4 Jan 1997
The Angry One

Hello Ben,

Happy New Year!

>I've encountered a few spirits who claimed to have lived on some other planet, and some that seemed to be telepathic UFO-drivers doing "scientific research" on the human species.

How do you convince ET's to leave their human hosts? Why should they cooperate with you? Where *do* they fit in the spiritual spectrum?

>The angels do not evaluate "good" and "evil" precisely as we do.

Can you tell me how they evaluate "good" and "evil?"

>As of now, I am looking more at what members of God's Kingdom actually can and cannot do, individually and collectively as teams, and less at theories of what God Himself can and cannot do.

I agree it is vitally important to investigate, study and understand what members of God's Kingdom can do, especially as a team and/or within community. I want to know as much about this as I can, because I understand that God's will is frequently accomplished through members of God's kingdom. But I do not believe that theories about what God can and cannot do are all we have. God created light and angels and good teachers like you. God can do a lot. I still suffer under a lot of bad theology. My erroneous assumptions concerning God's nature and abilities cause some major trust issues and interfere with discernment.

>I have a lot of warrior in me -- but these warrior angels are a different kind of warrior. They do not damage or destroy living things. They use light in various forms, not as a weapon, but only as a means of restraint.

Interesting, to think that light can restrain living things. I asked you this question because so many people are convinced that angels use swords (including Fran who discerns some things quite well, but has blind spots because of some of her assumptions). If you had told me that these powerful angelic beings were brandishing 15th century weapons I would have asked you why they hadn't upgraded to AK47's. (grin) Based upon our conversations I understood that the only "weapon" the angels were using was light. But since I'd never seen an angel, with or without a sword, better to ask.

>[Concerning a spirit or dark entity that had been around since childhood and the difficulty I was having expelling it.] The fact that praying for rescue angels had not worked was why I said that maybe rescue angels are not what you need to pray for.

And? ... So? ... At this point I was expecting hints. What else should I have prayed for? (In a minute I'll tell you what I ended up doing.)

>Somehow, I get the feeling that the source of these symptoms thinks it has a right to be there. Does it seem to be male or female?

Yep. It definitely felt it had a right to be here. I think it was male, but I'm not sure.

>Yes, not just generalized empathy... there seems to be some other more personal connection here. Perhaps if you can look *into and through* the symptoms, you may be able to see a face, or recall an event or events, relevant to those symptoms.

I worked on this for days. Couldn't get a clearer picture other than possibly male, determined to stay, threatening, hostile, dangerous. I could not attach it to any specific event in my present life. I do not know how to recall past lives so that was not an option for me. I spent a lot of time in prayer. I had a strong sense that God and his workers were busy, although most of the time I couldn't put my finger on anything specific. The low-grade fever developed into 100+ degree temp, badly swollen throat, and flu-like symptoms. I was sicker than I had been in years.

One night, with a lot of help from God's angels, I got rid of several spirits that were attached. Among other things I had picked up a really sad one again (following a Christmas conversation with my mother. I swear she can transmit those things through the phone!)

Anyway, the week progressed and the battle with the angry one continued. I was feeling so sick and I couldn't seem to shake this one, no matter how much I prayed or how hard I concentrated, trying to discern, trying to listen to God. I finally began to understand that I needed to just "rest in God." To just sit with God in silence, not asking, not expecting any specific answer. So one night I got centered, made that uplink, and just stayed there until I fell asleep. When I woke in the morning the fever and the angry one were gone. I suspect there is an easier way to expel a bad guy. But I'm still a beginner.

>Perhaps you might ask for this sequence: warrior angels to encapsulate that spirit and immobilize it without removing it immediately; inspectors to help identify what it is; and counselors to speak to it better than you can.

I tried this. What I sensed was that the inspectors knew what it was, but they couldn't give me a definition that I could understand. Most likely it was a problem with my discernment, perhaps an assumption I'm making that I'm not aware of. I thought perhaps it was a Soul-mind fragment from my father bent on control/revenge. But I do not understand enough about Soul-mind fragments to know if one could hang on so tenaciously or cause that severe an illness. I asked if that's what it was ... learned that one had been removed, but this was not one.

I feel a need to emphasize again that it seemed so apparent that I was receiving help all week, and that I was in the middle of a battle. Something about just resting in God's light -- despite the illness and obvious threat -- was necessary before this thing could finally be removed. (I was also led to ask for, and received, healing of the damage caused by it.)

>Why should we have to ask for a specific sequence? I was told that such details were for our education: our conviction that these things are real, and our understanding of how they work. In many, many cases, I have been stuck until I asked -- and until I got calm enough to receive -- so don't feel like the Lone Ranger about that!

Thanks. Sometimes I feel a lot of frustration with this tendency of God to wait for the "right" words in my prayers. I know it is for my education. But I don't have God's long view. I'm just naturally short-sighted about things that are hurting me right now!

I did meet with Fran and another individual for prayer prior to developing the high temperature. The prayers were helpful, felt like reinforcements, extra energy. I came back home with a stronger sense of God's loving support. The prayer team decided that Generational healing would be helpful for my family. I agreed. My family of origin needs all the prayer they can get. This is a long process and will give me an opportunity to evaluate the methods used. So far there is nothing in the books on the subject that seem harmful, other than an occasional narrow viewpoint.

Results of this week long session of spirit detachment are as follows:

I seem to be completely free of a moderately severe, chronic allergy to milk products and beef, which I've had for as long as I can remember. I'm slowly introducing these foods back into my diet, with no symptoms.

A generalized sense of anxiety (that I cannot remember ever being without) is gone. These two were removed with the first night of prayer.

I seem to be able to feel appropriately angry instead of going numb. And I no longer explode like a volcano because the anger doesn't build up. This is significant. I would never allow myself to feel angry because I felt overwhelming rage instead. The rage is gone. A lot of it disappeared midweek, and the rest went with the "angry one."

That's it for now. Thanks for your help, Ben.

God bless you.


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