Ben H. Swett
(email dialogue)
1 May 1997
Re: A Question

Hello Malik,

You wrote:

>How can one compare spirituality with science as a way of seeing the world? I guess that I am kind of confused between spirituality and modern science.

Spirituality and science may be compared in terms of subject matter and methodology.

Spirituality is a way of seeing the world (world-view) that includes more than material subject matter. Science is a way of searching for truth and testing what we think we know (methodology). Thus, it is possible to apply scientific methods to spiritual subjects.


Spirituality is limited by religionism, which dogmatically insists on blind faith in untestable assertions and refuses to apply scientific methods.

Modern science is limited by materialism, which is a way of seeing the world (world-view) that dogmatically excludes consideration of spiritual subjects.

In summary:

Spirituality is a vast subject area that needs more scientific methodology. Religionism includes the subject, but excludes the methodology. Modern materialistic science includes the methodology, but excludes the subject.

And there you have it.


PS.: For my approach to this situation, see "Foreword" on my website.

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