Ben H. Swett
Temple Hills, Maryland
7 August 1989

Operator: Ben
Subject: Darlene

Presenting situation: Unable to commit to a new relationship. Fear of vulnerability, dependence. Flashbacks: feelings of physical, mental and emotional terror. Associated with ex-husband. Thought he was going to rescue her, but he turned out to be a brutal alcoholic. Felt trapped, financially and for kids. Dependent while in that relationship, independent while on her own. Now continuing ambivalence about dependence versus independence is blocking her entry into a new relationship. She prayed about this and received the thought, "See Ben Swett."

Light Screen

Ben: Called on the Lord for guidance and protection of all concerned. Asked for a demon-rescue team and warrior angels to stand by. Asked rescue team to place Darlene in a bubble of light. Asked them to set up a light-screen operation to find, encapsulate and remove any dark ones or dark influences in or around Darlene. Explained the operation and asked her permission to proceed.

Darlene: OK.

Ben: Asked team to begin light-screen operation.

(Darlene, later: It felt like something oozing ... like a slow fluid ... down to the level being worked, but the fluid still remaining above that level. It did not feel like a sheet.)

Ben and Darlene: Operation encountered something heavy in head -- dark, solid, metallic, with corners. Ben asked team to remove it.

(Done, with some difficulty, like its corners got stuck on various tissues.)

Ben: Operation found something at root of tongue.

Darlene: In throat, pulsating, with changes of light. (She felt team lifting it out, and the operation proceeding.)

Ben: Something in chest, diaphragm area. Large, heavy, gray-brown. (Ben felt moved to say to it, "Don't be afraid." It was removed.)

Light-screen operation completed without further incident.

Ben to team leader: What did you find?

Darlene: I saw one dark something, still in its shell.

Ben: What was it?

Team Leader via Darlene: Your fear. Dark fear.

Ben: What was the dark, heavy, metal thing?

Darlene: That was it. Diamond-shaped, like a metal box.

Ben: What was found at the root of tongue, in throat?

Darlene: Something friendly, active, fluttering, mischievous. Was causing trouble with breathing.

Ben: You that were in Darlene's throat -- what is your name?

Via Darlene: Angel

Ben: Why did you join Darlene?

Angel: Lost

Ben: How old was she when you joined her?

Angel: Twelve.

Ben: Do you remember having a body of your own?

Angel: Looking for home.

Ben: Go back to the last time you had a body of your own. Describe it.

Angel: Beautiful

Darlene: Like Tinker Bell!

Ben: Go back to the planning stage for your last life. Describe.

Darlene: It went! It's gone.

Ben to team leader: What happened? Did it escape or did you let it go?

Team Leader: Shy ... hiding ... harmless.

Ben sent a tracer-thought, saying it should go on into the light rather than coming back to Darlene.

Ben: What was found in the chest?

Darlene: Not hard. Not dark. Big. Was blocking something.

Ben: What is your name?

Via Darlene: Olith

Ben: Spell, please.


Darlene: Older than the last one. More serious. Non-threatening. Couldn't get out.

Ben: Olith?

Olith: I hear you.

Ben: How did you come to be in Darlene?

Olith: For years.

Ben: Why?

Olith: Couldn't go home.

Ben: Why couldn't you go home?

Olith: Stuck ... held.

Ben: Asked team to remove all dark ones from Olith. (done)

Olith: Lighter ... Free.

Ben: Look up, Olith, and tell us what you see.

Olith: Light.

Ben: Keep looking. What do you see?

Olith: Love ... home.

Ben: Are you ready to go home to the light?

Olith: Yes.

Ben: Before you go, please look all around in Darlene's aura and body, and see if there are any others like you there. (pause)

Olith: They're gone.

Ben: Is there anything you want to say to Darlene?

Olith: Thank you.

Ben: Darlene, is there anything you want to say to Olith?

Darlene: Goodbye.

Ben: Thank you, Olith. Go home to the light with our blessings.

Darlene: He's gone.

Ben: To team leader: Do we need to talk to any dark ones that were in Olith?

Team Leader, directly to Ben: No.

Ben: Anything else need to be done in this operation?

Team Leader: Complete.

Ben: Thanks the team for their help, in the name of our mutual Lord.

Light Fill

Ben: Called for light to fill Darlene's aura from above.

Darlene: Nice ... warm ... glowing ... flowing.

Ben: Darlene, look into the center of your self and tell me what you see.

Darlene: A sun.

Ben: What color?

Darlene: Yellow.

Ben: Let it grow, build.

Darlene: Warm ... whiter ... glowing.

