Amazon Chat Room
Ben's Seminar
Sat 8-Jun-2002

LEGS< Ready to welcome Ben and everyone else to the seminar tonite ... (((MaryHugs)))

FRAML< SEMINAR CONCEPT: These seminars are open to anyone who wants to attend. Each seminar will explore a stated topic. Each meeting will be a one hour guided discussion, followed by unguided discussion of the topic. There will be no fees or other charges, no grading system, and no predetermined "school solution." Selected portions of the meeting transcripts will be posted on this site -- but not if they contain a statement such as "off the record".

FRAML< SEMINAR GROUNDRULES: Courtesy is expected. Instead of attacking what others believe, say what you believe -- or politely ask others to explain what they post. Please keep your posts reasonably brief, and please don't get into off-topic side conversations. Please use the private message function to send greetings to new arrivals and to "whisper" in class once it starts. That way the text is easier for everyone to follow, and it is easier for me to clean up the transcript afterward.

GypsyMage< (((HUGS))) This is K'AM ... but remember someone from Canada registered it before I did!


cassandra< (((LEGS, FRAML))) I am here early to -- just to soak up the atmosphere of the last night of seminars.

FRAML< Hi K'AM. I didn't remember.

cassandra< (((GypsyMage))) well, that was NOT a nice thing for them to do!!!

GypsyMage< (((Cassandra)))(((Framl))) Oh it is so sad! The last night ... for here ... where we have come for so many years!

FRAML< Yes it is. But I've been wondering how long this site would last, sort of "nothing lasts forever" type of thought. NOT premonition.

cassandra< GypsyMage -- I hope we can still get together somewhere. I have to remember my password and then I can get in Mary and Mike's chat. I thought I had it written down.

cassandra< FRAML -- Yes, I know what you mean. *LOL*

GypsyMage< Yeah cassandra ... I just went there and had to sign in as GypsyMage there too!

FRAML< Yes, they are doing a very nice operation.

FRAML< Why? Had someone else registered K'AM?

FRAML< I'm in there as FRAML.

cassandra< GypsyMage -- Well, I may have to pick a new name. And perhaps that is just what I need. Enter a new phase.

GypsyMage< It wouldn't take the ' ... *S* ... so decided that I have been using GypsyMage different places ... so would just do that there ...

GypsyMage< oh cassandra ... you'd have to tell me your new name!!! *G*

cassandra< I always wanted to be a gypsy and sometimes feel like I might have one in my genealogy chart some place. I always loved to move on to new places and then I read the cards and did astrology and all kinds of thoughts popped into my head. *LOL*

Yopo< *S* Hi, everybody.

Yopo< Hi K'AM *S* LEGS, FRAML, cassandra

cassandra< (((Yopo))) good to see you.

Ben< Greetings and salutations!


GypsyMage< Sis told me to go back and register as KAM in there ... so just did that ... but I like the ' in it! I've forgotten how to do the private messages ... as tho I ever got them right before ... grinning ...

LEGS< (((Ben))) dear Friend

cassandra< Hi Ben. Nice to see you again.

Yopo< Hello Ben *S* Been a while ...

Lily_Shushan< Greetings ~ All!

Yopo< Hello, Lily *S*

GypsyMage< (((Ben))) So good to have you here on this special evening for us! I've missed coming in ... but now that I can relax a bit at work (didn't get the promotion ... but still have my old job) ... I'll be able to get on line evenings again.

Ben< Good to see you all. // Yopo: Yes, it has been awhile.

star-sister< Greetings ALL!

alremkin< Hi everyone. I'm a late-comer to this chat, but I'm wondering if something like it will continue elsewhere after tonight?

cassandra< Hi Lily *S*

FRAML< alremkin: That will be the 2nd question for tonight. ALL -- let's hold off until then please.

cassandra< Hi alremkin and star-sister.

Yopo< Ben *S* I'm trying to decide just how I feel about this particular occasion. "Ben's Seminar: Final Session." Guess that's one of the things we're gonna talk about in a while ...

Ben< BACKGROUND. Almost 5 years ago (July 1997), TheFire asked me to consider teaching some classes or courses in SpiritWebChat. I decided to try a question-guided discussion (seminar) approach. My first seminar was 2 August 1997 on meanings of the word "spirit". Over the next 3 years I led seminars on 30 subjects, with an average of 3 sessions per subject. In November 2000, I decided to discontinue leading seminars almost every week, and asked others to lead seminars on subjects of interest to them. Since then, FRAML and several other people have led these seminars, and I have led once in awhile.

alremkin< FRAML: Ok, my intuition told me something was up last week. Did you know about the change then?

FRAML< alremkin: No, I didn't.

FRAML< 1st Question follows:


FRAML< 1st Question: Which Seminar topic or type of topic do your remember as the most interesting or most helpful for you. For example, today a person told me that she has read the seminars on "Prayer" several times and was glad to have found them.

FRAML< Your turn.

alremkin< Ben, FRAML, & the others associated with this chat: I think you've done a great job to further understanding of spirit with this chat. It attracts a good group of people with high energy.

GypsyMage< Oh that is a loaded question ... there have been so many wonderful seminars and topics through the years ... goodness ... I can't quite choose this quickly!

LEGS< That first seminar and its follow up, about Spirit/Soul is one I have returned to several times ...

kathysm< namaste all. quietly sits down.

Ben< FRAML: My personal favorite was the series on "Maya, the Swamp." I liked the discussion it generated, Others' posts helped expand my understanding of that subject.

Yopo< That's a tough question ... Uh ... The session on spiritual "navigation"--"Which Way is Up?"--comes to mind immediately. And one on spiritual connections between souls. Another on karma ...

alremkin< I can't pick one seminar as the best. I wasn't present for the earlier ones. I find mostly the indepth exchange of ideas and focus to one subject of the chat, to be what set it apart as outstanding.

GypsyMage< I have to say that the ones where you discussed the spirits that had not been able to go on ... and were still here on earth ... was such a new topic to me and was mind-boggling for me. The concept of the work that you do there is awesome.

LEGS< Discernment was the topic for one of the more interesting seminars ... and the one about the difference between Religion and spiritual ... and the one about ET's ... and ... ok ... I cherish them all.

Yopo< Hard for me to sort them out in my memory. Seems like there were alot of sessions where previously covered topics came up again. Or at least where I found myself thinking back on previous seminars during a current one ...

FRAML< alremkin: All 30 seminars are on Ben's site and the ones since then are on greyman's, but Ben has links to each of them.

cassandra< I am glad Yopo mentioned the Seminar on Which Way is Up. Because I liked it very much. I hadn't thought about the direction like that before. It was very interesting.

GypsyMage< Don't believe that I have been in any seminar that didn't make me think ... and wonder ... and be thankful for questions from others here that I was wanting to ask ... but was afraid to ... *S* ... but you have always been so gracious in answering our questions and we have appreciated your lessons so much through the years Ben.

Lily_Shushan< this is my 2nd class ... so my fave topic every was *Spirituality* from last week ... *S* What, I really found amazing and wonderful is that the group didn't fold up because the Leaders were not here ... Rather, democratically the group talked and came to some conclusions and then the session went on ... I was very pleased ...

Ben< ALL: Confession: I don't have all the recent seminar transcripts edited, posted and linked. There are about 8 or 9 more. (From the First Book of Ben: "Confession is good for the soul, but bad for the reputation.")

