15 Feb 1997
Re: Status

Dear Trudy

Sorry to be so late in replying to your email of 1 February. Things have been a bit hurried here. My mother-in-law had a stroke and is now in a local hospital.

I cleaned up the formatting and spelling of our correspondence, and sanitized it somewhat by changing first names (other than yours and mine) and dropping last names and other identifiers. It is still a series of separate documents. The next step should be to put it all in one document and send it to you for editing.

>What is the significance of the creature that appeared to be a tortoise? Any ideas as to what that was?

It could be the disembodied soul of a real tortoise, perhaps a totem spirit from a past life of the person. Or it could be a shape-shifter pretending to be a tortoise. Or it could be a thought-form and not an entity at all. I would ask the rescue-team angels what it was, although in some similar cases I have asked the animal itself and received what turned out to be a truthful reply. One case was the image of a ferret attached to a girl. It turned out to be the soul of a real ferret, a pet she loved and lost in a previous life. I gave the ferret a choice: would it rather remain with her and not within her, or would it rather recycle and be a ferret again? It preferred to try again as a ferret, and once she understood, that was Okay with the girl. Her only change of symptoms was the absence of a life-long restlessness.

>I am also curious as to why I only see angels with a few people. Is it because I can only occasionally "tune into" the right frequency? Or is it because few people are accompanied by angels? Or am I seeing these angels for some other reason I don't yet understand? Are some angels more easily seen by us than other angels? Is there some capacity in the human being -- some connection or quality of spirit -- that makes his/her angel more "seeable?"

Sure, tuning is part of it, and some angels are easier for us to see than others. The fact you are seeing angels at all is a major accomplishment! Many people are not accompanied by angels, which is why detachment therapy should be followed by attachment therapy. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said, "Therefore, if you, being evil, know to give good gifts to your children, how much more the Father out of heaven will give a holy spirit to those asking Him." (Luke 11:13 literal. The Greek text does not read "The Holy Spirit" but "a holy spirit")

>Can you go into further detail about residual scar tissue of the spiritual body? How is it that it can continue to grow layers each lifetime? What do you mean by "may be formed by the self-deception inherent in hypocrisy?"

Scar tissue in the spiritual body may be formed by the karmic memory of injury or damage to the physical body; however thought-forms of that type don't grow unless they are somehow reinforced or reaffirmed.

Residual thought-forms that grow are like the "pillar of righteousness" I found in one man's spiritual body. In each life, he wrote on it the rules of righteousness -- but he didn't go back to erase or edit the rules he wrote there previously, so the whole thing built up, layer by layer -- and he had inner conflicts between the older and newer rules. The angels said that it should not be removed, because it provided him with moral backbone, so they unrolled it, like a roll of paper, helped him edit it as they went, rolled it back up again, and left it there.

Hypocrisy is a special case, in which one creates an inner thought-form shell (usually spherical and opaque white like chalk) to keep from seeing or feeling one's own faults and sins. It's like dumping one's garbage in the basement and shutting the door. The trouble is, that type of shell shuts out light, so dark things hide and grow in there (Matthew 23:27). Of all the sins, hypocrisy is the one Jesus spoke against most often -- not only because it can lead others astray, but because it can be spiritually lethal.

I agree that the thought-form facets you saw built up around your sister are a defense mechanism, intended to protect her by hiding her real self from others. This is not as dangerous as self-deception, but it keeps her from finding the cause of her fear of being exposed and vulnerable, so it tends to perpetuate that problem. And if she forgets which of those facets is her real self, she will be in serious trouble. She might even fragment.

>Is there a standard way to identify spiritual scar tissue? A consistent look or *feel* to it? How do you remove it?

I'm not sure there is a standard way to identify spiritual scar tissue. Dr. Baldwin uses the affects bridge: "If that (e.g., triangular shaped object) had a voice, what would it say?" I often don't know what it is or why it is there, so I ask the angels.

A consistent look or feel? No ... but often like a scar in the body, or like an artifact, something man-made, rather than normal spiritual body tissue (which is like a network formed of little lines of light). If you saw a piece of shrapnel in an x-ray, some thought-forms and fragments are like that.

Removal depends on the type of residual, and what caused or created it. Karmic scars from "honorable wounds" dissolve when the soul releases the sense of honor or obligation that brought them forward. Sometimes the angels can simply dissolve a thought-form, because it serves no real purpose and the soul is not hanging onto it or reaffirming it. Hypocrisy shells are difficult to deal with. In several cases, the shell could not be removed or dissolved, so all we could do was to attach a light-fill tube to the top of it, and a darkness-drain tube to the bottom of it, and flush the dark residue and little dark entities out of it. Those people felt a lot better.

>I think I have spiritual scar tissue around my head and face -- it's shaped something like a football helmet. I asked for help in removing it, but although it was loose, it wouldn't come off.

This is probably a thought-form helmet, brought forward from a past life in which a helmet was a cherished and necessary item of equipment. It is a protective shell around the head and face, but may also limit perception. Rather than try to remove it, study it carefully and see if you remember when and why you put it there. If that doesn't work, ask the angels what purpose it serves now. In either case, if and when you see you don't need it now, just mentally take it off and lay it aside for future use if necessary.

la chaiyim! ("to life!")


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