Ben: Let it expand until it extends an arm's length all around you, and above and below you.

Darlene: (nods)

Ben: Claim this space. This light is what you are. Say, "Nothing but light may enter here."

Darlene: (repeats words)

Ben: Now look up and tell me what you see.

Darlene: Oh! Light. Much brighter light. Radiating. I am part of it. It is protecting.
(Later, she said the light fill flowed. Her own light glowed. This light radiated.)

Ben: Recover to your normal state.

(Took a break)

Past Life Regression

Ben: Remember a scene from your previous marriage. Look at it, but don't relive it. Describe your feelings.

Darlene: Feeling torn ... want to run, but must protect the kids. Responsible for them. Afraid.

Ben: Look at that scene again. Look at it a little closer. How does that feel?

Darlene: Feelings increased with "closer" but not as upsetting as it was.

Ben: Look a little closer. (Her breathing catches a bit.)

Darlene: Trouble breathing, swallowing.

Ben: Now let that feeling take you back, to another time, another place, when you felt the same way.

Darlene: (Stifling sobs) Hiding in a corner ... so he won't find me ... I'm little ... He's going to hurt me.

Ben: What happens next? (Breathing gradually returns to near-normal)

Darlene: He went away.

Ben: He?

Darlene: My father. In a tent.

Ben: How old are you?

Darlene: Five.

Ben: Move earlier, before all this happened.

Darlene: Campfire. Warm. Furs. Sitting on them. Holding me in arms. Everybody happy.

Ben: Move to just before you hid.

Darlene: Picked up something I wasn't supposed to touch ... of his ... dropped it. It broke. He came ... I ran and hid. All alone.

Ben: Next?

Darlene: Looked out ... dark ... quiet. Went to find my mother. He came back ... found me. Angry. Hollering. Shaking me ... threw me ... I'm crying. Trying to get away. She came back. Made him go away. Picked me up. OK.

Ben: Move ahead. What is the next significant thing that happens?

Darlene: Wanted him to die. Hated him.

Ben: Next?

Darlene: He got killed. Felt like it was my fault. Didn't tell her.

Ben: Move ahead.

Darlene: We left that place. Moved on.

Ben: How do you feel about yourself?

Darlene: Safe. I felt like I had a secret. From Mother, from all of them: "It was my fault, I wished him dead."

Ben: Why were you afraid to tell her?

Darlene: She would know it was my fault.

Ben: How did he die?

Darlene: An animal killed him. Mangled up.

Ben: How old were you then?

Darlene: Six or seven.

Ben: Were you a boy or a girl?

Darlene: Girl.

Ben: What would your mother do if you told her?

Darlene: Mad at me. Not supposed to hate father.

Ben: Look into your mother's eyes.

Darlene: (made a nice sound, like mmmmm)

Ben: Now go around behind her, and look out through her eyes, at her little girl. What does she say or do?

Darlene: "Not your fault." ... Holds ... Better.

Ben: Move back into your own body. Can you forgive him?

Darlene: Should have told him I was sorry.

Ben: Was it right for him to be so angry?

Darlene: No. He lost his temper. He forgot I was little.

Ben: What would you say to him now if you could?

Darlene: Don't holler. That scares me when you holler.

Ben: Anything else?

Darlene: It's OK.

Ben: Move to a time after he died.

Darlene: With Mother. Happier. Others took care of me.

Ben: Was there another man for your mother?

Darlene: Yes. Doesn't scare me. Takes care of us.

Ben: Was there a man for you, later?

Darlene: Yes. Kind and gentle. Good to me. Doesn't holler.

Ben: Move ahead to your last day.

Darlene: Sick. Lying down. He's with me. Holding my hand. He loves me.

Ben: Last breath.

Darlene: I told him I loved him. But I had to leave.

Ben: Then what?

Darlene: Went up ... into sky ... floating ... Pleasant feeling.

Ben: Then what?

Darlene: Looked down. He's crying ... sad. Want to tell him its OK. Don't think he heard me.

Ben: OK. Now what?

Darlene: Floating around in the light ... free and light and peaceful.

Ben: Return to your current life, normal state of consciousness.


Ben: Do you feel you know anyone from that life now?

Darlene: My mother then is my best friend now. My new friend was my man then.

Ben: The man who frightened you?

Darlene: (Name of her ex-husband)

Ben: Why do you think you and he got back together?

Darlene: Maybe because I never told him.

Ben: Any unfinished business from that life?

Darlene: No.

Ben: Anything else?

Darlene: It's going to be OK.


2009: Darlene and her new friend were married in 1991 and are in the process of living happily ever after.

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