GypsyMage< ... grinning ...

FRAML< Of those I lead, I enjoyed doing the 11 September one the most because I wanted to get folks memories of that day recorded. & I got to do my profession as a historian that night.

GypsyMage< It's been rough not being able to come and participate ... and then to learn that we were going to have to find another spot to be able to continue to learn and share ... wow ... so glad that we have several options to do just that!

GypsyMage< Framl, And that one was especially poignant for all of us ... such a waste of life and potential! But it had some reason for happening ... we just haven't figured out all of the aspects of it yet.

FRAML< Any others?

FRAML< & I still have a bunch that I lead to edit as well.

cassandra< The Memorial Day one made its way through the different rooms. Or anyway it was being discussed one day in Giza.

Ben< I'll post question #2 in a minute.

Ben< QUESTION #2: What do you think of the over-all approach to these seminars? Any lessons learned from that?

Yopo< I well-remember the 9/11 seminar, FRAML. Guess that was the first point I actually tried to put events into a clearer perspective. That was a partiuclarly useful session--though not one of the most enjoyable for obvious reasons ...

daCrone< I think that the seminars have been a wonderful experience in learning to listen ... really listen ...

GypsyMage< Oh, Ben, the over-all approach ... definitely a great one! To have the question from you and the different responses ... we've all learned from each other and shared so much through these years! It's a great format!

Awenydd< I think the seminars have done a great deal to maintain the intent and purpose that SWC was created for in the first place. I am amazed that you have been able to go on this long doing them! I hope tonight is only the last seminar at SWC, that you would continue elsewhere.

daCrone< they have also been examples of how individuals with differing points of view can indeed meet on common ground ... and make it sacred

FRAML< Ben: I enjoyed them. There was a structure that enabled people to focus their thoughts. Also it was really great that 99.8% of those who participated followed the ground rules. It has been the depth of the discussion and the civility of the chat that has been the most frequent comments I've gotten about the seminars.

daCrone< or maybe they don't make it sacred ... maybe it is hallowed because that is its nature ... what happens when spirits meet

GypsyMage< We've always agreed to disagree if that was what happened during one of the seminars ... we've always allowed the different points of view to be given ... and that's part of the leadership of the presentations each week!

Yopo< I think the structured approach worked VERY well. The presentation of a series of questions kept us on track (usually *S*) and got us much deeper into the topic than we otherwise would have. And the open discussion afterward provided space for the results to sort of "sink in", and be applied to various hypothetical situations; or for past experiences to be compared that the seminar seemed to have thrown new light on. An excellent approach, in my opinion!

Ben< I saw something that I appreciate in what Lily_Shushan said a few posts back. The seminar didn't quit just because the usual leaders weren't here. That is something I fervently hoped for.

GypsyMage< Well said, Yopo!

LEGS< I agree with my sister GypsyMage ... hearing out the viewpoints different from your own, helps define our information on a subject.

alremkin< #2. The approach was good, allowing expression and discussion, but I thought it worked as well as it did because of the people it attracted. Lesson learned is mostly to be patient allowing the truth to bring us to understanding rather than force of will or dogma.

guitarist< (((shalom aleichem))) Ben, your format was easy to duplicate and perpetuate. Perhaps part of the secret of our longevity thus far. *s*

GypsyMage< So true alremkin!

Ben< GypsyMage: Yes. We tried to show and learn how to disagree without being disagreable. And also, there were some lessons (or laboratories) on how to deal with disruptors.

FRAML< I too am glad that folks would take up the torch of leadership when I was absent. And that everyone kept to the spirit of the seminar.

GypsyMage< Ben, I have to giggle at that (laboratories) remark! Yes, love does conquer a lot of disruption!

guitarist< And real life practice, too! I'll never forget when we had hume for a "guest." *LOL*

Yopo< Ben I seem to recall there was an entire seminar devoted to the topic of disruptors ...

Hiho< Greetings to all - I finally got in under a new name. I've been trying since 10 pm! You all know me as, Lore, Lor, Lo, & Afriend. What have I missed that was essential, tonite?

GypsyMage< Greetings and (((HUGS))) Lore ... HIHO indeed! You know me as K'AM.

Ben< COMMENT: the most personally difficult part of this approach is for the leader to facilitate discussion, stimulate thinking, help expand the subject, but at the same time NOT try to tell people WHAT to think or believe.

GypsyMage< guitarist ... hume was a "chore" that night!

FRAML< And to come up with a topic and the questions each week was the hardest for me.

guitarist< Yes, Ben ... the temptation is great, especially when certain people try to drag the rest down.

Awenydd< Ben, I know what you mean, and I have always admired the way you were able to do that. My congratulations to you!

GypsyMage< Ben, I feel that your expansion of the different subjects by questions really made us think our way through some of the seminars. Not just sit here and "listen" but to be a participant and to share with each other.

Ben< Awenydd: Thank you. *S* There were many times when I had to bite my fingers instead of my tongue.

Hiho< (((HUGS))) to guitarist, GypsyMage, Yopo, & LEGS. I'll miss my connections to all in AMAZON.

guitarist< (((Hiho))) (is it off to work you go?)

daCrone< I agree, GypsyMage ... and being able to 'think out loud' so to speak ... that was of great benefit to me *S*

cad< Hello everybody,greetings and love to all.

Ben< Another comment, as a hint to those who may lead such seminars: As leader, I tried to stay as I described in my previous comment. Sometimes I posted my personal opinion, identified as such, after others had a chance to respond to the question.

GypsyMage< And, Ben, we appreciated those few times you gave us your personal opinions ... *S*

FRAML< All: I agree with Ben. There were times when I very much wanted to make comments and reply to statements, but I knew that I could not and remain focused on the topic and what everyone was saying.

guitarist< [my answer to Q1: my favorite topic types were those that had to do with the spiritual implications and reflections of our actions.]

Ben< Technical comment: We have tried to stick to a one-hour format, but I think we can waive that tonight. I have 2 more questions.

Yopo< *S*

GypsyMage< Ben, wonderful ... go ahead!

Ben< QUESTION # 3: What are your feelings about the demise of SWC in general? And why? (Yopo and others have touched on that subject already.)

one-of-four< enters namaste

FRAML< #3: Partly I'm surprised that the chat has remained in existence this long. On the other hand I have made friendships here that I want to maintain and doing that through e-mails will not be the same. Nothing lasts forever.

greyman< SWC is a convenient forum. It will be missed.

merry< Ben, my feeling is that "to every thing there is a season." Everything is born, grows, matures, wanes, and passes, from individuals to cultures to communities and institutions. On a personal level, I'm taking this as the nudge I've needed for a time to cut back from the time I spend here and put the time and energy into my life and my other on-line projects. On a community level ... *shrugs* I dunno. I am rightly named Merry Walker, I've had to move and travel so much that perhaps change seems a normal part of life to me now. On a community level, I feel that it's just one of those things that happens. We do what is appropriate and move on.

GypsyMage< Ben, I remember when we had to go to an alternate site several years ago ... we were lost for a while ... then we were able to come back and it felt go good to be able to go to the different sites here ... to find the group that fit our beliefs and opinions ... to renew old friendships and make new ones ... and of course, to be here in Amazon and to learn so much on a weekly basis! It's sad! But we will be able to find each other where ever we need to go to get together and discuss topics of vital importance to us!

