Cross-Roads chat room
Ben's Seminar -- "Crossroads"
Session 3
27 July 2002

Ben< ALL: This is the last of three sessions on "Crossroads." I have muted the room while I post a brief comment and the first of three questions.

Ben< Two questions you may be asked at a crossroads are: "Where are you from?" and "Where are you going?" I'm not going to ask those questions tonight, but they are worth thinking about.

Ben< QUESTION 1: Several people have mentioned "the road less traveled." What can you tell me about the road MOST traveled? YOUR TURN

FRAML< Ben: I-95 along the East Coast. *G* // The road seeking fame, fortune, comfort, and power.

FaireMaiden< Ah ... The road most traveled ... 'Tis the road o' ignorance, folly, and the masses ... 'Tis commonly referred to as "3-D" world ... *g*

cassandra< I think the road MOST traveled is the nice straight one, no mountains, no potholes, no S curves.

guitarist< The road leading to popularity and adulation from others.

cassandra< Of course, in our own lives that would be FRAML's answer, but adding that it would be the one with least problems, the one where you would be popular and be with the crowd.

FRAML< Cassandra: Are you referring to my initial post as "FRAML's answer"?

cassandra< FRAML: The road to power, fame, etc. That one.

Awenydd< The road most traveled, tough question ... The road most traveled can always be improved, much like I-95, *G* but I would say it is the road that most take, or at least embark upon before they realize they question its direction. Sometimes the road previously traveled offers more than it did the first time, hence the comment about improvement. Sometimes the road most traveled is the best road to take, but is it always?

Yopo< The "road most traveled" is better maintained and more clearly marked. It is the most easily found road. Once you're on it, most folks you meet don't seem to want to talk about the alternative road.

Lore< The road that is most appealing.

PrairWarur< ((( Lore ))) I agree with your post. "Most appealing."

guitarist< Or most ap-peel-ing. *G* (((Lore)))

tjones< I think the most traveled road is the road of the intellect ... the world of thoughts ...

Ben< I've been expecting someone to say, "Well ... Duh! The road most traveled is wherever most people are going at the moment."

guitarist< The most advertised road, the one most people urge you to take.

quietwhisp< Thinking I have seen many good people, so the road most traveled may be the road I would want to take. One would have to ask inside of self where one should go ... seems it would depend on the lessons to learn and the lessons already learnt ...

alremkin< #1. The road most traveled is the one used by far the greatest part of humanity. It's the path of separation from God and self, with the illusory idea that one can gain more for one's self this way. This path has lead to all the human problems we see now. It's insidious attraction pulls on everyone to our demise. Somehow we must learn to tune-in to the love of God within us to break this spell.

genniii< There is a thick psychic atmosphere that permeates our globe ... it is made from common thoughts recycled ... it is the station that most humans are tuned to with the mind ... that is the road most traveled.

Ben< Last time, FRAML said, "One seeks out a map or compass for their life via adopting a set of values, a philosophy, a religious belief of some type, or they may just decide to follow the crowd." This is true. "Follow the crowd" or "Go with the flow" can be a conscious decision.

PrairWarur< Ben: Like the "road most traveled?"

tjones< Yes that's true ... follow a philosophy ... religions are basically a philosophy ...

guitarist< Yes, Ben, but we've all been taking the most traveled road when it comes to this question. *s* It seems we've all heard what Jesus said about it.

Awenydd< I can agree with that, Ben ... which is what I meant ... until one realizes they don't agree with the group ... personal experience there ...

solon< I think the road most traveled is the road taken by the herd, the one which you find yourself on when you live on autopilot and follow everyone else, the road which takes no real introspection and thought about the goal or road itself.

DrDoom42< The road MOST traveled is foreign to me.

PrairWarur< What say you, Ben?

Ben< PrairWarur: "The road less traveled" is a very catchy (and popular) phrase, but there are many roads less traveled.

PrairWarur< Is that Robert Frost? I forget ... but ... the road most taken is filled with ruts and traffic jams! LOL

tjones< Yes ... many roads less traveled ... because you have to be on your own ... it is a lonely path ...

genniii< There are those who in life create light bulbs or auto machines or great and magnificent art, but the road most traveled is traveled by those that flick the light switch unawares or don't know what the gas in the auto actually does or wanna know how much the statue costs and if it gets delivered.

solon< genniii: I like that post and agree with it.

FaireMaiden< Yet pain itself is friendly, because it is educative. Suffering, poverty, disease, inharmony and death all have their lessons for us. These are the goads that prod the race onward in its search for truth. We do not fully understand why this is the method, but we can see that the very fact of manifested existence necessitates temporary limitations, with suffering as an inevitable consequence of such limitations ...

quietwhisp< Ben: A long time ago I said "Lead me where I need to go to teach me what you need me to learn." If I follow that promise that I made, I would have to take whatever road I was lead to ...

guitarist< If I may ask ... To whom did you ask that question, quietwhisp?

quietwhisp< guitarist: I stopped the struggle inside, felt the peace and love wash over me, and that is my trust ... 'tis the same feeling of love and peace I felt in my NDE and it is heaven on earth to me ...

PrairWarur< quietwhisp: Please expand on that thought. To whom did you speak? Or is this a metaphor?

genniii< There are millions or billions that want to be saved because they are sinners, but the road less traveled is those who wish to ask the christ a few puzzling questions.

quietwhisp< genniii: Now there is truth in that ... LOL

FaireMaiden< "One does not need to be a philosopher to know that civilization is the result of human reaction against pain, the consequence of the human quest for ways to overcome limitation. Disease teaches us the laws of health, frictions in human relationships goad us into the discovery of the secret of harmony, and the wise declare that in the mystery of death, lies hidden the secret of immortality ... "

tjones< FaireMaiden: Yes, I think any form of philosophy only complicate your path.

kezia< Is the "road most traveled" like the "path of least resistance"? i.e., the easiest?

Lore< kezia: Could be.

PrairWarur< ((( kezia ))) That's a good thought! Could be.

DrDoom42< There are those who buy their car to travel the road, and there are those who build their car to travel the road.

genniii< But perhaps the most traveled road is the road to being planted in the graveyard with a big stone on ya to keep ya down where ya won't cause any problems.

Acara< Recalling the saying, "It's easy to be a holy man on the top of a mountain." Isn't this like the question? The road most traveled is one of constant change and challenge. To reach the destination on this road, is to be most blessed.

guitarist< Acara: I tend to think the road most traveled offers *least* challenge and change -- most of us love our comfort zone.

Acara< Also, what I meant, guitarist, is trying to maintain a travel lane along the road most traveled, instead of taking what many enlightened people opt to do -- go the road less traveled and be a holy man on the top of a mountain. It is harder to maintain the path than it is to sit in bliss and loving meditation of the Divine.

guitarist< Acara: How creative! A travel lane alongside. Will have to think about that one.

