wait." And I kept on doing that until the irritation and impatience subsided.

MarriAna< Ben: hmmm... question is, did you get rid of that pattern forever? or will it surface again the next time? I found it's much easier/faster to deal with a pattern in a gentle way, just letting it surface, observing and acknowledging it, then gently sending it back to source and wait for it to return, cleansed, and put it back into my fields. It's a part of me after all, just one that got distorted. *S*

Ben< MarriAna: I don't get rid of a reaction pattern like that forever all at once. I acknowledge it and deal with it in a gentle way, and let it subside. The next time I am quicker and more effective at dealing with it. Eventually, it only rarely arises.

MarriAna< Ben: Then it works almost the same way... only I don't have to "stop" it ... I let it unfold ... like a poisonous flower. **VBG** And what I enjoy especially about this method is I don't have to be afraid or worried or whatever when a pattern pops up and unfolds ... it's cool ... I watch it ... hehe ...

Ben< MarriAna: Yes, much the same as you described. However, in that case, I intervened to stop my own (negative) reaction because I didn't want the aroma from that poisonous flower to contaminate my act of blessing.

MarriAna< Ben: I'm having trouble to imagine that. hm ... I usually just go into a higher vibe where the patterns don't touch me anyways when I bless ... so I never have to "stop" a pattern "directly" ... I'm not sure how you do it ...?

Ben< MarriAna: I interrupt a reaction pattern by in-puting a thought or thoughts that cause a different reaction pattern, that's all. *S* 'twas good to meet you. Good night.

MarriAna< Oh, more flowers... flower vs flower... **G** **waves**

Ben< ALL: Okay, 'tis time for me to get some rest. Peace and blessings to each of you. Good night.

DestinyB< Goodnight {{{Everyone}}}. Sweet Dreams & Blessings!

MarriAna< bye, Destiny.

daCrone< (((DestinyB))) blessings to you dearest *S* ... and thanks for your advice (((hugs again)))

Yopo< Good night, DestinyB

daCrone< I, too, am on my way out the door ... thank you all for this night's conversation and for the insights shared. *S*

Yopo< *hehe* Got a small traffic jam at the exit.

MarriAna< **waves** bye daCrone ... may your free space increase rapidly.

Yopo< I'm havin' a hard time keeping my eyes open here. Think I'd best get some sleep. Good night Ben, daCrone, MarriAna. Bright dreams, and blessings... *S*

Yopo< *gone*

MarriAna< bye Yopo and Ben *S*

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