Yopo< I'm feeling much sadness about it. SWC has been like a sort of second home, or a second level of social reality. In some ways, it feels a bit like I'm going to have to leave a real PLACE, that I won't be able to return to. And I have concerns about certain people who are important to me, missing from here for a while, who I may not find a way to recontact. Having said that, I have nothing but gratitude toward TheFire, who has provided SWC to us for so long, and really asked nothing in return. *S* And there HAVE been times when we've tried his patience, I am sure ...

Awenydd< Like FRAML said earlier, it was something that had sorta been in the back of my mind off and on, though lately I had come to imagine it would always be here. Of the 8 years that spritweb.org has been in operation, I have been coming here for 7. After all this time it hit me like a ton of bricks. I can however understand and respect Renes decision, and I applaud the reason given for the changes. To spend more offline time and face-to-face interactions. I had fallen victim to my entire life revolving around this place, or other online endeavors at the expense of my family.

one-of-four< Q3 Ben sorry to see it close. Sorry as it certainly drew people from all over the world who in general are on a path of spirit. No other chat as yet seems to have that combination

daCrone< ooo Ben ... I have a sense of saddness that swc is closing shop ... it was here that I found a kinship that I did not expect and, in fact, did not know actually existed ... when I arrived, I didn't realize I was searching for what I found ... I have grown to love and appreciate this place and those who grace it ... I am truly grateful to Rene for creating and maintaining it ... it has been a blessing ... I do so hope the spirit of swc continues ...

alremkin< #3. Basically my first reaction is sadness in the ending of an era, which was a place where people could gather to talk of spiritual topics. I even found some interesting local events through this site, I wouldn't have founbd otherwise as easily. Secondly, I realize that no one can rely on another for their spiritual advancement, hence with the demise of SWC we will all bear a greater responsibilty to create somethings of our own to replace this.

Lily_Shushan< Because I am new to SWC, I don't have as much invested emotionally. Everything changes! I will miss some of the Chatters. *Awenydd* has openned a new chat site, and I am quite pleased with the whole format ... *G* I only have $1.02 in my paypal account ...

one-of-four< I agree witth daCrone

merry< Yopo, I recognized that there would be freinds who lost touch with each other with the room shutting down ... that's why part of what SWChatMail is about is a locator service. TheFire has already put a link up to the e-mail addy, and for at least the next 3-6 months, I'll be making an effort to help people find each other. This is the kind of organizational and administrative work I do in 3-D, and I saw there would be a need for it. I'm establishing a data base of SWC nicks and e-mails. I won't give out anyone's personal information but forward requests, and once a week or so send out a general list of queries to everyone on the mailing list to try to find those that I don't have on the data base. If you wish to be included, please send an e-mail to SWChatMail@yahoo.com and include your SWC nic(s). This will also sign you up for the transition newsletter, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Yopo< There IS, of course, always potential for something NEW in the dissolution of something OLD. I am very hopeful. *S*

greyman< A free forum. For many years. A time to move on. Embrace change. It will be missed.

one-of-four< hope alremkin that it is not twenty hard to reach sites with few visitors but one site easy to reach for all

daCrone< whenever there was an event, this was the first place I would come ... I have been here for earthquakes, floods and man-made disasters ... for me, swc always provided a spiritual link in those times

cassandra< I will miss being able to come here to talk to the special friends I have made. I am shy in real life and don't talk much. Can anyone believe that? It is true. And the prayer circles were wonderful and did much good.

guitarist< First of all, I came here in 1999 for one reason only: to participate in Ben's Seminars. From what I've seen in the discussion going on at the Yahoo! site, I can understand why Ren* is shutting SWC down. Too many people think that freedom includes the right to harrass others and be nasty and rude. It's too much trouble for someone making a transition to a more 3-D-oriented ministry. It's a shame that Ben seems to have been a minority here, because at the same time, people like him were the reason this site was created. SWC had a lot of potential that was being wasted. And that's MHO.

Yopo< merry Thanks for the reminder!!! I have every intention of joining your mailgroup. I'll probably use my Yahoo mailbox for that, so mail from both Migration groups will all be in one place ... *S*

Awenydd< daCrone, I know what you mean, me too. I'll never forget the nite I was in here that Princess Diana died ...

merry< My apologies to all for the lengthy post ... I felt it was an apporpriate time to mention the locator service.

one-of-four< couple years back I was trying to get locals from SWC together in 3D visits. Perhaps it is time to come out of the cyber'closet' and do more 3D ?

FRAML< merry: Yes, good post about locator service.

alremkin< 1 of 4: Yes, I think so.

guitarist< (I could see in the discussion with Ren* that he really missed Ben.)

FRAML< one-in-four: I've found it easier to do communicating about certain topics in here (cyberspace) that I have in 3D. I've contacted more people that I do locally.

Awenydd< As Yopo pointed out and guitarist hinted at, I will endevour to try and carry on all the good things about SWC, and if I can, improve on them with allpathways.com. I want to build on the idea of online seminars and discussions while at the same time keeping a clean and friendly place for social gatherings. With everyones help, I know we can do this.

merry< I've heard many times about displaced Chinese saying that "China is in the heart." I suspect that for many of us, it will be the same with SWC ... as we go forward with our lives, we will be taking a bit of this place with us.

Yopo< I was sorta hoping Ren* might show up tonight. Never really got to talk to that fella as much as I'd have liked ...

Ben< QUESTION #4 Where do we go from here? (I think there are two parts to this question, one about SWC migration in general, and one about these seminars. Please answer either or both parts as you see fit.)

one-of-four< FRAML That is true for the world has been the pool of vistors here and a therefore bet chance to meet others like yourself. Yet they say no pain no gain ... Loss of SWC is pain and is a kick out of cyber space is the hint to go out and gain local? just wondering

daCrone< I have found, within the past year, that 3d interaction has become more integrated in my life ... that may be a big *duh* observation , but it is true ... I am in leadership training and helping develop an educational cirriculum for the church I attend ... two years ago, I would have said: Improbable if not impossible!

GypsyMage< Ben, I think that one of the reasons that I felt such sadness about tonight was the Topic: BEN'S SEMINAR: FINAL SESSION at the beginning of the page! It's not good to say it's the Final session ... surely it can't be!

Awenydd< Guess I jumped the gun on #4, but I think I've said my peace and most folks know how I feel about it now, I'll just listen to everyone else.

Lily_Shushan< I would like to continue the seminars *S* and perhaps at www.allpathways.com ... really, I didn't even get started! Ben: I have been reading your site, It would be great to get to know you better.

FRAML< one-of-four: It has not been to meet others like myself but others who are seeking something in their lives and I've been, I think, a representative of a person of faith, who breaks the sterotype they have.

guitarist< I think Ben's Seminars could survive elsewhere intact if we all keep in touch and pay attention to where we're going. As for SWC migration, I see it already splitting up and going separate ways, with many competing for their attention. Scattered sheep without a shepherd, I think the saying goes.

greyman< http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/swc-migration.html

Ben< Awenydd: No problem about "jumping the gun". That's where we were headed in this seminar. *S*

daCrone< wherever it may be ... I do feel the seminars should continue ... I said on one of the boards that has gone up that I am making a new pair of cyber-nomad shoes ... and I'll trek all over hecks half acre to keep in touch during the transition ... I truly appreciate the efforts that are being made to provide links and places - Namaste! to you who are devoting your energies and expertise to this ... you are angels ...