FaireMaiden< "Thoughts like these are the exact reverse of what most persons think. Practices in mind control and body-direction such as are taught by psychologists and occultists are laughed at by the world, and people who take them seriously are jeered at as men upside-down. Yet the world's ridicule should be the best evidence that the occultists are right. For the world is sick unto death, writhing in pain, hag-ridden by war, pestilence, and famine. But the wise have traversed the road less traveled and found the way of health, happiness, and peace." Paul Foster Case

Ben< ALL: Does the road most traveled actually go anywhere? It seems to just run around, from one fad to another.

FRAML< Ben: That is the question that rarely gets asked or even thought of.

Lore< Do you mean I95, Ben? Like North in the summer and South in the winter?

guitarist< Ultimately, I suppose, the road most traveled turns into a dead end.

solon< I think that depends on the definition of "nowhere" in this context. If the meaning of life is to live it, and there is real mystery in the interactions of everyday life, then maybe it isn't about the goal but the journey, and if that is true, can any road truly be said to go nowhere? I certainly love the herd on the most traveled road even if I find it very hard to travel that road, impossible really. I am just an odd duck.

tjones< Ben: Precisely ... that's the point ... it is circle movement ... you think you are going somewhere ... but you always go back where you started ...

PrairWarur< Ben: You would know that for me it means what is best said using God's own Word ... "There is a way that seems right to a man which only leads to death ... "

alremkin< Ben: Separation is the road most traveled, and yes, it leads to nowhere or non-existence.

tjones< alremkin: Yes ... that might be very difficult to be understood here ... *S* ... no separation is the road less traveled ...

Yopo< Interesting question. The road most traveled is a road of experience, like any other. If we learn from our experiences, it very well COULD take us somewhere.

FaireMaiden< Yopo: Aye, exactly ... and if we learn well from our experience, we find we end up on the road less traveled! *lol*

guitarist< Aye, FaireMaiden. *s*

quietwhisp< Ben: Yet do you not think sometimes one must travel that road before learning all they need to?

Ben< Yopo & quietwhisp: Yes, I agree. I'm not saying we shouldn't take the road most traveled, just that we can ask such questions about it.

kezia< Seems the more challenging road or path is not necessarily the road most traveled, which goes where the crowd goes, but being easier is the reason the crowd is there, LOL It doesn't really go anywhere, unless you like to go where crowds are (ha); the best "road" may be the one that goes within (not as easy, more a personal matter, but no crowds. *s*)

genniii< If all that one learns and gains in this life is accumulated in the chemical dendrite/axon neurotransmitter pathways of the brain as the associated memory complex ... what is it that actually leaves at the end of the road and goes forward when all those chemicals in the brain are allowed to rot?

PrairWarur< Life is the experience, whether traveling down this road, or that road, lying in a hospital bed, confined to a wheel-chair for life ... different roads ... all experiences ... good and bad.

Ben< Overheard in SLIDER's Beer Garden: "If you find yourself surrounded by lemmings all running in the same direction, stand still and let them go." To which another patron replied, "Yeah, but if it's people all running in the same direction, it might be a good idea to look and see what they're running from."

cassandra< Ben: Do you think some of us are born with a totally different outlook on life than most of the people we know have? I just watch the cars go by on the road most traveled and think, "That is the road most traveled, but it is not for me."

[Ben< cassandra: Yes. I watch people who follow many roads that I do not travel.]

Awenydd< Once upon a time, a cross-road I did meet ... several, actually. The first was when I sought more about my feelings and dreams, and I found, then SWC. Later I found a kindred spirit, soul mate actually, and was born. A quest for knowledge, and sharing that knowledge, came from THAT cross-road, and then SWC was gone. Now has been born, from the parents of two great influences in my life, and two traveled roads, be they well traveled or not. My pathway has led me here, to follow, serve, even lead as the occasion and soul permits. The destination is everything, but the journey is what makes the destination.

PrairWarur< ((( Awenydd ))) Excellent!

tjones< Awenydd: I think that is always the case in each person ... there is some kind of crossroads in their heart ... so they search for answers ... so that is good ... otherwise ... if there are no crossroads ... they won't move ...

Ben< ALL: Introductory comment for Questions 2 and 3: A crossroads may be a decision point, or a gathering place, but crossroads are often subtle and only recognized in retrospect. Therefore ...

Ben< QUESTION 2: Looking back, do you see a crossroads (decision point) at which you consciously changed (or decided not to change) the direction of your life? If so, and if you wish to do so, please describe your decision briefly. YOUR TURN

PrairWarur< Ben: My story is quite remarkable and complicated. I do not wish to monopolize the room with something boring.

Ben< PrairWarur: OK, that's why I said "If you wish to do so." But when there is more time available, I would like to hear your story.

PrairWarur< ((( Ben ))) Thanks!

genniii< My "crossroads" ... I died three times in an auto accident, had exactly the same experiences each time, and came to the realization that here and there is the same place, but here one has a brain/tool and can 'change' their mind ... and as long as one is in possession of a brain they have powers that are not available to anyone without that "silver chord" to "otherness" ... that LIFE is a grand adventure that I no longer consider to be a journey that was designed to end in death of the vehicle.

PrairWarur< genniii: Peace to you! May I ask you questions and will you describe the exact events of your passing away? I've been studying this phenomena for many years and I would greatly appreciate your sharing.

genniii< PrairWarur: That would require so much typing ... heheh ... but if ya wanna come visit for coffee I would be delighted ... grin

quietwhisp< One crossroads for me was when I stopped letting mankind tell me what I felt to be truth inside was crazy ... or evil. I cried out so much in turmoil in mind, almost to the point of insanity. I screamed to the winds, "Father, if that is all I am, take me now, please ... Do not let me mark my children."

Yopo< I find crossroads are often difficult to see in retrospect, too. Most often, I'll realized my direction has changed, but not see exactly where it was I turned. Not sure what that means.

Lore< Ben: I remember as a boy having a sort of compelling urge to be some sort of engineer. Later, I found myself making decisions leading in that direction, but still not knowing exactly what I wanted to do as a career. Somehow, I wound up doing engineering research. I've loved it all.

guitarist< I do not mean this to be a tale of woe. I must have been about four years old when I encountered my first crossroads. I looked around and saw how sad my life was, for too many reasons to name here. I decided that if things didn't improve by the time I was 20, I would kill myself. Fortunately, it was about that time things began to look up, and I am here to tell the tale.

