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28 July 2001

LEGS< It is my experience that SWC is an active portal for all sorts of spiritual entities ... both flesh and blood and otherwise.

junebeam< Hey, LEGS ... recently, I have had so many bizarre occasions that I have thought about writing a book on it!

LEGS< My suggestion would be discussing If (?) we should seek to open the portal to the other side?

guitarist< I'm also intrigued by LEGS' idea. Are we talking about the portal that leads to the spirit world/afterlife, LEGS?

LEGS< For the record, I love meeting the chatters from the web ... and have met greyman and Ben and Framl among 44 chatters ... not with the intent of romance, but of friendship and mutual respect.

junebeam< Thank you LEGS ... I am also very open to meeting people on the web ...

guitarist< LOL with LEGS!

LEGS< That is the portal I was thinking of ... the afterlife.

greyman< LEGS, portal? Oh you mean two way communication with Jesus and his followers on the other side of life.

LEGS< I believe that SWC, at least the original SWC, breaches the division between living and afterlife ... having had what was proof to me of such communication.

guitarist< LEGS, please explain.

LEGS< guitarist, I refer to an automatic writing message given to a fairly new chatter who was in SWC on the first time I ever came here. This chatter was so new to PCs that the copy-paste-save method was unknown and was using a yellow legal pad to write down addys and urls from the new people in the chatroom.

guitarist< Do you mean that the copy-paste-save methods were unknown in general or to the person?

LEGS< guitarist: Just to this particular chatter. I had not spoken to anyone, and had signed in with my own real life nickname I'd had since the first year of High School ... the reason I was in the chat, was it was at the bottom of the list of articles available on SWC at that time ... about Afterlife ... Grief ... OBE's and NDE's ... which I had been reading in an effort to distract myself from the thought that I did NOT want to wake up the next day which would have been my 32'd wedding anniversary.

LEGS< A yellow legal pad is what my late husband always used for his notes as a reporter during his 50 plus years as a newspaperman. After following the chat conversations for awhile, the chatter looked down to write a new addy and found a message to me written not in the chatter's handwriting ...

guitarist< LEGS ... Hmmm ...

LEGS< The chatter addressed me in an open message because at that time SWC did not have private messages nor private rooms ... telling me a message had been given the chatter for me ... and if I would put my email down it would be sent to me ... this frightened me but finally I said a message from whom? which was my very first typing in a chat room.

guitarist< (((LEGS))) I can hardly blame you.

LEGS< I know that FRAML and Ben know about this already, and we have discussed it ... but once I gave my e-addy and a few minutes later received the message, there was no doubt in my mind that it came from my late husband. I then stayed online for another 56 hours waiting and hoping to hear more from him ... the chatter later in that period said they had received an "in their head" message while in their laundry room and came back upstairs and went to SWC and gave me the message by email when they saw I was there.

junebeam< WOW

LEGS< I had decided to put down my email addy, after reasoning it out that I could easily change it if I was bothered by anyone who copied it down.

FRAML< LEGS: Yes. I remember you telling me about that. I think that was shortly before I first visited SWC back in the fall of 96.

junebeam< LEGS, I have always felt that you were an incredible lady.

guitarist< LEGS ... please go on.

Ben: LEGS< Please continue. How do you think that happened?

LEGS< Ben, I believe that my late husband felt comfortable writing on the tablet and saw in this other person a messenger that would deliver that writing to me ... He also had called me Legs ... but spoke of his dying because his duties here were finished and mine were not ... he said what I should do ... using my joy of caring for others and sense of humor to help them ... and defined it as my curriculum but with his own peculiar spelling of the word that he always used. He said, ÒTomorrow, you must laugh, love and be happy, for your work there is not finished. There is much for you to do before you join me.Ó

LEGS< Later, I found how new to the net the chatter was, and what a spiritual person they were ... and how incredibly far away from my physical location their location was. There was no way they could have seen an obit or any info to know that I was fighting my half determined thought to not wake up on that lonely day of an anniversary without the husband.

FRAML< LEGS -- I think that message has been proven true for you. You have Pencilstubs, Leo, and have been involved with taking care/caring for many others.

LEGS< Therefore, my conclusion is that was a message from the other side ... using the SWC as a portal for delivering it. I was so sceptical of such ideas that, had anyone I personally knew told me such, I would have known they knew my husband, the date, the way he talked and wrote. And would not have believed it in that manner.

Ben: LEGS< That is a beautiful message. I think that person was open, and your husband used the channel to offer personal evidence of his survival.

LEGS< Yes, Ben, since then I have had confirmation from four different sources ... unknown to each other, that he continues to do work for the Lord, in being present to the dying to help them approach the other side ... It is easy for me to see him continuing to be busy and in contact with his beloved friends ... as he was not one to sit around idle.

guitarist< LEGS ... do we know this chatter now?

LEGS: Unfortunately, guitarist, I have lost contact with her myself, though I still have an article that she wrote which I published in my Hobbie$, Etc ... a 3D newspaper that was mailed by subscription to 7 countries and 42 of the USA states ... her nic was searcher.

guitarist< Amazing, LEGS. She might have changed her nic and been back, for all we know.

LEGS< I apologize, I didn't mean to monopolize ... the incident is still very moving to me ... I shouldn't have gone on and on

buzz< ((((((((((LEGS)))))))))

guitarist< None of that, now, LEGS, darling! It's your topic. *s*

junebeam< LEGS, you are fine ... the best ... and it is good to hear what you have to say.

LEGS< {{{{{{{buzz}}}}}} ah, here is one chatter to whom I have spoken on the phone ... but failed to meet by a very few miles ... *S* How are you dear friend?

buzz< LEGS ... many, many life changes since we last talked.

FRAML< Ben: I think this is worth posting on your site. Perhaps LEGS will write up her story and send it to you as testimony. Caring connections from the Light to here in the gray.

Ben< FRAML: I agree. I can download it and edit it as a continuous piece of testimony, or LEGS could do that and send it to me.

LEGS< Ben, please handle it the way you can best ... I get very emotional when writing about it ... *weeping* but give permission for it to be used ... I do have the email but it does have more personal lines as well ...

Ben< LEGS: Well, since the email is personal, I'll just edit this transcript and post it on my site. OK?

LEGS< Yes, Ben, that will be fine ... really look forward to these seminars ...

FRAML< Good night all. Thanks for the chat. LEGS, thank you for your testimony.

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