GypsyMage< Awenydd, we appreciate your setting up allpathways.com and know that we can find our friends and family there and we are confident that we all together can keep it friendly, clean, and spiritually oriented ... as well as get to do a bit of visiting and chatting to boot!

merry< Ben, it may seem strange, given that I'm doing the newsletter about the possible chat alternatives, but personally, I'm not planning on going much of anywhere. having moved around so much in my life, I've learned that it's generally better to let things go that are moving out of one's life, rather than try to cling to them. This community, regardless of what happens, is ending. Even if a sizable core group migrates to a particular site together and establishes a viable community there, it will be descended from this community, not BE this community. I think that whatever happens, many of us will be moving forward and joining or starting new communities to spread the basic spirit of this place.

FRAML< #4: I will find somewhere else for general chat I guess. I've enjoyed this format because it allows me to type in full thoughts and not 'sound bites' like most of the other chat rooms I've wandered into. // I need to recharge my batteries for a while before leading any more seminars. I was planning to take the summer off before Rene's announcement.

Yopo< Well, I'm putting most of my chips on Awenydd's project, which even at THIS early stage has -- What did you say, brother? -- over 165 SWC folks registered? It feels pleasant and familiar over there -- rather like a new SWC in the making -- but with it's own new purpose and direction. You can feel energy and enthusiasm in the folks who have been gathering there. As for the Seminars ... I honestly feel they have been something that has accelerated my personal spiritual evolution. I would like VERY MUCH to see them continue on in some form ...

GypsyMage< and Merry, I did not mean to slight your efforts in this great move we are about to embark upon! Your seeing a need and responding to it is one of the neat traits you exhibit!

daCrone< yes, I am seeing separation in posts about the dissolution of swc ... that will be as it will be ... all things change, nothing perishes ... the energy and community that has arisen here can continue ... it will be perhaps different ... but that does not mean it will be less ... if they are online, we will find the seminars!

merry< And if the seminars continue, I'd like to know where they are being held. *S* Personally, I'd like to find a more focused spiritual group to work with, something more along the lines of a study group or circle or coven, but that's just my personal feeling.

guitarist< Quite right, merry. "You can't go home again" -- I think that would be a good book title -- oops, I think it *is* a great book. :)

Jello< The strength of the Internet is its interconnectedness and the myriad of ways of communicating: irc, icq, Messenger, web boards, even online games ... Yet that is precisely its weakness: too many places, too many options, too many pathways:)

GypsyMage< Ben, we just need to know if the seminars will be continued ... even if it is this Fall before they start anew! Framl, yes, we knew you were going to take a break ... but you didn't mean it to be a full halt, now, did you?

greyman< As the internet matures, and anyone can get a static IP address; anyone will have the oppertunity to web host an itc. Who knows? I may break down and hang 2 2Ghz pentimum on such an IP address. *G*

FRAML< merry: Yes, the 'community will not be the same' however I think what folks are wanting to maintain are the 'elements of the civilization' that enables a community to exist, even if the people in it change over time, just as the population of a town changes with births, deaths, & migrations.

Jello< The main thing is someone simply needs to have contact addresses for everyone interested, and it can go from there -- and I assume someone (say, FRAML) has that ...

merry< GypsyMage, thank you. And I didn't feel slighted. It's obvious that the allpathways site is the frontrunner in the "where shall we go" question ... which, all things considered, makes my job easier ... LOL I was afraid that there wouldn't be any strong contenders for a while, and I'd have to be running all over the web checking out every possible chat anyone told me about. *S* But LEGS and Awenydd have done an incredible job to get it up and running in so short a time, and I've gotten LOTS of e-mails in at SWChatMail recommending their room.

alremkin< #4. Part 1: I've checked out the main yahoosite for migration and saw the type of ego driven agrument that pervades stonehenge chatroom here and the same at a wanders site I accessed from here. So while I have several instant messengers and have a group of "internet friends", it's not the same as joining this group-chat. So unless something new manifests, these chats will be remembered as the "good ole days at spiritweb". I've heard something about pencilstubs chat and Awenydd's new site which isn't ready yet, but as of now I know of nothing online to replace this. #4 Part 2: Can anyone address the question about pencilstubs or Awenydd's site now? Does anyone have another suggestion?

Yopo< merry Such things have happened in SWC, I think. Generally in private rooms. Just look at the number of them!

FRAML< GypsyMage: Oh you knew I was going to take a break? That is news to me. I only came to the realization about 10 days ago that I needed a rest.

Ben< Personally, I think the SWC migration is going better than it otherwise would, due to the work of TheFire and Merry. As to these seminars, I would like to see them continue, whether led by me or FRAML or someone else or democratically upon arrival. I do think they will need a separate room, as Amazon has been separate from Stonehenge. Comments?

Bjays_Angel< Hello (((Everyone)))0 I was wondering if anyone would like to join my community? I have a few others who have joined from SWC as well and would like to have more join My Mom has joined as well HUG Would anyone be intrested?

Awenydd< Yopo yesterday we had over 180 ... Merry I agree with your comment about a new community being FROM here, and not the original, which is why I am not trying to cling, hence a new name, and appearance, although the chat module will act very similar and look very similar, but so do most telephones, regardless of the phone company. I also want to promote those groups and style of meetings you mentioned Merry.

daCrone< I'm with FRAML on the format used here ... I don't think or type fast enough to enjoy those sites that pop text on and scroll it up

merry< FRAML, I think you're right. But there seem to be a significant number of people who seem to think we're going to find another room and we'll all move there and it will be just the same as it was. And I'm afraid anyone who feels that will be in for a disappointment, because while it may be very similar, it won't be the same ... and sometimes that kind of subtle change is actually harder than a major change.

GypsyMage< Framl, my famous esp!!!

FRAML< alremkin: ditto on the Yahoo site for me. I'm not interested in going to a place where the focus is on yelling, screaming and attacking folks; that is why I've not been in Stonehenge much the last year.

daCrone< oh yes, Ben ... I agree they need to be in a dedicated or separate room

merry< Rene designed the chats here with the manual refresh on purpose, to allow for and encourage more meaningful discussion than can generally be managed in a chat that auto-refreshes. Personally, I think the manual refresh has a LOT to do with the nature of SWC ... I don't think an auto refresh would support this kind of discussion. ... /./././ ... Awenydd ... so I had gathered from my discussions with LEGS, which pleases me greatly. While I am expecting to get away from spending as much time in chat as I do, I find myself looking at the various sites that offer more ... including allpathways. *S*

guitarist< Yes, Ben, we need our own separate room.

merry< *sheepish grin* From what I've been hearing about the yahoo group, I keep thinking about the Kilkenny Cats ... *S*

Awenydd< FRAML Ditto on your ditto ...

Yopo< Ben I agree! A separate room would be best. A room designated for seminars and other scheduled activities.

GypsyMage< It's always so disappointing to go to a site and have a bit disagreement or oneupsmanship happening ... that's what has been so nice about having the different areas here to go and check to see which group and what topic was happening ... and to know that this seminar was scheduled where we would have kindred minds and souls ...