PrairWarur< ((( guitarist! ))) Praise God! I'm so glad you are here! I sure know those feeling of depression and hopelessness. Peace to you! You are an overcomer!

alremkin< #2. After being frightened upon finding myself at a crossroads, I briefly tried to ignore it, but realized my mistake and had to backtrack which cost me momentum and initiative, but I was able to change direction. Still I believe if I'd been able to change at the moment, the change would have been much more powerful. It seems that when God or spirit calls, it's something like trying to tell a stood-up-date why one couldn't be there. It's a problem of human weakness and a choice of reluctance to choose a more spiritual path.

Acara< Also in answer to question 2. I could have returned to Idaho and planted roses, sculpted, grown a garden and meditated. Now, at that cross roads again, I may choose the constant state of grace that meditation provides, rather than walk this road with people here who have problems so diverse and far-flung. Yes, at a crossroads, again.

tjones< I was comfortable being a good Catholic and family man ... I think ... but when struck with health problems, there was the crossroads ...

PrairWarur< Here is my prayer ... "O, Lord! Please don't ever allow me to be too comfortable."

guitarist< (((PrairWarur))) Amen. Peace and blessing be to you also.

PrairWarur< Come out of those comfort zones! I'll be like Peter and get out of the boat.

kezia< I turned off the answering machine this week, having come to the crossroads of, "Hey, wait a minute! I am tired of certain tele-marketers leaving messages, not to speak of some other people pestering me about an event they claim they can't wait to see me. " What a crock! If they wanted to see me or talk to me, they have had 40 years to contact me; i.e., I just decided, if I want to talk to someone, I will call them (and realized the machine was ON out of habit and following the "norm"). That is a simple example, but perhaps indicative of many in my life. I am in control of MY life and can do with it what I want.

Oceanfires< Hello everyone. I'm happy to see you all. *shining smile*

PrairWarur< (( Oceanfires ))

quietwhisp< Opening my heart and in PONDERINGS was a very big crossroads ...

PrairWarur< ((( quietwhisp ))) Good job, too!

cassandra< Ben: Well, I can't drive, so I had time and the blessings from Spirit to take a path. There have been hard choices to make, and I have even walked against the traffic, but I was rewarded with two visions that have kept me on the Path I travel. But it isn't even a road, so I run into briars every once in a while. However, there are some steadfast friends along the road to give me a lift. That is totally away from your question, but the only answer I can give.

Ben< cassandra: Your answer isn't off topic.

FaireMaiden< Ben: I couldna possibly go into all the crossroads I have faced. Suffice it to say that I have lived at least 10 different lives in this life. And each crossroads beckoned me to take the one less traveled. I "saw" the world, and didna like what I saw. I knew I was in the world, but not of the world. And so set out on a quest ... to touch the Face of GOD. And would ye not know that, in the end, I have ended up where I started ... and "see" GOD touching me through all yer shining eyes ...

Ben< FaireMaiden: Thank you. Beautifully said.

LEGS< Bless you, FaireMaiden.

PrairWarur< ((( cassandra /// FaireMaiden )))

genniii< Beautiful!! FaireMaiden ... and in the realizations that the rich darkness of thy eyes look deep into the existence called god unseen and unknown except for what you show as your life leads me to understand that *I* also give that to you and that realization is indeed one of my crossroads.

FaireMaiden< It came finally ... the words o' the wise ... and took my entire lifetime so far to understand ... "Not my will, but Thine" ...

Oceanfires< FaireMaiden: That was such an elegant glimpse at the flow of your life's way, and a wonderful result. I'm awed by that, and thank you truly. {{{hugs}}}*S*

order< I can't remember a beginning to my loving God or feeling loved by God, though my spiritual curiosity took me to church, where I felt some confusion, then out of church, where I felt some clarity again, then adventures into E. Cayce readings and experimentation with psychic stuff, and meditation, where I learned many things about my self on various levels, then into SWC where I felt the need to say "Wooooe!" at times, and now here ... but through all the mental adventuring and the soul-playing, and the continual worship and delight in Spirit, I have always felt God's presence with me, in me. Hoping there are crossroads in there somewhere. *S

PrairWarur< ((( order )))

FRAML< #2: 1973 when I enlisted in the Army. 1987 when I started attending Bethany Christian Church (that crossroads is seen only in retrospect), and several others since then, but all going on a better journey.

Awenydd< FRAML: I disagree, I see some cross-roads now-a-days when they start to come into effect, but like you, I see some that occurred in the past only now.

FRAML< Awenydd: I don't understand what you are disagreeing about with me. I was merely speaking about myself.

Awenydd< FRAML: Touche' I apologize.

FRAML< Awenydd: Your point about seeing crossroads coming is a cogent one. I too now (occasionally) see them before I pass by.

Awenydd< Thanks, FRAML. I did mean that sometimes we see them before they are too long passed, but as you stated, usually it is well after they are gone and a part of us that we realize they were cross-roads.

tjones< I think ... the test is ... if you are in the crossroads ... you don't have peace of mind ...

Yopo< "Peace of mind" may be just another comfort zone. Gonna have to think about that one.

tjones< Yopo: The sages and masters worked hard for it ... perfect peace of mind ... that's not seeking for comfort ...

kezia< Yopo: Isn't true peace of mind a worthy place to be? free from the madding crowds (even if you are in a crowd), thoughts, fears, shames, guilts, etc., making responsible decisions about what you want in your life, and simply rejecting what you don't want (free of what others think about it).

Ben< When Timothy Leary was singing "Follow the LDS Road, Follow the LSD Road" to instant mystical experiences, I was interested. But I remembered something I had put in my kit many years before: "Memo to self: I don't have to learn everything the hard way, by personal experience; I can also learn by observation." So I decided to wait and see what happened in the lives of those who followed the LSD Road. More and more, I didn't like what I saw happening in their lives, so I didn't go down that road.

FaireMaiden< Ben ... "I don't have to learn everything the hard way" ... thou art a wise man, indeed, Sire. (((hugs)))

Oceanfires< Ben: I'm so glad you chose the right road for yourself. You seem to me to have a good and clear message from a good and clear mind. *S*

alremkin< Ben: I went down that road for a time. It was another introduction to Cosmic Consciousness and the Cosmological Christ although chemically induced. Now 30 years later I see it as a type of shock-therapy for an overly physically fixated culture, a brief look into God. Fortunately I've been blessed with other spiritual events in my life. Still, although I use no intoxicants now in order to clear myself to improve my own inner connection to IAM, which everyone has, I feel no guilt for the LSD experiments and believe it did some good as well as bad for those who used it.

Yopo< alremkin: *S* OK, guess I ought to "come out of the psychedelic closet" too, since you opened the door first. A psychedelic experience was one of my great crossroads. The first time that a higher, non-material dimension became a demonstrable FACT to me, and not just idle speculation. I advocate this for no one, but it was my own first great turning point. In a sense, all that has come after in some way relates to THAT. (*LOL* My command of grammar has never been quite the same since, however ... )

alremkin< Yopo: I couldn't help but notice our similar philosophies, although I didn't expect we'd shared the psychedelic experience. While I was doing it, one of my best friends lead the campus Youth for Christ and I would tell him of my experiences. He seemed fascinated, but never commented positively or negatively. We remained friends. Since I come from a christian background and still consider myself a christian, I see no conflict in any of this.

