19 Jan 1997
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Hi Ben!

I never asked, just curious. What do you do for a living since you retired from the Air Force? Are you a full time minister?

>When I said that maybe rescue angels were not what you needed to pray for in this case, because that prayer hadn't worked, I didn't know what you needed to pray for. And it is better that I didn't know, and was not told, because coming from me, it would have sounded like a hollow, pious statement: "You need to just rest in God."

That's true. In fact, it took a couple of days of hearing that statement before I stopped to listen. I was experiencing the language problem I've mentioned before -- my distrust of religious verbiage. When I finally did pay attention, I had to ask what, specifically, did "resting in God" mean.

>What you actually did -- just resting in God's light, *despite* the illness and obvious threat -- is a functional description of Faith in God. From now on, you do not need to wonder whether you have Faith in God -- you have demonstrated it.

Wow, that brought tears to my eyes. Thanks, Ben.

>Yes, attached spirits can move from one person to another when two people are talking on the telephone.

This whole concept -- how (light and dark) energy is passed from one person to another -- is intriguing. Over the years I've read about a dozen different descriptions of the same thing, but never really understood it until now.

Another result of the previous spirit detachments on myself is that the interference I used to experience when attempting to pray is gone. I feel a connection with God now that I could not feel before. My discernment continues to grow.

I have attempted remote detachments with at least 7 members of my family (6 from my family of origin and 1 nephew). I have little contact with them so I do not know to what extent the efforts of God's workers were successful. However, there were a couple of statements one of my sisters made: My father has started praying. My 17 year old nephew, who is having problems with drugs and alcohol, decided to go back to school. Could be coincidental of course.

It is easier to see the effects of God's help here. While the focus of the prayer teams at this church is healing, a number of people invariably discern attached spirits of one kind or another. Although I've kept a low profile since arriving, it is a small church and even smaller prayer group. Different viewpoints are quickly shared. I've noticed several people becoming less quick to pass judgment on these spirits and more ready to gently "send them to Jesus" -- as they call it.

I was especially delighted to hear one of the members of the prayer teams suggest to the priest that it would be helpful to have a specific time and place where we could meet "to learn to open ourselves to the Holy Spirit for the possibility of prophesy." The priest was no help, suggesting only that there were two moments of silence in the liturgy where it was encouraged, and that he would hope anyone who wanted to prophesy would speak up at those times. The prayer team member commented that most people, including herself, would feel too intimidated to try something like that during Sunday service. I understand that new ideas take time to grow, but it was amazing to see God so obviously laying the groundwork for a First Century Christian Group here such as the one you have there at Bethany. A number of people are ready for it. Some of the concepts they already have. They just need a safe place to practice them. It is time now to talk about it. What specifically did you do to start your group, Ben?

It's interesting what comes through during a prayer session. I was asked to pray for a man named Tom, whom I had briefly met some weeks before. I knew only his name and the fact that another member of the teams had seen a dark form around his shoulders. Fran was wondering if we could get further confirmation on some of the things picked up by others praying for him. And I was curious to see whether, knowing next to nothing about him and barely having spoken to him, I could get anything at all. I conducted two prayer sessions and passed the information on, which turned out to be accurate. I want to tell you about two of several images I received during the sessions. The first and simpler one: I saw Tom searching an empty house, all the while asking, "Where is Mike?" When asked if this meant anything to him, he explained that Mike was his eldest son, who just finished college and moved to another city. Although there are other children, Mike's move away from home left the house feeling quite empty to Tom, as they were quite close.

The other incident: Tom was wearing a black cloak or cape, similar to the one worn by the Batman character, and there was an ancient tortoise sitting on his shoulders. The tortoise slowly raised his head, looked at me, and lowered his head back down again. I asked God for a team of rescue angels, and asked God to encapsulate and remove any dark ones. As the angels worked it seemed that the cape presented a problem. There were things they could not get to because Tom was somehow refusing to allow it. I was led to understand that Tom could not see what was going on inside of himself so long as he kept the cape on, but he was not willing to let go of it. I watched an angel form a large oval of light, like a mirror, and hold it up next to Tom. I was amazed at the level of activity going on around Tom, and before I even thought about what I was doing, I asked the angel holding the mirror, "Is it difficult?"

"No," the angel answered. "It takes time." "How long will you hold it up there?" I asked, referring to the mirror. "As long as necessary," the angel said.

The rest of the session was spent in receiving specific guidance from God for Tom to use in "seeing inside." I was told the mirror of light was "extra assistance" for Tom "to see what he cannot see," and that it would be sustained as long as it was wanted and needed. I also picked up on the phrase "caped crusader."

Later when Fran confirmed the things I saw during the prayer sessions, she explained that Tom takes it upon himself to try to solve problems he is not equipped to handle. He is so caught up in being a "hero" that he doesn't take time to seek and follow guidance. Fran commented wryly that "caped crusader" was an apt description. She also told me, he frequently uses the phrase, "I just can't see."

The most amazing thing to me is that I was given to understand the angel will joyfully hold that mirror of light next to Tom for days, months -- whatever length of time it takes. When I am confronted with such love, I automatically think of my own limited capacity to care for others. Even if I had the strength to sustain such a feat, I would get bored, having to stand around all day holding up that mirror. Or resentful, when Tom wouldn't "work on his problems." Or frustrated that it would be taking so long. And so on. For those of us who have not lived with such abundant love, it is an awesome experience. I am simply, consistently, unashamedly amazed.

Q & A time! Have you ever seen an "evil" spirit that was *not* infested by dark energy beings? Throughout your web pages, you mention spirit after spirit who suddenly became reasonable once dark ones were removed. I am curious about the relationship between evil and these beings. Specifically, it seems to me that human beings have the capacity to be quite evil even without demonic influence. And yet I've not seen one without the other. Can we postulate a causal relationship? And if so, how can we hold a person accountable for evil acts if the causal agent is a demonic being?

Here is my letter to Bill Baldwin and his response. (I suspect none of this will be new information for you.) His answers generated another round of questions for me. There is so much I want to know about soul fragmentation, especially how to identify and recover such. Boy, would I love to sit through one of their classes, and have a long talk with Judith!



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