Ben H. Swett
Temple Hills, MD
August 2000
(email dialogue)

Hi, Ben.

It's been awhile since I've read your material on-line and can't remember if you related any experiences with channelers. I'm particularly interested to know if you are aware of a group of non-physical beings who call themselves Abraham and speak through a woman in Texas named Esther Hicks. She and her husband have a speaking schedule and travel around the country, with Hicks supposedly channeling the words of the Abraham group at will in front of an audience.

My interest comes from a book I recently read called "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn who like me is a recovered alcoholic and has followed a spiritual path of her own for many years. The basis of her book is what she learned about the Hicks and the primary theme of the Abraham message, which is that like attracts like. They call it the Law of Attraction, and I have to say it seems to have a lot of validity.

The idea in a nutshell, is that we get what we dwell on. Or maybe it would be better to say that we get what we feel strongly about, with the emphasis on "feel". Good or bad. That God, the Universe or whatever Higher Power one feels comfortable talking about wants us to have what we dearly want. That as God's creations we have free will and the power to create our own experiences. Joy begets joy, fear begets fear, and so on.

There is a passage in A Course In Miracles, of which I have been a student for many years, that says this: "To desire wholly is to create, and creating cannot be difficult if God Himself created you as a creator." Lynn Grabhorn didn't cite that passage but it is apropos of what she wrote.

Anyway, I thought of you and some of the non-physical beings you've been confronted with. You might want to take a look at "Excuse Me." It's available on-line at I picked up a copy and Barnes and Noble. I've written to Lynn Grabhorn for further elucidation but haven't had time to get a reply back. She says in the book that changing her feelings about situations -- about anything really -- has transformed her life. And my practice of some of the things she suggests have been enlightening. I find I actually can change not just my mind but my feelings, and that this has changed not only my outlook but perhaps some material things. I continue to practice, not diligently enough, and await further developments.

With continued admiration, I thank you for your attention and any response you might offer.


Hi, Homer.

Good to hear from you. I had not heard of the "Abraham" messages channeled through Esther Hicks, or the book "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn. I'll check out the URL you sent.

This is how I define The Law of Attraction: "Desire determines direction, and direction determines destination, which is another name for destiny." Thus, I see it as automatic -- we are automatically attracted to whoever or whatever we desire, love, want, yearn for, crave, etc. This is observable.

I do not believe God wants us to have whatever we dearly want. Even good earthly parents do not do that. I believe God wants us to have what is truly good for us, but we all-too-often want what isn't good for us and pursue it to our own detriment. Thus, we are stubborn little prodigal children of God.

Yes, we have free will, but we usually use our free will to pursue what we want, and that use of free will still leaves us programmed by what we want. If we actually change what we want, we thereby change our direction and thus our destination (destiny). But as you know, we cannot always change what we want. This is where we need divine assistance to change what we want, from something that isn't good for us to something that is good for us.


23 August 2000

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