[Ben< FaireMaiden & Oceanfires: Yes, in retrospect, I believe my decision not to go down the LSD road was the right one for me, but I appreciate these travelers' reports by alremkin and Yopo for whom it was a spiritually significant learning experience.]

Ben< QUESTION 3: Looking back, do you see a crossroads (gathering place) that has had a significant influence in your life? If so, and if you wish to do so, please describe your gathering place. YOUR TURN

alremkin< #3. We are creating that spot now and here.

tjones< Yes ... I found a meditation group ... before, I was meditating by myself ... reading it from the books ... it did not help ...

Acara< Right, tjones. There are many crossroads to kneel at and ask the direction, and there is often not peace of mind until the feet are planted on a course. For me it was coming here 14 years ago, and the lessons of the heart learned, as only those can be, through experience and reaching out to others. Now, I am again at the crossroads; there is little peace and much disillusion. Perhaps that is what they represent, as you said.

PrairWarur< Feels good to share and learn together, friends!

order< (((PrairWarur))))) Quiet HUGS *VBS

FRAML< Ben: The kitchen of Bethany Christian Church.

Ben< FRAML: Hah! Me, too. I'll post it shortly.

quietwhisp< SWC ... I was led to a webtv then lead to SWC. It was a gathering place, yet my heart kept saying "Not home yet." Always follow the heart ... I have made my home in pathways ...

FaireMaiden< quietwhisp: Aye, lass ... Thou hast shown the courage o' thy heart ... 'Tis a lesson I'd best learn myself. (((hugs)))

PrairWarur< At the earliest of early age, I knew this God/Man called Jesus Christ. I never doubted or wavered in our relationship, although I sinned many times. He continually picked me up and brought me back to the crossroads from the wrong turn I had made. We began again and somehow, through Him, I managed to get on the right track.

gardengirl< ((hello all *S*)) A crossroads for me: crashing and burning in depression and despondency, nothing going right, my life a shambles ... overwhelming pain ... and my mother says: "Why don't you try just turning it over to God?" ... and having exhausted all other options, I "surrender" ... immediately feeling the self-imposed burdens dissolving ... and everything straightening out and beginning to fly right within 24 hours, the darkness vanishing in the process. A crossroads of walking away from trying to run *my* show, myself, into allowing *my higher good*, in all it's forms, to direct my life into it's natural goodness.

PrairWarur< ((( gardengirl ))) Tearful hugs -- God bless you, that's beautiful!

Lore< I sense that the desire to exercise our freedom can be a strait-jacket in the same sense that gardengirl expressed. I once made the same sort of decision about letting go and letting God ...

LEGS< I have to say, I believe I am where God wants me at any given moment, except for a dire turning of my back to Him ... and thanking Ben again for helping me to resolve that problem ... *s* even Cassandra warned me against my headstrong taking of an alternative path ... *sigh*

genniii< To me the "place" of gathering is in the idea of freedom ... freedom from the status quo that has tied reality to what it has always been ... although those of the 60's are no longer in Berkeley nor flower power children marching in New York City, the place of change allowing freedom has remained in the minds of many ... and some gather in this site here, and some gather in villages of earth, but the real gathering is in the idea that spreads through the fog of common thought to be picked up by those who also tune into and explore that place, and it shall find more "time" again to dance it's powers upon the lands we live to give hope for more sunrises.

guitarist< When I left home nearly 20 years ago, I had time to think and realized that both my parents were "not quite all there." I decided then that I would not run any household I had the privilege of helping run the way my mom had done, and would not marry a man who had my father's bad traits. I have achieved both goals.

tjones< I think attachments to anything are all crossroads, too ... yet ... you have to go through all the crossroads and experience ... all in order to know better ...

FaireMaiden< Ben: I am no' sure I understand this last question ... Do ye mean a crossroads we shared with others, as in a "group"?

Ben< For me, the kitchen of our church has been a significant gathering place for 30 years. My life has been influenced by people I met there, in morning coffee conversations, during fellowship dinners, before and after funerals, in the Sunday School classes I taught there (and learned more than I taught), and it is the gathering place of my dear friends in the First Century Christianity Group.

guitarist< (((Ben))) I have been there and can testify what a significant gathering place it is!

Lore< guitarist: The decision to gather there was a crossroads for several which generally led to better lives.

FaireMaiden< Oh, aye ... Group stuff ... Weel, for me, 'twould be in the lodge I participated in whilst dwelling in Phoenix . My teachers there bestowed upon me the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to serve. The greatest were the inipis, where many came and gave unto me their children for healing. I was shown that I had a gift for this, and yet was reluctant to step into it, for I am a white lass, and their ways, red ways ... But they accepted mine gifts unconditionally and gave me the courage to serve the wee ones ... Aye ... to heal the wee ones, the old ones, the crazy ones, the sad ones, the ones who felt no love a'tall, hearts broken, lives a mess, no where to turn ... Aye ... They moved me, and I loved them all ...

Yopo< Guess I sorta skated by question #3. Crossroad places for me were a bunker in Viet Nam, a circle of people who gather at a local book store, and a couple of virtual places on the internet. *S* One of which seems to be HERE.

Ben< ALL: This is the end of the scheduled hour. I have muted the room while I post my closing comments, after which I'll open it again for discussion of crossroads. Please stay on topic for half an hour, so those who wanted to post additional questions or comments during this session or previous sessions have a chance to do so.

Ben< A crossroads is a place where two or more roads intersect. Every road that leads to a crossroads also leads away from that crossroads. Therefore, a crossroads is a place from which two or more roads spread out in four or more different directions. That is why directional decisions can be made at a crossroads.

Ben< There are roads and crossroads in physical reality, spiritual reality, and fantasy. Physical roads do not all lead to Rome. Spiritual roads do not all lead to Nirvana. Fantasy roads do not all lead to the Emerald City. Choices are available.

Ben< A crossroads can be a decision point, or a gathering place, or both, but deciding and gathering are optional. We can cruise on through in the same direction.

Ben< I have looked at more than a few non-physical roads and clusters of roads, trying to see where they came from and where they lead those who follow them. This is a partial list: Agnosticism, Animism, Atheism, Buddhism, Capitalism, Christianity, Communism, Deism, Druidism, Empiricism, Environmentalism, Existentialism, Fascism, Feminism, Gaiaism, Gnosticism, Hedonism, Hinduism, Humanism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Materialism, Mysticism, Nationalism, Native American Spirituality, Nazism, Nihilism, Positivism, Quietism, Rationalism, Santeria, Satanism, Shamanism, Shintoism, Sikhism, Socialism, Spiritism, Spiritualism, Stoicism, Tantra, Theism, Theosophy, Wicca, Yoga, Zoroastrianism.

