Ben H. Swett
Temple Hills, MD
14 September 1989

Subject: Karen
Operator: Ben
(Unless otherwise noted, all the entities spoke through Karen.)

Ben: Calls on the Lord for blessing and guidance. Asks for assignment of a demon rescue team, warrior angels and light workers.
Asks the team leader to set up communications through Karen.
Team Leader, can you hear me? (no response)
(Aside: suggests that Team Leader patch into the line by which Karen normally receives messages from the Lord)

Karen: Light is back. It was gone, but now it's back.

Leader (via Karen): We're here.

Ben: Asks team to set up a light-screen operation and relay when ready.

Karen: Light's gone. All black.

Ben: Explains to Karen that she should pray to the Lord, and Team Leader will input through her normal prayer channel.

Leader (via Karen): Not a dunce's cap.

(She chuckles: Maybe he jokingly threatened to put one on me?)
(Ben: You thought you were a dunce. Team Leader said you are not.)

Ben: Anything else before we start the light-screen operation?

Karen: Wait. Light was here, working. Then it stopped again.

Ben: Team Leader, please have the team move in and encapsulate all dark ones at once. (pause) What did you find?

Karen: Feeling very heavy ... heaviness all through my chest.

Ben (to Team Leader): Can that heaviness in her chest be removed?

Karen: There's more? (Heaviness began to feel like pressure exerted--Karen thought, "Am I going to be crushed?" A fleeting sense of panic/fear, then "No! Stay on line!" with God).

Ben: Please remove all you can remove. Take them off to the side so they are not in the way. Karen, what about that heaviness?

Karen: Still there. I can't see the light, Lord. Can't see the light.

Ben: If that heaviness had a voice, what would it say?

? (via Karen): No cooperation.

Karen: It's going to be alright. I know that. I can see speckles of light, and the Lord can handle it.

Ben: Lord, what do you suggest next?

Karen: It's turning into a wide band of heaviness. Like it's going to turn into a ring of heaviness ... but it doesn't go around my back.

Ben: Is it an entity?

Leader (via Karen): Yes.

Ben: I'd like to speak with that entity--to explain what's going on, to help you understand.

? (via Karen): Don't want to understand.

Ben: Why not?


Ben: Can you tell us what you're afraid of?


Ben: You have been with Karen for a long time?

I don't want to tell you too much.

Ben: I understand that. When did you join Karen?

A long time ago.

Ben: What was your reason for joining her?


Ben: Like nourishment, comforting?


Ben: It was a safe place.

Yes--I don't want to leave Karen.

Ben: Can you describe what happened? How you died?

I fell ... without wings.

Ben: Were you supposed to have wings?


Ben: Look around, outside yourself. What do you see?

Warmth. Light.

Ben: How does it feel?

Good. Very nice. Hector would like it. I recognize that light.

Ben: Who is Hector?

Hector is a friend.

Ben: With you?


Ben: Can you call Hector? Does he know the light?


Hector (via Karen): Hector's here.

Karen: A cocky, witty, happy personality.

Ben: Hello, Hector. Can you hear me?

Hector (Chuckles)

Ben: What's funny, Hector?

Hector: You talking. I can hear you.

Ben: What is the name of the one we have been talking to?

Hector: Aramaus.
(Karen: when reviewing these notes, the thought came, "No, this name is not right. It is Emmaus--as in walking on the road to Emmaus.")

Ben: What do you do?

Hector: I write.

Ben: What?

Hector: Imaginative things. Karen doesn't like me to write all the time, but she's good.

Ben: Look around, outside yourself, and tell me what you see.

Hector: Blue sky ... with light shining through the holes ... but Irma doesn't.

Ben: Irma, are you there?

? Hector's laughing with Karen.

Ben: Hi, Irma. Who are you joined to?

Irma: I'm a friend of Karen's.

Ben: Irma, look inside yourself and tell me what you see.