Yopo< alremkin I agree, there have been some ego-trips playing themselves out in spiritweb_meet. Guess I still consider it very useful, though, just to keep track of what is going on. I try to ignore the other stuff. Which is actually a talent we've all had to cultivate to use Stonehenge ... *LOL*

Hiho< Ben, this site with its clientele has been a sort of extended family to me. I really don't like to see it disbanded. It has served an unique service to those that happened to click on it, allowing each participant a chance to influence each of our lives in a positive way. I do sense that something this vital to the overall scheme of things must somehow survive in some way or other. I say amen to much of what Yopo has said tonight. Surely someone of the group will take up the gauntlet, so to speak, and lead us and others toward the "promised land" of better perceptions and understandings of what life on this earth is all about and how to best adjust ourselves to meet its challenges.

daCrone< I agree re: oneupsmanship ... I muchly prefer sites where people are both welcome and civil

one-of-four< well I think it is time for me to check out some of these other sites. Bye for now ... poof

daCrone< blessings as you journey (((one-of-four)))

kathysm< are all the alternative sites going to be published here?

alremkin< Ben: Agreed about the continuation of these chats and the need for a separate room for them.

Ben< The hardest part of the seminars is editing the transcripts -- it takes a lot of time. That is one reason I had to stop leading almost every week. And yet, the edited transcripts are valuable because unedited transcripts are difficult to read and a lot of good points aren't easily recognizable. Two thoughts: 1) wherever the seminars go will need a recording function that can be downloaded later, and 2) it would be nice if it linked each post to the post it is responsing to. I don't know if that kind of linking can be done in a chat room, though I have seen it in bulletin boards. Comments?

Awenydd< Folks, it's been most enjoyable tonight, if not a bit sad, but where there is a will, there is a way. Of course right now my will is telling me the way to bed, so I bid you each adieu, and hope to see you later.

Smoak< merry I didn't realize this was a specific group. Sounds like some fine folks here. I'll just lurk and see how things are going.

GypsyMage< Awen (((HUGS))) night night ...

LEGS< Since I'm back and Awenydd seems to be gone ... one thing he has planned for the chat he has built, is to have available area for seminars or classes ... that could be moderated to prevent interruption ... or disrupters could be expelled from the session ... and if requested, such a session could allow the HTML for visual aides ...

daCrone< (((Awenydd))) sweet slumber *S*

GypsyMage< Ben, that is something to be worked on if at all possible ... both the recording and the linking . .*S* ... I don't know a thing about programming but surely it can and will be done so we can continue the seminars!

Yopo< Ben I wonder if it is possible to somehow give a seminar leader/moderator control of a chat room? So the moderator could see posts before they hit the open chat, and somehow tag comments that will be dropped automatically from the review log?

Awenydd< Ben I have been working on a room with your seminars in mind, including a feature where when the moderator has the floor all public comments are restricted until the moderator opens up again. There will also be review logs that will be instantly available. We can also customize this room to the needs as we work out what they are.

daCrone< *S* Smoak ... welcome!

Yopo< A good night to you, Awenydd!

Awenydd< *poofing*

GypsyMage< See! I told y'all it could be done ... just read what Awenydd posted just now! *grinning*

Hiho< I sence that the format of this chat room has proved itself to be reasonable successful and worthy of continuance somewhere. However, I'd like to see a time stamp on each entry, so participants could reference it as the one they are responding to. Without this, we find the discussion to be very difficult to follow and obviously difficult to edit into a summary.

Smoak< Thank you, daCrone. I came to SWC looking for Merry and didn't realize it was a special group. I appreciate your welcome

alremkin< Ben: Sounds like a good idea, but I don't know how to do it.

daCrone< *sitting back and enjoying the fact that technology really does have advantages ... and there are folks who know how to employ them* *VBS*

LEGS< BTW ... for those who haven't looked it over, here is the test site of the chat module Awenydd has built ... is still refining ... http://www.pencilstubs.com/chat/

Yopo< Hiho I think reorganizing the time sequence has probably been a big challenge for the folks who've edited the transcripts. Alas, with me at least, the problem is that my brain and fingers often are the reason for delay ... *LOL*

daCrone< oooo Smoak ... if your here, you're one of the gang! ... we're not special like a clique ... we just don't want to scatter in the winds when swc closes ... so that's where the discussion is now - in the planning stage!

kathysm< LEGS I am confused I thought you two were putting together the allpathways.

alremkin< LEGS: How does one access pencilstubs chat?

guitarist< I often think a while before posting answers. So a time stamp might not help me.

Yopo< kathysm I think allpathways is where it will be moved, once the bugs are all shook out and all features rolled out. Right LEGS?

Ben< COMMENT: I suggest that those who are interested in continuing these seminars send their email addys to FRAML. That way we can stay in touch and let everyone know when and where seminars will be held. I think this list would be a subset of the overall SWC migration list.

Lily_Shushan< http://www.pencilstubs.com/chat/login.asp

merry< daCrone ... *S* Smoak is the person who introduced me to SpiritWeb when I first came on line back when ... though she hasn't been around much in recent years.

Yopo< guitarist I guess we coulda made life easier for Ben and FRAML by prefacing answers and comments with the question numbers, like some tried to do. I tended to forget a lot.

daCrone< yes, Ben, I second the idea to post it on the migration list

Hiho< Hm. I see Ben posted remarks relating to the subject of my comments just after I stopped refreshing to type in my last entry. I also wonder why automatic refreshing with each new entry is not to be preferred.

LEGS< kathysm the module is being tested at the pencilstubs domain, and when sufficiently refined will debut on the www.allpathways.com site ... with more bandwidth, etc. The site now has some info posted ... but the http://www.pencilstubs.com/chat/ is where chatters can look over the format and post ... set the posts to 150 and see what others have said, etc. Those who sign and register now will not have to re-register as the list is being retained with allpathways, not pencilstubs.

kathysm< Ben is there a way to send to FRAML?

guitarist< I do that, Yopo, when my answer is far from the question. When it's conveniently close, I don't bother.

kathysm< Thanks LEGS. I truly apprec.ate all the care that is being put into this endeavor. I don't want to lose touch with all of you.

LEGS< Awenydd is the webmaster and programmer ... not me ... he has to walk me thru simple editing sometimes when the html coding is required. *S*

alremkin< merry: Would it be accurate to say then that Smoak is a "good ole girl"?

daCrone< *shy grin* ... well, we may need a flow chart on the new site so that I can keep up with who is connected to whom ... Nah! ... I'd forget before I got through reading LOLOL ... // (((merry))) I am glad Smoak introduced you to here *VBS*

Yopo< Hiho Auto-refresh can be easily turned on or off in Awenydd's prototype room. Personally, I found it better left turned OFF, 'cause it will sometimes kick in while I'm in the middle of typing in the Refresh/Post field ...

guitarist< Hiho, automatic refresh is horrible if you want to get a coherent thought out! I visited James vanPraagh's site with LEGS one night and that's how his site operates. He gets a lot of visitors and people are constantly posting. Hard to keep track.

daCrone< and the LEGS chart would be complex indeed hahahahahahahaha

FRAML< SMOAK: I thought your nick was familiar.:)

LEGS< hiho ... on the new chat module, one can choose auto refreshing, but when they post and refresh, it is once again manual refresh ... still working on that one ... *S*

Ben< kathysm: FRAML was here a minute ago ...

merry< Hiho, the manual refresh allows for more natural discussion. With an automaitc refresh, you're always rushing to keep up. Manual refresh allows one to read carefully and consider an answer without worrying about missing anything. It also alllows for longer answers than a manually refreshing room, for the same reasons.