Ben< All such roads are legitimate topics for discussion here, in this cyberspace domain that is appropriately named "allpathways". My only suggestion is that discussions of non-physical roads include such questions as: "Where does it come from? Who invented it or built it? Where does it lead? What is the goal or destination? What does one do (and not do) if one is following this road? What are the observable results in the lives of those who follow it?

Ben< ALL: The room is open for discussion of crossroads. YOUR TURN

FRAML< Ben: And in examining the "who built it" we should find out "why they built it".

Ben< FRAML: Yes, good point -- trying to see WHY a road was built in the first place. Also, why it has been repaired and maintained over time, and by whom.

Lore< Ben: Yes, understanding their motivation can often lead to appreciating and perhaps embracing it.

FRAML< FaireMaiden: I interpreted Question # 3 to be either alone or as part of a group. Sometimes the decision we make in a group sends us out on a path by ourselves and away from the group. (We go far from the maddening crowd.)

FaireMaiden< FRAML: Aye, thank ye ... After reading some o' the postings, I figured he meant group crossroads. (((hugs)))

Acara< And are you still on this road, FaireMaiden?

FaireMaiden< Acara: Aye ... but not in the lodge. *s*

Acara< Are you still dealing with all their problems, FaireMaiden, and healing them?

FaireMaiden< Acara: Nay ... I am, at present, on a solitary journey ... 'Twas another crossroads I faced four years ago ... I am alone still ...

Awenydd< FaireMaiden: Ah, but you are not alone, but if you choose to be. Look around you. Do you not see the flowers blossom? Do you not smell the roses bloom? Look around, look behind, look ahead. You are gifted, and have been blessed. Life is not easy, and the blessing are sometimes hard to see, but they are there, and I stand beside you.

Acara< FaireMaiden: Was that decision the right one for you? This is my cross roads.

FaireMaiden< Acara: Aye ... It was the right decision for me ... Again, "Not my will, but Thine" ... I was directed to do so, and must e'er follow the Father ... For a long time, I didna understand why this had to be so, shouldst be so for me ... But now I do ... And it was right ... right for me. (((hugs)))

tjones< Somewhere ... sometime ... you will realize that there are no roads after all ... just the natural flow ... of things and nature ...

solon< Wondering what that thing is in front of my yard that I drive my car on when I want to go to town.

FaireMaiden< solon: Och! I have had great messages from the crazy ones, oh! *lol*

tjones< I think if you have peace of mind there is no need for you to follow any path.

solon< FaireMaiden: It was always thus. // tjones: You mean if it falls out of the sky and drops on your head?

tjones< solon: That's another story ...

The_Magus< Ben: The pathways, no matter what they are, will lead to some form of everlasting happiness, no matter what level. It becomes the real goal of spirituality and more traditionally religion.

Ben< The_Magus: I do not believe that all pathways lead to everlasting happiness. I've helped rescue too many souls who were stuck in what otherwise would have been everlasting misery.

The_Magus< Ben: No, not all pathways do, but one travels a path in searching for that goal.

FRAML< The_Magus: I don't think that all paths will lead to "happiness." The route I was following a few years ago was one of conscious self-destruction. I don't believe I would have been "happy" when I reached the terminus of the route, just because I had destroyed myself.

The_Magus< FRAML: Well, the trail you traveled on was somewhat impassable to reaching whatever goal you desired for happiness.

FRAML< The_Magus: The goal for me at that time was death, to escape this life and not to care about the consequences of my death for myself or others. And in the state I was in, achieving physical death may not even have brought "happiness" to me.

The_Magus< FRAML: Certainly something led you to believe what you did, most likely certain bad experiences, like another's death or a divorce of some sort?

FRAML< The_Magus: I decline to go back to that road of remembrance.

The_Magus< FRAML: Whatever, but it was a bad experience that took you to that road.

Yopo< Ben: Do you think with ANY of the paths you mention, the characteristics of a "pure path" could be agreed upon? Or is each only a collection of certain identified main characteristics, with a variety of other things blended in?

The_Magus< Yopo: No one path will find the entire whole of happiness. That depends upon the individual to find it in the end, not the path to find it for that person.

Yopo< The_Magus: Agreed. As frightening as the realization is, there are probably at least a few of the attributes of every one of the paths Ben named that I have at some time or other felt comfortable with ...

Ben< Yopo: Any "pure path" is an ideal. The named roads I've investigated are all bundles or bunches or more-or-less pure paths and tracks and trails.

Yopo< Ben: Ah. Guess I expected such a reply. *S* Considering the very diverse topics of past seminars ...

The_Magus< Yopo: And by observing what each has to offer, and what dangers might also arise, one realizes that true happiness lies in understanding and observing the whole. That's when we stop traveling the path and desire the bird's eye view. Or to put in a traveler's terms, to leave the car and take the plane.

genniii< From the center of the all from which we came, through all that has gone to allow this body/mind to stand and say "I am" -- emerged into a realm of experience yet caught in cycle of repeat return twixt life and death -- is there more in death or is there more in life? and can the more in one be found without the more in the other? There is so much of life not yet enjoyed though we age (why?) and die (why?). Where is the road that crosses through the limits of what has always been, and how have those masters of all the ages found what they have found? And do we already understand all the answers yet never stopped to ponder what it is that we do not yet live?

Awenydd< I see the questions of "Where does it come from" and "Who invented it" as moot points. If the idea resonates, then it is up to he/she whom it resonates to decide where it shall lead. I believe our future is not set, though some steps are pre-ordained. They are more like stepping stones, to see if we use them or choose another route. To date, mine is allpathways, and many things resonate with me that this is one of the major tasks of my lifetime, which is why I feel so strongly about it, and take it so personally.

solon< Awenydd: I agree. I also think they are not important points. It's the message that matters, not the messenger. Great messages can come from flawed persons and maybe from flawed motives. What resonates is real. I like that.

Acara< Awenydd: I think that is when you know you are on the right path -- when you feel strong and see your way ahead clearly.

Awenydd< Acara: Oh, I do not see the way ahead ... only what is now ... but I believe in it, and that makes a difference at least to me.

tjones< Yes ... I fully agree ... the only thing you have is the NOW ... if you stay with it ... you conserve lots of your energy ... so you can fully focus on the NOW.

guitarist< Awenydd: One should not make a decision, such as the one you made to create this site, lightly ... I am glad you did not.

genniii< Awenydd: I also do not believe the future is held to preordained, but I do believe it is restricted from potential by the failure of creating possible potential for emergence of change. The future marches through time upon the stepping stones we have built, and some create, as you created this site, and allow more and greater expression to experience of the all.