Irma: Aramaus doesn't like us talking. He feels threatened--afraid of something--like discovery. He's pushing Karen again ... but he doesn't want to hurt. He's ashamed--does not want to be seen in the light. He fears punishment.

Ben: Does he know, or can you explain to him, that there is forgiveness in the light?

Irma: No, I can't. He's pushing again.

Ben: Team Leader, please move in and encapsulate all dark ones within Aramaus.

Leader: Done. Speak to Irma, please.

Ben: Hello, Irma.

Irma: You want to speak to Dorothy.

Ben: Hi, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Hello.

Ben: Are you a friend of Karen's?

Dorothy: I'm with Aramaus. You would recognize us best in robes.

Ben What kind of robes?

Dorothy: Long. Flowing.

Ben: What color?

Dorothy: White.

Ben: Who do you serve?

Dorothy: Our father.

Ben: What is your father's name?

Dorothy: The same as yours--God. Take my hand, Aramaus. You can be helped. Don't fear.

Ben: Has he taken your hand?

Dorothy: Of spirit. Ask help for us to rise.

Ben: Team, please help.


? I'm glad you helped Aramaus. He was falling, you know.

Ben: That was sad.

? Yes. But Dorothy didn't give up.

Ben: Who is this?

Madeline: Madeline.

Ben: Who are you with? Are you a friend of Aramaus?

Madeline: No ... I came ... no.

Ben: Why did you come?

Madeline: To see Joshua. Karen is a safe place.

Ben: Do you know the light?

Madeline: Yes.

Ben: Are you ready to go to the light?

Madeline: No. Joshua is sleeping. He's here. My name isn't Madeline, it's Miriam, and I'm here because my father, Joshua, needs me.

Ben: Would you like help to raise your father into the light while he is still sleeping?

Madeline: Oh, yes!

Ben: Then speak to the leader of the rescue team you see around us. They will help.
(Aside: Team Leader, please help them as you helped Chris's father.)
(Leader: You didn't need to tell me that. We're already doing it.)

Karen: They're rising.

? Baby Angela needs help. Please be gentle. She's too tiny. She doesn't understand. (Karen sees a tiny infant.)

Ben: Calls for motherly, nurturing angels--and feels and sees converging points of light like smiling stars, an innumerable host of volunteers who suddenly appear and offer to help. (a little time passes)

Ben: Rescue Team Leader, how does the situation look to you?

Leader: Not work of team leader. Work of hosts.
(Ben has the impression that Team Leader's thought continues, This is our work.)

Karen: There's a block! (voice is low and growly).

Ben: Rescue Team Leader, encapsulate the source of that block. Immobilize it. What is it? (No response) What is your name?

Growl: You unhinge me!

Ben: Did you see all the others going to the light?

Growl: Yes--disgusting.

Ben: Who do you serve?

Growl: Darkness.

Ben: That's too bad. Now you have failed, because you've been exposed. What happens when you fail?

Growl: Have not failed.

Ben: Oh, yes you have. You've been discovered. What happens when you fail? (no response) Look inside yourself and tell me what you see.

Growl: Darkness.

Ben: Look deeper.

Growl: I will not.

Ben: But you must.

Growl: By whose authority?

Ben: You know whose authority.

Growl: I don't recognize that authority.

Ben (Input from the Lord: He once did.)
That's too bad. You once did, before you fell from the light.

Growl: That was eons ago.

Ben: Yes, but think back. Remember how it was before you fell.

Growl: Light. Friendship. Warmth. Home. (voice softens)

Ben: Yes. And you can go home again, even now. This is the opportunity. If you stay in the darkness, you will be punished, but there is no punishment in the light.

Growl: You expect me to believe you?

Ben: Yes. Look at the light around you. How does it feel?

Growl: I don't want to look.

Ben: I dare you. Look. What do you see?

Growl: Light. Beings of light.

Ben: What were you told about the light?

Growl: That there is no light in me.

Ben: What were you told about the light around you? Were you told that it burns, that it destroys?

Growl: Yes.

Ben: Look at it ... does it burn?