LEGS< (((Ben))) (((Greyman))) (((FRAML))) please add me to the list to stay in touch for future seminars

alremkin< kathysm: Yes, click on FRAML's name and you'll go to his site and be able to email him from there. It's a good idea to bookmark the site.

daCrone< ditto LEGS hugs and request *S*

merry< alremkin ... *G* You might call her a "good ol' gal" ... but she and I are both past the age where being called a "girl" is anything but ludicrous ... LOL

Yopo< Ben -- if I may ask -- have you given any thought to leading seminars again yourself as an alternate for FRAML? I would think it would really be too demanding on any one person for prolonged times ... And pardon me if you've already commented, and I missed what you said ... *S*

Hiho< guitarist, I sense the purpose of referencing a comment with a time stamp is to help others recognize what the current posting is related to.

FRAML< ALL: FRShirer@aol.com & please place my nick (FRAML) or a reference to Ben's Seminars in the subject line so I don't automatically delete it with all the spam I delete without reading because I don't recognize the sender (or has an obvious subject I'm not interested in).

LEGS< I second that suggestion, Yopo ... *smiling at Ben and Framl*

Ben< Yopo: I'm willing to lead seminars again. However, I can't spend as much time editing transcripts as I did before.

greyman< I canÕt help but think that after a thousand years from now, when these transcripts are reviewed (for linguistic content), the future researchers would like to get any of the private messages that go on during one of these sessions. I guess they will never know. *G*

Yopo< *LOL* I remember long time back, when SWC was down for several months, some of us tried gathering in a chat site called WBS. It had an auto-refresh feature that drove us all NUTS. Durn thing would scroll automatically like a roll on an old player-piano, and you'd spend half your time frantically tryin' to slide the screen down before it did it again ...

daCrone< LOLOL greyman

FRAML< Hiho: I've used the auto refresh on PencilStubs and have lost my posts because of the feature. It refreshed before I was finished typing, thus I stick to manual refresh.

Lily_Shushan< Be Well, All! I need to leave. Light&Love till we meet again *VBS*

Hiho< A particular frustration I've had with this site, is that I have NOT been able to link back to the beginning of the session to review something I missed. Perhaps, it is just my setup that limits me from viewing more than about 30 or 40 lines.

Smoak< Hi, ya-all, Yeah, one could say I'm a "good ole girl" or some such. Came in about 1995 and stayed for a year or so. Now I just lurk now and then. And you had me scratching my head, too, FRAML. Good to see you.

Jello< that's another thing -- the impermanence of internet data concerns me. Unless someone is keeping multiple copies of this data, it only takes a few dead hard drives to completely lose all this information.

LEGS< Jello, have you and Ben backed up your precious info from your sites? I would hate to see either of them lost. (((HUGS)))

daCrone< (((Lily_Shushan))) in love and light, go wrapped in blessings

Zendi< {{{**merry**}}}

daCrone< (((Zendi))) *VBSs*

Zendi< {{{daCrone}}} *Greetings Beautiful One*

Yopo< greyman All Would Be Revealed. *hehe* It's bad enough when the occasional PM inadvertantly surfaces ...

greyman< / mesg Yopo, yep. *G*

Jello< I'm starting to think another useful chat feature would be a 'send private message' button ... ;)

alremkin< merry: It has fallen to me many times to redefine what is ludicrus, lol.

merry< alremkin ... LOL ... sounds like an enjoyable task, actually ... LOL

victorymoon< Great blessing to All ...

Jello< My site is backed up by MIT. :) At least for as long as I have that account (*prays it's a long time*)

Zendi< hi LEGS ... *S* I tried to go to the chat room. Were you NEWCHATROOM in here earlier today?

daCrone< I have to say that I am feeling very good about what is forming here *S*

Yopo< I think Awenydd said he plans to restore HTML capability to one or more rooms in the site he's working on. That could be VERY good for seminars, if the moderator/facilitator could post a picture or chart or diagram that illustrated something about the question being posed ...

daCrone< greetings Victorymoon *S*

FRAML< Hiho: There has been a glich in SWC display lines ever since the site was improved a couple of years ago, the display never went beyond 50 posts at the most, even when you set it for 150. AWENYDD'S site is actually going back 150 posts. I checked it out.

Jello< OTOH, sometime I'd like to move my material to my own site, but my own site would actually be less stable and more prone to outtages ... haha, sad, sad. And the risk of some net jerk stealing the domain name someday ... my goodness the internet is ephemeral in some ways.

alremkin< Lily: good night.

greyman< Well, this may very well be my last sign off on SWC. Good night dear ones. I hope for chat contact in the future (which is already in progress).

FRAML< Yopo: & if particpants would refrain from posting pictures & art in the middle of the discussion "because it looks pretty."

Zendi< *poofing over to Himalayas* *S*

victorymoon< Greetings back at ya daCrone ... with a *h* attached ...

daCrone< (((greyman))) blessings go with you

FRAML< Good night (((greyman)))

Jello< pictures & art are very data intensive :/

Ben< Jello: I've printed out the first 30 seminar transcripts. It is a stack of paper 10 inches high. Maybe I should have them photocopied for multiple storage in different places? And yes, greyman's right -- future archaeologists would have a ball with them!

alremkin< merry: Yes it's a merry task.

alremkin< greyman: Good night, i hope we meet in cyber land again

Jello< Ben: Heh, who knows, is there a book in all this?? haha

FRAML< Yes, I have three 4-ring binders holding my paper copies. I haven't printed off any of those on greyman's site yet. Something I'll have to do ... after I get my backlog of editing done so he can post them.

LEGS< We have discussed an option that would allow the chatter to choose to use HTML or not, however we have also considered restricting it to one area only.

victorymoon< I don't spend a lot of time keeping up with SW but it is always a site I cling to, often just to listen up to what others are going through. It is truly going to be a lack in my existence to not be able to "tune in" to what other fellow travelers are going thru ...

alremkin< Jello: I think you may be onto something there.

Yopo< Blessings, greyman ... *sigh* Last sign off ...

LEGS< Ben, I go to your site fairly often ... and the data is presented so nicely ... it is enjoyable to read thru ...

Hiho< I sense that an effective auto-refresh system would not include the area where one would be constructing a posting, nor would it automatically scroll the screen, but let each reader's display be under the control of that reader. It would probably also contain some indication of how many lines have been entered since the last time the screen was "frozen" for that reader. This suggests that each user's software would need to provide such individualized services.

merry< LEGS, having experienced some pretty nasty problems in another html chat room I used to frequent, I support the idea of limiting it to one area. *S*

Yopo< FRAML Yep. The HTML should only be for the moderator ...

Astrotrekker< Yopo have you heard from LadyV?

LEGS< (((greyman))) goodnite dearheart

WendyF< @};-

LEGS< Has ANYONE heard from LadyV or from LightDreamer? or Hellcat7 ...

merry< Hiho, most people aren't willing to download specialized software for a chat. The chat client itself ultimately ends up being the controlling parameter.

Yopo< Ben, Regarding the 10 inch high stack---WHEH!---you should maybe have the files put onto CD?

FRAML< Yopo: good point on moderator only.