FRAML< Awenydd: I do not think the questions "Where does it come from" and "Who invented it" are moot, at least for me. Probably because I'm a historian, I'm interested in where things started. For example, I have rejected the tenants of Theosophy in part because of the where and who of its origin.

ManyToOne< FRAML: Is it also possible that origins are at times distorted precisely to hide a deeper truth, and one which is very different from what it may appear at first glance? This is my experience with the origins of Theosophy ...

genniii< Perhaps the greatest crossroads of all is the path beyond what the world gives, and the greatest gathering is the self discovering itself.

FaireMaiden< genniii: "perhaps the greatest crossroads of all is the path beyond what the world gives, and the greatest gathering is the self discovering itself" ... Too true, Sire ... But even that exhausts itself, for there is then the question o' what to do with what ye have found. How ye will use the knowledge and wisdom? For me, this is where the final step o' alchemy lies ... In bringing back down to earth ... For the Will o' GOD is the Will to Good ... Let us ever be Good unto one another, and use the gifts o' discovery to the Glory that we are. (((hugs)))

kezia< "To be exceptional means to be outside the norm, to be unusual, to be alone. We don't often think of it that way, but when we start longing for something, we become the exception. We have to choose between wanting to belong and willingness to follow the lonely, individual path of the dream ... And once I acknowledged the spiritual source of the talent, I saw that the imperative to do something and the ability to do it are really the same. The longing, the ability and the opportunities are all the same. They are all spiritual. They are the way God acts. Our job is to choose to have faith in this triumvirate instead of having faith in neuroses, doubt and anxiety." Joy Houghton from Life's Companion, journal writing as a spiritual quest by Christina Baldwin.

quietwhisp< When the feeling inside is pure and the feeling is of peace and the warmth of love be felt, it matters not from where or why, for one will already know what is important is that one put one foot in front of the other and start walking that pathway ... imho

Acara< Ben: Thank you. This was strange for me. I've been thinking I am standing at a major crossroads. I'm tired, very tired. Thinking a turn in the road will salve a weary heart, but think if I turn right or left, I leave behind those who need me. Tears come readily. Anyway, much said here to apply this day to this crossroads. Thank you.

Ben< Acara: You are welcome. *smiles and bows* Namaste.

cassandra< I think I was born on my path. There have been trials, of course, but there have been blessings and there has always been The Spirit Within. I have made wrong decisions and yet out of them has come greater strength. I fight to overcome my shyness but that seems to be with me always. However, my children understand me and my happiness comes in the strength that I see in them, and hearing and seeing the things Spirit told me long ago being taught by them to my grandchildren.

[Ben< I have compiled the following thread to make it easier to follow.]

Yopo< Perhaps sometime we should discuss the attributes of dangerous pathways. What the warning signs look like.

kezia< Yopo: Good idea.

Ben< Yopo: Yes, to discuss dangerous pathways would be interesting. My long concluding post of (mostly) "isms" was intended to be something like a shopping list of potential topics for discussion in these chatrooms. Some of those paths are dangerous, to self and/or others.

The_Magus< Yopo: Well, the signs can be misleading. These pathways are taken when in negative situations, such as being alone in a strange place as an example. One might not have friends when they move to a new town, and the friends that they come up against might belong to a certain group. They make a person feel welcome at first, taking you under their wing, and then they invite you to a meeting with even more people, and get you involved in all sorts of stuff that you might not have been involved with, being that you had other people that guided you on a better path. The consequences come and you find that there's no way out, leaving you in a bad situation.

Blinder< Yopo: When love no longer defines the pathway that we walk upon, we have become lost.

Yopo< Blinder: I agree. For the most part. But even the best paths have their dark passages. The pure path of love may be an all-or-nothing proposition, walked only by saints, saviors, and enlightened beings. For the rest of us, it is only a high ideal.

Blinder< Yopo: I think that a path is an ideal only if we do not genuinely attempt to live it in our daily lives. What is the difference between a dream and a vision? Only the commitment to make it reality, I suspect. *s*

Blinder< *considers* I go tomorrow to visit my daughter, incarcerated in a state facility. My "path" can lead me to condemn, or to ignore ... but all I really have control over is who I am, not who she is, nor the choices she made that got her there. What then is really love? To accept as worthy who she is, simply because of what she is, and not because of what she does or does not do, for such is not the measure of our worth, perhaps.

Yopo< Blinder: *S* She is lucky to have such a parent. Blessings!

Blinder< *sigh* I was long in getting there, Yopo.

FaireMaiden< Blinder: Aye, M'lord ... Thou art so wise and heartfelt in this ... To Love is to simply let be ... To Love just because ... (((hugs)))

Blinder< {{{FaireMaiden}}} Just because of who we are? *s* A diamond cast upon a compost heap is a diamond none the less ...

FaireMaiden< Blinder: Aye, M'lord ... just because ... *vbs* And how I pray for the shining o' all. (((hugs)))

Awenydd< Blinder: Good folks once allowed themselves to be arrested in protest of certain things in this country. Good people sometimes break the law to express themselves, and sometimes they just make mistakes. It is great of you to forgive her and accept her, and yourself at the same time. We all need love, especially from a parent, whether we have made mistakes, or stood up for our feelings. Blessings to you and yours.

Blinder< Awenydd: There is healing in forgiveness for all concerned. One of the hardest lessons I am dealing with in this moment is to understand that rancor is a heavy burden ... to me, if I choose to carry it. I don't have to, after all.

kezia< To err is human, to forgive, divine.

kathysm< Blinder: I too have struggled in similar ways with my son. I appreciate your reminder to love thyself. That has been difficult. To remember they have their own path that may have nothing to do with us.

alremkin< Also consider how forgiveness is like a filter taking negative karma out of the world ...

tjones< so ... why do you forgive yourself?

kezia< To for-give (give, for); solon, yeah, it's like in the process of forgiving, you are forgiven (so it's a mutual event); this topic often reminds me of that guy that got pulled from his truck & nearly beaten to death during the rodney king uprising in LA -- he never once blamed those people, and said he forgave them, like Jesus said, "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do"

Awenydd< Blinder: Though I don't believe in fate, I do believe that many things happen for a reason. Your pain is not only a lesson for your daughter, but for you, and a different one at that. Maybe one for all of us. As I said earlier, life is like a sine wave, it has it's ups and downs, but it always goes on, always forward.

Yopo< Awenydd: A very good one, indeed!

ManyToOne< Blinder: The challenge I find with forgiveness is to continue to strive for truth while feeling compassion for our many short-comings ...