Growl: No ... It is bright ... blinding ... warm ... but it does not burn.

Ben: You have been deceived. You have been lied to, deceived, and led astray. Look at the faces of the beings around you. What do you see?

Growl: They are smiling.

Ben: See? They care about you.

Growl: They ... would touch me? ... a mass of darkness?

Ben: Yes. They are willing to help you--they want to help you return to the light. This is the time. This is your opportunity--after all these eons. This is your chance to return to your home in the light.

Growl: I ... I will go ... I will go with them.

Ben (Senses a feeling of indescribable rejoicing--of hands reaching out to strengthen him--to help him stand.): Can you stand tall in the light?

Growl: ... I'm trying ... yes ... yes, I can.
(Karen: It was very hard for him to stand--like very stiff joints.)

Ben: Good! Let the darkness fall away from you as you stand up. Let it drop away from you like a cloak.

Growl: I'm ready to go with them.

Ben: Okay, but before you go--have you commanded others while you were in the darkness? If so, call them to you. Show them they have been deceived. Show them there is no punishment in the light.

Growl: I am alone.

Ben: Okay--then just one more thing before you go. Please look back to where you were, in Karen, and either fix any damage you did there, or point it out to those who can fix it.

Growl (short pause): It is being done.

Ben: Thank you. With our blessings and God's, you are free to return to your home in the light.

(short break)

Ben: To all of those residing with Karen--if you can hear me, listen to this. You came to Karen because she is a safe place--but there is a safer place, at home, in the light. This is your chance, your opportunity to go home without penalty and without passing through darkness. If you can hear me, look up. See the light, and the loving ones who have come to help you. Look up, rise up, and go home. (Feels/sees many starting to brighten up and move up) And one more thing: when you are ready to go, and before you go, turn and look around you. See if there are any others like you, watching or waiting or coming. Speak to them. Tell them what I have told you; invite them to take advantage of this opportunity to go home, and tell them to pass this word on to others before they go.

(Time passes. What is happening looks and feels like a miniature rapture, to Ben and to Karen, an upward vortex of brightening, rising spirits. Many go.)

Karen: Twinkle ... I keep getting the word or the name, "Twinkle."

Ben: Hello, Twinkle. Can you hear me?

Twinkle: Of course.

Ben: Who are you?

Twinkle: A friend.

Ben: Attached to Karen, or just visiting?

Twinkle: Karen and I bubble together.

Ben: An old friend?

Twinkle: Yes.

Ben: What else do you do with her?

Twinkle: Encourage. Maintain. Prod.

Ben: I don't think I really need to ask this, but who do you serve?

Twinkle: Just exactly who you think I serve.

Ben (Cross-checks with the Lord.)
(Receives, We care. It is so. As she said. )
Welcome, Twinkle. Are there any others with Karen that we need to do something about?

Twinkle: Can't see any ... but all is not white ... still work to be done, but it's improved.

Ben: OK. Thanks.

Twinkle: Karen thinks my name should be more dignified--like "Isabelle" or something.

(break, laughing)

Karen: During the time when all those folks were going to the light, I felt like a bright glass jar, all empty and clean inside, but then I felt an inflow of something--sort of reddish-brownish with grayish--like a mist moving over the top of other color.

Ben: That may have been some lower consciousness--lower life form--that found the place all clean and empty and just oozed in.

Karen: You mean like ... an amoeba?

Ben: Something like that. We'll need to get it out of there again, but it shouldn't be too difficult to deal with.

(short break)

Ben: Calls on the Lord and asks Him to assign a demon-rescue team, warrior angels and light-workers. Asks the team to place Karen and Ben in protective bubbles of light, and then move in and encapsulate any dark ones or dark-colored life-forms.
Asks, "What have you found?" (no response)
Asks Karen to look within, inside herself and tell him what she sees.

Karen: Something rusty brown, or like that ... Oh! (partly doubles up) The grief. It's the grief.