Yopo< Astrotrekker No, I have not, and am not at all happy about this. Hope all is well ...

FRAML< LEGS: Not in a while, at least a couple or three months for Hellcat7

guitarist< Framl and Yopo: I agree with you both on HTML for moderator only. // goodnight, to those who have left ... I'm sure we'll be seeing you around.:)

alremkin< LEGS: No, but I have an old email address for lightdreamer that still might be good. I last used it about 1 1/2 years ago.

guitarist< No, I haven't either, LEGS. LD and HC7 are in South Africa, as far as I know ... maybe they got married!

Ben< Yopo: Good idea, about putting the seminars on a CD. Greyman can do that, if he hasn't already. I think they should be in both HTML and TEXT format.

LEGS< alremkin, please pm me that addy for lightdreamer ... (((HUGS)))

LEGS< Ben, have you seen the CD that Awen did for our archives? They are just like the ezine presentations, and indexed on the sidebar to jump to any title from any volume ...

Jello< I wonder ... these seminars are great references, but the format of a seminar is not easy for outsiders to follow (or want to follow). Is there a possibility that there are (1) people who are interested in this but turned off by the format, and (2) that there are enough of such people to warrant some more radical editing? Just some thoughts.

Yopo< Ben, If they are saved on harddisk direct from your website as HTML files -- if the WHOLE SITE is downloaded and saved that way -- the CD will actually operate through Internet Explorer just as if you were online, but much QUICKER. Makes for a very good presentation format! And CDs can be easily cloned, once the first one is made ...

Astrotrekker< Yopo: its been a long time since i've seen her. I hope all is well with her too. She's usually here every night last time i checked. // How are you?

Ben< Yopo: Yep, that's what I need to do. Put my whole site on a CD, as of a certain date. I haven't published it on paper because I keep updating it, but CDs are inexpensive now.

Yopo< Astrotrekker Well, thanks. Yes, it was a rather sudden change from her accustomed visits here. Many are concerned, and no one seems to have any means of contacting her, other than through SWC ...

FRAML< Yes, a CD ROM of the seminar, &/or of Ben's site would be nice.

Astrotrekker< Yopo: i hope she is okay and maybe she comes back to the site and somehow we can get an email from her if she wants ...

Ben< Jello: I've thought of distilling some of the seminars into major points, but it would be a lot of work and probably lose the flavor of dialogue and discovery.

FRAML< Hark! I can hear the pealing of the bells of St. Sealy's in the distance.

Yopo< Ben It has occurred to me that CDs maybe soon be an alternative to paper publication. Though paper is nice. *S* I still have a paper print-out of your "Tool Kit" that I refer to from time to time.

Hiho< merry, couldn't the chat client's software download such needed specialized software in the background somehow -- perhaps a piece at a time with each posting repsonse until a full set has been downloaded and installed? That way it could be relatively painless with the initial registration, etc. containing the initial installment as a prerequesite for entering the site and with inital operations without some features until fully installed. That way, a client would not have to await a very long download in order to participate.

Jello< Ben: Yes, I know what you mean.

FRAML< Ben: definetly a lot of work.

alremkin< With the change from SWC it's a natural break in the seminars and would be a good time to save them to CD. I've looked through Ben's site and found a similar outlook to my own with different experience.

daCrone< (((FRAML))) blessings of peace and love dear friend

Yopo< FRAML Funny how those bells peal at irregular hours ... *LOL* Blessings, FRAML! And my sincere personal thanks for all the seminars you have facilitated! You have continued the grand tradition Ben began in an altogether commendable fashion. And I very much hope it will continue on after tonight. *S* Bright dreams ...

LEGS< Just thinking ... what if we didn't shut down tonite and just kept this last seminar going for a couple of years???? would that keep the site open?????? *G*

daCrone< stepping out for a few to create more bookmarks ... like I didn't already have a jillion or so LOLOL

LEGS< Welcome Back GypsyMage!!!!!

merry< Hiho, it probably could ... but I, for one, would not go to a chat that did that. Many of us have strong ideas about what gets loaded on our computers from off the net. As many do, I have specialized software installed to alert me if something starts being loaded on my computer ... and I don't load software from people/organization I'm not VERY familiar with. Having to download anything (or have it downloaded, either way) would make the chat much less attractive to many people.

Ben< Dear friends, it is time for me to rest. Excellent seminar tonight, for which I thank you. Peace and blessings to each of you.

Yopo< LEGS Uh, the other night we were talking about continuing on with our chat as SWC slipped beneath the surface ... Sorta like the band on the deck of Titantic ... *s*

LEGS< {*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*{*Ben*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*}*} my best to you my dear friend ... These years of chatting with you have been memorable and precious ... take care of yourself and Wyn.

Yopo< Ben, I want to also extend many thanks to you. The seminars have been both enjoyable and IMPORTANT. Blessings, my friend! Very much hope to meet you again in a setting like this. We've all still got a lot to learn, and a lot to share ... Take care!

daCrone< blessings (((Ben))) ... and, once again, my deepest thanks for your vision and service ... it's not goodbye, you know ... *S*S*

GypsyMage< I came back to say goodnight!!! May the angels watch over each of you ... may you have pleasant dreams ... and wake in the morning thankful for another of God's wonderful days to discover new marvels ... new friends ... new ideas!! Namaste! (((HUGS TO ALL, especially to LEGS)))

alremkin< Ben: Good night and thank you for starting something special.

merry< Blessings, Ben ... and thank you very much for all you've done.

LEGS< True, Yopo ... I feel quite sad that this is the last seminar here in Amazon ...

daCrone< (((GypsyMage))) sweet dreams *S*

FRAML< Yopo: Thank you. Good night all. Thanks for your participation.

GypsyMage< (((Ben))) Thanks for all you've done, all you do, and most of all ... for being you!

guitarist< I was gonna say, Ben, we will still keep in touch, right?

GypsyMage< (((Framl)))(((daCrone))) and all!!! (((HUGS)

LEGS< (((Sis))) sweet dreams ... don't think of tomorrow

Yopo< "We'll ... meet again ... don't know where ... don't know when ... " *S*

Hiho< NAMASTE to eveyone, especially to Ben, FRAML and others for their extenstive efforts to make this chat site so helpful and meaningful. Goodnight to all. IT HAS BEEN GOOD TO HAVE BEEN HERE, whenever I could! Lo, Lore, afriend, Hiho, etc. By the way, I hope the next site will not be so finicky about passwords, etc. and make it easier to get in to participate quickly.

guitarist< (((Ben))) blessings on you, dear! Please pass on my regards to Wyn.

FRAML< ALL: Don't forget to count your blessings before you sleep. (It is better than counting those pesky sheep.)

alremkin< FRAML: Good night and thank you for your efforts here.

FRAML< (just had to say that one last time) *VBS*

Jello< A very good night to everyone who is leaving ... and obviously this isn't the end of this discussion. "Caring Connection Will Stretch" and "don't confuse the form with the substance" ...

Yopo< *hehe*

LEGS< (((Hiho))) may God continue blessing you and yours


LEGS< Is it out of order to post the new chat room url again?