FaireMaiden< ManyToOne: "Again make peace ... again give pardon ... forgive, again and again" ... Compassion is the truth ... Ye need seek no further. (((hugs)))

ManyToOne< FaireMaiden: *S* Indeed ... the challenge I was seeking to get at was to preserve the truth while forgiving our limitations in grasping such truth. In my experience, if we lose grasp of EITHER horn -- truth or compassion -- we are in deep trouble ...

Blinder< But who do we forgive for, ManyToOne? As far as I can tell, we do it for US ... not for the one forgiven.

Awenydd< Blinder: Too true words ... who are we really forgiving ... ourselves, or the offender?

alremkin< Blinder & Awenydd: Both.

Blinder< Both, Awenydd ... but we do it for ourselves, or at least it seems so to me. The burden of unforgiveness is a heavy one indeed, and it's one I choose not to carry.

solon< You forgive the one who is to be forgiven. The fallout is that it benefits you also. The quality of mercy is not lost in the giving but falleth like gentle rain on both those who give and those who receive its gentle blessing.

FaireMaiden< Awenydd: Forgiveness, as in all things, is a circle. It releases the karma. To not forgive is to be in judgment ... And judgment creates karma. (((hugs)))

Awenydd< UN-forgiveness, I have found, is a truly heavy burden to bear. Far more so than forgiveness.

alremkin< Regarding dangerous pathways, it seems those that foster negativity, hate, vengeance, violence, are some of the danger signs. Recalling that God desires mercy and not sacrifice, it seems we are served by being as merciful as we can be. We get what we give.

FaireMaiden< alremkin: Aye ... Be thou ever merciful. (((hugs)))

Acara< Blessings of the Light. Honoring all of you. Will see you later, Goodnight.

The_Magus< Good night Acara.

Awenydd< A lot has been said and more has been felt about one's pathways, and the sense of being alone. To me, that is simply not true. We are all HERE, because we think similarly. WE, YOU, are not alone. We perceive our pathways as lonely, but it just is not true. Years ago, I started on my spiritual path, away from the well trodden lanes I was raised in, without help from the internet or kindred souls who would speak their hearts. Without knowledge of where to find the right books to confirm my feelings, but still I trudged on. I found peace, and myself, and if you have any respect for me at all, you would recognize that, and realize that what I have found is true for me, and it can be for you. The key is not to ever give up. If the path before you does not make sense, you can deviate and forge your own. It's OK! You may find that you just found a shortcut that works for you, or even an "longcut", it's not how you get there, but that you get there ...

FaireMaiden< Awenydd: Weel ... Somehow, I just knew someone wouldst bring me to tears this night. Thou art ever a blessing unto me, M'lord. Thou hast given me a place where mine solitude feels less so ... For this, am I ever grateful unto thee ... Ye will ne'er know how much this place means to me ... How can I express to any o' you, to all o' you, how much love and warmth I have found in thy good hands, thy good hearts ... tears o' joy fall from mine eyes ... For this path was necessary, but lonely just the same. (((hugs)))

rhiannon< Awenydd: I concur ... everything I've ever needed to know has come to me when I needed to know it ... it's been part of the process of "faith" ... and learning "faith" has surely been a "process".

tjones< If you follow the world of thoughts, there are innumerable paths ... yet when there is no thought ... you are in the Now ... that is the only path ...

solon< I was given an analytical mind. It is my best strength and resource. I will never believe it was given me NOT to use.

kezia< solon: Yes, and we are in that time now.

guitarist< ALL: One of the best crossroads I've ever been on led me to Ben's Seminars -- both at SWC and here! And now (for tonight, at least), I must continue on. Shalom, kol echad (Goodnight, everyone)!

The_Magus< guitarist: Ve shalom l'ata.

Yopo< Blessings, guitarist *S*

FRAML< Good night Acara & Guitarist: Remember to count your blessings before you sleep, instead of those pesky sheep.

kezia< It's interesting to consider that we are called human "beings", yet we are forever "doing" instead of being, so it seems that "to be" precedes to do or to have, like when fully grounded in being who you are (with no qualms about that, no concerns about what others think, etc), the rest follows accordingly. Is this what "love God with all your "being" and "all else will be added unto you" really means?

solon< kezia: So true. That is what the sabbath is all about -- a day when you don't make or do but just are.

Awenydd< kezia: Doing and being are a matter of perception.

tjones< Awenydd: That is true ... the Now path is very dynamic ... it changes from moment to moment ... and you are the only one who can experience it for yourself ...

kezia< Awenydd: Perception is as varied as the many unique beings that there are, indeed, yet the concept of "being" is very different than "doing"; many are conditioned to think they have to go here and there and do all these things to achieve something, when maybe it all begins and ends with an internal journey? The rest is more a logistical thing, being we are in 3D (like maybe it's a metaphor for our soul's journey). Just thoughts ...

Lore< Namaste all. (Goodnight, everyone)!

The_Magus< leaving for now. Later everyone.

alremkin< Good night to those leaving.

FRAML< Good night Lore & The_Magus

cassandra< Well, for some reason, no matter where I am, I will be in some kind of trouble. *LOL*

Yopo< cassandra: *hehe* I spotted you for a troublemaker from the start.

cassandra< Yopo: It is that uncanny perception of yours. *g* I recognized THAT in you.

Yopo< Blinder: If I TRULY walked the pure path of love, I would not have so many possessions while there are hungry children in the world. I would not allow my government to conduct war to protect commercial interests, without walking in the streets with a fist raised. My own interests, and lack of interest, are forever compromising my ideals. I guess that was the point I was trying to make. That I understand purity, but cannot attain it. It is the dilemma we are all in. But it encourages me that I can have arrived at CONCEPTS of perfection. It suggests some state where absolute perfection might be real ...

Blinder< *shakes head* Yopo, these things are not within your direct control, and the path of love also includes love of self.

Yopo< Blinder: *S* I am not in the grips of self-loathing or anything. But I am not the best that I COULD be. Only a poor shadow-of-a-Yopo. *S* As a non-Christian, I view Christ as an example of human nature perfected, rather than as a source of forgiveness. For forgiveness, I must look to myself. I don't want to become too easy of a judge.

Blinder< *chuckles* I rather like Jesus, Yopo. In my own irreverent way, I think Jesus and I would be buddies, and are. It keeps me from looking too closely at the hand pointing at the moon, rather than where the hand is pointing. *s*

solon< Yopo: I agree, and I don't let the government conduct war for commercial interests without throwing a fit at whoever will listen, but our obligations only go so far, and perfection is beyond my grasp, and I just love troublemakers.

cassandra< *gives a little smile @ solon's post about his beliefs*

alremkin< One of the dilemmas of separation: How to maintain unfair advantage without violence. To date there's been no solution.

tjones< The very basic malady is that ... I am here and you are there ... the space between you and the other ... that is what causes all the sufferings ...

alremkin< Of course the solution is to end separation.

tjones< I think ... if you have peace of mind ... you are at peace with the world ... no matter what comes ...

solon< Or maybe you desire this peace of mind and do something to attain it? Perhaps take an action or follow a path to find or create it?

