12 Jan 1997
Re: The Angry One

Hello Trudy,

ET's may be convinced to leave their human host the same way human ghosts and demons may be convinced to leave their hosts -- by leading them to see what is good and bad for them. Incarnate ET's (UFO drivers) seem a bit more difficult to convince than discarnate ET's (ghosts who lived and died on another world).

Like other intelligent entities, ET's will cooperate if they are persuaded to do so.

In one case, the subject was channeling a group of entities who said they were in a spacecraft, conducting scientific research on human beings. When I accused them of harming an intelligent species, they said no harm was intended, and they were not damaging the humans they were studying. I told them that scientific objectivity is good but not good enough. When humans do scientific research on polar bears, they give the bears vaccinations against disease, and medicine if they need it, and clean their teeth, and do whatever else the individual bears need done for them. The ET's expressed surprise -- "Humans do that?" -- and said, "Yes, that is better. Maybe we should do it." At this point, I asked Jesus to send an ambassador to talk with them. After a short pause they said, "We will listen to this ambassador. And we will withdraw our probes." Apparently their "probes" were thought-form artifacts (or fragments) they had imbedded in the subject and about thirty other people as a means of gathering data. In any event, the subject said the feeling there was something alien in his head suddenly vanished, and he couldn't hear those entities anymore.

Where do ET's fit in the spiritual spectrum? That is always the most important question. Specifically, what is their attitude toward individual human beings? In the case I just mentioned, their original attitude was passive benevolence ("do no damage"), and they recognized that active benevolence is better. From this and other sessions, I have come to the conclusion that planet of origin doesn't matter. So I expect we will find there are ET's at every level of the spiritual spectrum, and whenever we encounter ET's, we will have to decide on a case-by-case basis, just as we do with other entities.

Angels evaluate good and evil by the effects -- fruits -- as "good for" and "bad for". A description of some basic criteria they use is in my report: "Stacey, The Cat".

When I said that maybe rescue angels were not what you needed to pray for in this case, because that prayer hadn't worked, I didn't know what you needed to pray for. And it is better that I didn't know, and was not told, because coming from me, it would have sounded like a hollow, pious statement: "You need to just rest in God."

Yes, attached spirits can move from one person to another when two people are talking on the telephone. The spirits don't go through the telephone system, but the two people are more likely to activate a spiritual connection between them while they are talking on the phone. I have done remote detachment that way.

>I finally began to understand that I needed to just "rest in God." To just sit with God in silence, not asking, not expecting any specific answer. So one night I got centered, made that uplink, and just stayed there until I fell asleep. When I woke in the morning the fever and the angry one were gone.

Yay!! Oh, I am so glad to hear it!

>I suspect there is an easier way to expel a bad guy. But I'm still a beginner.

If there is any *better* way, I have not heard of it. (No, you are not a beginner anymore.)

What you actually did -- just resting in God's light, *despite* the illness and obvious threat -- is a functional description of Faith in God. From now on, you do not need to wonder whether you have Faith in God -- you have demonstrated it.

>Results of this week long session of spirit detachment are as follows:

>I seem to be completely free of a moderately severe, chronic allergy to milk products and beef, which I've had for as long as I can remember. I'm slowly introducing these foods back into my diet, with no symptoms.

>A generalized sense of anxiety (that I cannot remember ever being without) is gone. These two were removed with the first night of prayer.

>I seem to be able to feel appropriately angry instead of going numb. And I no longer explode like a volcano because the anger doesn't build up. This is significant. I would never allow myself to feel angry because I felt overwhelming rage instead. The rage is gone. A lot of it disappeared midweek, and the rest went with the "angry one."

All I can say is Amen!

(As-angels just said, "Yay! is also appropriate.")


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