GypsyMage< K'AM leaves with tears ... but also smiles ... for having had this last opportunity to be with such wonderful people and friends and family ... for this special last evening together ... until we meet again ... Namaste!

guitarist< Great observation, Jello ...

alremkin< LEGS: No

FRAML< http://www.pencilstubs.com/Chat/login.asp


daCrone< (((GypsyMage K'AM))) ... yes it has been special ... and we will meet again ... don't know where, don't know when ... oh, wait, I've gone into duplication mode ... eeeekkkkk! ... // Blessings dearest *S*

daCrone< (((Hiho))) sweet dreams

alremkin< Good night K'AM namaste.

LEGS< Thank you Framl ... that was very kind of you ... (((MaryHugs)))

Yopo< I sure wouldn't think so, LEGS! The other alternatives I have seen so far have mostly been IRC applet interfaces, which are fine, but lack some features we've grown accustomed to. It would be nice if directions to ALL the alternatives were posted on a single page somewhere, but I'm not aware of one ...

Yopo< Take care, K'AM! I've missed you these past months, you know ... *S*

Ben< ALL: Thank you for your fond farewells. Much appreciated. I hope we will be together in seminar again soon. I love you. *poof*

guitarist< I'm stopping by PencilStubs in a few minutes, for a few minutes before I go to sleep.

Yopo< G'd night to ya, Hiho! Blessings ...

Yopo< (((Ben)))

alremkin< Yopo: Agreed about the alternative chat sites.

Yopo< Also, I may be wrong here, but I think most of those applets aren't Mac friendly ...

guitarist< (As some bugler in the distance plays TAPS ... )I'm glad this isn't "goodbye forever."

Yopo< Nor WebTV friendly. The good ol' CGI chat works on most anything.

LEGS< (((guitarist)))

Jello< This is the INTERNET ... as long as we have computer network infrastructure and we are healthy and incarnate enough to type, we can always get together and meet if we want to:)

guitarist< Just "goodnight." Tomorrow somebody will play the Reville (I forgot how to spell it, dang it!)

LEGS< That is a good thought, Jello, I shall try to cling to it tonite ...

Yopo< Jello Yes. If technological civilization falls, we will have to organize the SWC Carrier Pigeon System ... *LOL*

merry< Yopo ... *waves hand over head* I'm not able to get ALL of the alternatives on one page, but the issue of SWChatMail that I'm doing now has a list of all the major ones, with at least a little bit of information about them, and a list of some minor ones I haven't had a chance to check out.

alremkin< LEGS: I just went and confirmed that I can get into your pecilstubs chatroom.

merry< Yopo ... LOL ... you keep wishing for stuff and I get to keep telling you it's being done ... LOL

LEGS< That is a wonderful idea you are carrying out with your volunteer work on this project, Merry ... I look forward to seeing the issue ...

daCrone< *adding stars to your halo* ... thank you (((merry))) for the email list ...

Yopo< merry Oh, excellent! Would you please be so good as to post the SWCChatMail address one more time??

Yopo< merry *hehe* I am sometimes a bit slow on the uptake.

LEGS< That is great, alremkin ... hope to visit with you there soon ... and btw, we are working on the pm button someone mentioned tonite ... whoops ... editorial we is habit ... Awen is doing all this design work, not me ... *G*

LEGS< *laughing* Yopo ... the guy right across the street has dove cotes ... maybe I could stay in the loop with everyone ... *G*

merry< LEGS ... thank you! When I saw how everyone was starting to run off in so many different directions, I realized it was needed ... and knew I could do it. (I do this kind of work for a living, though not usually on line ... lol)

Yopo< Dove coyotes? *blink* Huh?

LEGS< (((merry))) well, you have definitely earned the right to the nic, this time ... *G*

Jello< SWC Carrier Pigeons ... I don't suppose cockatiels would work, would they? j/k

alremkin< merry: Does that mean it's merry work?

merry< Yopo ... just send a e-mail to SWChatMail@yahoo.com and include your SWC nick. *S*

LEGS< (((jello & the cockatiel-courier-communications-collaboration)))

alremkin< Yopo: I've chatted with David quite a few times at lightworker, he's also involved with the egroup/meditation group Sanada's Eagles.

daCrone< can't bring myself to say goodbye ... so I won't ... // ... blessings, like stars, to light and line your paths ... our paths, as we journey on ... I LOVE YOU ALL *S*S*S*S*S*S*

Jello< LEGS: hehe ... I can picture swarms of cockatiel communications commando birds now ...

LEGS< alremkin do you mean David Cousins???

merry< alremkin, well, it's not as merry work as redefining the ludicrous, but yeah. *S* ... /./././ ...

LEGS ... *blush* Thank you! I take that as high praise. *S*

LEGS< {*{*{*{*{*daCrone*}*}*}*}*}*}*} hope to see you soon, dearheart

alremkin< LEGS: I don't know if that's his last name, I only know him as "davidcoyote"

merry< LEGS ... I just stopped in the new room to see the latest changes before writing about it. I like the improvements. It just keeps getting better!

Yopo< daCrone, Blessings to you too! I'm SURE we'll all be seeing one another, even after SWC goes down.

alremkin< The many fascets of being merry ...

alremkin< daCrone: Good night, may the love of god light your life.

Yopo< merry, please, the address for your mailing list??? I thought I'd printed out the page earlier when you posted it, but it was somewhere above the first line that printed ... Sorry to be such a pest. *sheepish grin*

LEGS< Thank you, merry, about the room, I will be going over for awhile myself ... *S*

LEGS< alremkin I was thinking of the author of "A Handbook for Lightworkers ... David Cousins. I jumped to the conclusion that you knew him in person ... *S*

alremkin< LEGS: It's a short jump. I seem to be meeting a lot of authors lately.

merry< Yopo ... um ... hon, I posted it about ten lines back. But here it is again: Send an e-mail to SWChatMail@yahoo.com and include your SWC nick.

Yopo< *LOL* I am apparently even slower on the uptake than I give myself credit for. Found the address in SWC Migration, of course ... Going to sign up right now ... BRB ...

merry< Yopo ... yep, it's there, too. *S*

Yopo< merry, Thank you kindly for your PATIENCE, my friend. *G* Just sent my email, with my nick included.

merry< Yopo ... LOL ... sometimes I'm more patient than others ... *S*

Yopo< merry, That could be a bit of an understatement, from what I have observed recently ... *S*

merry< Yopo ... uh oh ... have been getting cranky again?

Yopo< Things seem to have slowed down to a stop here. Think I'm gonna see if anyone is over on the pencilstubs site ... Blessings, ALL!

alremkin< Well it's a little easier to hang on here on the west coast longer to this chat site. I feel previliged to have been a part of this group energy. Consider this migration as a precursor to ascension, here we need to be concerned about "meeting on the other side"; while in ascension not so, only in being in the right state of being, Divine love. I believe here we have moved closer to that state and i look forward to joining with you in other rooms and realites. I love you. Good night, namaste.

guitarist< A message for Rene -- Thank you for everything you provided here. I feel bad that, as often happens, a few bad apples seem to have spoiled the whole bunch of them! And, seriously, I'm glad you have something to move on to. Blessings on you and yours. I'm glad you're going to get to read Ben's last seminar on this site. :) Now, I hope we get to see you at one or another of the new sites. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that you are always welcome at Ben's Seminars, wherever they may be. :)

Jello< I'm sorry to hear that loosers have been causing damage, as so often happens :( Thanks, Rene! Great service!!

guitarist< And now I say goodnight to all our company ...
******* BEN'S SEMINARS *******
************** poof **************

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