CelticRainbowFire< Hi, everyone ... just a look-see. Has anyone talked to Ruby Gaia?

[After some delay, those present said they hadn't seen Ruby Gaia tonight.]

leyshya< (((CelticRainbowFire))) If I see her at any time I shall tell her that you are worried ... and were looking for her. (hugs)

CelticRainbowFire< leyshya: Thanks, sis ... I will have to leave soon ...

leyshya< (((CelticRainbowFire))) Any time ... (hugs) ... tis what friends are for ... *S* hope you have a beautifully magical evening when you do go ... I'm almost going myself ... it's midnight here and I'm gonna turn into a pumpkin. *s*

Yopo< *S* Very happy cricket, just outside my open window ...

Awenydd< I would remind everyone that, if you are looking for someone, typing and posting /whois username will give you any publicly released info about that person in addition to their last post on the site.

LEGS< As Awenydd mentioned earlier, the crossroads which began Pencilstubs was a big one for me ... one where I could have given up, and never been here today, but for love and support from him and my many friends online.

Blinder< {{{LEGS}}} For which we thank you.

FaireMaiden< LEGS: Oh, M'lady ... Where wouldst we be without thee? Truly, thy courage hast given us all a face, aye? Such joy thou hast brought unto me ... such joy ... (((hugs)))

CelticRainbowFire< {{{LEGS}}} Nothing is so overwhelming that your friends can't help you with it ... except for 5 crazy cats that I'm gonna kill in about 3 shakes of a lamb's tail ...

FRAML< CelticRainbowFire: Their skins make wonderful fuzzy slippers.

CelticRainbowFire< FRAML: The cats or the lambs?? ... *lol*

FRAML< CelticRainbowFire: Cats.

CelticRainbowFire< FRAML ... *G*

Awenydd< LEGS: Do you have the URL to "Perceptions"? I would like to post it here.

LEGS< Awenydd ... here is the URL to Perceptions

Awenydd< Ah, yes. I wrote a piece on Perceptions a few months ago ... quite good if I do say so myself, and I don't usually, but it expresses me. Were it not for Pencilstubs, would not exist, and were it not for, would not exist.

quietwhisp< Awenydd: I read your Perceptions and noted it ... to read again.

daCrone< (((Friends All))) I've been keeping up with the seminars from Ben's site since I am tardy beyond measure. I hope I can get here sooner in the future. *S* I do so appreciate your sharing and wisdom.

Ben< ALL: OK, 'tis the end of the discussion hour. Thank you for your inputs to what I think has been a fine seminar. I won't be here next Saturday, but may be able to do something later in August.

Blinder< *bows* Thank you, Ben. (Was this a seminar? Ooops ... )

Yopo< Thanks, Ben! *S* This has been a very good three-parter, and an excellent beginning for Cross Roads. It has defined the place and its purpose.

FRAML< Ben: Thank you. Much food for future discussions in your summary.

Ben< Yopo & FRAML: Thank you. I was hoping to provide a good start for Cross-Roads and some potential topics for future discussions.

Blinder< Hmmm ... I'd better go too, then.

FaireMaiden< Blinder: Blessings, M'lord ... Peace attend thee. (((hugs)))

Blinder< Goodnight, folks. *poof*

Yopo< G'd night, Blinder *S*

Ben< Blinder: No problem. I'm glad you were here. [Too late, I saw his previous two posts and realized that he thought he was intruding. Thank you, Blinder, for your excellent contributions to the discussion tonight.]

FaireMaiden< Ben: Thank you for this opportunity ... I have enjoyed this forum immensely (((hugs))) ... I am only sorry that I missed the others ... I dinna think I will miss any more ... GOD bless thee, Sire. (((hugs)))

Yopo< FaireMaiden: Have you clicked on Ben's name and bookmarked his website? He has transcripts of a great many past seminars there, and a lot of other good stuff as well.

FaireMaiden< Yopo: Nay, I havena ... But I will now that I know to do so ... Thank ye, Sire, for telling me such. (((hugs)))

alremkin< Good night, Ben. Thank you for continuing the seminars.

daCrone< May I insert a note of thanksgiving? ... as per the news ... the miners trapped underground in Pennsylvania are all alive and, as best those above ground can tell, all nine are in fairly good condition ... this is a blessing and a joy ... it makes my heart sing.

FRAML< daCrone: Thank you for the good news on the miners.

daCrone< Oh, yes (((FRAML))) It is good news ... wonderful news *S*S*S* ... and, for me, it is great to be among friends at this time ... I stand in gratitude. *S*

Yopo< daCrone: WONDERFUL! *S* Best news today! I confess I was feeling much doubt about them, but hoping.

daCrone< (((Yopo))) I shared those doubts ... but did not want to give them voice ... I feel like a weight has lifted somehow ... *maybe just getting old and sentimental* but that's how I'm feeling. LOL

[Ben< Note: About three hours after daCrone posted this announcement, all nine miners were rescued alive and found to be in surprisingly good condition.]

solon< Goodnight, Ben

quietwhisp< Strange, if one thinks about it, we are in 'Allpathways' in 'Crossroads' talking about the different paths we would take. We are truly at a crossroads in our lives, and the world is showing us, our guides are showing us, and our hearts are showing us ... We as a gathering are deciding now what roads we are going to take ... I thank you, Ben, and the wisdom you bring to help us on our pathway ...

daCrone< Ben: I have been keeping up via your site ... and I do so appreciate this topic (all topics, for that matter *S*) ... but this one struck a cord that hadn't been playing for me ... THANK YOU

Ben< solon: Goodnight. // quietwhisp: Thank you. // daCrone: I'm glad I got the previous two sessions posted, and especially now, since you said what you did. Namaste.

LEGS< Ben: Thank you for the seminar, and please remember Mom in your prayers for her knee surgery the fifteenth of August ... I will be with her then, so please remember me and my journeys, too ... ((((((((((Ben))))))))))))))

Ben< LEGS: I will keep you and your mother in my prayers.

FRAML< Alas, I hear the bells of St. Sealy's peeling in the distance. I must now leave for evening services. I shall see you all later on this week.

Yopo< A very good night to you, FRAML. *S*

FaireMaiden< FRAML ... Blessings, Sire ... Peace attend thee. (((hugs)))

daCrone< blessings (((FRAML))) I will be following but to my own roost shortly. *S* ... was so good to see you. *S*S*

kathysm< goodnite FRAML

Ben< ALL: Time for me to go download the review. Peace and blessings to each of you. *poof*

Yopo< Blessings, Ben! Again, thanks ...

daCrone< heartfelt hugs (((Ben)))

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