Ben: If that grief had a name, what would it be? (no response)
For what are you grieving?

Woman: Loss. (sobbing)

Ben: What loss?

Woman: (not clear, Ben thinks it sounds like "self" )

Ben: How can we help you? (no response)
Are you grieving the loss of your self?

Woman: No. (tears, sobbing)

Ben: What is your name?

Woman: In another time.

Ben: Long ago? A previous life?

Woman: Yes.

Ben: What was lost?

Woman: He was (sobbing, almost choking) hanged!

Ben: Who? Your friend, father, husband?

Woman: My son! (almost a wail, extreme anguish)

Ben: It's OK to grieve. (Waits awhile, but her anguish does not abate.)
(Inquires of the Lord.)
(Receives: She need not go through this any longer. Jump her out of it.)
Move ahead to your last day in that life. What are you experiencing?

Woman: Pain. Futility.

Ben: Move to the last hour of that life, to the point where you leave your body. What happens next?

Woman: Void. Gray.

Ben: Look up and tell me what you see.

Woman: Mist.

Ben: Higher.

Woman: I'm afraid.

Ben: Of what?

Woman: (Hard sobbing) I didn't mean to.

Ben: What didn't you mean to do?

Woman: I might have caused it. I didn't know.
(Karen: She had cooperated with authorities by giving details of a happening she had witnessed, without realizing that her own son was involved unlawfully in the event.)
Woman: I can't be received.

Ben: Yes, you can.

Woman: But I'm safer here.

Ben: Where are you?

Woman: With Karen.

Ben: For a long time?

Woman: Oh, yes.

Ben: Are you part of Karen? Or just with her?

Woman: I'm ... lodging with her ... for a long time. We walked the hills, many years ago.

(Karen: I saw two women walking on rolling hills, with flowers blooming--pleasant! One was me. Both were wearing long robes, with long sleeves. Mine was a light color--sturdy fabric but smooth texture. No veil or scarf. Saw a village or town in the distance--in a valley?--a walled town as in Biblical pictures. One building had a dome on top, the rest looked square with flat tops.)

Ben: Did you see the others who were lodging with Karen go home to the light?

Woman: No.

Ben (Receives the next thought as unsought guidance from the Lord and relays it aloud): Then let Karen share her memory with you--of all those who went home. See how beautiful it is?

Woman: Yes.

Ben: See how they were all receivable--and received?
(From the Lord: Her son.)
Would you like to have help, to find your son?

Woman: Oh, Yes ...

Ben: Lord, please help her find her son. Please call him to her now.

Woman: ... Thomas? ...

Ben: How does he look?

Woman: Wonderful!

Ben: How's he doing?

Woman: Smiling at me ... I want to thank you!

Ben: You're welcome. And thank the Lord. Is your son in the light?

Woman: Oh, yes ... I will go with him.

Ben: Is there anything you want to say to Karen before you go?

Woman: Thank you ... thank you for having me ... and helping me.

Ben: Karen, is there anything you want to say to her?

Karen (with tears in her eyes): God bless ... Godspeed ... and good-bye ... for awhile.

Ben: With our love and God's love, good-bye.


Ben: Lord, please ask the healing angels and light-workers to continue their work in Karen, so that this vessel may be completely clean and filled with light. Amen.
(Asks the Lord) Is there anything else we need to do now?
(Receives via "as-angels") We care. We do! and "enough" = so! Amen.

Karen: I want to thank everybody, especially the Lord, the team leader, all the team and all the host who helped. And whenever I recover from all this, I'll probably thank Ben, too--I think.


In retrospect, Growl probably told us to unhinge him because he had just been hinged. When Ben asked the Team Leader to immobilize him, the Team Leader tightened up the light-capsule around him, thus folding him into a smaller space. That may also be why he had some difficulty standing up after he was converted.

Karen had experienced incapacitating grief for several days every February since she can remember. That is why she called it "the grief" when she felt it this time.


As of July 1995 Karen has had no recurrence of that incapacitating grief.

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